Fragile Essence, Chapter Six

Fragile Essence
Chapter Six
Author: Aquariuslover
Pairings: Yunho, Jaejoong
Rating: R
Genre: Romance, Angst, AU
Length: Chaptered
Beta: tahoeturquoise

Summary: Jaejoong, the half Korean child nobody wanted, and Yunho, the beloved golden son of a town, form an unlikely bond; one that is forever evolving through the passing years as it is repeatedly tested by love, loss, and fire. This is part one of their story.

Author’s Note: I am really sorry for not replying to all the comments. I allowed myself to be distracted today. I am really grateful and thankful for all my comments. I can’t thank you enough. I wish everybody, who celebrates the season, a very Merry Christmas!

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Chapter List

The first person that Jaejoong ever kissed was named David Waltz. Jaejoong had met him a couple of years earlier at the state fair. David’s mother was one of the regional cooking champions. For the last two years Jaejoong had battled it out with her for the blue ribbon. This year was no different. He had always ignored David, who was older than him, but David had always cast an admiring gaze in his direction.

This year, after reading and watching the material that Laura had supplied him with, Jaejoong had felt bolder. When David looked at him, he looked back. When David would brush up against him, Jaejoong did not move away. Since it was the first fair that Jaejoong had ever been to without either Yunho or the elder Jungs it made it easier. Easier but not better; Jaejoong hated that the Jungs had not been able to come.

Although Yunho did not go out of his way to avoid him at school, their friendship had not resumed; much to Jaejoong’s eternal teenage angst. But he had decided to put his sorrowful feelings aside and to investigate his own sexuality. He loved Yunho, but Yunho wasn’t interested; a fact that Jaejoong often reminded himself of.

Jaejoong tried to convince himself that just because you didn’t love somebody didn’t mean you couldn’t have a little fun with them. At sixteen he had never been kissed, and he thought it was time for that to change.

So after he and the other bakers had finished putting the final touches on their dishes for the contest in the morning, Jaejoong let David Waltz lead him to a back room in the convention center. They had talked for a few minutes, Jaejoong had found out David was twenty-one and a university student, and his parents had no clue about his sexuality. David told Jaejoong how attractive he found him, and then proceeded to stuff his tongue down Jaejoong’s throat.

Jaejoong tried to like it. He really did, but he couldn’t stop from wanting to gag. He tried to feel moved…some kind of passion, but it was useless; nothing stirred inside of him. He didn’t want David kissing him and he sure didn’t want to be kissing David. There was only one person that Jaejoong wanted to be kissed by, and it wasn’t David Waltz. When David had started unbuttoning his jeans Jaejoong had pushed him away, while apologizing profusely. David had been upset but he took the hint and stormed out of the room, wanting more, but too polite to insist.

Jaejoong made it to a trashcan in the room and emptied out all the contents of his stomach. He was such a failure at being gay, he told himself. It wasn’t David’s fault. David wasn’t bad looking and he was actually interested in him, but no, Jaejoong couldn’t stop thinking about Yunho. Jaejoong continued to lean over the trashcan as his mind wondered what it would be like to kiss Yunho. It wouldn’t be gross, that much was for certain; when Yunho touched him he didn’t recoil. Jaejoong groaned, realizing the best sexual experience he had ever had, happened with a sleeping Yunho, when Yunho had mistaken his leg for some girl.

“Are you crying?”

Jaejoong’s back stiffened as he remained leaning over the trashcan. Was that? No, he told himself, it couldn’t be. He was apparently hopeless and insane.

A hand touched his back and the familiar voice repeated, “Are you crying?”

He knew that touch, just like he knew the voice. Instead of feeling the gooey mush he usually felt in the presence of the one he loved, he felt very irritated. Jaejoong stood up, turned around, and demanded, “Why do you always ask me that?”

Yunho took a step back. “I just thought—”

Jaejoong continued, interrupting the taller boy, “If I am crying does it make me gayer? Weaker? More pitiful? Does it justify your hate for me?”

“I don’t hate you.”

“Because let me tell you something, Yunho. I don’t cry that much, not really. Not that I don’t cry. Because I have cried in the past, but I am not crying today. Just because I cry doesn’t make me gay, other things make me gay. But crying isn’t one of them…I don’t cry a lot!”

