Expectations: Just a Moment

Series: Expectations
Adventure Thirteen: Just a Moment Part 1 of 3
Author: Aquariuslover
Pairings: Yunjae, KyuWook, WooGyu
Rating: R
Genre: Crossover, Science Fiction, Adventure, Romance
Length: Chaptered
Beta: tahoeturquoise

A/N: This story is inspired by Star Trek and the Kpop community; the story is my own.

Summary: Ancient technology on a deserted planet forces some crew members to stay within arm's reach of each other...literally. As Jaejoong's pregnancy progresses, Jaejoong's telepathic and emphatic abilities fade. Startling admissions are made, and something is stirring on the ship, much to Yunho's shock.

Prior Adventures

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Yay yay yay yay yay!!!

And there they go again getting themselves into the most awkward situations. I have a feeling this will bring upon the worst of pregnant Jaejoong. With Sooyoung being tied to Yunho and all.

The Cho face-down was equal parts frustrating and hilarious. I would -not- have gotten in between those two. Siwon was smart to make a distance. I hope they can find a way to sort it out. They're my fave couple yo!!

Anyway, your updates make me THIS freaking happy and they always seem to come at the best of times. Love you for it~
The worst pregnant Jaejoong--lol! I bet SooYoung will agree with you. lol

I am so glad KyuWook are your fav couple! I love me some KyuWook!

I am glad the update made you happy! Thanks for commenting!
Hahaha ! I love this chapter ! And its so not boring. Its been a while I didnt comment, I'm sorry, its been hell at univ ! Got too much exams, part time jobs and so little time >_<

Anyway :D I dont know why I felt like screaming when Junsu was flirting with yoochun. I was nearly dancing in front of my screen xD I could perfectly picture Yoochun's bright smile.</p>

And it's kind of mean, but I'm glad Kyuhyun is struggling with Ryeowook. Sweet Ryeowook suffered a lot, and he forgave a lot, too. Now, it's Kyuhyun's turn to understand. His break up with Ryeowook is recent and its true that Kyuhyun suffered a lot in the past but it was different. He never really suffered because of Ryeowook's acts (only when he thought he died), but he kind of made Ryeowook suffers because of his. I can't wait to read more about them, I want Ryeowook to get his revenge, thats why I was glad when Kyuhyun was jealous, hahahaha ! *evil laugh*

Yunjae = <3 like always. I'm melting because there are the perfect couple, exactly because they are not perfect. And a pregnant Jaejoong is soooo funny xD and now Yunho is "linked" to someone else ! And a girl. And before Jaejoong he was exactly gay. i can't wait to see Jaejoong's reaction :p (even if I know he trust yunho, he's pregnant, too much feelings xD )

Thank youuu for updating ~


It's okay, I forgive you---this once. lol

People have been waiting for YooSu for a long time...I keep stringing them along though.

Kyu was very jealous...such an hypocrite. KyuWook just...it was wise of Kyu to avoid Wook. Wook is too ready to battle him. lol

This version of Yunjae are my happy Yunjae. Not perfect, but happily in love with each other---they don't fight it.

Jaejoong is the Prince of Joong and in this story he will feel jealous if he wants to. lol He doesn't care if he doesn't have any reason to be jealous. lol That is SOOOO not going to stop him.

Thank you for commenting!
OMG Jae is going to kick Yunho's balls for ending up tied to Sooyung xD
Yay! Update! I was wondering when we would get to see Jae being a demanding pregnant prince, now I'm feeling sorry for Yunho xD
Also, Yoochun is total WIN on this chapter xD he's antics are soooo funny, and that Yoosu moment was hilarious for some reason. They're my fav couple after Yunjae on this fic, they have such a weird-hilarious chemistry going on that I love.
Thanks for updating! ^^

