Sweet Deception, Chapter Three

Title: Sweet Deception
Author: Aquariuslover
Pairings: None at this time, SungGyu/WooHyun focus.
Rating: R
Genre: Angst
Length: Chaptered/Chapter Three

Summary: For years a fire has been smoldering deep inside of WooHyun, and now it is burning out of control and wrecking havoc on the group. A danger is looming over SungGyu, but will he pay it heed before it claims his life? Can an ominous deal be brokered in time to save Infinite?

Chapter List

“WooHyun, open the door!” DongWoo yelled as he banged on the door.

“SungGyu Hyung, please open the door,” SungJong pleaded from his position beside DongWoo.

Hoya pushed SungJong out of the way and slammed his body against the door, but it didn’t budge. “It’s jammed shut with something.”

“Why isn’t SungGyu letting us in?” a concerned MyungSoo asked.

“He looked sick to me,” SungJong answered. “I thought he was going to pass out during the performance.”

“He looked really bad. I kept hoping they would make us stop,” Hoya agreed. “I thought he was going to hit the floor a few times.”

An anxious SungYeol, who had been standing quietly in the background, told them, “I tried to get him to go to the hospital while we were in Japan, but he refused.”

“WooHyun!” DongWoo yelled again. “Open the door! We have to check on SungGyu! There is something wrong with him.”

“Maybe, if we all tried to break down the door together,” MyungSoo suggested.

SungYeol shook his head. “We can’t break down a door, look at us! We are lucky to get the lids off soda bottles.”

“Where is 2pm when you need a hunky man?” Key from SHINee asked as he walked up to the Infinite members.

SungJong nodded his head, agreeing with Key. “They could break down a door.”

DongWoo reached out an arm, grabbed Key, and dragged him to the door. “You are WooHyun’s best friend, see if you can get him to open the door.”

“I doubt it will work. He’s been a moody little monster lately. I don’t know how you guys stand him,” Key told DongWoo but did as he was asked. Key knocked on the door loudly and shouted, “I see the crazy has finally won out, WooHyun. You are creating a huge scene. You better not have done anything stupid!”

The door flung open.

A very surprised Key took a step back and stated, “I guess I am the voice of reason.”

A panicked WooHyun ran out of the green room yelling, “We need a doctor! We need an ambulance! We need a doctor…a doctor!”

“A doctor…” DongWoo repeated as he rushed into the green room and came to a sudden halt. SungGyu was lying on the floor, not moving.

“Hyung!” SungJong called out and dashed to SungGyu’s side, along with Hoya and MyungSoo.

“He isn’t breathing! I don’t think he is breathing,” MyungSoo cried out, kneeling at the fallen man’s side.

“He killed him,” Key said in disbelief as the show’s staff, Infinite’s manager and managers from other groups rushed into the room.

Hoya, who had his head pressed against SungGyu’s chest, yelled out, “No, he is breathing…just barely, but he’s breathing.”

“What the hell happened?” Manager Geonam demanded as he felt for a pulse. One of the other managers started doing mouth to mouth to enhance SungGyu’s shallow breathing.

“He…he…he…just collapsed,” WooHyun, who was standing in the back of the room, answered.

“What did you do to him?” SungYeol, who was bawling uncontrollably, demanded. “I knew you hated him…but what did you do! Tell them!”

“Nothing!” a scared WooHyun yelled back at him.

“Like hell you didn’t!” SungYeol screamed at him through his tears. “Tell them what you did so they can help him!”

Before WooHyun could respond to SungYeol’s accusations DongWoo, who had been paralyzed by the sight of his fallen hyung, turned around and punched WooHyun in the face.


Hours later there was a tentative knock on WooHyun’s bedroom door, before the manager stepped into the windowless room. WooHyun closed his red, swollen eyes as the manager flipped on the light switch. WooHyun was sitting on the floor in the corner of his room, alone.

The manager the members referred to as Mom walked to the opposite side of the room from WooHyun and picked up what was left of the main vocal’s phone. WooHyun had thrown it against the wall earlier and then when it hadn’t broken, he had stomped it with his bare feet.

