Expectations: The Passing of Days Part Two B

“Try to think of something brilliant,” a very irritated Commander Yoochun ordered, before tapping his insignia. “Beam me up.”

Ensigns Henry and SungGyu watched as the testy engineer was transported away. For two weeks they had attempted to study the Guardian with no success. After a month in orbit around Eternity the captain had ordered that all aboard the ship would get one day of shore leave starting tomorrow and then the ship would start making the long journey for Trysor.

Ensign Henry looked at the stone monument that rested inside the mountain basin and shook his head. “What does he expect? We have used our most sophisticated equipment and still all the tests show…that it is just a huge stone.”

“A huge stone that defies the laws of gravity and physics by having water pooling vertically inside it,” SungGyu added.

Henry turned around to eye the monks that were watching him. “They still look like they are pissed at me.”

“They are not going to do anything to you…they are monks,” SungGyu assured the other ensign. “Plus, Prince Siwon is smoothing everything over…and Ensign Kangin is here along with the rest of the security team.”

“I feel like I should apologize for distracting them,” Henry said guiltily as he watched the Prince and Kangin try to make nice with the monks.

“You didn’t know Commander Yoochun was going to kick it.”

“I should have known,” Henry replied wistfully. “I should have known.”

SungGyu studied the Guardian. “If you don’t figure out something fast we are going to spend three months stuck in engineering with a very aggravated Commander Yoochun.”

“Why do I have to figure it out?”

“You are the engineering prodigy,” SungGyu pointed out.

“What do you propose I do?”

SungGyu, who was staring at the Guardian, suggested, “Ask it nicely?”

“We have already done that.”

“We did that with Commander Yoochun on the planet, and if it knows everything…it knew he was going to kick it.”

Henry frowned. “So you think the Guardian of Time that is known for only talking to Joongs…didn’t talk to us, because it doesn’t like Commander Yoochun?”

SungGyu shrugged. “He did kick it.”

Henry sighed and then made a point to give an embellished bow to the Guardian and asked in a voice full of reverence, “Magnificent Guardian of Time, portal of endless wonders, would you be so kind to communicate with us mere mortals from the planet Earth?”

“Humans of Earth, it is not meant for you to know the secrets of my origin or the source of my power,” a booming voice that emerged from the Guardian announced.

Both ensigns jumped back, shocked that the ancient portal had responded. The monks, Siwon, and the members of security all turned to gape at the now responsive portal in astonishment.

Ensign SungGyu was the first to find his tongue and asked the question that had plagued him since first hearing about the Guardian of Time. “Guardian of Time, can you take us home?”

Siwon, Henry, and the security team all gasped. The thought of going home lingered in all the crews’ minds even if they had accepted the fact they would most likely never see their homes again.

“Do you seek to return home?” The Guardian of Time asked the ensign.

“Yes,” SungGyu quickly answered. “I believe it is a desire that I share with many of my comrades.”

“I can transport you anywhere and to any point in time, if I choose. I do not choose to return you to Earth,” the Guardian responded. “Be careful what you seek young Earthling. The Earth that exists now is greatly changed from the one you last walked upon.”

“What does that mean? Has Earth been attacked? Did the anomaly transport us in time? Are we in another dimension?” A curious and worried SungGyu asked in rapid fire succession.

“In time your questions shall be answered, but now is not the time.”

Henry found his nerve and asked, “Why are you communicating with us?”

“I can speak with the humans of Earth if and when I choose,” came the Guardian’s sharp response.

“You said you would not transport us to Earth…would you transport elsewhere?”

“Clever Young Human, I will not transport you to your galaxy or bordering galaxies,” the Guardian replied, almost sounding amused.

SungGyu accepted the words of the Guardian, but did not cease with his questions. “We seek a powerful crystal that will power our ship. Can you assist us in collecting it?”

“It’s called dilithium,” Ensign Henry clarified.

“I know what it is you seek, and I will assist you,” the booming voice of the Guardian told them as the blue waters inside the portal began to swirl and it sucked the two ensigns inside it.


