Sweet Deception, Chapter Two

Title: Sweet Deception, Chapter Two
Author: Aquariuslover
Pairings: None at this time, SungGyu/WooHyun focus.
Rating: R
Genre: Angst
Length: Chaptered
Beta: tahoeturquoise

Summary: For years a fire has been smoldering deep inside of WooHyun, and now it is burning out of control and wrecking havoc on the group. A danger is looming over SungGyu, but will he pay it heed before it claims his life? Can an ominous deal be brokered in time to save Infinite?

Author’s Note: Thanks to everybody who gives this story a chance!

Chapter Listing

A nudge to his left shoulder awoke SungGyu from a restless, miserable sleep. He opened his sleep-filled eyes to find DongWoo sitting next to him and not MyungSoo. He frowned; SungGyu never willingly sat next to DongWoo on a plane. The other man’s limitless energy always wore him out.

“You have to do something,” DongWoo said in a serious voice.

SungGyu, who felt sick to his stomach, groaned knowing exactly what the other man was referring to. He knew the other man was worried. DongWoo’s naturally playful side had been strangely absent of late. “What do you suggest I do?”

“Something, anything…you haven’t done anything so far.”

SungGyu bit his bottom lip, not responding. It was true he hadn’t done anything to fix the situation, except lose his temper a few times—which hadn’t helped.

“You didn’t do anything. Your best friend suddenly couldn’t stand you and you didn’t do anything about it.”

“So it’s my fault?”

“Is it?”

“Honestly, I don’t know. If I did something to piss him off—which hey, is pretty likely, he never gave me any clue. Normally if I did or said anything to make him mad, he’d let me know…he’d let me know real fast.”

DongWoo leaned in and whispered, “Did you say something homophobic?”

SungGyu resisted the urge to elbow the other man. “No…well, nothing more than usual…nothing that we all don’t say. Honestly, I was used to him being gay. It wasn’t like he was trying to hide it.”

“No, he wasn’t.”

“We have all known he was gay for years, and I think we handled it surprisingly well.”

“Me too,” DongWoo agreed. “Plus you were his roommate.”

“For years, so it isn’t like I am some homophobic person. I really didn’t care that he was gay.”

“He didn’t confide something to you…”

“And what?”

“And you blew it off like a thoughtless jerk because it didn’t directly affect you.”

SungGyu side-eyed the other man. “Are you saying that I’m insensitive?”

“You can be.”

“Well, I wasn’t…or I wasn’t really that insensitive. WooHyun knows me better than anybody…when I am like that he doesn’t get offended; he just laughs at me.”

“What if he was telling you about heartbreak or something? Was he in a relationship with somebody and it ended badly? He didn’t mention anything serious to me…did he confide in you?”

“I don’t think so,” SungGyu answered. “The only serious relationship he was in was with Key and that didn’t last long, but they remained friends. WooHyun never cried himself to sleep over anyone if that is what you are asking.”

DongWoo frowned. “He and Key were over a long time ago.”

“It isn’t like I was prying,” SungGyu said, cringing. “I don’t mind that he is gay, but it wasn’t like I was asking for details.”

“I wonder…”

“You wonder what?”

DongWoo pointed in the direction of their tallest member, who was sleeping in the seat across from them. “I am pretty sure SungYeol is pissed with him.”

“Yeah, something happened yesterday,” SungGyu confirmed.

“Do you think they are having sex with each other?” DongWoo whispered. “Hoya thinks they are.”

SungGyu scrunched up his face in instant dislike. “He does?”

“He does; that’s what we were talking about at the concert. What I promised to tell you later.”

“You were talking about it at a concert. Way to be discreet,” SungGyu said in a scolding tone. “Not exactly your brightest moment.”

“Hey, he brought it up…I was just shocked.”

“I suppose so.”

“So do you think they are lovers?”

“I just…I don’t think so.”

“I don’t either, but Hoya makes a pretty convincing case for it.”

“That would not end well…if it were true.”

“No, it wouldn’t—it would be very bad.”

