Sweet Deception, Chapter One

Title: Sweet Deception
Author: Aquariuslover
Pairings: None at this time, SungGyu/WooHyun focus.
Rating: R
Genre: Angst
Length: Chaptered
Beta: tahoeturquoise

Summary: For years a fire has been smoldering deep inside of WooHyun, and now it is burning out of control and wrecking havoc on the group. A danger is looming over SungGyu, but will he pay it heed before it claims his life? Can an ominous deal be brokered in time to save Infinite?

Chapter List

The sound of his phone’s alarm going off awakened him from a dream…a dream of life a year ago, when everything in Infinite was perfection. He closed his eyes hoping he could recapture the wonderful feeling of the dream, but it was lost.

Although he loved his sleep, his sense of responsibility always won out in the end. He slowly got out of bed, feeling much older than his twenty-five years indicated. He looked at the two youngest members, who shared the bedroom with him. They were still sleeping soundly and he wished he could allow them to continue sleeping, but he couldn’t. He walked over to them and gently shook SungJong. His eyes opened immediately, alert as he looked up at his hyung. No words were spoken. SungJong knew what was expected up him and there was no need for badgering. He would get up…he always did.

Next was MyungSoo. The innocent young man that slept was always MyungSoo; L did not appear till later in the day, when his stress increased and the cool image was required. MyungSoo always required a little more forcefulness to wake than SungJong. “Get up, it’s time to get up,” he ordered as he shook him just a little longer. MyungSoo groaned and turned to his side, but SungGyu knew he was awake.

He exited the room knowing that even if MyungSoo fell back to sleep, SungJong would wake him back up. He went to the large bathroom that was right across from their room, and quickly did his morning ritual. When he left the bathroom he paused at a door that led to another bedroom right next to his own. He stared at the door for only a moment before walking away. He was in the living room before he stopped walking. He stood in the center of the room and slowly clenched his fists and allowed his anger to surface. He had hid his anger—controlled it behind a mask of indifference for months but now he allowed it to surge.

He had been purposely slighted yesterday for all of their fans to see to see. He couldn’t hide his anger and hurt; not in the quiet of their dorm, not while he was alone and away from observant eyes. He unleashed all the feelings that he had suppressed yesterday.

He then stormed to the opposite side of the dorm to SungYeol’s room and flung the door open. He reached down and picked up some of the clothes that were scattered around the room and threw them at the tallest member while he harshly ordered, “Get up!”

He did not wait to see the shocked face of SungYeol before he exited the bedroom, slamming the door so loudly that everybody on their floor would hear it. He stood still outside the door with his chest heaving. Yesterday he had done everything to pretend that SungYeol had never done him wrong. He had pretended that when WooHyun whispered to SungYeol…words that no doubt were full of hate towards him that he didn’t hold it against the taller man for attentively listening, but now…now, he was not so charitable.

He was still standing there when the door to Hoya and DongWoo’s room opened. Hoya cautiously walked out into the hall. Hoya said nothing, only stood beside him with no accusation in his eyes. DongWoo, who followed behind Hoya, walked over and embraced him. SungGyu clung to DongWoo, and fought against the urge to cry out in frustration. He hated that he was so afraid, so afraid for Infinite…so afraid of what was to become of them. He blamed the dream, the dream that had reminded him of what the group had once been.

The door to SungYeol’s room opened and the tallest member warily stepped out. He was both pale and quiet. No sharp words, no words at all as he watched DongWoo embracing their leader.

Hoya reached out and grabbed SungYeol by the arm, and gave him such a look of warning that SungYeol immediately stepped back and pulled away from the lead dancer…and the knowledge that he had chosen poorly filled him. Never had the feeling of not belonging felt so powerful.

There was a knock on the door to their dorm and SungGyu gently pulled away from DongWoo, having collected himself after finding his strength in the other man’s warmth. “That will be, Mom,” SungGyu told them as he turned and headed toward the door as if nothing had happened. The other members followed behind him.

“I wonder what he brought us to eat?” SungJong, who was standing beside MyungSoo in the living room asked. They had heard the door slam, but had stayed back, not wanting to crowd their leader in his moment of vulnerability.

“Hopefully something good,” MyungSoo replied.

“It’s always good,” Hoya stated.

DongWoo rushed towards the door and swung it open, exclaiming, “Mom!”