“Oh, he is grabbing his little feet,” a spellbound Yunho said as he watched the baby on the sickbay examination screen.

“At least the webbed feet are gone, not to mention the tail,” Jaejoong said, trying his best to appear unmoved.

“It wasn’t a tail,” Yunho mumbled, mesmerized by the sight in front of him as he rubbed Jaejoong’s tummy at the same time.

Ryeowook watched the affectionate couple and explained, “Although Jaejoong is only four weeks along the baby is exactly how a human child of sixteen weeks would appear.”

Yunho turned to beam proudly at Dr. Cho. “He’s a fast grower.”

“For now,” Jaejoong added, looking up at the screen. “Joong babies are known to slow down their development whenever it suits them.”

“He’s only half Joong,” Yunho reminded Jaejoong as he looked lovingly down at his mate.

“Quit being so gooey…I am still mad at you,” Jaejoong told his mate, trying to sound gruff. “Remember, Ryeowook is having a hard time; stop being so loving…it’s rude considering what he is going through.”

“I can’t help it,” Yunho replied, telepathically to his mate. “Yes, I know and I understand…but we are going to have a baby, and that baby is going to grow up to be the most perfect, smartest boy in the whole universe.”

Jaejoong resisted the urge to smile. “You might be little biased.”

“A little,” Yunho admitted, while continuing to rub Jaejoong’s tummy. “I can tell you are just as happy as I am…don’t fight it. This is exciting. Embrace the joy of it.”

“No.” Jaejoong folded his arms across his chest and bit the inside of his cheeks to keep from smiling. “Stop rubbing my stomach, you are—”

Yunho’s insignia went off interrupting Jaejoong. Yunho immediately reached up to tap it, “Captain, here.”

“Sir,” came the immediate reply of Ensign Kangin. “The Guardian just swallowed Ensigns SungGyu and Henry.”

“Swallowed them…it swallowed them, explain!” an alarmed Yunho ordered.

“It sucked them up inside it, after it talked to them.”

Jaejoong sat up quickly and said full of surprise, “It talked to them…the Guardian addressed them?”

“It did,” Kangin responded. “It talked to both of them.”

“We will be right down,” Yunho informed the ensign.

Dr. Cho watched wordlessly as the captain and Jaejoong hurried from the exam room and headed for the transporter room.


Jaejoong and Yunho materialized inside the mountain basin that was home to the Guardian of Time to find the monks forming a circle around the Guardian while they prayed and the away team staring at the Guardian of Time, severely perplexed.

“Guardian, what did you do to the members of our crew?” Jaejoong demanded as he stormed toward the great portal, ignoring the away team and the monks.

Yunho smiled. “Our crew.”

Jaejoong swung his head around to smile back at his mate. “Our crew.”

“It ate them,” Kangin informed him.

“It did not eat them…The Guardian of Time does not eat people,” Jaejoong explained, looking sternly at the portal that had not responded to him.

“Why isn’t it answering you?” Yunho questioned as he walked up beside his mate.

“I do not know,” Jaejoong responded. “Earlier I had told it not to respond…” Jaejoong paused, looking sheepishly back at his mate.

“Like I didn’t know that.”

Jaejoong gave his mate a weak smile. “I am not mad at you anymore.”

“My turn to be mad.’


Yunho shook his head focusing back on the problem at hand. “Great Guardian of Time, if any of us have offended you by being disrespectful, or bossy, I apologize.”

“Are you apologizing for me?” Jaejoong asked, taken aback.

“You and anybody else that might have offended it, including myself,” Yunho replied and then turned to Kangin and Prince Siwon. “What did the ensigns say to the Guardian?”

“Your pet asked if could take us back to Earth,” Kangin quickly told Yunho.

“He did?” Yunho replied, surprised. “What did it say?”

Siwon started to explain, “It said it would not return you to your planet—”

Kangin interrupted Siwon to tell Yunho, “It said Earth was greatly changed…the kid asked if we were in the past or the future, but the thing wouldn’t tell him.”