“I know you don’t.”

“Because long ago my grandma told me not to and even if she didn’t want me…she did teach me important things. Important things about not loving people, and how it was better to be needed than loved, and if I have ever cried it’s because I didn’t listen to her.”

“Jaejoong, I cry,” Yunho reminded the irritated boy. “I was concerned. I wasn’t accusing you of anything.”

“Oh,” Jaejoong mumbled. The last time he had been alone with Yunho…that horrible night, Yunho had been the one crying. Jaejoong had not broken down in tears until after Yunho had left.

“And you need to stop saying I hate you.”

Jaejoong looked up at the taller boy and asked, “Don’t you?”


“You hate that I am gay, though,” Jaejoong quickly amended.

Yunho rubbed his arms nervously and conceded, “I am not in love with the idea.”

Jaejoong’s irritation returned. “Why are you here?”

“I came to check on you.”

Jaejoong snorted and walked over to a bench that was in the small room and sat down. “You mean your mom made you come and check on me.”

Yunho let out a puff of air and walked over and sat down by Jaejoong. “When I told her I was going to the fair she did ask me to, but I was going to check on you anyway.”

“Yeah, right,” Jaejoong grumbled.

Yunho turned to study the smaller, delicate boy and informed him, “You are in a weird mood.”

“You have no idea.”

“Why don’t you tell me about it? What is wrong?”

Jaejoong turned to Yunho and spitefully asked, “Do you want to hear about how I was kissing David Waltz before you walked in?”

“No!” Yunho practically shouted, turning away from Jaejoong to look at the wall.

Jaejoong fought to remain irritated. “You have done your civic duty. You can tell your mom I am fine. Feel free to go find your friends, now.”

Yunho turned back to face Jaejoong, his own irritation showing on his face now. “Isn’t David Waltz a little old for you? Isn’t his mom the blueberry muffin lady?”

“I hate blueberry muffins!” Jaejoong griped as he was reminded of how they had beaten out his special recipe of pumpkin pecan muffins the year before.

Yunho couldn’t keep from smiling, remembering how upset Jaejoong had been when what he considered to be plain blueberry muffins had won the blue ribbon. “So the vomiting makes me think you hate David Waltz’ kisses, too.”

Jaejoong looked back at the smiling Yunho, and found his mood softening. “Yeah, I shouldn’t have let him, but I was curious…but now all my illusions are broken. I shall always be reminded of vomit when I think of kissing.”

“Maybe there is a reason you didn’t like it. Is there a chance you aren’t gay?”

Jaejoong gave Yunho a sad smile, shaking his head. “No, I am gay, but I really wish I weren’t. Sorry.”

Yunho let out a breath of air. “I am sorry, too.”

“You really can go now; go find your friends. I’m sure you have a whole posse of admirers waiting for you.”

Yunho shook his head. “I don’t…I didn’t tell anybody else I was coming.”

“You didn’t?”

“No, I…I miss you. The only friend I am interested in finding is you,” Yunho told Jaejoong, maintaining eye contact.

Jaejoong’s mouth fell open, as he listened to the words he had prayed to hear. The words he had dreamed of hearing had just been spoken. Yunho wanted to be his friend again. He really did feel like crying now.

Yunho reached out and placed his hand under Jaejoong’s jaw and closed his mouth for him. “I am not cool like Laura, or as wonderfully opened minded as Jim. I will be honest, I’d rather never ever hear about any gay stuff, but I miss you more than I hate you being gay.”

“Yunho…I won’t ever mention it, ever! I won’t. I will be a like a priest! After that horrible kiss I am totally alright with being like a priest!” An ecstatic Jaejoong vowed as he reached out and clasped Yunho’s hand.

Yunho squeezed his hand back and stood up. “That’s good to know.”

“I won’t ever act jealous again, I promise,” Jaejoong vowed as he stood up, still holding Yunho’s hand.

“Why would you act jealous?” Yunho asked, casting a knowing glance down at Jaejoong. “You are always my best friend, so there is no need for you to be jealous. Friends, remember?”