The manager the boys referred to as Mom due to his wonderful cooking abilities entered the dorm with a plate full of breakfast croissants. He was nothing like their other managers. He was older and rarely accompanied them to performances; he instead maintained the dorm. He lived in a smaller apartment next to their spacious dorm. He had once been an executive who had worked directly under the CEO, until tragedy had marred his life. “Are you boys hungry?”

“Always,” DongWoo answered as he and the others followed the manager into the kitchen.

The manager set the food on the table, and then walked over to the refrigerator to get the milk and juice out.

The other members gathered around the table grabbing croissants but SungGyu did not; instead he walked over to the very expensive automatic coffee/espresso/cappuccino/latte machine that rich fans had given them.

“So who slammed the door and woke up half the building?” the manager asked. “You guys trying to get thrown off this floor too?”

All the boys shrugged as if they were totally clueless.

The manager eyed the members at the table, who all avoided his eye contact. “It’s a little early don’t you think?”

SungGyu, who was leaning against the cabinet sipping on his coffee stated, “It’s 9am.”

“You know this building is full of rich people and they don’t exactly have to get up early and go to work,” the manager told them.

“Most do though,” SungYeol quickly supplied, wanting to improve his standing with the other members. “It’s why they are rich. They work hard.”

The manager eyed the boys knowing them well enough to know when they weren’t going to rat each other out. He asked instead, “Where is WooHyun?”

The boys ate their croissants not saying a word and the manager slowly turned to SungGyu who replied, “I didn’t wake him.”

The manager’s eyes grew concerned. The managers had all feared that one day the leader of the group was going to stop taking the fact that his former best friend hated his guts so lightly.

Hoya stood up quickly and announced, “I will go wake him.”


WooHyun sat on the edge of his bed, already dressed, waiting for his door to be opened. His patience was reaching its limit but he refused to leave his room until he was summoned by their leader.

The door opened and he briefly fought to hide his relief, but that relief vanished as Hoya stepped into his room.

“I was going to wake you but I see it isn’t necessary.”

“Are you doing the wake up calls now?” WooHyun blurted out, unable to hide his annoyance.

Hoya shrugged and answered nonchalantly, “Only the ones that SungGyu can’t be bothered with.”

WooHyun stood up with barely restrained anger. “Was it you…that slammed the door?”

“No,” Hoya quickly answered, shaking his head. “That was SungGyu.”

“Why did he slam the door so loudly?”

Hoya just smiled innocently. “I don’t know.”

“What door was it?”

“Someone’s door he can still be bothered with,” Hoya replied. “But if they keep encouraging your bad attitude he will either cure them of their unwise alliances or he won’t be bothered with them anymore, either.”


“Yeah, and he better be careful…he doesn’t exactly have your amazing vocals to fall back on.”

“He can act.”

A cocky Hoya smirked and asked, “In what? Nobody wants him, and he just tries too hard on variety shows, but maybe if he changes his ways SungGyu will throw him a few tips when it comes to variety.”

“I don’t remember you being SungGyu’s biggest fan when he was letting DongWoo knock you across the room and calling you on your arrogance.”

Hoya’s smirk vanished and he just shook his head. “I was arrogant. When DongWoo hit me it was because I needed it. That’s the difference between you and me…I can admit my mistakes.”

“I haven’t made a mistake.”

“Of course not,” Hoya agreed, rolling his eyes.

WooHyun stared at Hoya feeling the hostility and cockiness exuding from the other man. They had never been the best of friends, but they had gotten along well enough. As trainees Hoya and SungGyu had been very close, and WooHyun had not been able to stand it. Remembering those days, WooHyun asked bitterly, “Are we back to that old pissing contest over who is SungGyu’s favorite dongsaeng?”

Hoya looked taken aback by the question before answering sincerely, “I will play it if you will.”

“What?” an incredulous WooHyun asked surprised.

“Right now, I think you could be back in his good graces really fast…probably in less than ten minutes. But you are about to push him too far; so sure, I will play the game with you again. Anything is better than the game you are playing now.”

“I am not playing a game.”

“Then what are you doing? Do you want to destroy the group?”


“Good, because you will only end up destroying yourself and the group will go on without you. Infinite will not crumble because you can’t get over your bad attitude.”