“It isn’t a thing…it is the Guardian of Time,” Jaejoong hissed as he eyed the portal that was still ignoring him.

Siwon added, “It also said that it would respond to the humans of Earth whenever it liked.”

“Yeah, it likes Earthlings apparently,” Kangin quickly confirmed.

“It likes Earthlings…” Jaejoong began, but then paused to kneel down in front of the portal. “Great Guardian of Time, I apologize if I was disrespectful and beg your forgiveness. I only seek your infinite wisdom and guidance. What is it that binds the humans of Earth, the Joong race, and your magnificence together?”

“Jaejoong of the Royal House of Joong, you ask the question that I have waited eons for and yet it can not be answered so easily. The answer you seek will come to you in time,” came the booming reply of the Guardian.

“Can you not tell us more?” Jaejoong pleaded, still kneeling.

“I will not,” the Guardian answered.

“But what of our people?” Yunho quickly asked as he knelt down beside Jaejoong. “What has become of them?”

“The time for them to appear approaches,” the Guardian told Yunho as the waters inside it began to swirl and SungGyu and Henry shot out of the portal. The two ensigns hit the ground hard and rolled.

Yunho and Jaejoong quickly stood up as Kangin and the security team pulled the two ensigns to their unsteady feet. They were both unshaven, filthy, and they both were tightly clutching cloth bags.

“Captain,” Ensign Henry exclaimed happily upon seeing the captain.

“What happened?” Yunho asked the two disheveled ensigns.

SungGyu and Henry laughed in relief as they both pulled out crystals from the bags they were carrying. “I think the Guardian sent us shopping,” Ensign SungGyu answered.

Yunho pulled Jaejoong back and quickly stepped in front of him. “That’s pure dilithium!”

“Yeah,” Henry nodded his head and confirmed. “It’s a very high grade, too. We have kinda been exposed to a lot of radiation in the mines…but I honestly don’t feel that bad.”

“Me either,” SungGyu agreed, running his hand through his hair. “Although, Ensign Henry says my hair is turning red.”

Yunho tapped his insignia. “Beam Ensigns SungGyu and Henry immediately to a decontamination chamber. Inform Dr. Cho they have been exposed to raw dilithium. Also notify Commander Yoochun of the arrival of the dilithium.”

They all watched as the ensigns were transported away to the ship.

Yunho turned to Siwon. “The monks will have to be tested for exposure to radiation, along with all of us, even though I doubt they have been exposed.”

“Yes, Sir,” Siwon responded.

“We are fine,” Jaejoong mumbled, still studying the Guardian. “It transported them to where they needed to be…just like it would a Joong.”

Yunho frowned. “We already suspected there was something special about being from Earth.”

“But to have it confirmed,” Jaejoong replied, still stunned by what he had learned.

Yunho reached out and took Jaejoong’s hand. “We need to get back to the ship.”

“I just don’t know what to think,” Jaejoong confessed.

“Feeling less special?”


Yunho smiled and tapped his insignia. “Beam us up.”

“Aye Aye, Sir,” Lieutenant Donghae replied.


“So you have made up your mind?” Dr. Cho asked as he walked into their quarters to find his husband packing up his belongings.

“I am still…I haven’t decided anything yet,” Kyuhyun admitted as he gazed down at a book he was holding.

“You are moving out though?”

Kyuhyun shrugged. “I thought you might be sick of sleeping in sickbay.”

“It doesn’t matter to me,” Ryeowook admitted. “At least I am wanted in sickbay.”

Kyuhyun looked up from the book to gaze upon his husband. “This isn’t about not wanting you.”

“Really,” Ryeowook said, incredulously. “What is it about then?”

“It’s about lust…undeniable, uncontrollable lust.”

“No, it’s about you being mentally ill, and refusing the get the help you need,” Ryeowook corrected.

Kyuhyun placed the book in the box with his other belongs. “No, that is your opinion…based on your beliefs. I changed once for you, and I wish you would change for me this time…or just try to understand.”

Ryeowook shook his head sadly as Kyuhyun rewrote their history. “We both changed for each other.”