Jaejoong nodded his head, taking the hint. Yunho was ready to be his friend again; Yunho knew he was gay, but any feelings he had for Yunho…well, Yunho didn’t want to know about them. “Best friends.”

“I’d hug you but it’d be a little weird.”

“It would be,” Jaejoong agreed, although he would love nothing more than a hug.

Yunho held up their clasped hands, “Whereas holding hands isn’t weird at all.”

Jaejoong laughed and let go of Yunho’s hand. “I missed you, too,” he blurted out even though he knew it was very obvious.

“I am starved, let’s go eat some healthy fair food,” Yunho joked, not addressing the fact that he knew that Jaejoong had desperately missed him.

Jaejoong brightened more. “I want a jumbo turkey leg!”

“Oh, I want a little of everything,” Yunho told Jaejoong as they left the room.

“Oh, and I also want funnel cakes, corndogs, spiral potatoes, and fried pickles!” Jaejoong declared, finding the appetite that had been missing for the last eight months.

“I hear fried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are good.”

“I want one of them, too!”


Jaejoong plopped down on his hotel bed, completely miserable after having the greatest night of his life. He and Yunho had fallen back into being best friends with complete ease and if Jaejoong’s eyes lingered too long on the other boy, Yunho didn’t seem to notice. The rides had been the best, especially the ones that had them pressed tightly together. Jaejoong developed a love for the Himalaya that he would never lose. He groaned and held his stomach, but still smiled so brightly that he was sure it could light the darkest of rooms.

They had ridden every ride the fair had to offer, eaten more than any ten men needed, and played game after game. Yunho had won a ton of toys for Hana and Junsu, but Jaejoong had won the biggest prize when he had beat Yunho at skee ball. His reward had been a big stuffed pink elephant. Jaejoong knew he would never let it go. He would keep it forever, remembering the magnificent night.

Yunho sat down on the bed and told Jaejoong, “I think I will just stay with you tonight. I want to see if you win the blue ribbon tomorrow and I need to go see how DongWoo is doing in the morning.”

“Okay,” Jaejoong said, trying to sound casual. Jaejoong had his own room; the only other person from their school to make it to the state fair was DongWoo, who was showing one of his steers. DongWoo was staying with an uncle who lived near the fair grounds.

“You don’t mind?”

“No, but I think I am dying so you might need to call me an ambulance later,” Jaejoong told his friend as he rubbed his stomach; it was so full, vomiting would not be a bad thing.

Yunho looked down at him and smiled. “Well, since you ate your weight in junk.”

“It was magnificent junk, and you ate more than me.”

“I am used to eating a lot.”

Jaejoong burped loudly, rolled over on his side, and groaned, “You should have stopped me.”

“No way, you were having too much fun.”

“I was but now…now, I need to throw up.”

“Where is David Waltz when you need him?” Yunho joked as he quickly got off the bed before Jaejoong could kick him.

“Go take a shower, you stink,” Jaejoong said, trying to sound mean.

“So do you.”

“No, I don’t. I don’t ever stink,” Jaejoong said proudly. “I don’t sweat.”

“Because your idea of a workout is baking a cake,” Yunho told him as he grabbed Jaejoong by the arm and pulled him off the bed.

“What are you doing? I am going to vomit on you,” Jaejoong whined as Yunho pushed him down in the chair beside the bed.

“I am dead dog tired,” Yunho said as he pulled the comforter off the bed, and started making a pallet on the floor.

Jaejoong let out a small breath, realizing not everything was the same between them. Yunho obviously did not feel comfortable sleeping with him, not that Jaejoong blamed him. “You want me to sleep on the floor?”

“Silly, this is your room. I am the one crashing, so you get the bed.”

“You really aren’t going to take a shower?”

“No,” Yunho told him as he sat down on the pallet. “Just hold your nose.”

“It’s not that bad,” Jaejoong told him. “We are really bad Asians though. Real Asians take a bath before they go to bed.”

“I’m an American,” Yunho reminded him. “And you are only half Asian. Have you ever been to any Asian country?”

“No, you know I haven’t,” Jaejoong told Yunho as he got back in his bed. “I have just been watching…some Japanese shows and I just was thinking about it for some reason.”

“What shows?”

