Sweet Deception

Title: Sweet Deception
Author: Aquariuslover
Pairings: None at this time, SungGyu/WooHyun focus.
Rating: R
Genre: Angst
Length: Chaptered
Beta: tahoeturquoise

Summary: For years a fire has been smoldering deep inside of WooHyun, and now it is burning out of control and wrecking havoc on the group. A danger is looming over SungGyu, but will he pay it heed before it claims his life? Can an ominous deal be brokered in time to save Infinite?

Author’s Note: This story follows real life events, but I took many liberties when writing it. It is not an accurate history of Infinite or its members. The story is meant to be entertaining but at the same time feel realistic. It was written for my own personal enjoyment. I fear it might be polarizing. I reluctantly decided to share it after a few nice people asked me to. Hopefully, if people don’t like it…they won’t read it. If you do like it the best way to know when I update is to friend me.

Even though DongWoo was at SungGyu’s birthday party he didn’t feel like celebrating. He still loved his sometimes moody and difficult hyung as much as ever, but his usually cheerful personality was absent as he sat alone, eyeing the entrance.

DongWoo and the other party goers were in a private room at the back of an expensive restaurant. The spacious room was filled with the sounds of happy laughter from friends, family, and co-workers.

“He’s not coming,” Hoya announced as he sat down beside DongWoo with two bottles of Soju. He handed one of the bottles to DongWoo.

“You don’t know that.”

“I know.”

DongWoo reached out and took the Soju but didn’t look away from the door. “They were once the best of friends.”

“Not always.”

“That was a long time ago,” DongWoo told his friend as he took a drink.

“He was always insecure and now…”

“And now what?”

Hoya took a big swig from his bottle before setting it down on the table. “And now it has escalated out of control.”

“Don’t say that…it hasn’t.”

“It has.”

DongWoo looked away from the door toward the back of the room where SungGyu was surrounded by their managers and even the CEO. “Why didn’t he stop it? He could have stopped it.”

“He tried,” Hoya stated, “He did the best he could.”

“No,” DongWoo denied, looking back at the door. “He…he…WooHyun wanted him to stop it. I know he did. He could have tried harder…it was like he didn’t even try.”

“You put the blame on the wrong person.”

“I am not blaming him…I just wished he had tried harder.”

“He didn’t want this. I know he misses WooHyun, misses the friendship he thought they shared.”

“Their friendship was for real.”

Hoya shook his head, disagreeing. “No, it wasn’t…or it would never have gotten to this point.”

“He might still come.”

“He won’t,” Hoya said bluntly. “SungGyu can hide his hurt and carry on like nothing happened…but WooHyun is too angry. His eyes burn like an angry fire and even the most obtuse fans are starting to notice. He might destroy us all with the heat of his anger.”

“Don’t say that.”

Hoya looked at the door that held so much of DongWoo’s attention and stated firmly, “I know where my loyalty lies.”

“My loyalty is to Infinite.”

Hoya stood up, reached out and squeezed DongWoo’s shoulder. “Then your loyalty is the same as mine.”

“Loyalty?” SungJong asked as he walked up to the small table and sat down in the seat that Hoya had just abandoned. “To whom?”

“To SungGyu and Infinite,” Hoya casually threw over his shoulder as he walked away.

SungJong frowned, saying nothing.

DongWoo just kept looking at the door. “He might still come.”

“I don’t think he will.”

“He might.”

“No, it’s too late,” SungJong replied sadly, staring at the door along with DongWoo.

“Too late for what?” SungYeol asked as he walked over to the table, leaning his long legs against it.

DongWoo kept staring at the door. SungJong looked up accusingly at the tallest member but said nothing.

SungYeol gently bumped the table before straightening up. “I’m not allowed to know?”

“It’s probably for the best if you don’t,” SungJong admitted, looking away from SungYeol.

“So we keep secrets now?” SungYeol questioned.

SungJong placed his hands underneath the table, rubbing his upper legs. “Don’t you and WooHyun have secrets?”

SungYeol paled. “I don’t have a problem with the birthday boy if that is what you’re asking.”

“Really?  So the enemy of your friend is not your enemy?”

“No,” SungYeol answered quickly.

“Then what have the two of you been bitching about for all these months? Were you just encouraging WooHyun’s negative behavior, while secretly disagreeing with him? I know for certain you weren’t trying to stop him.”

SungYeol stepped back from the table. “No, I didn’t stop him—and that is on me. Sometimes misery loves company, but I don’t have anything against our leader.”

“Well, you certainly aren’t his friend,” SungJong accused.

SungYeol swallowed guiltily and protested, “You don’t know anything.”

DongWoo closed his eyes, mustering up the strength to stop them, but before he could say anything SungGyu called for SungYeol in the near distance, ending any potential squabble.

SungJong watched as SungYeol hurried to the leader’s side. “What’s going to happen to us?”