“I am not going to change this time, I can’t stop thinking about…I need to do this.”

“When you say ‘this’ do you mean cheat on me?”

Kyuhyun closed his eyes. “I mean having sex with someone other than you.”

“Can I at least know their name? I would hate to accidentally save their life one day.”

“You don’t mean that.”

“I mean it right now,” Ryeowook told Kyuhyun, unable to hide the hurt in his voice. “I need to know who…other than you thinks so little of me.”

Kyuhyun winced. “I don’t think little of you…I think the world of you.”

“Don’t tell me lies; just tell me who it is.”

Kyuhyun squeezed his eyes shut. “He is from Eternity. He’s a council member. The ship will leave tomorrow and I’ll never see him again. Today’s my last chance…to be with him.”

“No, you are wrong. Today is your last chance with me,” Ryeowook said, walking over to the box and removing the book from it. “This book is the one I used to read to you, when your demons came to haunt you at night.”

“That’s why I want it.”

“It belongs to me,” Ryeowook told his husband, looking up at him unflinchingly. “It was the start of our love, and you can’t have it.”

Kyuhyun’s eyes welled with tears. “I don’t want our love to end.”

Ryeowook let out a bitter laugh. “And yet you are the one ending it. You thought it was bad when I first returned to the ship…you haven’t seen anything, yet.”

“Ryeowook,” Kyuhyun pleaded, reaching out for Ryeowook, but the doctor evaded his grasp.

“I am going to remove you from my life as if you were a cancerous growth. I will not spend time with you and I will not speak with you. And I will never calm you when your nightmares come back to haunt you, and believe me they will,” a shaking Ryeowook informed his husband.


“Someday, you will regret this choice you made. You will probably seek me out, promise to get the help you need, and plead for my forgiveness…but I won’t forgive you. I will never forgive you for hurting me like this…because I will never trust you with my heart again.”

“Don’t say that.”

“It’s the truth,” Ryeowook told Kyuhyun as he headed toward the door.

Kyuhyun reached out and grabbed Ryeowook, stopping him. “Don’t say such things…why must you make it so hard? So impossible? This has nothing to do with us…I wish I could make you understand. I will always love you.”

Ryeowook yanked his arm away from Kyuhyun. “That’s a lie! If you loved me you wouldn’t do this to me, so don’t claim to love me when you are one that destroyed our love.”

“No, I didn’t destroy anything. Nothing is destroyed!”

“It’s already over, our love has already ended,” Ryeowook explained bitterly as he walked away. “I’ll never forgive you.”


Yunho sat down on the bed. “You seem to be in deep thought?”

“I am,” Jaejoong, who was sprawled out on their bed, answered.

Yunho reached out and felt the fabric of the silk blue pajamas Jaejoong was wearing. “You haven’t worn these in a while.”

“I plan on staying fully clothed tonight,” Jaejoong told Yunho as the other man crawled over to him in bed, resting his head against Jaejoong’s belly.

“I thought you weren’t mad anymore.”

“I am not really mad, but I feel...”

“Feel what?”

“Don’t you feel like our relationship is stronger?”

“I do.”

“It used to be all about sex…and now it’s deeper.”

“Ours is a timeless love,” Yunho teased. “I do enjoy the sex though.”

“As do I, but sometimes—”

“Sometimes it’s nice just to be together,” Yunho finished.

“Yes,” Jaejoong agreed, reaching out to run his hands through Yunho’s hair.

“We should enjoy these times while we can…before Changmin is born.”

“Or before he starts becoming aware of us.”

Yunho frowned. “Would he be aware of us…having sex?”

Jaejoong’s eyes twinkled in mischief. “He’ll know we are doing something.”

Yunho, whose head was still resting against Jaejoong’s stomach, asked, “When does that happen?

“It just depends…I just feel his presence now; he’s not sending out any thoughts yet.”

“You can sense him already?” Yunho practically shouted as he sat up.

Jaejoong smiled up at Yunho, unable to hide his joy. “Yes, that’s what I was in deep thought about. I feel him now…it’s pretty wonderful.”