Jaejoong was glad that Yunho was on the floor and not looking at him as he felt a blush spread out on his cheeks. “Just some anime and stuff…”

“Japan has amazing anime,” Yunho told him as he got up and flipped the lamp off.

Jaejoong burped again, and when he heard Yunho chuckle from down on the floor, he couldn’t keep from teasing, “It could be worse. It could be the other end.”

“A guy has to do what a guy has to do.”

“I’m sorry that it’s so weird with me. I mean, we have slept together a million times,” Jaejoong said suddenly, feeling the need to apologize.

Yunho told Jaejoong in a very serious tone, “Don’t worry about it, I know I am irresistible. It’s no big deal. Let’s just not think about it.”

Jaejoong lay in bed speechless for a little while. Was Yunho being serious? He didn’t sound like he was joking. Yunho’s conceit had declined with age, but did he really think he was irresistible to Jaejoong? Did he think Jaejoong would jump him the first chance he got? Jaejoong sat up and burped loudly and then decided to share a little fact with the other boy. “I will have you know, that there is only of us in this room that has ever molested anybody in their sleep…and it isn’t me.”


“You were asleep, so I am sure you thought I was either Jennifer, Mandy, or some movie star, but I’m the one who should be afraid to sleep with you.”

“You are kidding me.”

“No, I am not,” Jaejoong explained, as he laid back down. “Remember that night that I went home without telling you during the middle of the night?”


Jaejoong smiled with satisfaction. “Well, I won’t go into details, but you should probably never sleep with another man. They might get the wrong idea.”

Yunho sat up horrified. “Why didn’t you tell me? Knock me in the face or something?”

“I am not violent. I just left and boy was I relieved when you told me your mom had gotten you bunk beds,” Jaejoong added, evilly.

“Oh…My…God, I totally remember you being so happy that I got bunk beds! I thought you were happy because you got your own bed!”

“Honestly, it was a huge relief. I was used to you being clingy…but that was a little much.”

Yunho leaned against Jaejoong’s bed, sickened by his past behavior. “Did I like lead you on? I know I used to be really touchy with you. Is your gayness…is it my fault?”

Jaejoong reached out and swatted Yunho’s head. “You were asleep, you didn’t lead me on. I knew you were asleep.”

“What happened to you not being violent?” Yunho whined as he held his head, even though it didn’t hurt at all.

Jaejoong burped again, unable to keep from grinning. “Good Night, Yunho.”

Yunho continued to sit up, leaning against the bed. “Good Night, Jaejoong.”


It was a chilly November day, and they were sitting in the library during their lunch period while Laura unsuccessfully tried to talk Jaejoong into doing his homework that he had forgotten to do the night before.

“JJ, do you want to graduate?”

Jaejoong yawned and asked Laura, “Do you think I need a haircut?”


“I think it is getting too long in the front. Do you think I should get it cut?”

“This report is due in less than twenty minutes. Do you want to fail?” Laura demanded, picking up Jaejoong’s history book and swatting him with it.

“History is just so boring,” Jaejoong whined.

“You drive me so crazy! How did you ever make it to the eleventh grade?”

Jaejoong, who had grabbed Laura’s purse to look for her mirror mumbled, “I am not stupid.”

“Is she being mean to you again?” Yunho asked as he sat down in the chair next to Jaejoong.

“Yes, she is,” Jaejoong answered, forgetting about the mirror as he turned to smile at Yunho. “I brought you something.”

“You better have since I am skipping lunch,” Yunho told Jaejoong as the other boy reached down into his bag and pulled out a container full of food.

“It’s beef stroganoff, but instead of noodles I used thin potato slices and a secret special seasoning.”

“Does anybody else ever cook in your culinary class?” Yunho asked as Jaejoong handed him a plastic fork.

“No,” Laura answered. “We just sit back and admire his artistic abilities. Mrs. Brock doesn’t even know our names. We all get A’s for just being in his divine presence—too bad other classes like history aren’t like that.”

Yunho, who had a mouthful of stroganoff, frowned at Jaejoong, causing Jaejoong to immediately plead, “I didn’t have time. She had cigarettes again last night, and I was too mad. She won’t tell me who is giving them to her.”