The members he desperately wanted to talk to wanted nothing to do with him. Only the friends that he had picked up along the way on his rise to fame had bothered to call him, but they meant nothing to him. He had been forced to return to the dorm by the CEO and their managers after SungGyu had been rushed to the hospital. Nobody believed he was concerned for Infinite’s leader, who had once been his best friend. He had been accused of a multitude of sins and even punched in the face by one of his dearest friends. Everyone thought it was just guilt that shook him to the core of his being.

WooHyun looked up at the manager and asked in a voice devoid of hope, “Is he dead?”

The manager remained standing and shook his head. “He’s fighting to live. He’s in surgery.”

Tears that WooHyun thought had run out hours ago flowed down his cheeks. “Surgery?”

“They think his appendix must have ruptured a while ago…days ago. He was walking around with a ruptured appendix, even performing with it.”

WooHyun felt a surge of hope and blurted out quickly, “My brother had his appendix out; he wasn’t even in the hospital for a day.”

The manager gave WooHyun a sad smile. “If they get the appendix out before it ruptures it is a simple surgery, but unfortunately SungGyu’s ruptured and they say it was a breeding ground for infection.”

“Are you saying…he could still…he won’t die, will he?”

“I am not going to lie to you WooHyun,” the manger told him. “It doesn’t look good. They say he is eaten up with infection on the inside. They didn’t want to do surgery on him in this state, but to not do surgery would have meant his certain death.”

WooHyun hunched over on the floor, gasping for air. He felt as if he couldn’t breathe. If he had just…if he had just controlled his need…if he had just remained friends with SungGyu, he would never have allowed this to happen. If he had been his roommate—he would have seen he was sick and made him seek help. SungGyu could die…and it was due to his weakness.

The manager regretfully told the distraught young man, “The boss doesn’t want you here when the other members get back. They are refusing to leave the hospital right now, but when they do return—you can’t be here. I am supposed to take you to your brother’s place.”

“I don’t care…I just want him to live, he has to live,” WooHyun sobbed. “I don’t care what happens to me.”

The manager watched the broken man on the floor, who seemed so terribly young. WooHyun seemed so different than from before. This heartbroken young man was the opposite of the angry one he had known for the last couple of months. “It is more than guilt…”

“It is guilt and it’s also every other awful thing a person can feel…but I deserve it…he just…he can’t die. Infinite needs him. I don’t care if I get thrown out of the group…I don’t care if I die, but he can’t. I need…he just can’t die. Not because I couldn’t be his friend…not because I couldn’t push my feelings aside. I should have been watching and paying better attention. He just can’t die…he can’t…not like this.”

The older man sat down on WooHyun’s bed and said softly, “When my wife and daughter died…I felt so guilty.”

WooHyun looked up, startled by the man’s admission. “But they died in a car wreck…you had nothing to do with it.”

“I felt like I had failed them because I had spent so much time working at the company. My wife and I had dreamed of opening a restaurant one day, so I kept working in the Woollim offices, excusing my long hours with the excuse that I was saving money…when all I was really doing was losing precious time. One of my biggest regrets is that I can’t remember if I kissed my wife’s cheek that morning before she died…I can’t remember if I kissed her goodbye on my way to work. I was always in such a rush.”

“I am sure you did...”

“I’ll never know for sure,” the manager reasoned. “I was an emotionless shell after they died and I didn’t want to go on living. I was giving Mr. Lee my resignation when he suggested that I come here and watch over you seven boys. I thought he was crazy at first, but he really encouraged me to give it a try…and I don’t regret it. I can never get back the time I lost with my family, but caring for you boys has helped fill a void inside of me…it gave me a reason to go on living.”

WooHyun said nothing; he couldn’t imagine going on with his life if SungGyu died…he couldn’t imagine ever surviving the loss and the guilt. The thought of living in a world where the other man didn’t exist was unimaginable. He had believed he had to end their friendship before his secret was discovered or before he exploded and did something rash, but still he had yearned for the other man’s attention…any of it. Even negative attention had been a blessing to him.

“My daughter was a big fan of you guys. You and SungGyu were her favorites…she kinda had some strange ideas when it came to the two of you. I used to get onto her. It was really inappropriate at times…she was convinced you two were in love.”