“Members should not have—this is a very bad idea.”

“Those two especially.”

“SungYeol is so…so needy,” SungGyu observed. “This can only end badly.”

“Yes, he is needy—and WooHyun; well, WooHyun isn’t ever going to need SungYeol,” DongWoo stated.

“Unless they are planning a prank,” SungGyu couldn’t help but suggesting. “Please let them be pranking us. They do love to prank us.”

“They are not pranking us.”

“It would be funny.”

DongWoo frowned. “This is not funny! SungYeol is going to end up hurt…he…he can’t keep WooHyun’s attention. You and I both know it. You have to do something about this.”

SungGyu hunkered down in his seat and whined, “I don’t agree…SungYeol is very attractive…he’s tall…maybe he is WooHyun’s type.”

“You know he isn’t!”

“I do not know that! I am not an expert on WooHyun’s type…he hates me; what do I know?”

“He has only recently started to hate you.”

“Well, in the past SungYeol wasn’t his type—maybe he is now. Maybe his type changed. I used to be the type to be his best friend, but that changed. So maybe his lover type changed too.”



“You are the leader; you need to do something, so quit making up excuses,” DongWoo declared, letting his frustration show. “You are strong; you can handle WooHyun hurting your feelings…but SungYeol…SungYeol—”

“He’ll start losing his hair again.”


“We can’t have him going bald again.”

“So are you going to do something?”

“Why can’t you do something?”

“You are the leader.”

“You be the leader today; keep this serious face on and try not to bounce when you walk. You will do a great job,” SungGyu told the second oldest member. “WooHyun loves you, he hates me.”

“You know I can’t be serious around WooHyun. He would just distract me and then I would start playing with him and forget what I was going say.”

“True,” SungGyu said, nodding his head. “You have the attention span of a gold fish.”

“So you are going to talk to him?”

“Him who?”


“No,” SungGyu blurted out. “He hates me…we fought yesterday—in front of Geonam Hyung. I feel like shit and every time he mouths off at me I want to punch him and you know I am not a puncher…I am more of a slapper.”

“You just like to swing, but you never make contact.”

“I know…you guys don’t even flinch, now.”

“You’re a softy.”

“I can’t talk to WooHyun—did I mention I feel terrible?”

“You do look like shit,” DongWoo observed. “Are you sleeping at all?”

“I was trying to sleep before you woke me up.”

“Agree to talk to WooHyun and I will let you sleep,” DongWoo promised.

“I probably can’t now, I feel like I need to puke.”

“It’s stress, because you won’t resolve these issues with WooHyun,” DongWoo said, trying to sound wise.

SungGyu stuck his tongue out at DongWoo and told him, “No, I am not talking to him…but I will talk to SungYeol.”


“I am being intelligent. I can just see the Japanese headlines, Infinite Main Vocals Brawling at Hotel.”

DongWoo sighed and admitted, “You might have a point.”

“Thank you!”


“He was doubled over in pain…I thought he was going to die,” a frightened SungYeol described as he hurried back into the hotel room he was sharing with SungGyu with the concerned manager.

SungGyu, who was sitting on the bed, held up his left hand. “No, I am fine now.”

Manager Hyoan asked, “What was wrong?”

“My stomach has been bothering me for days, but then all of a sudden it just got worse. I didn’t think I could stand it. It was a really sharp pain…” SungGyu paused, shrugging. “It felt like it exploded with pain and then it was better.”

“Are you sure you feel alright?” The manager questioned, skeptically.

“I’m just a little sick to my stomach but nothing unbearable.”

“He hasn’t been eating,” SungYeol interjected.

SungGyu shot SungYeol a warning glance and reasoned, “I haven’t been hungry, because I’ve been puking at the drop of a hat. I feel better now.”

“He’s also been pale,” SungYeol offered, remembering WooHyun’s observation from a couple nights ago.

“When do I get to go outside?” SungGyu asked them. “I am either on a plane, performing with Infinite, or filming….the only time I’m outside is when I’m walking from a vehicle into a studio.”