WooHyun resisted the urge to punch Hoya as he pushed past him, exiting the room. Is that what the other members thought? Did they see him as someone who was trying to destroy the group? He needed to think but he knew thinking would be out of the question today, there were too many group activities today. He would not get a minute alone; SungGyu would be with them all day and it would be like a thorn in his side.

He heard the other members in the kitchen. He paused before entering, trying to collect his thoughts and his emotions. Hoya clearly saw him as a villain and SungYeol as his pitiful sidekick…SungYeol was paying for their recent closeness.

What WooHyun hated the most was that everything that had just been said—what Hoya had just said about him and SungYeol—none of that really bothered him. The one thing that made him truly upset was that SungGyu couldn’t be bothered to wake him up.

WooHyun forced himself to calmly walk into the kitchen. Upon entering the kitchen his eyes went first to SungGyu, who was leaning against the counter sipping his coffee. WooHyun quickly diverted his eyes to their manager who was eyeing the leader worriedly and saying, “You should eat something.”

“No, coffee is fine,” the leader assured the manager.

“One can not live on coffee alone,” the manager chastised.

“My stomach can barely handle coffee…this morning,” SungGyu responded.

WooHyun avoided looking at SungGyu but he felt the pause…the moment SungGyu had noticed him in the room and he felt a secret satisfaction that his presence had unnerved the leader enough for him to pick up on it in his speech pattern.

WooHyun took the empty seat between MyungSoo and DongWoo, carefully avoiding SungYeol. He hoped he had not caused the other member too much harm, remembering Hoya’s unkind words that had been directed at the tallest member.

The manager asked, “I thought you were going to go light on the drinking last night?”

“I did,” SungGyu assured the manager.

WooHyun, who was no longer able to resist looking at SungGyu, stared up at the older man innocently asking, “Wasn’t it your birthday party last night?”

SungJong put down his croissant and answered for the leader, “You know it was.”

WooHyun grinned when SungGyu finally met his gaze. “You had to drink lightly at your own birthday party? I am so glad I didn’t bother showing up then.”

The rest of the group tensed, waiting. This was the point where SungGyu would usually ignore WooHyun’s rudeness like he hadn’t heard anything, but something about this morning felt different.

Hoya, who had entered the kitchen quietly, took the empty seat between SungYeol and MyungSoo while everybody waited for SungGyu’s response to the member who had once been his dearest friend.

SungGyu said nothing, never blinking as he stared coldly back at WooHyun as if he was trying to see into his mind.

It was DongWoo who broke the silence, declaring, “His real birthday party will be this weekend.”

“This weekend,” WooHyun repeated, not taking his eyes off SungGyu as he reached out and took a croissant.

DongWoo was happy to explain, “He gets a night off to spend with Allure.”

“Not all of them; just Brandy,” SungGyu said, breaking eye contact with WooHyun to look affectionately at DongWoo.

“I was trying to make it sound even better,” DongWoo told his hyung. “Build up your rep up.”

Hoya put down the glass of juice he had been drinking, declaring, “Being with Brandy is awesome enough. His ego doesn’t need any padding. It’s big enough as it is.”

“I assure you, if all the members of Allure want to come they are more than welcome,” SungGyu said in a casual voice, causing all the members except for WooHyun to laugh.

SungJong asked with feigned innocence, “But Hyung, what are you going to do with Brandy for a whole night?

SungGyu took a long sip of his coffee and then told the youngest, “She is going to help me with my English.”

MyungSoo added helpfully, “She was born in the states…she must be very good at English.”

The other members laughed, but WooHyun didn’t as he asked, “Do we all get the night off?”

The manger answered, “I don’t think so.”

“But how is that fair? I don’t remember getting a night off for my birthday. MyungSoo and Hoya do you two remember getting a night off for yours?” WooHyun asked.

“WooHyun, don’t,” DongWoo warned.

WooHyun replied to DongWoo but his eyes were fixed on SungGyu, “Oh, I forgot; hyung is special.”


“I think they are fucking,” Hoya whispered into DongWoo’s ear, causing the other man to almost choke on the water he was guzzling.

“What!” DongWoo exclaimed while coughing. All the members of Infinite and a few other groups were on stage after finishing a summer concert in Seoul. It was a hot afternoon.

Hoya took the bottle of water from DongWoo and gestured in the direction of SungYeol and WooHyun who were at the opposite end of the stage posing for the fans, away from the rest of the group. They both had their arms wrapped around each other.