The young man closed his eyes, wishing he were invisible.

“She always talked about how close you were, how you basked in the attention of each other, how you always roomed together…and then I get here. I quickly discovered you two don’t share a room and you don’t get along at all. You looked like you wanted to kill SungGyu most of the time, and SungGyu dates women…and he makes no secret of it. I will never stop missing my daughter, but I am glad—she didn’t know how wrong she was, it would have made her sad to know you hated him.”

WooHyun’s eyes flew open and he jumped to his feet. “Everybody says that…they all say I hate him, but I never said that. I’ve always denied hating him. I never hated him…I hate myself, and I took it out on him…he…he was killing me, but he wasn’t doing it on purpose. He didn’t even know he was hurting me…and that he didn’t even realize it would make me so angry, but I never hated him!”


“Do you think I wanted it to end up like this? You think I ever wanted to be in this room by myself…without him? Do you think I didn’t miss him? I wanted to smash down these walls a million times because I couldn’t be with him! I hated that I wasn’t the one with him…sharing secrets with him…laughing with him. I hate…I hate…how I am! You can’t imagine how much I hate myself. Your daughter was only half—”

“Stop,” the manager ordered, interrupting the distressed boy as he got up from the bed. “Don’t say anymore to me…I am not your confidant. I am loyal to a man that demands I report back to him; don’t tell me anymore.”

WooHyun clamped his mouth shut and wiped the tears from his face.

“Just don’t say anymore,” the manager said, backing out of the room.

WooHyun remained quiet and sat back down on the floor.

The manger grabbed for the door. “I will let you know if I hear any news on his condition.”

WooHyun closed his eyes.


“This has been the longest night of my life,” SungJong said from his chair. He was sitting beside Hoya in the ICU waiting room, waiting to hear if SungGyu had made it through the night. “I know we have stayed up for days before, but this was the…longest night by far.”

Hoya nodded his head in agreement but his eyes were glued to MyungSoo, who sat across from them with DongWoo. Both DongWoo and MyungSoo’s eyes were red and puffy from a night of crying. “Do you think…do you think we care less?”

The youngest member turned to look at the lead dancer. “What do you mean?”

“The others have cried all night…and I just feel frozen.”


“In fear.”

“Fear of what?”

“Fear of losing a friend, fear of losing a dream…if he dies, we can’t come back from it,” Hoya confessed. “Infinite will never be the same.”

“Would you want to come back?” DongWoo, whose eyes were full of judgment, asked.

“I don’t know,” Hoya admitted. “I don’t think so…but I can’t be sure. This has been my dream for as long as I can remember. I just don’t know.”

“I wouldn’t,” DongWoo admitted after hearing Hoya’s reasoning. The joy that usually filled the rapper was gone. “Not if….”

MyungSoo wiped his eyes and asked, “Do you really think he will die?”

“No,” DongWoo stated firmly, trying to make himself believe his own words. “He’s strong.”

SungJong looked down at the other end of the waiting room where SungYeol sat with the managers and the CEO. SungGyu’s family had left for another waiting room after his mother had lost it on the managers and the CEO. She had accused them of working her son to death. “He will live,” SungJong insisted, because everything was a mess and SungGyu had to come back and fix it.

“He’s not himself lately…he’s been weak,” Hoya pointed out. “He hasn’t been himself for a long time. Fighting with WooHyun was too much for him.”

“How do you not know when your insides are starting to rot?” MyungSoo exclaimed, trembling and on the verge of tears again. “How do you not know that?”

SungYeol, having overhead them, walked up and sat down beside SungJong. “I thought gangrene was something that happened to legs…I didn’t know you could have it on your appendix.”

DongWoo grimaced. “Let’s not talk about it…he’s going to be fine.”

“What if he’s not?” Hoya questioned.

SungJong stood up and shouted, “Why do you keep saying that? Are you auditioning for leadership? He’s not going to die, so just shut up already!”

“No,” Hoya gasped, horrified. “No, I wasn’t doing that!”

“Then stop asking what we will do,” SungJong snapped in a lower tone. “He is not going to die. He is going to live and he’s going to fix everything. It’s going to be alright.”