“True,” the manager conceded. “But maybe we should take you to the hospital to get you checked out just in case. It could just be a stomach virus.”

“No,” SungGyu told the manager in a firm voice. “Absolutely not, they will just say I am exhausted and every tabloid will hint it was drugs or something else nefarious. If I am going to have rumors spread about me, then dammit I am going to do something worthy of them. I am fine.”

The manager nodded his head in agreement knowing SungGyu spoke the truth, rumors would spread quickly. “SungYeol, if he looks like he is in pain or if he just seems worse, let me know.”

SungGyu snorted dismissively. “I will let you know. Believe me, I am no martyr. I don’t enjoy being sick and I sure don’t like to hurt.”

“Good,” the manager replied before shutting the door behind him as he exited the room.

As soon as the manager was gone, SungGyu turned his attention on the other man in the room. “That has to be a first.”


“The first time a member tried to get me sent to the hospital so they wouldn’t have to talk to me.”

“You really were hurting,” SungYeol said in his defense. “I thought you were going to pass out.”

The leader arched an eyebrow and carefully got out of his bed. “So does this mean you want to talk to me?”

SungYeol shook his head. “No.”

“Too bad.”

“I am really, really tired,” SungYeol declared with a yawn and covered up with the blankets. “I think I will go to bed. You should go to bed, too. You will feel better.”


“You should rest, Hyung,” SungYeol said, trying his best to sound respectful and considerate. “You do so much more than the rest of us, you should sleep. I know how much you love your sleep; enjoy a nice long rest. You deserve it.”

SungGyu looked down at his tempting bed, but DongWoo’s voice rang in his subconscious coaxing him to talk to the other man. He fought hard against his desire to sleep, and went over to the younger man’s bed and sat down. He winced a little, noticing his abdominal pain wasn’t completely gone but still he felt a lot better. “I am going to ask you something and I want you to be honest with me.”

SungYeol buried his head in his pillow.

“First off, I am not accusing you of anything.”

SungYeol whimpered, knowing he was not going to like the next words out of the leader’s mouth.

“Are you and WooHyun having sex?”

SungYeol jumped out of bed, causing the bed to shake and causing SungGyu to hold his stomach. “No! No! No! Why would you think that? Of course we aren’t!”

Instead of believing SungYeol’s loud protests, SungGyu found that he was more suspicious than before. “Are you sure?”

“I think I would know if I was having sex with someone.”

SungGyu watched the taller man as he paced the room nervously, his face red. “There is no need to be embarrassed. I didn’t ask you this to embarrass you. I was just worried about you…DongWoo was worried about you.”


“Yeah, he is the one that asked me to ask you, he was concerned.”

“Does DongWoo think I’m having sex with WooHyun?”

SungGyu cautiously clarified, “I believe it was Hoya, who initially brought it up to DongWoo.”

A horrified SungYeol gasped, “Does everybody thinks I’m having sex with WooHyun?”

“Not everybody,” SungGyu denied. “I don’t think you are…but I am not at my best lately, and I can’t afford to let this go unaddressed—I have done that too much lately. I don’t want you to get hurt.”

SungYeol sat back down on the bed. “You don’t want me to get hurt.”


“Do you think if I have sex with WooHyun I will get hurt?”


“Because we are two guys?”

SungGyu shook his head. “No, you know I don’t care about that kind of thing…but you do work together, and I am pretty sure it would end badly.”

The younger member nodded his head.

“I am worried about you…I don’t want you to be hurt,” SungGyu reinforced.

SungYeol confessed, “Hyung, when you ordered that we were going to room together…I thought you were going to scold me.”

“Scold you?”

“For being WooHyun’s friend…the other morning when you slammed my door, I was scared you were angry with me.”

“I was really angry that morning, but mainly at WooHyun and myself.”

“Why were you mad at yourself?”

“For letting things between me and WooHyun get to this point…this point of no return.”

SungYeol studied SungGyu intently and asked, “Why did you let it get this bad?”