Yunho grinned widely as he swept Jaejoong up in his arms. “I thought you were in deep thought about the Guardian!”

Jaejoong wrapped his arms around his mate’s neck and looked him in the eye. “No, what we discovered today is amazing…but not nearly as amazing as feeling Changmin…like feeling him. Our bond…it’s not broken…it’s just forming.”

Tears welled up in Yunho’s eyes. “I am so happy for you…it must be—”

“Overwhelming,” Jaejoong admitted, his own eyes getting misty. “I kinda feel bad…for feeling so happy.”

“Why would you feel bad?”

“Ryeowook and Kyuhyun…they have fallen completely apart,” Jaejoong explained. “Kyuhyun is going to beam down to that blasted planet and…and…there is nothing I can do…nothing I should do. I feel bad for them, but I can’t help but feel happy. This bond I share with Changmin…this bond will only grow stronger.”

Yunho pulled Jaejoong in for a tight hug. “Like our love grows stronger with each passing day. Don’t feel bad, don’t you dare. I will take care of everything.”


“So how many days were you there?” WooHyun asked as he and SungGyu walked back to their quarters.

SungGyu, who had been released from the decontamination chamber earlier, answered, “Eight days total, but it was only a few minutes to everybody in our timeline.”


“The Guardian is a truly remarkable piece of technology.”

“It is. Do you have any idea where you were?”

“None, we could have been anywhere and at anytime. The people at the mines thought their planet was the only one with life in the universe…you know, like most primitive humans tend to think.”

“Yeah,” Woohyun concurred. “We humans like to feel that we are special.”

“So true.”

“I like you hair though,” WooHyun told the ensign, giving him a quick appreciative glance.

SungGyu reached up and ran his hand through his now bright red hair. “I kinda like it, too. Dr. Cho was going to change it back, but I thought I would keep it.”

“It looks nice.”

“It was a rough eight days, so I will think of it as my battle scar.”

They reached their door and WooHyun told the other man, “I am really glad you made it back.”

“Me too,” SungGyu responded as he entered their quarters. “I won’t lie, we were a little nervous at times…but I felt that if we accomplished our goal and collected enough dilithium, the Guardian would return us.”

WooHyun watched as SungGyu plopped down the sofa. “You were right.”

“I usually am.”

“I think I have heard that before,” WooHyun said with a soft snort.

SungGyu closed his eyes, and apologized, “I am sorry for being such a shitty roommate. I know I am supposed to be orienting you to the ship.”

“I told you not to worry about it. I understand that you have been busy, and I have been busy trying to fill my head with new knowledge…there is so much for me to learn,” WooHyun said, waving off the apology.

SungGyu smiled, his small eyes still shut. “I am going to go to sleep now.”

“You should go to bed.”

“No, it’s your turn to have the bed. I am fine here.”

Woohyun walked closer to the sofa. “No, really, you should take the bed. You have had a rough eight days.”

“I can sleep anywhere…it’s a talent of mine. I am staying here, you get the bed tonight,” SungGyu insisted, never opening his eyes.

“Have it your way then,” WooHyun said, relenting as he bent down and started removing SungGyu’s shoes.

SungGyu’s eyes fluttered open. “You don’t have to do that.”

“I want to do it. You should sleep…don’t forget your life mottos. I think it was number four.”

SungGyu studied the doctor. “Why…why do you like me so much?”

WooHyun, who had his eyes focused on the other man’s shoes, pulled them off and set them down beside the sofa. “I just do…I just did…I met you and I liked you.”

“I like you, too,” SungGyu confessed to the other man.

WooHyun looked down at the lounging ensign and asked, “Why?”

“I just do…I just did…I met you and I liked you,” SungGyu responded, purposely repeating the other man’s words back to him.

WooHyun laughed. “Fair enough.”

“Good Night,” SungGyu told WooHyun as he let out a big yawn.

“Good Night, SungGyu,” WooHyun whispered softly as he walked towards the bedroom, feeling the warmth of what he was positive was the glow of new love.