DongWoo got up and hugged SungJong tightly. “Yes, yes, it will be.”

“And if he doesn’t fix everything, we will!” SungJong announced, while hugging DongWoo back. “He is not going to die.”

MyungSoo sniffled and nodded his head. “No, he’s not going to die.”

“No, he isn’t,” the voice of SungGyu’s mother said as she walked into the waiting room, passing by the managers and the CEO to go to the boys her son loved. “He made it through the night. The doctor’s say…they say…that is a positive sign.”

DongWoo released SungJong and walked up to her and took her hands and squeezed them. “Did you see him?”

“I did.”

“Did he say anything?”

SungGyu’s mother shook her head. “No, he’s on the ventilator…he’s sleeping; they have him knocked out.”

“Ventilator,” SungYeol gasped in the background. The thought of their very vocal leader on a ventilator and being unable to speak, rocked him.

Hoya walked up beside DongWoo and told SungGyu’s mother, “Well, at least we know he is happy then. He loves to sleep.”


“Why me, though?”

“Why not you?” DongWoo asked the very nervous member, standing beside him. They were on their way to SungGyu’s ICU room. It had been three days since the emergency surgery that had saved his life. The ventilator had been removed the day before, and his mother had informed them he wished to speak to them. The rules of ICU dictated that only two people could visit at a time, and the leader had specifically requested SungYeol.

SungYeol wrung his hands and stated, “He’s closer to Hoya.”

“He is close to all of us.”

“SungJong and MyungSoo are his babies…why me?”

DongWoo wrapped an arm around the taller man’s waist. “And you are the neurotic mess he adores. He loves us all.”

“What about WooHyun?”

“Let’s not talk about him and don’t say anything about him to SungGyu.”

“What if he asks?”

“You are better at lying than I am…just change the subject,” DongWoo advised. “Maybe he won’t ask.”

“I bet he does.”

“Hopefully he won’t.”

SungYeol stopped walking as they neared the room. “I wonder what went on in that room before…”

“It doesn’t matter, all that matters is that we are on our way to see our friend, who almost died…we are here to see him,” DongWoo reinforced, trying to find some of the enthusiasm that once came as naturally as breathing to him.

SungYeol grimaced. “What if he hates me?”

“He doesn’t hate you,” DongWoo told the other member. “Why would you say that?”

“I’d hate me,” SungYeol whined.

“He doesn’t hate you,” DongWoo insisted as he opened the door and walked into SungGyu’s hospital room.

Both boys froze, unable to say anything at the sight of their beloved leader. He was in the bed with multiple tubes and monitors hooked to him. He looked very different from the dedicated and sometimes cranky leader they had come to love.

In a hoarse voice the man in the bed asked, “Do I look that bad?”

“No,” they both lied, shaking their head fervently.

SungGyu lifted a weak and shaky arm and motioned for SungYeol to come closer.

SungYeol swallowed nervously and stepped forward.

“If you ever…tell me I am sick…and I don’t listen you…feel free…feel free to knock me unconscious and drag me to the hospital,” a grim SungGyu informed SungYeol.

And as soon as the words were spoken, SungYeol’s insecurities vanished and he smiled down at the sickly man and vowed, “I promise.”

DongWoo, who had not smiled in days, let out a heartfelt laugh and hugged SungYeol tightly from behind.


“I’ve seen worse,” Hoya said with a tone of indifference as the surgeons left SungGyu’s ICU room after changing the leader’s abdominal dressing. Five days had passed since SungGyu had been rushed to surgery.

SungGyu, who had remained quiet during the entire dressing change, found his reserve of indignation and declared, “I’m stapled together. Where have you seen worse? On TV? TV doesn’t count!”

Hoya just shrugged. “So, it isn’t like you are the first person that has ever been stapled together. You had surgery, duh. Thousands of people have surgery everyday.”

“I almost died.”

“But you didn’t.”

The older man glared at the lead dancer trying to determine if he was being messed with. “Are you serious?”

“You are the genius, you tell me.”

“I am on morphine! I am lucky I can recognize you.”