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why would you feel like that sooyoung?!T_T i thought you like min?!you're perfect together.T_T
i am forever rooting since damaged of sooyoung/changmin if it's hetero. it seems she's right.i mean of course why would sulli stay motionless if she's not the mate of min..but im still sooyoung/min no matter what..tall and intelligent babies.kekeke
i love pregnant jae!hahaha. the mood swings are funny. and did i already tell you how i love how you make conversation here?they are so damn funny.pure genius .
and lol..Woohyun is so cheesy!!!!haha.let me catch those hearts.
i hope ryeo and kyu will be able to fix their relationship..not now i guess.well as time passes i guess.
and jae's only the one not affected by the "kinda string" thing?
woah. i was forever checking your lj for updates. thank you for this.
accept my everlasting love.lol
SooYoung is very clever and something doesn't ring true to her, she is a scientist first and woman with a crush---well, that is far down on her priority list. She has taken Changmin's place so she has to think logically...and something doesn't add up.

I did hint a little bit in DMGD about Changmin and SooYoung---then I always put him with somebody else. lol Usually the F(x) girls...well, and Boa.

I am glad you like my conversations.:)

I am sorry it took so long, hopefully the next to parts will come along a little faster!

Thanks for commenting, and big thanks for the everlasting love!

Oh Gosh! Let me love you for updating and also to kill you for that cliffhanger!
I loved it ( as always) and I'm eagerly waiting for the next update.
Ah and, i want you to know that even if i don't comment as often as your other readers (heh, they already tell all i want to say so..)I read ALL your fics, and i love them all. :)
Oh, this cliffhanger isn't anything. lol The one on Part 3 is so bad it actually had Amy demanding I wrote more. lol

Hey, not many people are commenting on this part at all, so thank you! Some are probably punishing me for taking so long to update...or it is just really boring! LOL Or LJ ate the comments....yeah, lets go with that one.

Thanks for commenting!

I am so happy you updated!! This chapter was really refreshing, despite the some of the problems that seem to be rising. I really hope Kyuhyun gets his shit together and really tries to get Ryeowook back!!! Pregnant Jae is pretty amusing but i just can't wait till Changmin is born >
aww half of my comment got deleted!?!
so i will continue it here...
I loved the yoosu moments, Although i really hope that Junsu able to get with Yoochun, and not just run away from him all the time ( while still teasing him><). The woogyu is so adorable, and I absolutely love it!! I'm so excited for all the awkward moments this new invisible force will bring (although i am a bit worried for sooyoung's life XD)!!
lol now they are stuck together...how will jae take the news of having a girl attach to yunho until they find an answer and Yoochun with sungmin lol this will be fun ^^
Ryeowook is being a little bitch. There I said it. Kyuhyun is doing what was asked, late, yes, but he's trying and now ryeowook is playing the martyr . Oh my gasdfghjk! )8/ I get it, it sucks, but kyuhyun bares a point with the 'for better or worse' deal. God, their relationship seems to be built on the whole immature foundation of ' but you hurt me first'.... boohoo. Mind you, kyuhyun isn't absolved from this either, he has done a shit ton wrong too and aided in creating this mess. No denying it, but for the love of God, at least he has begun working on it! Which is more than can be said for ryeowooks insecurities. The dude needs therapy too. Being a doctor doesn't mean he knows every thing. Congrats jaejoong. I no longer despise you in this fic.

On that note; lovely update :) can't wait to read more. Sungmin bound with Yoochun? Stuffs gonna go dow n I hope. I'm very curious about yoochuns story. So far, he seems the most enigmatic. Allusions to everyone elses past seem to have been made ( with a few exceptions), or an idea of where they come from and came to be, but aside from a few comments from jae and yunho....he seems a bit more shrouded.

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I feel like Ryeowook is being a little bitchy/immature myself, an unlikely person is about to give a heart to heart though in the third part.

I am so glad you longer despise Jaejoong. lol

Oh, it's time for Yoochun's story to be told. I have been hinting at it since the very beginning...and it is about to get told.

Thank you for commenting!

lkahga More of the YunJae pregnancy :D Can't wait until we finally get to see baby Minnie and YunJae acting like parents <33333 Also, just out of curiosity, how do you write your chapters/adventures usually? Do you just write them and then post them as you go? Or do you write out one whole adventure then post each part on certain days? It's always interesting to hear how people go about writing their fics.
Yunjae will get to be dotting parents I promise...maybe sooner than expected.

