Expectations: Conception Part 5 of 6

Series: Expectations
Adventure Eleven: Conception Part 5 of 6
Author: Aquariuslover
Pairings: Yunjae, KyuWook, ShiMin
Rating: R
Genre: Crossover, Science Fiction, Adventure, Angst
Length: Chaptered
Beta:  tahoeturquoise

Summary: An explosion sends an away team spiraling toward destruction. As the power of the captain and Jaejoong’s timeless bond is stretched to the breaking point, unlikely heroes rise to the challenge. New allies are found, and new enemies emerge. Someone once lost is found, while another is lost.

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Oh dear God, FINALLY! This hole adventure has me so on edge, i cant think straight @_@ I mean, I know you wont kill Yunho and Jaejoong here, but its still so hard to see everyone suffer so much! Im so relived Chagmin found a way to break throu the atmosphere.. And I really like Sooyoung here, she is really cool :)
*grabs tissue* omo~ you made me cry (just a little bit) especially at the part when changmin really thought he was going to lose yunho and jaejoong, and die later on. that sense of helplessness must be so frustrating >< anyway, i was quite relieved that at the end of this chapter there was hope~! hahaha wow i really enjoyed this series hahaha keep up the good work~ HWAITING <3
Do you know what was i thinking ? I think Jaejoong will heal Yunho by having an intense love making session with him and he will end up getting pregnant (Conception) XDDDD OMG THE MERE THOUGHT OF IT ...
Omg... Just when things start to get more exciting...you just hv to stop there... Hopefully it wont be a long wait, yes? Hehehe~
U always make my day with ur updates!!! I feel all sad and then i see that u updated and i instantly burst wth happiness!!!

>OMG THIS CHAPTER LITERALLY DRIVED ME INSANE!!! SERIOUSLY i thought i was gonna die from all the suspense of what was gonna happen to Yunho ><).

OHH AND OMG MY POOR VIRGIN JUNSU!!!!!I really hope he didnt actually lose it to Taeyeon DX (or we are gonna have one pissed Yoochun (but i guess thats not that bad..)!!)

ahh and the WooGyu kiss!! Seriously SungGyu is a fricken GENIUS!!! He and Woohyun are becoming fav characters of mine!! I hope they get a little bit of development in their relationship!!

..anyways I LOVED the update and will be right here waiting for the next one!!

ps. srry this comment is soo confusing and sucky ( im like always an emotional mess when i read ur chapters) TT__TT

I am so glad my updates make you happy.:)

I will give one spoiler on page of the comments and it is going to you........I promise Yoochun will be pissed in the next update.

Thanks so much for commenting, and it was anything but sucky!
It drives me crazy knowin you hv posted but I hv no time to read until now! ): omg so jaecited everyone did a great job incl the writer! lol Im typing fr iphone and it's pain in the butt ... thanks alot! lol
The Great Expectations will always be here to save the day, welcome you home and let the loved ones reunite.

Gosh, you made me cry! ㅠ_ㅠ I had the feeling this would be the chapter where everything finally starts to be right again.
I was somehow wondering how is it even possible that Lady Hangeng is communicating only with Vic? Why not Taeyeon? I knew something was not "normal" about her..and BAM, she's the Lady Hangeng, mind raping everybody on the planet.

Gosh, I'm so happy that SooYoung was there. I enjoyed it so much. I'm so happy she was able to open the eyes of Taeyeon and Tiffany.. they deserve to know to truth.

I don't know how you do it, but I was never paying attention to Infinite pairings, but you made me love WooGyu. They are amazing together, even though YunJae is no.1 in my eyes forever, I think WooGyu just blows my mind :D
I love the way SungGyu kissed Woo, just no big deal, I'm trying to save the captain here. Oh boy, you're so in love with him already. Don't deny it, we all know and approve :D :D

I laughed like a maniac..Vic can't handle Junsu's loud mind :D Jae said the same :D His mind is so loud, she had to make him have sex with Taeyeon. Poor Junsu, losing his virginity just because he has a loud mind :D :D And there go my hopes of Junsu being deflowered be Yoochun -.-" *sighs*

I kinda feel sad for Vic because of her horrible past, but I agree with Woo, that your past is no excuse to what you did in your present.

It was so touching how everybody told those beautiful things about Yunho, and if he was conscious at that time, he must be really touched that the crew thinks so high about him. But he deserves it. He really does.

Yunho is brave, you made me open my eyes and see the real hero in my eyes. I never paid so much attention to Yunho and his personality, but you made me love him the most. Not Jae for his looks, singing and some good qualities, but Yunho for his undying kindness. Whether it be in Damaged or here. Thank you for that.

Are you trying to break our hearts? Like really? Because if the previous sections didn't break them, the part when Changmin blames himself for not being able to save his parents did the job very well.
I can't stand when Changmin's sad and blaming himself. It's so heartbreaking. And when he said that he is sure Jae loves him. I cried.

“Yunho is dying somewhere down below us; I hope he isn’t alone. I really hope that he isn’t alone. Yunho wasn’t meant to be alone…he does not do well when he is alone…and I don’t do well without Yunho. It’s good that we will all be lost together. It’s better that way.”

My heart aches. It was so beautiful. The whole chapter was.

Just to let you know, Kangin is an idiot right now. It wasn't the best time to come with these kind of wisdoms.. Even though I like Kangin a lot, I think he should show some respect to the higher ranking crew members. So disrespectful the kids these days. Tss, tss

Oh my God, I enjoyed the end of this chapter so much. It'll never get old how SooYoung kept phaser-ing Vic just for being sure she won't wake up any time soon! :D HAHAHAHA

Let's all have a group hug everyone. Let's celebrate the victory of Changmin's "stupidest part" of brain.
It'll be all good again until their destined doom comes to hunt them down.
Your comment is huge! Woo Hoo!