Hoya sat down in the chair beside the hospital bed and stated, “I am just saying…it isn’t like your scar is the biggest one ever in the history of the world.”

SungGyu glared.

A pokerfaced Hoya informed the other man, “You know your glare is a lot less effective with the tube stuck down your nose.”

“I hate this tube,” SungGyu complained, reaching up to gently touch his nose.

“They took it out, but then you just had to puke everywhere,” Hoya said, not sounding the least bit sympathetic. “If you hadn’t puked you wouldn’t have needed it again.”

The older man groaned as the memory of the nurses putting the tube down his nose returned, making him forget how much Hoya was irritating him. “I don’t….don’t ever let them put one down your nose…not unless your unconscious. I hate all the tubes…but I really hate this one. It goes all the way to my stomach.”

“What about the other one…the one lower down.”

SungGyu reached down and moved his gown out of the way and picked up the tube that was coming out of his stomach and held it up. “This one doesn’t really bother me, but the puss that is draining out of it is kinda nasty.”

Hoya looked away and stated, “It’s good that it is coming out though…that was inside you…it needs to come out.”

“Oh, is this pus making you sick?” SungGyu asked, looking at Hoya who was looking away from him.

“No, the glare from your white belly is blinding me.”

SungGyu frowned.

Hoya looked back at SungGyu. “I will admit it is a little bit nasty…a little bit.”

“It’s more than a little bit. I had a ruptured appendix and didn’t even know it…I guess we know who the toughest member is now,” SungGyu said cockily, sounding like his old self.

Hoya kept a straight face. “You’re tough, but I was talking about the tube lower down.”

“We are not talking about that tube.”

“I hope they didn’t damage something when they put it in. If you are sterile later on in life…we know why.””

“Why are you here?” SungGyu hissed.

“Because we are good dongsaengs,” Hoya explained. “The nurses said one of us could stay with you…so we are taking turns. It’s my turn and your lucky day.”

“Isn’t your turn over? Can’t somebody…nice…human come sit with me?” SungGyu demanded. “I am in ICU still…I need a calming presence.”

“Boo hoo, you are in ICU.”

“Any other member would do…even WooHyun.”

Hoya’s expression barely changed. “I think SungJong is next on the list, I am sure he will fawn all over you soon enough.”

Even on morphine the older man noticed the difference in the lead dancer. “Is there something I should know?”

“I am sure there a lot of things you should know,” Hoya said, trying to sound ornery again. “I could probably make a list. You are pretty clueless about a lot of things.”

“About WooHyun?”

Hoya got up out of the chair. “Why are we talking about WooHyun? Let’s not discuss him.”

“My near death experience didn’t soften his stance toward me?”

“You know…you are right, you are in ICU so let’s not talk about the colossal asshole.”

“I want to talk about him,” SungGyu insisted. “What aren’t you telling me? What happened?”

“He’s fine.”

“Why won’t you talk about him?”

“Because he is a jerk,” Hoya said firmly. “He isn’t worth your time and he sure isn’t worth your worries. He gave you nothing but a hard time for months. Hell, if it weren’t for him you might have noticed your appendix ruptured.”

SungGyu looked away from Hoya, knowing the other man spoke the truth. “Give me some ice.”


“You heard the surgeon! He said I could have ice chips.”

“Yeah, I heard.”

“So give me some.”

Hoya smiled. “What do I look like, your servant?”


“You are a difficult man to find,” Key stated, as he walked onto the roof of WooHyun’s brother’s apartment complex.

“It should have been a hint that I didn’t want to be found.”

Key walked up to the man, who had his feet dangling over the edge of the ten story building. “So you were ignoring my calls?”

“No, I stomped my phone into pieces, so I wasn’t getting any calls.”

“Why would you do that?”

WooHyun kept staring out over the city and didn’t bother to look at his friend. “The members…they wouldn’t answer my calls.”

“Oh…” Key sympathized. “If it makes you feel better they won’t talk to me either.”

“Guilty by association.”

“I suppose,” Key agreed. “Did you try his family?”

“His mother has always hated me.”

Key furrowed his brows. “Really? I didn’t know his mother hated you.”

“For some reason she never liked me, and she never bothered hiding it from me.”