“That’s just fan service,” DongWoo insisted, grabbing Hoya around the waist. “See, we are doing it too, now. It doesn’t mean anything.”

The lead dancer leaned in and whispered in DongWoo’s ears causing a group of fans in the audience to scream. “I know what fan service is and I know what skin ship is, but I still think they are fucking.”

DongWoo wiggled as if the mere thought made his skin crawl. “But why…why do you think this?”

“They are too close lately.”

“That is because…because...WooHyun can’t be around SungGyu,” DongWoo replied, while casting a quick glance at MyungSoo, who stood beside him on stage, but as usual MyungSoo wasn’t paying attention. SungJong stood on the other side of MyungSoo and SungGyu stood next to the maknae.

Hoya scoffed. “WooHyun doesn’t want to be around him and SungYeol is not SungGyu. I am pretty damn sure SungYeol swings whichever way the breeze is blowing.”

DongWoo cringed. He and Hoya had had many talks about the sexuality of their group members, and they had always labeled SungYeol bisexual. He, Hoya, MyungSoo, and SungGyu were self-proclaimed straight men, WooHyun was gay, but SungJong and SungYeol were the big question marks in the group. SungJong would not discuss his sexuality, and SungYeol had openly admitted to being confused in the past. “They room together a lot when we are away traveling,” DongWoo conceded.

“They sure do.”

DongWoo, whose happy mood from earlier had vanished, groaned, “This is a disaster.”

“It’s totally unfair.”

DongWoo wrapped his arm tighter around Hoya and questioned, “Unfair?”

“They get to have sex whenever they want,” Hoya clarified. “We can’t even have girls in the dorm.”

The lead rapper let go of Hoya and quickly elbowed him in the gut. “That isn’t why it’s a disaster. SungYeol is way too…too fragile of a person to be playing around with WooHyun; he will get hurt.”

Hoya smirked. “His ass might.”

“You are jerk…and yuck!”

“So do you think I am right?”

DongWoo’s eyes gazed back at the two men, and he winced when he saw the way SungYeol was looking at WooHyun. “This is a disaster.”

“What is a disaster?” SungGyu asked as he walked up to them with SungJong. The boys quickly repositioned themselves with SungJong standing next to Hoya, and SungGyu next to him

“I think—”

Hoya was interrupted quickly by DongWoo, who blurted out, “This heat is killing me.”

SungGyu’s eyes filled instantly with suspicion. “DongWoo, you are worst liar in the world. What is going on?”

“I will tell you later,” DongWoo promised. “It’s nothing that can’t wait.”

SungJong leaned his head against SungGyu and whined, “Can we go?”

“As soon as they fix their little technical error we will film the ending and then we can be gone like the wind,” SungGyu answered. “I have to be on the High Society set in less than an hour.”

“Boo Hoo,” Hoya said, unsympathetically. “Sucks to be popular.”

The leader resisted the urge to glare at the dancer as he wiped his forehead. “It’s April; why is it so hot? I feel like I have a fever.”

“It’s really hot and this hat does not help,” SungJong complained. “I don’t know how birds survive.”

MyungSoo stirred from his daze and looked at the mankae’s hat and stated, “I thought feathers would be cool?”

SungJong nodded his head, agreeing, “Me too.”

“Here comes trouble,” SungGyu warned, while keeping a completely straight face as the members of Allure walked up to stand beside them on stage.

“Ji-Woo, you’re looking mighty fine lately,” Hoya told the main vocalist of the group as she came to stand beside SungGyu. “When are you going to let me show you a good time?”

The brunette just smiled out at the crowd as she replied to Hoya, careful not to make eye contact. “Not interested, Hoya. How many times am I going to have to tell you this before it sticks? Ten? Fifty? Hundred?”

The other members of Infinite couldn’t help but snicker but Hoya quickly told her, “That’s okay…there are many more fish in the sea and not all of them are as scaly as you.”

Ji-Woo just fluffed her hair, ignoring the insult.

The far fairer girl next to Ji-Woo said loudly, “Why don’t you ever mingle with other groups? You haven’t any friends.”

SungGyu frowned, fighting the urge to look in the girl’s direction. “Brandy, I have friends.”

Brandy, the girl next to Ji-Woo, turned as if she was talking to her group mate and insisted, “You don’t. You are friends with your members and that is it. You should socialize.”