Yunho put down his fork and told Jaejoong, “You should have called. Mom and I would have happily gone over there and backed you up.”

“I know, but I knew you were tired after practice, and she is just so…urgh! She thinks since she is feeling better she can smoke a few, it just drives me crazy,” Jaejoong explained.

Yunho put his food in his own bag and grabbed the paper and pen that Jaejoong had been ignoring and started writing away. “You should have still called me. What she is doing is dangerous. Mom and Dad want to be called, too.”

“I will next time, I promise.”

Laura was leaning over the table watching Yunho write the history report that Jaejoong had refused to do. “I should be spouting off comments about how it is wrong for you to do his homework, but honestly I am too amazed. How do you copy his handwriting so perfectly?”

Yunho didn’t look up or stop writing as he answered, “You mean his big, loopy, girly writing?”

“It’s pretty,” Jaejoong defended.

“You are really good at copying it. Have you considered being a forger?” Laura asked, watching in amazement.

“No,” Yunho answered, continuing to write. “I have been doing his homework for so long that it just comes naturally.”

“It’s totally cheating, but it’s kind of endearing,” Laura admitted her eyes going back and forth between the two boys now. “I never do his homework.”

“Because you write really sloppy,” Jaejoong told her.


“What the hell! Is this gay porn?” Yunho asked Jaejoong as the other boy walked into his own bedroom to find Yunho sitting on the floor going through his stuff.

Jaejoong’s mouth dropped open and he hurried over to Yunho and snatched away the books and DVDs. “Why were you in my closet?”

“I was looking for my letter jacket,” Yunho explained, getting up from the floor. “I know I left it over here and Jennifer keeps nagging me for it.”

Jaejoong quickly stuffed everything back in the closet, making a mental note to hide it in a better spot once Yunho was gone. “You should have asked before you started going through my stuff.”

“You always go through my stuff and never ask.”

Jaejoong closed the closet door. “That’s different.”

Yunho sat down on Jaejoong’s bed, shaking his head. “No, it isn’t.”

“It is too,” Jaejoong insisted. “Plus this is embarrassing…and it isn’t exactly porn. It’s educational stuff.’

Yunho smirked.

“It is! Laura’s mom ordered it for me.”

“No way, she ordered that for you?”

“She did,” Jaejoong proclaimed. “She wanted me to be educated. I was horrified when I found out, but she was thinking of me. She didn’t want me to end up a statistic.”

“Have you even done anything other than kiss David Waltz that one time?”

Jaejoong shook his head. He hadn’t and he had no intentions of doing so; Yunho was back in his life and that was all that mattered to him. “I’d rather bake.”

Yunho just smiled at him. “What do you want to do for your birthday?”

Jaejoong sat down on the bed beside Yunho and asked, “What do you want me to do for my birthday?”

“We can do what you want…it’s a Saturday, and I won’t have a game. We can do what you did last year if you want?”

“I really don’t feel like staying home and crying my eyes out this year,” Jaejoong bluntly told Yunho.

Yunho paled, and swallowed guiltily.

Jaejoong nudged his friend and assured him, “It’s okay.”

Yunho wrapped an arm around Jaejoong. “No, it’s not. I was a stupid jerk…I have always been so protective of you, but then I treated you worse than anybody else ever has.”

“I don’t think you are quite up there with my mom and grandmother yet,” Jaejoong teased, loving Yunho’s arm around him. “I try not to ever think about the times I was in foster care, but I am pretty sure some of my foster parents have you beat, too.”

“That’s not funny.”

Jaejoong looked at his visibly disturbed best friend. “Hey, I was teasing you.”

“I know…I was bad for those eight months, but I really was still watching out for you…I just…I was just confused.”

“Confused? Don’t you mean angry?”

“We can do anything you want for your birthday this year,” Yunho told Jaejoong, ignoring his question. “Except cry; you are not allowed to cry.”


“Anything you want,” Yunho confirmed.

Jaejoong shyly looked at Yunho and told him what he really wanted, “I want to go to Winterfest in Krinkton. It will be like the fair…except less rides and long sleeves.”

Yunho grinned back at him. “That sounds good. I can get my rematch at skee ball, and beat your ass.”

“Ha, like that is going to happen.”