“Does she know you’re gay?”

“No,” WooHyun answered. “You know that only a few people outside the group know.”

“Speaking of the group, why are you here and not the dorm?”

“I was kicked out of the dorm,” WooHyun explained. “The CEO doesn’t want me there with the other members.”

“Ahh,” Key said with a grimace and carefully sat down beside WooHyun. “But they haven’t kicked you out of the group, have they?”

“Not yet, but it will be coming…or I will just leave.”

“So you will just give up your dream?”

WooHyun nodded his head.

A disgusted Key snapped, “It’s all so stupid; such a waste!”

“I can’t help how I feel.”

Key resisted the urge to push the other man off the roof. “When normal people are in love, they don’t try to get the one they love to hate them! They kinda do the opposite!”

“Most people are not in love with their straight best friend.”

“Believe it or not, you are not the only gay man that has fallen in love with a straight man…although I continue to doubt his straightness.”

“Well, the women he screws don’t doubt it.”

“He could be bisexual,” Key suggested. “I tell you my gaydar dings when I am around him. It’s never been wrong before.”

“It’s wrong now. He’s straight…I shared a room with him for years.”

“I suppose you could be right, and I could be wrong…for the first time, ever.”

WooHyun rubbed his face. “I wish I was wrong.”

“So how are you doing?”

“I am either crying or I want to stab myself in the face. I am so angry with myself. I put myself in this position…and now I can’t even find out how he is. Nobody will tell me anything…they think I don’t care…when in truth I care too much.”

“He’s doing better,” Key said, soothing the other distraught man.

WooHyun turned to look at Key for the first time and his black eye from where DongWoo had punched him was clearly visible. “So my members…they talked to you?”

“No, they wouldn’t take my calls—like I said, but I knew somebody who MyungSoo would talk to and they called him for me.”

“SungGyu is really doing better…” WooHyun stated. “You promise you aren’t saying that to make me feel better?”

“I would totally say it to make you feel better, especially since the fact that I found you sitting on the edge of a roof is worrisome, but I am not lying.”

“I am not going to jump.”

“Good, don’t stab yourself in the face either.”

“Key, tell me how he is doing!”

“He’s been in intensive care for a week, but if all goes well tonight they are going to move him to a regular room tomorrow.”

WooHyun reached out and clasped his friend’s hand. “That’s wonderful news.”

“Considering he almost died, it’s freaking fantastic,” Key told the other man. “You look really relieved.’

“I am…you can’t imagine,” WooHyun replied as he scooted away from the edge of the roof. “I want to go see him, but I’m afraid.”

Key, who was more than happy to move away from the edge, asked, “But wouldn’t that be hard? They won’t even let you go back to the dorm.”

“I’d have to be really sneaky to get into the hospital.”

“Well, you are really sneaky.”

“I’d hate to get caught, but I have to see him, although…I dread having to face him after what I did.”

“What did you do? What really happened in that green room?”

“I did something…I can’t take back.”

Key frowned. “Did you really hurt him?”

“You know I wouldn’t!”

“I don’t know anything,” Key explained in his defense. “You were like a bomb about to explode.”

“Thanks for your faith in me.”

“It’s not just me,” Key said in his defense. “I am not the only one that thinks you were about to go crazy.”

WooHyun groaned and admitted, “I did go crazy.”

“So you did hit him.”


“What did you do, then?” a curious Key asked.

“I kissed him and then he blacked out,” WooHyun admitted.

“Oh, well…well, well…wow…he fainted afterwards?”

WooHyun snorted. “Only because he had a fever of 105 and was on the verge of death…it wasn’t because I swept him off his feet.”

“Duh,” Key stated, rolling his eyes. “I’ve been kissed by you…I don’t remember it as being swoon worthy.

“This is why I don’t kiss you anymore,” WooHyun smarted off back to his friend.

“We don’t kiss anymore because while we make excellent friends—we make horrible lovers.”

WooHyun nodded his head. “True, we aren’t exactly each other’s types.”

“No…I like my men…perfect…perfectly hot and preferably gorgeous models.”

“Gee, thanks.”