“I don’t like people,” SungGyu told her.

“You like your members.”

“They are the rare exception,” SungGyu agreed, but added, “And I only like them some of the time.”

SungJong puffed out his cheeks to pout.

Brandy, who appeared to be in a deep discussion with Ji-Woo, reminded him, “You like me.”

“When you are not bitching at me.”

“You need more friends outside of Infinite…you all do. Connections are important.”

“Can you please lead your own group and leave mine alone.”

“If I didn’t care about Infinite I wouldn’t worry.”

“Thanks, your concern is duly noted.”

“Other people think you are getting big heads.”

SungGyu grimaced and turned toward SungJong but addressed Brandy, “We are not.”

“You are too isolated. You need to make more friends, be a good example for your members.”

“My group is full of distinctive personalities and we enjoy being in the company of each other. We are friends in real life and not just for the cameras. So forgive us if we actually like hanging out with each other.”

Hoya, who had also taken offence, grabbed SungJong and turned the young man to face him while his words were directed at Brandy, “We are not getting big heads. We just say what we think. Everything we think and say isn’t controlled by our company. We are the real thing and someday everybody is going to know it. If we don’t socialize with others it is because we have high standards and don’t enjoy the company of puppets.”

SungGyu gently pushed SungJong aside till he was facing Hoya. “You’re being arrogant again.”

“It’s the truth,” Hoya insisted. “Okay, maybe I am arrogant…a bit, but we just like hanging out with each other. We are a team.”

“Then what about WooHyun and SungYeol?” Brandy asked. “They can’t get away from you guys fast enough. WooHyun is with SHINee as we speak and SungYeol is practically an honorary member of Teen Top.”

SungGyu turned back around to face the crowd before he answered her, “They do the socializing for us.”

She grinned and continued, “I thought you were real friends and loved hanging out with each other.”

Before SungGyu could answer Hoya snapped, “The five of us do. SHINee and Teen Top can have SungYeol and WooHyun if they want them.”

SungGyu swung his head around quickly seeing if anybody but Allure or Infinite had heard Hoya’s statement. “He means they can have them to socialize with.”

“Yes,” SungJong quickly agreed. “WooHyun is a social butterfly.”

Ji-Woo, who was standing between Brandy and SungGyu, smirked and asked, “And what is SungYeol other than tall?”

“He’s an actor,” SungGyu barked, detecting something slightly cruel in Ji-Woo’s voice. “Plus he’s tall, handsome, and smart. We are now tabling this discussion.”

“Oh, I like it when you put on your leader pants,” Brandy whispered under her breath. “Promise to wear them this weekend.”

Before SungGyu could respond the MC for the concert reappeared on stage, announcing that the cameras were back in working order and for everyone to take their positions.


Later that evening SungGyu walked into the dorm holding his right side.

SungJong jumped up from the couch, where he had been sitting with MyungSoo and Hoya, and announced, “Hyung, we saved you some food. Mom made some Greek food and it was so good.”

“I’m not hungry,” SungGyu told the maknae.

WooHyun, who was sitting in front of their large screen television, spoke up, “I am sure he already ate with his hoobaes…why bother with us little people.”

SungGyu bit his bottom lip and tried not to lose his cool. The urge to slap WooHyun’s face was getting more and more tempting. He ignored WooHyun and told them all, “I am going to bed. Goodnight.”

MyungSoo, who was watching SungGyu with concern, asked, “Hyung, do you feel all right?”

“I am fine,” SungGyu assured him.

“You look sick,” MyungSoo stated, not believing his leader, but SungGyu was already walking towards their bedroom.

“I’d be sick too if I had deal with WooDickHyun,” Hoya grumbled under his breath.

WooHyun ignored Hoya as he pondered MyungSoo’s words. “He did look pale.”

SungYeol, who was sitting on the floor beside WooHyun, turned to give him a sharp look. He was startled by the other man’s observation.

“Probably petrified at the thought of having to come home and deal with you,” Hoya persisted, determined to piss WooHyun off.

“Really, you think I give him that much trouble?” WooHyun asked, turning to face Hoya with a big grin on his face. “You are just saying that to be nice to me.”


“You are in so much trouble,” SungYeol said sadly as he sat down on the couch beside WooHyun.