WooGyu are amazing, just amazing. I only really ship three pairs...yunjae, kyuwook, and woogyu. WooGyu make me very happy I could watch their videos on youtube all the time. They have amazing chemistry.

Yep, I had to include twice before how loud Junsu's mind is. Changmin enjoyed Junsu's loud mind too. He could pick out words. lol

Yunho is awesome. Some idols(stars) that I like don't seem like they are *wonderful* people...if you know what I mean. I think Yunho truly is a good soul...he's always been my fav of the DBSK boys. He isn't pretend nice, he really is nice. This is why kids and animals gravitate towards him.

You cried and quoted! This makes me happy!!!

Thanks so much for commenting@

yayy!!! Finally the expectation is here!!!!
Changmin your are a genius~~~
finally yunho and jaejoong can be together again~~ hehehe
and sooyoung can meet sulli and minho as well.. haha

wondering what will yoochun reactions if he hears about junsu gonna have sex with taeyeon.. lolss
what's gonna happen with vic?
im sure jaejoong will be angry when he know about killing yunho stuff..

well gotta go.. hahaha its my time to go back home fdrom work.. hahaha im reading at work again.. lols but this time before off from work..
thanks for the updates dear~~ would love to read the next part soon~~ ^^
It looks to be on it's way to save the day!

Changmin is a genius!

Oh, Jaejoong will be pissed.......if he finds out.

Work, blah! I am so tired of work!

Thanks for commenting!
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! what the hell is going on!! T^T how did they manage to go there?? omfg T^T HURRYYYYY! what an exciting chapter once again, I'll patiently wait for the last part <3
I want to create 20 new accounts and give you a overdose with comments, just to get a sooner update - I think that this consideration describes how much I love this story and how much I love reading the things you write.
That would totally be cheating. lol

Thank you for commenting...once. lol I am glad you love my stories.
OMFG!!!! I swear I thought about this like two chapters ago already, like couldn't they just land the whole Expactations there??????? OMFG I'm a freaking genius~~~~~~ Now, if they just land close enough, then Changmin needs to come out carrying Jaejoong and deposit him on top of Yunho and then he'll just heal him and omg ;-; Then they can put Changmin's necklace on Victoria and then they can take her back to Hangeng and convince him they don't want bad so the warlords won't want to kill them anymore ;-;

And then YunJae can have some sex and conceive Changmin since the name of this adventure is Conception ;-;

And omg I'm so sure everyone had the "Is Vic Lady Hangeng???" moment in the previous chapter, but then thought, "nahhhhh".... And then she is!!! Ahhhhhhh!!! You're so sly!!! I really love how she seemed hating to kill Yunho though... Come on, would Jaejoong not do the same in a heartbeat if he really thought someone was a big threat to Yunho??? I think so, definitely... He might somehow be more obedient to the Joong rules, but yeah. I can understand Vic on this one.

Which doesn't mean she was totally wrong!!!! D:D:D: But fortunately kick-ass Sooyoung is here to save the day :3 So many feeels~~~ Poor Junsu and his loud mind.... Vic seemed to be a lot less powerful that Jaejoong though, she was so disturbed by Junsu's loudness and even Sunggyu managed to fool her... Haha that guy is so in denial though, sure he kissed Woohyun for the disgust, sure.... >___> LOL!

But omg idk, there's gonna be more difficulties before everything gets solved, right.... Since there's a whole chapter ahead.... D: God ;-; This chapter was already freaking emotional, I was crying when Junsu started praising Yunho in the end.... That one was too much ;-; And the moment before Changmin has his revelation, that one was so heartbreaking too ;-; This poor little family ;-;

Haha there were other things in this chapter too, like the girls who were totally awesome and the two douches (in case Kangin ia right) Kangin and Siwon having a heart to heart xDD But my concern for poor dying Yunho and poor immobile Jaejoong went over everything of course ;-;
Well, because the atmosphere was so nasty....but once Changmin got shuttles off his mind...he could find away. He's too smart, and nobody ever doubts him. He needs Yunho. lol

Hmmm...we will just have to wait and see what they do.

Oh, Jaejoong would do it...he would be sneaky though. He would probably manage to deal with the threat without killing anybody....well, unless they were a physical danger to Yunho or Changmin......and then well, we all know what happened to those vampires.

Oh, Jaejoong is a lot more powerful than fic. She's just a regular Joong you know...he's the prince after all. lol

There is going to be a twist in the next part I will warn you, something you all were warned about will happen.

Thanks so much for always making such nice comments!

Omg.... Such a roller coaster......idk if I said how much I have this story! Sry I might forgot review every chapter I read but this is a amazing story. Btw am i the only one saying "poor sungmin" since the beginning
I feel like Jaejoong will have some bitch slap with Victoria for wanting to kill Yunho hahaha
this chapter has so much emotion. i was holding my breathe reading it. yay expectation to the rescue :)
this chapter is so heartbreaking, but also sweet T__T

"Jaejoong told me that he loved me and Yunho more than anything…he said I wouldn’t believe him, but I do. I believe him.”
i really love all JaeMin moments in this fic ;;; just like i love every HoMin moments.. and of course all YunJae.

it seems Ryeowook finnaly got assistant :) really can't wait to see YunJae reunite, and their bond could heal them~ then Jae could punish everyone who hurt his Yunho >)

i actually checked your lj every single day, can't wait for the next chapter >.