“Just you and me?”

Jaejoong eagerly nodded his head, but then he realized he was being selfish. “Unless you want Jennifer to come with us. Jennifer is always welcome. We could combine our birthdays since they are so close together.”

Yunho shook his head. “No, this trip is for you. I am fine with it being just the two of us.”

Jaejoong gazed at Yunho and Yunho gazed back at him, and Jaejoong felt like a moment was happening between them; but then Yunho’s cell phone rang and Yunho answered it, ending the moment. “I am looking for it right now…where are you…oh, I kinda forgot…I told you, I was looking for my jacket…I will be right out…of course I want to go,” Yunho told his girlfriend as he quickly got up from the bed. He gave Jaejoong an apologetic wave and hurried out of the room.

Once Yunho was gone, Jaejoong pulled back the blankets on his bed and removed the letter jacket that was neatly folded up under his pillow. He hugged the letter jacket to his chest, and wished that he could stop fooling himself. Yunho was his friend. Yunho loved him, but Yunho would never love him like he wanted to be loved, and every time he allowed himself to think otherwise it just deepened the ache in his heart.


Jennifer and Laura were sitting in the Jung’s den watching Yunho watch television. It was a rainy summer day, and Yunho’s eyes were glued to the television watching a golf game. Yunho’s parents were out of town visiting one of his father’s sisters who was having surgery. Yunho was left in charge of the house and his two younger siblings with the condition that Jaejoong stay with him and help out with the kids.

“If I were dead it would be less boring,” Jennifer bellyached as she lay on the couch wishing she was anywhere else. “Can’t we go to the lake?”

“It’s raining?” Laura reminded her.

“So…we will be wet anyway,” Jennifer pointed out.

“Jaejoong won’t swim,” Yunho muttered from the floor where he was sprawled out watching the golfing match. “When I get old I am going to play golf.”

Jennifer frowned at her boyfriend. “JJ can stay here and watch the kiddies.”

“You are so selfish, Jennifer,” Laura snapped at her friend.

“We could go shopping!” Jennifer suggested, not bothered by Laura in the least. “We could leave Yunho here to watch the kids and JJ could go with us.”

“I like that idea more,” Laura stated, perking up.

“Mine!” Hana declared, walking into the living room carrying Jaejoong’s pink elephant he had won at the fair the year before. “Pink Snorkels belongs to me.”

Jaejoong followed after Hana with Junsu perched on his hip. “Hana, we can share him.”

“Nope,” Hana declared as she sat down on her brother’s back, holding the huge stuffed animal.

Yunho looked up at Jaejoong. “You should have never showed it to her.”

“Junsu,” Jennifer cooed as she got up off the couch and walked over to Jaejoong and the baby holding out her arms for Junsu. “Junsu, come to Sissy.”

“Sissy?” Yunho grumbled from the floor.

Hana picking up on Yunho’s annoyance, and declared, “She’s not my sissy.”

Jennifer smiled at Junsu ignoring the two older Jung siblings and told him, “Come to me. Come to Sissy.”

Junsu buried his face in Jaejoong’s shoulder, mistakenly thinking he was successfully hiding from her. Jaejoong winced, feeling pity for Jennifer, and explained, “He’s shy.”

“He is not,” Yunho corrected from the floor. “He just doesn’t like her.”

“Yunho, would you remember for one moment that you are my boyfriend and someday we might get married and have children,” Jennifer complained to the football star.

“Or an accident might happen someday in the backseat of certain person’s car after a game,” Laura groused from the chair she was sitting in.

“Shut up!” Jennifer and Yunho both shouted, alarmed at the mere thought of such a thing happening.

“The only safe sex is no sex,” Laura informed them, undaunted by their shouting.

Hana, who had been tossed off her brother’s back when he had sat up to yell at Laura asked, “What is sex?”

Yunho pointed his finger accusingly at Laura, snapping, “You are never allowed in my house again.”

Laura, who was looking guilty, started to explain, “Hana, it’s when two—”

“Shut up!” Jaejoong, Yunho, and Jennifer all yelled now.

The seven year old girl smiled, knowing she was on to something. “Why can’t I know?”