“And you like…well, I don’t understand the appeal—”

“Don’t make me throw you off this roof,” WooHyun warned, interrupting. “Remember, people think I’m crazy.”

“Tone down the threats; I was going to say that although I don’t understand your unwavering love for SungGyu, I know your feelings for him are real. And probably I will have many…many hot, model boyfriends and you will still be hopelessly in love with him.”

WooHyun looked up at the sky and sighed, “You are right…and now he knows.”

“I still can’t believe he didn’t know—I mean he is supposed to be so smart, but he totally missed the fact that you wanted to jump him every second of the day.”

“Not every second.”

“But he knew you were gay…and still he didn’t suspect.”

“To be fair, none of the others suspected either,” WooHyun pointed out.

“Your group is so stupid.”


“Whatever, I can insult them—you are leaving anyway, what do you care?”

“I care, and they are not stupid—I am just really good at lying, distracting them, and covering for myself.”

“You must be good because you shared a room…shared a room with him for years, and he still didn’t notice.”

“It wasn’t like I humped him at night,” WooHyun responded, feeling suddenly protective of SungGyu.

Key reached out and thumped WooHyun on the head. “Well, now he knows, so what are you going to do?”

“Tell him he was feverish and delusional if he brings it up?” WooHyun suggested.

“You could do that. So, what kind of kiss was it? Maybe you could say you tripped,” Key teased, “and accidently fell on his face.”

“That wouldn’t work, because before I kissed him…I kinda shouted about him being dense and not being able to tell when somebody was in love with him…so the tripping excuse isn’t going to work.”

Key patted WooHyun on his back and said proudly, “I am so glad you called him on being a complete idiot. I have often wanted to shout that at him myself.”

“You didn’t always know how I felt either,” WooHyun reminded the other man.

“No,” Key conceded. “I didn’t spend much time with you guys as a group, but I will never forget the moment I first knew.”


“We were at the idol championship and SungGyu was talking to Bora, and you stormed up to them in full blown jealous fit mode. You then slapped your jacket on him, claiming him as yours for all to see.”

“Stop, please.”

“Then you stomped off, giving him one quick glance back, and tossing your magnificent hair…it was your diva moment. And I knew we would be sisters forever!”

WooHyun groaned.

“So now he knows…” Key paused, prompting the other man to expand on his intentions.

“I have to face him.”

“Really? I figured you would quit the group and hide out on roofs for the rest of your life.”

“I’ve considered that option.”

“I mean, I have only been telling you to tell him for two freaking years!”

“Well, I did.”

“Only after you threw gasoline all over you life and set a match to it.”

“I just…couldn’t…”

“Was it really better that he hate you than know you had feelings for him?

“Yes,” WooHyun replied, without hesitating.

“You are so stupid; no wonder you are member of Infinite. You fit right in.”

“You just don’t understand.’

“No, I am too smart to understand this level of stupidity,” Key informed his friend. “But…still, I think he might surprise you.”

“He isn’t going to surprise me,” WooHyun assured Key. “He won’t care…he might be annoyed that I acted so badly, but he won’t care that I love him. He won’t care at all.”

“Then why did you not tell him! You are killing me, why all this needless angst if he won’t even care?” Key demanded, and then started to pretend to strangle himself with his bare hands

WooHyun glared at the other man, who was now rolling from side to side and kicking his legs in frustration, while pretending to strangle himself.  “Don’t you see…I’d rather him feel anything—anything at all…than not to care!”
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poor woohyun!! T.T He's really suffering... because I wasnt an infinite fan until I start to read ur fanfics, I didnt know woohyun and key were friends lol that's great... you always need wisdom of a group like shinee... I keep waiting for the next chapter...and of course my favorite couple ever.. yunjae <3
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I cannot believe he almost died.. no matter how bad you feel you should always tell someone.. a fever of 105.. Key is a great friend to have around.. wonder what the company will do with WooHyun.. their manager is the best.. it is sad with what he had to go through with his family.. his daughter was adorable to think all of that.. I was reading what is going on with their company and the merger that will go through with SM.. a lot of changes for them in the future..
SungGyu was being stupid for not going to the hospital in Japan, but sadly with appendicitis once it bursts you actually start feeling better.