“It was like one day he was the best friend I ever had and the next day everything I did pissed him off…it was just…just too crazy to believe. I thought at first if I ignored it—it would get better, but it didn’t…and then he started to really piss me off and I was too hurt and angry to want to fix it,” SungGyu said, answering SungYeol honestly.

“Do you not know what you did?”


“To make him so angry.”


“I do.”

SungGyu eyes widened and he eagerly asked the question that had consumed him for months, “What did I do?”

“I just know what he told me. He told me it was because you got a solo album when he thinks he is the better vocal,” SungYeol admitted and then quickly added, “But I don’t think he is! You have way better control.”

“He is the better vocal,” SungGyu stated with ease. “His voice is beautiful in ways that mine never will be.”

“You say that so easily…even after everything he has done.”

“It’s the truth.”

Suddenly SungYeol felt terribly guilty. “I’m sorry.”

“What for?”

“For being such a bad dongsaeng to you; you sometimes are a terrible nag, you’re sexist, you’re rude, you boss us all the time, and push us so hard—but you’re also honest and you care for us, and you make us better than we normally would be.”

SungGyu looked away from SungYeol feeling embarrassed and stated firmly, “I think we are drifting away from the topic.”

“I am not having sex with him, I promise.”

“And…” SungGyu prompted, sensing more.

“I think I’d like to though.”

“You do?”

“Yeah…You know I’m bisexual.”

“I suspected.”

“At first WooHyun and I were cooped up in the dorm all the time while you and Hoya and DongWoo were out doing your activities. He was so angry and I was the only one that would listen to him vent…because I was unhappy too. MyungSoo was usually busy, and SungJong had no use for our complaining. We got closer…and it was like we bonded in our unhappiness. He wanted to destroy the WooGyu ship…because he didn’t want to be paired with you anymore…he hated that fans like the two of you together. So we started doing more fan service with each other, and I agreed because the more couple fans the better. You know couple fans are really loyal.”

SungGyu nodded his head. “Plus, they buy great gifts.”

“Yep, and then…I just couldn’t stop touching him…at first it was just for the cameras, and then I couldn’t stop. He’s not soft like us.”

SungGyu frowned. “I am not soft.”

“You’re not hard like him. There is something about WooHyun that is very hard. He tries to act soft…but he’s not.”

“He’s not that hard.”

“He is,” SungYeol insisted. “He is muscular, athletic and he’s good at everything he does. Like you said with the singing…everything is like that with him. I just got where I couldn’t stop thinking about him.”

“He never encouraged you…did he?”

SungYeol shook his head. “No, never…it was only for show with him…an act. The attraction wasn’t mutual. He tried letting me down gently, but I just kept on. Yesterday he made it very clear he wasn’t interested in me.”

“It’s for the best,” SungGyu told the younger man.

“I don’t think so. I feel really close to him at times…like I’m his only friend. I really want to have sex with a man…to experience it. WooHyun would have been perfect for me. He has just as much reason as me to never tell anyone, so it would have been safe for the group. Nobody would have gotten hurt.”

“But you would have…like you said, it wasn’t mutual.”

SungYeol shrugged. “He has experience…I just think it would have been nice.”

SungGyu fought the urge to get up and go the bathroom, his stomach was churning again, but he didn’t want SungYeol to think the talk was making him uncomfortable. “Your heart would have been hurt…I know what it is like to be the center of WooHyun’s world. I have felt that bright smile on me…and I can understand how someone who was inclined in that direction could get in over their head really fast. I am just really glad he didn’t lead you on.”

“He didn’t,” SungYeol confirmed; his mood darkening as he started to realize something. “Hyung, I never felt the bright smile that—” SungYeol stopped as he watched SungGyu get off the bed and rush to the bathroom. The younger member cringed as the sound of vomiting filled the hotel room.


The next morning while all the members were at breakfast DongWoo’s took SungGyu by the hand and told the managers, “We have to go take a
wee-wee; we will be right back.”