“It’s nothing,” Jennifer told Hana. “It’s not nearly as great as people make it out to be. It is a messy grown up thing. Be smart like JJ when you grow up and just don’t bother with it.”

Yunho side-eyed Jennifer; he couldn’t help but feel like he’d been insulted or that he should defend his abilities or something, but he kept quiet, mindful of his young sister.

Hana, who was still holding the pink elephant, looked up at Jaejoong and then back to Jennifer. “I am going to be like JJ when I grow up and never have sex.”

Yunho clapped his hands and declared, “That’s exactly what every big brother wants to hear.” Hana smiled as Yunho reached for her and Pink Snorkels, pulling them close, and planting a big kiss on each of their cheeks.

Junsu, who had lifted his head once Jennifer had walked away, started clapping his hands, mimicking his big brother.

“Let’s go shopping,” Jennifer whined.

Jaejoong, who was irritated at being the convenient virgin in the room, brightened instantly. “Yes, let’s go shopping.”

“You can’t go,” Yunho ordered. “You are babysitting.”

“You can babysit!” Jaejoong told his ungrateful best friend.

“I am not a baby!” Hana hollered.

“You can go with us, Hana. I will buy you something pretty,” Jennifer promised, realizing she wasn’t going to win Junsu over, so Hana was her last hope.

Hana eyed the blonde uneasily and asked, “Is JJ going?”

“Yes, I am,” Jaejoong happily told her. “Now go change your clothes. Put on dark pants, it is muddy outside.”

“Okay,” Hana squealed in delight and hurried to her room.

“So you all are leaving me?” Yunho complained as Jaejoong handed him Junsu.

Jaejoong smiled down at his pouting best friend. “Yes, we are.”

“This is so great! Rick is working at the coffee shop today! He will give us free frappuccinos,” Laura announced, sliding on her shoes.

“Awesome,” Jennifer exclaimed and then patted Jaejoong on the cheek. “I am so grateful for your beautiful face.”

“Glad I can help,” Jaejoong retorted.

“I am going to help Hana pick out her clothes,” Jennifer told them, heading for Hana’s room.

“Why is she grateful for your pretty face? Why would this Rick person give you free frappuccinos?” Yunho demanded from the floor as he gazed up at Jaejoong.

Laura eyed Yunho knowingly and told him, “Oh, he’s crushing on our JJ badly.”

“He is not…well, maybe a little,” Jaejoong said, blushing.

“He’s hot. You should totally call him back. I mean, how many times has that poor guy given you his number?”

Jaejoong blushed more and shook his head. “Stop it, Laura. Jennifer will hear you.”

“You deserve some loving,” Laura told her blushing friend.

Yunho stood up, declaring, “Junsu and I are going with you.”

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hahahahaah possessive yunho! I love it! and jae... jae isn't gay. he's clearly yunsexual ;) that's why kissing david makes him throw up.
ok but on a side note, yunho forgiving him was really sudden... YUNHO YOU CAN'T JUST BE A JERK FOR THAT LONG AND HAVE JAE JUST FORGIVE YOU! rawr and jennifer is.... :/
but yeah. thanks for the update ^_^
Yunho stood up, declaring, “Junsu and I are going with you.”

Bahahaha! Oh he so totally subconsciously wants Jaejoong. :D As much as it pains me to see him loveless (not goodness, just the idea of anyone but Yunho touching him makes me cringe) while Yunho has a girlfriend and obviously gets freaky now and then (eww, just eww), I am glad it's recognized that he is most definitely wanted. Good God how could he not be? <3 That's entirely too cute that he's all blushy and shy about someone wanting to be with him. :)

I had a random thought - will Chun be featured in this fic? Just curious if you were going to or not since I've already seen Changmin and Junsu pop up. And how adorable would a baby Junsu be?! Kyaaa~ And I'm loving how he obviously loves Jae~ Eeee just too cute! xD And the kids love Jae but not Jennifer. Hahaha~ Though I suppose Jae does have the advantage since he's been around them so often and for so long. But whatever, still counts! LoL

So this update didn't make me sad! Yay! lol~ I'm looking forward to how things develop between them as the fic progresses. And I'm still holding out for a Yun-finds-Jae-doing-naughty-things-to-himself scene. :D Especially now that he knows Jae has those lovely "educational" videos and magazines. Kekeke xP Not saying you HAVE to do a scene like that or anything...just sayin I would absolutely LOVE it. *grins so hard* Oh and of course it'd confuse him again because he wouldn't get sick from seeing it, but turned on. Hehehe~ I noticed how he said he was confused all that time they were apart and didn't bother acknowledging Jae's correction on it. Uh huh...I'm side eyeing you so hard, Jung.