DongWoo opened his eyes to look at the youngest member, who looked so young and earnest suddenly. “He still might come.”

“No, he won’t.”

DongWoo looked back at the door and confessed, “I know…I just wish he would.”

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the summary is so promising^^
as always!
and it's angst...must prepare myself!
oh gawd, i'm just recently getting into the whoogyu pairing and now you update wth this. I just know i'm gonna love it, but i also know that ur gonna rip my heart out with this fic, just like you did with fragile essence. you do angst so well like that T_T
WooGyu is pure love, except when they are fighting-and then they are pure entertainment. lol

I don't *think* it is at the level of FE angst, because at times that story had me sobbing uncontrollably...probably why I haven't written part two yet.

Thanks for commenting
a very short shoutout because it's the middle of the night here for me and i can't possibly write long, logical comments right now.

i. loved. it.

i'm totally excited about the next parts! ouo i selfishly hope you cold upload
(my comment got cut and i'm on mobile, so i'll just continue in the reply.) ...you cold upload the following parts soon, but obviously, take your time! i will be waiting for the continuation like a silent fan of yours that i am. OuO

So.......... This is so intriguing! A lot of questions running insid my head but th gist is, what happened? Lol but I am really glad that you decided to share this new story! Been craving for a really good Infinite story to read. And I know I should be prepared because I can feel angst coming!!!!

“SungGyu can hide his hurt and carry on like nothing happened…but WooHyun is too angry. His eyes burn like an angry fire and even the most obtuse fans are starting to notice. He might destroy us all with the heat of his anger.”

Upon reading that, I remembered a Woohyun fancam of their Chaser performance at Kpop Seoul Collection if I'm not mistaken~ his eyes when he was ignored by Gyu.........
Your writing always calls up meanings behind the lines.

Can you direct me to some Infinite canon fics that will supply context?

The Infinite fic I have read is very subjective, or slanted toward the writer's bias. Which is what most writers do....even if we try really hard not to.

My favorite Infinite fic is probably one where SungGyu dies over and over again, but it doesn't explain group dynamics. The only others that I can think of are AUs.

Honestly, I try to limit my fan fic reading when I want to write a pairing. I don't want to be influenced. Maybe some other nice soul will see your question and offer suggestions.

This summary was like a smokey room...don't ask me why I described it like that(no clue). I start working on characterization of every member in the first chapter and I tried to continue doing it throughout.

For people that are not fans of the group I will sometimes describe them as the leader, the main vocal, the lead rapper, the lead dancer, the visual. I think I describe SungYeol as the tallest enough times to make my skin crawl--but I did that purposely so non-fans can easily figure out who is who.

But honestly for context I think videos are you best choice. The two best shows would be their Sesame Player and Ranking King. Their personalities really shine through. But if you just want facts heck wikipedia might be your best resource.
I'm happy you decide to post this..

Another good story to read.. I'll be waiting for the next chapter
I've only recently gotten myself familiar with the members because my sister's watching Ranking King and she wouldn't shut up about them XD But because it's angst and you write it so well, I'll be totally following this :D
It's a nice chapter. Short and mysterious is the best beginning if you ask me ;)
I AM CRYING. I feel that this will be breathtakingly awesome and heartbreaking and a whole mash of other feels and just kdsjfgkdfkgjdfk. I can't wait for the succeeding chapters~! ♥

P.S I shall prepare myself because I feel the angst coming, yeah? YES. /shot
Don't feel reluctant to post anything. It's your work.
I think, the best thing about your writing is how you always managed to make it sounds real. That's the charm of your stories.
I am glad you updated. This seems promising and i will wait for the first chapter. Good luck again!
Well, I tired really hard to make this one sound real...maybe too real at times. lol

Thanks so much for your support!
I must mentally prepare myself, because your angst just absolutely destroys me. I am such a sucker for fluff and rainbows and oh god I would not do this to myself if your writing weren't so wonderful, but I can only cross my fingers that my heart won't break too much D:
Get prepared. The angst is coming.

Fluff...fluff...there are parts were the angst is not as strong. I won't say it is fluffy though. lol

It won't break too much...I hope not! I am flattered that you are willing to read my angst.:)

Thank you!

New fic! Woogyu!
I look forward to this. Your stories always get me sucked in.
A wonderful start to a story that I am sure is going to promise a lot of angst but at the same time an intriguing read. I can hardly wait to find out what is going on and why in god’s name does it feel like infinite is falling apart.
I always love it when I see people that I have known since TFAN.:) There are a couple of you here....and I can't help but get the sniffles. But they are the best kind of sniffles.:)

Thank you so much!
so saaaaaaaaaad!!
I really like it and I really like this side of Dongwoo, the serious and mature one that every one tend to forget in FF, thank you!
I love DongWoo...okay, I love them all.

DongWoo does have a serious side...when people make him out to be some kind of fool it annoys me. He's so deep. He is so pure at heart, but he's intelligent too.

Thanks so much for commenting!