“Wee-wee,” the Japanese manager repeated, questioningly.

Manager Hyoan waved a hand dismissively and told the other man, “Don’t ask.”

SungGyu kept quiet and followed DongWoo’s lead.

“I need to go to the bathroom, too,” Hoya said, standing up.

“You can go when we get back,” SungGyu quickly told the lead dancer. “This is mommy and daddy time.”

Hoya frowned but sat back down.

SungGyu knew what DongWoo was about to drill him about, and he didn’t want it getting spread past the two of them. There was too much animosity between Hoya and WooHyun at the moment, and even if it was due in part because of Hoya’s sense of loyalty towards him…SungGyu still did not want to encourage it.

DongWoo pushed the bathroom door open and checked the stalls to confirm they were empty. He then turned back to SungGyu and asked, “So?”

“They aren’t.”

“They aren’t,” DongWoo repeated.

“Nope, but the one that would be hurt…wants to,” SungGyu replied, very mindful not to mention anyone by name.

“He does?”


DongWoo leaned against the sink and asked, “The one that would not be hurt isn’t interested?”

“No, it’s just one sided.”

“Was there talk of love?”

SungGyu shook his head. “No, it is more curiosity than anything else.”

“Are you sure?”

The leader pondered the other man’s words. “I want it to be true…and the one that would be hurt sounded convincing, but lying is a strength of his. When he explained why he was curious I had the urge to hide my head under the covers.”

DongWoo cringed. “I don’t want to know.”

“I’m not telling.”

“I’m relieved…I won’t lie.”

“Why are you relieved?”

DongWoo looked at SungGyu like he had lost his mind. “Because…they are not having…you know what.”

“If the one that won’t get hurt…hears about it…he will do it to spite me.”

DongWoo moaned. “I didn’t think about that.”

“Nope, and I was feeling too shitty to think about it, till it was too late,” the leader told him. “Hopefully, the one that would get hurt is too embarrassed to mention it.”

“Please, please, please let him be embarrassed,” DongWoo chanted. “Please, Please, Please.”

“Begging?” WooHyun asked cockily as he walked into the bathroom. “Did I intrude on something?”

“No,” SungGyu said dismissively as he brushed past the other lead vocalist to exit the bathroom.

DongWoo let out a nervous giggle, and blabbered, “I am starved.”

WooHyun didn’t bother to hide his suspicion as he watched DongWoo hurry after SungGyu.


SungYeol had done a masterful job of avoiding WooHyun while in Japan. He mentally patted himself on the back, knowing it was driving the other man crazy. He had also managed to avoid him on returning to South Korea.

Infinite was currently at M Countdown doing their goodbye stage for ‘Man in Love’ and he had continued to evade WooHyun…until he had gotten a message that Neil wanted to talk to him. SungYeol had been so eager to talk to the other idol he had left the safety of the other members to go find him. Unfortunately for him that’s when WooHyun cornered him.

He reluctantly allowed the shorter man to drag him into an empty supply room. WooHyun might be smaller than him, but SungYeol knew he was much stronger. The door was barely shut when WooHyun demanded, “What did you two talk about?”

“Who?” SungYeol asked, trying to sound innocent.

“Don’t act like you don’t know who I am talking about.”

SungYeol shrugged. “I talk to a lot of people. You are going to need to be more specific.”


“I talk to SungGyu all the time. I was just talking to him not five minutes ago.”


“Like I said, you are going to need to be more specific.”

WooHyun clenched his fist and stated in a clipped voice, “When you and SungGyu shared a room in Japan what did you two talk about?”

“Nothing much,” SungYeol lied.

“You are starting to piss me off!”

“Why? Nothing important was said.”

“You are lying; what did he say about me?”

“You,” SungYeol snorted. “Why would he talk about you? You aren’t the center of his universe, you know.”

WooHyun realized anger was getting him nowhere so he stepped closer, reached out his hand and gently took SungYeol’s. “Tell me.”

SungYeol, who was too smart to fall for WooHyun’s games, jerked his hand away. “So now you want to touch me.”