With Expectations I finish one adventure completely and then I break it up into parts...and then I send a part to my beta. When my beta is done with a part she sends it back to me(I update it) and I send her the next part. When she sends me Part 2 I will update if I am home or not working And I will send her part 3.

In some stories like Fragile Essence when the story is too intense(like when Jaejoong tried to commit suicide) I will wait until I get several parts back before I update--so I can update quickly.

Thank you for commenting!
hi thank you for the lovely update! i cant wait to read the next parts~ please can we see more of the sungmin x siwon storyline and yoochun x junsu storyline? pretty pretty please.
ps: ryeowook needs therapy too... they should just go to couples therapy together... him and kyuhyun... ryeowook is getting more than a little ridiculous
Mommy Jae is getting cuter and Yunho just can't resist him :)
And no matter how many times I want to understand Kyuhyun I just can't.
first of all. STUPID LJ for being such a BITCH --> didn't post my comment and won't let me because of maintenance... TTATT

anyway, it's been a while and i happen to be happy about this update~^^ i miss reading Expectations and this is another adventure for all of them~^^

LOL at woohyun wiping the floor with kangin~XDDDDDD who would've thought that the good traditional-tho-not-as-technologically-advanced-but-learning-very-fast doctor could take care of himself? sunggyu was very impressed... and slightly afraid~^^

then there is yunho and jaejoong... LOL hormonal pregnant jaejoong is not easy to please... i can totally understand this... i kind of pity yunho for having to deal with him... but he does love jaejoong and well, he's also eager for changmin to be born soon~^^

sungmin and siwon are such a complicated case. LOL. not really but siwon is making it so. he's kind of in denial about their whole relationship... cause 'technically' he is still straight... but he is dating sungmin. and that makes it complicated and sungmin is pissed.

junsu and his complicated feelings for yoochun. really. but i think he should tread more carefully around yoochun... the guy only wants one thing and that's to tap his ass... junsu'll end up getting hurt... again.

i really feel sorry for ryeowook and kyuhyun... it ultimately it is kyu's fault for doing the things he did... wook's sacrificed so much and endured so much for him and yet, here he is... wanting to bed another man just because he has the urge to do so... he's totally ignoring and purposely hurting wook here... even if he said that he didn't mean to. he should've done something about his 'broken psyche' sooner rather than wait for things to get worse... and things did indeed get worse. wook doesn't want anything to do with him now... and well... i don't really blame him...

sulli... poor girl. is she really not changmin's bond mate? it's interesting tho, since changmin hasn't been born yet and sulli's been in statis ever since he faded away... changmin's half joong so we really don't know how his relationship with sulli is... unlike yunho and jaejoong who've behaved very differently when they were bonded... i'm very interested to know more on this~ if you're planning elaborate~^^

update again soon!
LJ is a stupid bitch! It makes me so mad! I was like good for once! I replied to comments as I got them.....and then it deleted all my replies to the first page. Pisses me off so much. I hope they read them!

It is another adventure and I am glad you are happy about it! I hope it isn't disappointing. The last part has a lot of stuff crammed in it.

The real WooHyun is kinda tiny but he is pure muscle. He's a lead dancer but he doesn't put the effort in that Hoya or DongWoo do...he's just a natural, so I let Doctor Nam keep that innate athleticism.

I am thinking Siwon bit off more than he can chew...and SungMin is realizing that. It's sad, but like Sungmin said Siwon never lied to him. Sungmin always seems to want what he can't have.

Junsu...he might have made a huge mistake when he flirted with Yoochun--we will just have to wait and see.

With KyuWook they are both kinda a fault. It's just hard...cheating on somebody is not the worse thing that can happen in a relationship(but many people think it is). Not that I condone cheating if my man cheated on me, I would castrate him in his sleep. It's just...Kyuhyun had a lot of stuff happen to him.

No comment on the Sulli/Changmin might be bond. lol I do plan on elaborating...eventually. lol

Thanks for commenting!