Oh yeah, and I guess it was sweet of him to say it could just be the two of them for Jae's bday. I suppose he gets points for that. *rolls eyes* LoL It's so hard for him to make me happy. You're lucky Jae loves you so damn much, Yunho! Though I have to admit, he isn't terrible to Jae. And he looks out for him but we all know that's because he secretly wants Jae SO BAD. It's kinda funny how he is still kinda mean to his girlfriend, but pays so much more attention to Jae. xD Ah YunJae is still so damn cute even when there isn't really any YunJae. Yet. ;)
You're seriously driving me crazy sometimes.. It was so easy with your other stories, since most of them were already finished, but this... aaaaaaaaaaaahh.

Merry christmas to the absolute best writer! I like you.. even if you're driving me crazy.

My heart skipped when I read about David! Loool. However ha and Jae didn't work quite well. I'm hoping Rick would be a better candidate to the "in your face, Jaejoong is attractive and can have a hot boyfriend" position. Lololol. Yup, I'm still wishing for that boyfriend that'll make Jaejoong less hurt about the situation and make Yunho go berserk.

Oh but daaaamn. Yunho is getting all these slips, even mentioning that he's irresistible and getting ~blatantly jealous~. IDK whether to be happy about that or not. I love that he's getting ~more obvious~ but I hate that he gets to be so careless and poor JJ gets all the confusing feelssss.

Not really sure what to feel about this renewed friendship either. GDI. I still wish JJ would be less kind on the guy, but I guess, unrequited love really does work like that. .___. Still crossing my fingers for opportunities for Jaejoong not to seem so weak around Yunho. I mean, his emotions clearly depends on his relationship on Yunho...but as I've said before, Jae should make the boy grovel for being such and ass and still continuing to be one. Loool

Anywaaay. SEE HOW MUCH FEELS THIS IS INDUCING? I can't wait for the next part! <3
I for one, wants to get the first spot too :D but FE is so loved djdjsakjklas SPOOOOT!! :D

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"Don’t worry about it, I know I am irresistible. It’s no big deal." YUNHO PLS
I love how they just fell back into their routine again ;o; so sweet~
AND OMG THE END LMAO I'm keeping a close eye on Yunho =w=
And Hana is just so adorable, I love her!! :D
Yep, keep your eye on Yunho...he might just be more than conceited.

So glad you like Hana!

Thanks for commenting!
oohh i like this story is going.. yunho is totally jealous! lol
the scene where Yunho goes out with Jennifer and Jae pulls out yunho's jacket under his pillow and hugs it.. its so sad. idk why it broke my heart.
i have a feeling that Yunho has a really loooong way to go before he realises his feeling to Jae (if he ever has one that is)
anyway good job ^^b
yay an update!! love this one,less aching heart and jae with yun again altho he must hold his feelin',,:-( anw thank you for writing yunjae ^^
I'm so happy!!!!! But just after I'm a little sad because I want the next chapter!!!!!!
Hehe, is that jealousy rearing its ugly head? Oh Yunho, you poor soul. You're already lost, you just don't know it yet.
spot 4 me here.. ^^
yeaaaaaaaayy,, u updated.. thanks.. :))

this is such a touchy moment but come very naturally :
-“No,” Yunho answered, continuing to write. “I have been doing his homework for so long that it just comes naturally.”-

hhaa.. and I love the ending of this ch..
Yunho,, u're being too jealous but I'm sure u didn't realize anything..

thankssss... ^^
I am glad it came naturally, I've been trying to establish that Jaejoong is a horrible student...and Yunho covers for him.

Glad you liked the ending.

Thanks for commenting!
omg omg omg

I'm just so glad they are friends again.

Really curious about this Rick person :o
Thank you for updating!