The shorter man guilty looked down at his feet, avoiding SungYeol’s accusing gaze and begged, “Just tell me.”

The taller man felt unreasonably angry. “We talked! SungGyu and I talked!”

“Did you talk about me?” WooHyun asked, looking up from the floor to meet SungYeol’s eyes.

SungYeol felt that if he confirmed that they had indeed talked about the other man…he would be giving WooHyun something valuable and he wasn’t feeling generous towards him. “No, you never came up.”

WooHyun took a step back. “I didn’t—I mean I thought you might be getting a hard time for being my friend.”

“We all used to be friends, until you decided to be a perpetual ass.”

“I know,” WooHyun admitted, turning around to face the door. “I hate what I am doing to the group. I know I’m a jerk…I just thought…never mind what I thought.”

“Do feel anything besides anger anymore?”

WooHyun rested his head against the door. “I feel too much, but I try really hard to only feel anger.”

Something sad in WooHyun’s voice had SungYeol stepping forward to rest a hand on WooHyun’s back. “You are tense.”

“I know,” WooHyun said in a shaky voice as if he was battling to remain in control of his warring emotions.

SungYeol placed both hands on the other man’s shoulders and started to massage him. “I could help you with this…I want to help you.”

“You can’t help me.”

“I could if you let me.”

“You can’t.”

“How can you be sure?”

“I tried…I tried with other people, and it just…you can’t help me.”

“Why? Because…because you don’t feel anything for me?”

“I feel friendship for you.”

“Friends…friends…I know you have had sex with friends before.”

WooHyun turned around and gently pushed SungYeol away. “Not with a member.”

SungYeol, who refused to be thwarted, suggested, “Members of the same group…have the same to lose. Maybe you should think about having sex with a member.”

The shorter man let out a loud, bitter laugh that rocked his whole body as if the younger’s man statement was the funniest thing he had ever heard.

“You know I am bigger than you,” SungYeol threatened, feeling hurt by the laughter.

“I am not laughing at you,” WooHyun stated, realizing the taller member had misinterpreted his laughter.

“Really; who else is in here?”

“Myself…I am laughing at myself.”

SungYeol sneered, charging toward the door. “No, you’re not. You are laughing at me! Poor, pitiful SungYeol! SungGyu was right! You’d only end up hurting me!”

Before SungYeol could open the door, WooHyun grabbed ahold of him and swung him back around away from the door with ease. “Did SungGyu say I would hurt you?”

“I am not going to tell you what he said,” SungYeol said defiantly.

“Oh, yes you are.”

“No, I’m not. You want to be angry at him and I am not gong to feed your anger.”

WooHyun took a step closer to the man and warned, “You are right…you are bigger than me, but you’re weak…so you better tell me now.”

“Are you threatening me?” A shocked SungYeol asked.

“What did he say?” WooHyun shouted.

So surprised by the other man’s rage, SungYeol just blurted out the truth, “He wanted to know if we were fucking.”

A look of disbelief appeared on WooHyun’s face. “Why would he think that?”

“Because…I want to fuck you! Gawd! That is why he would think that! I am not exactly subtle with my feelings! He warned me though, that it was just once sided and he said—”

“How does he know it is one sided?” WooHyun demanded, interrupting the other man.

“Because he isn’t stupid like me,” SungYeol offered, sarcastically. “He was just warning me that getting involved with you would be a colossal mistake and I have to agree.”

An enraged WooHyun took a step back toward the door. “How does he know…that I don’t like you? He’s warning you away from me; what if I liked you?”

The taller man shook his head. “You don’t.”

“How does he know that?”

“Because…he knows you!”

“The hell he does! He doesn’t know me at all! He never has!”

A confused SungYeol asked hopefully, “So are you saying…you do like me?”


“Then why are you so angry?”

“Because he has no right to say what I feel and what I don’t!”

“But he was right…”

“Fuck him,” WooHyun cursed, opening the door and storming out into the hall to look for SungGyu, forgetting completely about SungYeol.