WooHyun, who was sitting in a conference room at their company headquarters hiding from an angry manager, told his friend, “You should be anywhere but here with me.”

“Why do you keep acting so irresponsibly?”

“I can’t stop…I try but I can’t stop myself.”

“Bullshit,” SungYeol said dismissively. “You know what you are doing and still you do it. You do it for the reaction you get from SungGyu.”

WooHyun leaned back against the sofa. “I shouldn’t have included you though…I should have never said anything to you.”

“You didn’t,” SungYeol reminded the older man. “I still don’t know why you hate him so much.”

“I don’t hate him.”

“Please, you hate him with every fiber of your being.”

WooHyun closed his eyes.

“But why do you hate him is what I keep asking myself. He was your best friend one day and the next you couldn’t stand him,” SungYeol continued. “It’s more than him having a solo album and so many solo gigs. I will admit I was really jealous at times, but with you—with you I refuse to believe it is merely jealousy.”

“Why do you refuse to believe it’s jealousy?” WooHyun asked curiously. “Everyone else thinks I am jealous.”

SungYeol turned to look at the other man and shook his head in disappointment. “Because…because that would be so petty and such a waste of what was once a great friendship.”

WooHyun opened his eyes and straightened up. “I have a better voice, why wouldn’t I be angry he got the solo album? All I got was a shitty duet. It wasn’t fair. If that’s being petty, then I guess I am petty.”

“No, no; it is something else.”

“You give me too much credit.”

SungYeol reached out and squeezed WooHyun’s knee and said softly, “No, I don’t.”

“You do.”

“No,” SungYeol insisted.


SungYeol’s hand slid up WooHyun’s inner thigh. “You are amazing…this person you are playing at being—this isn’t the real you.”

WooHyun reached out and took SungYeol’s hand and removed it from his thigh. “Don’t.”

SungYeol pulled his hand free. “Nobody can see us.”


The taller man attempted to slide his hand down WooHyun’s pants and huskily said, “It’d be nice, so nice”

WooHyun yanked SungYeol’s hand away from him and stated firmly, “Skin ship with you is something I only play at when there is a captive audience of fans. I might stroke your ego and let you stroke mine, but that is all the stroking I am interested in, understand?”

SungYeol jumped up off the sofa, unable to hide his embarrassment. “I didn’t mean…”

“Good,” WooHyun told him. “Now scurry off and play with the good boys. Leave me alone to be the star of my own pity party.”

“You’re such an ass,” SungYeol hissed and turned around, immediately coming face to face with SungGyu and their manager Geonam.

“Leave, SungYeol,” the manager ordered. SungYeol was happy to obey, leaving WooHyun alone with the unhappy looking manager and SungGyu.

WooHyun looked up at the irritated manager. “Am I in trouble?”

Manager Geonam sat down on the sofa beside WooHyun and asked in a carefully controlled voice, “Explain to me…why you said nothing in the last two interviews. Not one word in either of them.”

“I just didn’t know what to say,” WooHyun said with a shrug and then looked away from the manager to look up challengingly at SungGyu. “I didn’t want to come across as stupid.”

“What?” The manager responded, shocked. “WooHyun, you are good at interviews. That is why you are supposed to talk during interviews…it is understood that you, Hoya, and SungGyu will answer the majority of the questions.”

“Like I said, I didn’t want to come across as stupid.”

The manager followed WooHyun’s gaze to SungGyu, who was still standing. “What the hell is he talking about?”

“He is throwing a little hissy fit because I corrected him in an interview recently,” SungGyu stated confidently, knowing exactly why WooHyun was acting the way he was. “He thought Brazil was in North America.”

WooHyun smirked. “I thought I would just stay quiet during interviews from now on, so not to embarrass the group.”

The manager looked back and forth between the boys. “But you didn’t just shut up…you looked like you were pissed off at the world. You need to get your act together.”

“I was just thinking of the group. I didn’t want Infinite to appear stupid because of me,” WooHyun replied.

“You shouldn’t worry about that, because when you say stupid shit like that you are the only one coming off as ignorant. I won’t let the likes of you hurt Infinite’s image; don’t you worry,” SungGyu snapped, unable to control his building rage.

WooHyun stood up. “Well, I am a part of Infinite.”

“You are stupid prick, that’s what you are!” SungGyu blurted out, his voice rising in pitch.

