Yeay! Thank so much for making this chapter index. ヽ(*・ω・)ノ
cant read!
i cant read the rest, after chapter 6! why? why? i wana, the story is soooo awesome!
tell me what i have to do to read this amazingness?
Re: cant read!
actually, this story is new and she just wrote it up to chapter 6 n that's why u can't open the rest of the links^^. she made this to ease us in finding the stories later :-)

Well, this is easy. I want to translate your fic "fragile essence".

because I want to share it with my Spanish speaking readers.

Would you mind if I translate your story?

THANKS!! greetings..
thank you so much for making this!
it's easier for me to re-read everything when i want to keke
btw this is such an awesome fic <333
How can I be a member?? ^^ I want to read more~~

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I can't seem to msg you anywhere else so i'm commenting on a random post..
I was wondering if you could add me on this journal? I read damaged before and I really loved it! That fic is just a roller coaster ride of emotions. I really really want to read it again tho and sadly I found out that it is now locked :(
Hoping you could add me back soon.. thank you!
I miss reading this fic...
this is my fave and id wait for part 2..hopefully you'll post it pressure though. ♥ :))
Hi! Honestly i've never made a comment before, but this history is amazing, my english is so bad that i never try to leave a comment, but i really admire you, i know that maybe you never going to writte the second part, but im really thankfull that you share this few chapters with us, you have an amazing talent writting this types of fanfics, im your fan.🤗

Hello Goodnight.
I would like to read your stories but I can not, because a page where indicates that I do not have permission.
How can you access your website to read them?
I'll be waiting for your answer.