The performance had been a disaster, and SungGyu was surprised he had managed to stay upright for it. As the music ended, he was ready to admit that he was sick, really sick. He was more than willing to be taken to the hospital. He knew something wasn’t right; something was very wrong. But before he had time to call for a manager a hand wrapped tightly around his wrist and forcefully dragged him off the stage.

Before he could react he found himself alone in the greenroom that was nearest the stage with a furious looking WooHyun. He watched in shock as WooHyun wedged the door shut with a chair, locking them in the room.

SungGyu, who was finding it a challenge to remain standing, tried to sound commanding, “What the hell do you think you are doing?”

WooHyun whirled around after making sure nobody could get the door open. “Great performance! I really must commend you on your phenomenally bad dancing. Remember when you used to make the younger members cry…when they were so tired they could barely stand upright and you didn’t care. You had no mercy on them; you just kept demanding that they live up to your impossible standards. I remember those times like they were yesterday. I would try to soothe everything over, when you were being an impossible hard-ass. I used to work so hard back then to be peacemaker and make them understand you were just being harsh so we could stand the heat once we debuted. Do you remember those times…when you didn’t dance like complete shit?”

SungGyu blinked, because he knew there was only one angry WooHyun in the room giving him hell and the fact that he was seeing two was worrisome.

“What, you don’t have anything to say in your defense? Why don’t you give me some excuse for that horrible dance performance? Are you too tired due to all your variety shows or are your perky little girlfriends keeping you up at night? Is that your excuse?”

SungGyu closed his eyes; the two WooHyuns had turned into three blurry ones.

“Do you still have nothing to say in your defense? Well, you had plenty to say to SungYeol didn’t you?”


“You told him that I was only going to end up hurting him! You said I didn’t care about him. How the hell would you know how I feel?”

SungGyu opened his eyes and focused on one of the WooHyuns. “You don’t…do you?”

“Look at me when you talk to me!” the younger man demanded. “Fucking look at me!”

“Wrong one,” SungGyu mumbled, shaking his head in an attempt to clear it. “I…was just…looking out for him—”

“What about me,” WooHyun cried out, grabbing a hold of SungGyu. “What about me!”

A startled SungGyu jumped; he had not noticed how close WooHyun had gotten.

WooHyun’s hands dug into the older man’s arms and the younger man stated harshly, “You don’t know anything about me. You never did!”

SungGyu’s head was swimming, but he wanted to focus on WooHyun’s words…he felt like it was very important that he listen. “Whaaat?”

“You of all people…wouldn’t know how I feel. You wouldn’t know if I liked SungYeol…or anybody! You wouldn’t know if I was so in love with somebody it was making me insane! You called me your best friend for years, but you never knew me! I was always beside you, but you never knew me.”

“I did…”

“No, you didn’t. You didn’t know me…I was right next to you bleeding my heart out all over you and you never noticed. You didn’t know I loved you so much it was destroying me. Killing me on the inside and turning me into a different person! A person I hated! You never knew!” WooHyun angrily spit out at the other man, all his anger and frustration unleashing itself.

SungGyu didn’t have time to respond before he felt WooHyun’s hands on his face, pulling him down toward him. To his astonishment he felt warm, hungry lips colliding against his own.

He lacked the energy to fight, to protest, or even to pull away. His world was spiraling out of control, his body refused to obey him, his mind was a fog, and his own thoughts danced around in his mind making no sense.

WooHyun broke the kiss and a hand was suddenly on his forehead. “You’re burning up.”

SungGyu swayed on his feet. WooHyun reached out, holding him with arms that were so much stronger than they appeared; preventing him from falling to the floor. SungYeol’s words about WooHyun being harder than them replayed in mind as he started to slip into unconsciousness.

A darkness SungGyu had never known before was pulling him under, but he struggled to keep his eyes open. He gasped when he looked up into WooHyun’s concerned eyes…because he finally understood…he knew why the other man hated him…because he didn’t hate him at all…WooHyun loved him.
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