Commander Cho made his way down the corridors of the ship toward the transporter room. He had come to a decision, one he was not confident in, but one he could not stop himself from making. A decision that would forever change his world, and inflict unimaginable hurt on the one he loved the most.

He slowed as he reached the transporter room, inhaled a deep breath, and attempted to push the image of a hurt Ryeowook from his mind. He couldn’t think of Ryeowook. Old demons called to him and the desire to feel someone stronger than him underneath him, begging him for more…beckoned to him.

Kyuhyun knew if he entered the transporter room and beamed own to Eternity that Ryeowook would divorce him…but would the other man really stop loving him, he asked himself. He didn’t want to believe that their love would be over…he couldn’t believe it, he didn’t believe it. Maybe he would never be the man he once was, and maybe he’d never know the gentle touch of his dear husband again, but he highly doubted it. Ryeowook wasn’t that type of person, no matter how much he hurt him…Ryeowook loved him.

A pain swelled inside of Kyuhyun as guilt flooded him for abusing Ryeowook’s love. Ryeowook’s love that had once been so pure, absolute and healing…Ryeowook’s love that had once been all he ever needed. He secretly wondered if he shouldn’t hope that by committing this betrayal that Ryeowook would be free of him…if he truly loved Ryeowook shouldn’t he wish him to be free of such a man as himself? These thoughts were heavy on Kyuhyun’s mind as he entered the transporter room.

Lieutenant Donghae was standing at the controls calibrating the transporter systems when Kyuhyun entered the room. “Hello, Commander Cho,” the lieutenant said, greeting him with a warm smile.

“Lieutenant,” Commander Cho said with a nod as he stepped upon the transporter platform full of doubts. “I need you send me down to these coordinates—”

“Sir, I can’t send you anywhere,” the Lieutenant interrupted to tell him.

“And why exactly can’t you?” Commander Cho demanded sharply.

A perplexed looking Donghae explained, “We left orbit fifteen minutes ago.”

“Left orbit,” a stunned Commander Cho managed to get out.

“Yes, Sir,” Lieutenant Donghae clarified. “The captain cancelled shore leave, and put us on our way. Did you not hear the announcement?”

Commander Cho blinked, confused; had he been so lost in his own world of misery and turmoil that he had missed the captain’s announcement? “I guess…I missed it.”

Lieutenant Donghae smiled at him and proudly informed him, “The captain said our new journeys are just beginning. We are going to find a way home, and we are going to carry on the legacy of our forefathers by exploring the galaxy as we search for a way home. Isn’t that great?”

“Yes,” Kyuhyun replied, feeling strangely relieved. “That’s just wonderful…we are very lucky.”


“To have such a captain…a man that looks out for us. I know that someday we will find our way home with his guidance.”

“That we will, Sir.”
BAWLS BC YUNJAE ARE SO ADORABLE HERE JEVIBXKSBEJNDKXNSKSJSKEJKD so much happiness I'm so giddy for them faiwvtlzbzkwbfoxb sobs ♥♥♥♥ they're such cutiepies ugh their love is definitely deeper ToT and ugh I can't omg they are too cute ;______; AND THE FACT THAT JAE'S BOND WITH MIN IS GROWING ;O; SO HAPPY SOBS
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Lastly more Dongwoo and L please. Granpa Gyu needs teasing more (how much do I love that you brought his sleep habits in). Also will you bring Hoya, Sungyeol and Sungjong in? When I thought about Sungjong I thought he'd make a good Joong. Him during BTD promotions with his blonde hair, he was so pretty >.<
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I was surprised to see the guardian responding to SungGyu n Henry though. I thought if he's ever going to respond to a human that will be Yunho n min. I guess he didnt respond to yun since he was rude. So jae learned today humans r afterall not so inferior to joongs. I guess he wont complain since he's in love with a human.

And kyunhun... he really need help. Jaejoong should mentally force to agree to see a psychiatrist. He's destroying everything dear to him. Am so glad yunho saved the day for him.
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/totally forgot to comment on the first chap ugh I am so sorry D:
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