&%$(*^%##$$ Spam~!!! (unlocked again)

All of my journal except for Fragile Essence is friend locked for the moment........because of all the freaking spam!   I normally like my inbox overflowing but not with that crap!  It's so irritating.  I think I banned 25 usernames today.  I don't know how many I reported for being bots.  This spam thing hit my twitter too....so ignore my tweets with links on them.  Although I think it's been fixed on twitter it's been spam free except for that one time....BUT BE CAREFUL.

I was going to make it where only friends could comment but I didn't want to do that with Fragile Essence...if I had new readers reading FE I want their feedback.  Hopefully it won't be for long and LJ will rid the world of these spammers.

Hopefully, I will have everything unlocked soon, so you don't have to friend me.  

Thank you for your patience!

Nov 13, 2012

Update:  I have made every public right now................hopefully the spam attack is over.  If it isn't I will l have to do something else.
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Girl, I am going out of my mind too! It is never ending!! LJ really needs to figure out some new filters or SOMETHING coz the amount of times I have blocked spam accounts is starting to get ridiculous!!!
It's too much!

I knew if I went to bed without doing something I'd be overwhelmed with it in the morning. I have to work tomorrow I don't have time to deal with it.
My LJ haven't got spam.. But I got spams a lot on my twitter too.. It's so damn annoying.. So I really understand how you feel
My LJ didn't get spam, maybe cause I hardly update it? >.<;;

Thanks for the warning. Will look out for it. I haven't start to read FE yet. Will do that soon!!
and here i thought i was the only one having this LJ spams issue. seriously i miss the old LJ whereby there's zero spam in my comment box. those spams are so annoying!!! and here i thought i will never blocked anybody in LJ. guess i'm wrong. now i wonder who is LJ's Admin as of now 'coz he/she seriously need some smack on his head for some senses.

I have the same spam problem with my LJ account. Only happened once with twitter last month. So yeah, I can understand how you feel.
Oh gosh D: I hope it goes away! ;; I didn't know there were spambots on here... wow o.o;
omg u too!

i thought i was the only one getting weird messages and love confessions from psycho people! these were bots!! ahh now it makes sense...

i've been soooo busy i haven't finished expectations yet... i probably won't have time before thanksgiving.

yeah lj needs to figure this out T.T
Two others on my flist, from different fandoms, have both been hit by spam. Both IPs come from the Ukraine in their cases and for some reason the spammers are only targeting older posts. I don't know what the point of spam on outdated posts would be, but there you go.
Isn't there a way to stop spamming for your inbox?
I guess it's because u allow comments which is why you are getting lots for spam right?
I hate bots! I remeember when one flooded MSN messenger... =__=*
I myself am getting tired of those spam, I've already changed my account settings coz it's tiring to continously block/delete them @.@
it's definitely a glitch on lj's newest update, because it's literally flooding eveyones inbox.
I am sorry for not requesting earlier now, but is there anyway to request to be your friend. I have been reading Expectations off and on for awhile, but I watched Star Trek last night, and now I am dying to read it. Sorry to add to your inbox, but thanks in advance.
I had the exact same problem *facepalms*
So yeah I understand U gurl.
i am new here! what is a spam account? and what are thry doing to you and lastley, how can i go kill them?

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