“Well you are conceited, egotistical asshole,” WooHyun shot back at the leader. “What do you have to say to that?”

SungGyu clenched his fists but kept them lowered. He struggled against the urge to keep fighting with the other man. “Not a thing, talking to you is a waste of my time.”

WooHyun looked as if he had been slapped across the face. “I am a waste of your time?”

SungGyu turned and exited the room without saying another word.

An enraged WooHyun took off after him but was yanked back by the firm hand of the manager. The manager pulled him closer and warned, “Whatever is going on inside your head…fix it. You won’t like it if the CEO steps in and fixes it for you. You won’t like it one bit.”

WooHyun took a step back.

“Your issues with SungGyu were not affecting your performances before, so we let it slide, but now it’s visible and it’s becoming a nuisance.”

“Are you threatening me?”

The manager shook his head. “No, I am telling you to get your head on straight.”
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Re: Thanks for uploading the chapter.
I hope you do become addicted.:)

I really liked your comment. It's the really helpful kind...it lets me know what is going on in your mind after reading.

I am glad you like Hoya, that's what my friend usually says after reading a chapter. Hoya is no saint, but he's got a different kind of personality.

Thank you for commenting!
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Somewhere I read an interview where they said there was a manager they called mom........................after seeing many clips with this short haired lady helping them. I think I got it really wrong. lol Oh, well.

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Anyways, get good rest, and keep on presenting us with such wonderful updates. Thank you for the update soooooo much^^

I try to always keep my mind open while reading. I like to think that some people read my stories thinking--he's her bias, and then they read another one and think, no the other guy's her bias. lol

Thank you so much for commenting!
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Good, don't hate him.

I promise eventually we will get slammed in the head with his point of view.

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WooHyun's reasons will become known...but they might sound crazy. Yep, that manager is my favorite. lol

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I'm not quite sure how I feel about Woohyun's behavior. I'm sure he has a good reason - but it is very obnoxious. And Sungyeol... I was feeling bad for him, right up until he started making moves on Woohyun - at which point all emotions of pity disappeared.

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WooHyun is being very obnoxious, he's trying to be and he is exceeding.

I loved that your feeling of pity for SungYeol disappeared/just warning you they might return.

In most of my stories SungYeol gets a lot of love---but I never make him a real boy. I just make him the funny, wise, voice of reason. He gets to be a real boy in this.

I can't say when I will update, but it probably won't be too long of wait.

You will survive. I am so glad you like it! Thank so much for your comment!

It's so intense between Woohyun and Sunggyu..!!

You made Woohyun as gay and Sunggyu as self-proclaimed straight, while in Bed of Rose Sunggyu was the gay.. Do you change your opinion about them?

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Thanks for updating
Intense is a good description for it.:)

I kinda like to switch up my characterization. For example my Jaejoong in FE and the Prince of Joong in Expectations are totally different.

I hope you like what is coming.

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Sunggyu flirting with Brandy LOL I was amused at that scene actually LOL

Anyway, so Woohyun's bad attitude started when Gyu had a solo album? He and the others point out it's because he is jealous but I believe in Sungyeol when he sad it is something else. Maybe deeper and stronger than jealousy but Woohyun is still in denial? I'm blabbering, I'm sorry :))

And they have a mom! Lol how wonderful and amusing lol

Excited for the next chapter! Will it be about Gyu's another party? Haha sorry, I'm just really excited for the whole story! \(^o^)/

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SungGyu woke up with an attitude; door slamming bad boy. lol

Yeah, another liker of Hoya! I won't lie I think Hoya can be kinda of an ass--that's why I like him. I had to have someone with a little bite.

In real life I see HoYa as being closer to SungGyu...and I could totally see HoYa and WooHyun arguing.

My poor gray-headed DongWoo in this story. The boys are stressing him out! DW is a lot deeper than he appears--he wants to be fun loving, but they just won't let him.

I tried to make it clear in the last part that WooHyun was not interested in SY(sexually), and he wasn't going to have any of it....but SY does seem determined doesn't he?

You will have to wait and see what Ch 2 holds. lol

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Happy it made you squealed!

This story is very different then BOR. I like to change it. I really tried to take what I saw in their real personalities and translate it into this story---we will see. SungGyu is so complicated though...he is either stoic leader or whiny nag. The man is complicated.

I hope the updates continue to make you cheerful!

Thank you!