TFAN Sneak Peek Part 11


Kyuhyun walked into the small purple room that was covered with paintings of flowers on the wall.   There was one bed in the center of the room with a purple silk bedspread covering it.  There was an old style radio on the dresser drawers and Kyuhyun went over and played with it till he heard the familiar voices of the leader and Eunhyuk.


“I hope you enjoy the floor.”  Ryeowook told him as he stormed into the room shutting the door loudly behind him as he was extremely aggravated.


“I knew you couldn’t stay away.”  Kyuhyun said as he plopped himself down on the bed all smiles.


“Don’t even flatter yourself.”  Ryeowook told him as he tossed his bag on the floor and started going through it.


“What happened to rooming with Junho?” 


“Get off the bed.”  Ryeowook told him, and for once Kyuhyun listened to him as he jumped off the bed and got in a swivel chair that was placed in a corner of the room.


“Please tell me your excuse for not being able to resist me?”  Kyuhyun asked as he twirled around in the chair.


Ryeowook gave him a look that tethered on the edge of nausea.  “You know that rather large woman that was sitting in the front row that seemed to very enthusiastic for Junho’s performance?” 


“Yeah, why?”  Kyuhyun asked him as he continued to twirl around in the chair.


“Well apparently they are an item, and she’s coming over here as soon as she can give her husband the slip.  She will be serving as his sleepover buddy tonight.”  Ryeowook said, while at the same time trying to vanquish the visual from his mind.


“Oh, My, God!  If I have to hear whales mating tonight, and I can’t even get one little kiss, then my…”   Kyuhyun stopped suddenly looking sick.


“Don’t you even start with that, if you even come near me with those lips, I swear to God…”  Ryeowook stopped as he noticed the change in him.  “You’re an idiot.” 


“Be nice.”  Kyuhyun said squeezing his eyes shut.


“What am I going to do with you?  You are like a five year old when it comes to those chairs.”  Ryeowook walked up to him and ran a hand through his hair. 


Kyuhyun immediately wrapped his arms around Ryeowook’s waist and dug his face into his belly.


“I can’t believe you would twirl around like that after having ear surgery.” Ryeowook told him as he continued to run his hand through Kyuhyun’s hair.


“You didn’t stop me.”


“I was too busy thinking how I was going maintain rule five.”  Ryeowook answered honestly.


“How’s that working for you?”  Kyuhyun asked as he continued to cling to him, as Ryeowook’s presence steadied his dizziness.

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