Yeah, I hope all the changes are for the best. I will always love Infinite. Now they are *kinda* with my KyuWook and my darling Yunho and Changmin. Not really, but underneath the same umbrella.

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this chapter seriously made me want to cry...

but I will admit that I cheered my ass off when Dongwoo hit Woohyun...I love it when Dongwoo, the cute, adorable ball of friggin' sunshine and rainbows, snaps and hits people when they're douchebags...
The angst started. lol WooHyun's angst I should say.

Yeah, I love that DongWoo is like that. I remember SungGyu saying DongWoo was the scariest when he was mad. DongWoo kicks ass.

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Glad that Sunggyu is slowly recovering..
I love to see the interaction between members... Sungyeol worry that Sunggy will hate him. Poker face Hoya..
I'm curious about L friends who give information to Key. Who is he?

I hope Woohyun succeed in sneaking into hospital and meet Sunggyu
Can't wait for the next chapter..
Thanks for updating
I am glad you mentioned the interaction between members, I really wanted to highlight that(or work on it.) I want the members to be seen clearly in the readers imagination even if they don't know Infinite.

He is a mystery friend. lol

Thanks so much for reading and commenting!
Oh my poor poor Woohyun my heart breaks for him T-T
The boys are really cruel and eventhough I understand where they're coming from it's still too much :/

I'm glad Leader Gyu is OK a friend of mine was in the same situation two years ago, the doctors said it was a miracle that he survived.

Thank you for the update! :D
Poor pathetic WooHyun, so love sick.

I am glad you friend survived. It's so sad that so many people die or become so ill from appendicitis because if caught in time it is such a simple surgery.

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poor woohyun is suffering so bad :L no longer feel like hes an ass. Well, not so much of an ass anymore LOL He's still an ass for being a bumface and being mean, but i feel for him now. LOL he's always made out to be this ridiculous insecure kid in all ur fics its amazing :) LOL :) And hoya's indifference made me lol. Can so imagine him and all his sarcasm in a hospital room haha Hopefully sunggyu gets better soon soon because, my baby should be happy and healthy (not that he's going to be till the end of this LOL).

ALSO, KUDOS FOR UR CHARACTERISATION OF KEY. Love it, hes such a sarcastic diva omg hes so funny hahahahhahaha I legit would love to be his friends we'd be besties <3 LOL

Thank you for the speedy update! :) Keeping me on edge (Y) haha
He is suffering, and you are right he is being less of an ass.

You really think he is ridiculous in all my fics? lol Okay in the BOR series totally, but he's capable in Expectations...if maybe a little eager to be in a relationship, but he is confidant.

Although to be honest...I do see WooHyun as being insecure. How did Gyu put it in that recent intervew... a bit sensitive I have to agree with Gyu.

I have always enjoyed Hoya giving SungGyu hell...SungGyu being in the hospital wouldn't stop him.lol

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I just love Key lol. It's a serious situation and i'm here just laughing at Key. I would feel bad for Woohyun but I can't because while I understand how hard things were for him, he cannot deny that he brought the members anger at him on himself through acting like an asshole for so long without even giving them a hint as to why, so to them he is just an asshole while Sunggyu is sick and in the hospital. I loved the banter with Sunggyu and Hoya too, that made me laugh lol. I look forward to the next chapter!
Yes, WooHyun's misery was all self inflicted due to a multitude of things, including pride.

I am glad you enjoyed the HoGyu banter.:)

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An inflamed appendicitis is very painful but a raptured one is like a ticking bomb. Had a friend who went through it and it was just like you described here, Doctors told her she was lucky to be alive. Anyway happy SungGyu is feeling better, now I just wonder if he remembers anything that happened in that rum and if he returns WooHyun´s feelings like Key mentioned he would. Talking about Key I wonder who that friend is that helped him get some information from L? The members kind of make me angry but at the same time I can understand what they are feeling and I loved the way you portrayed their thoughts and feelings during the wait for SungGyu´s surgery to end.
DongWoo really surprised me as being the one who acted out on his anger, to tell you the truth I was expecting Hoya or L to be the one punching him in the face and not the sweet and gentle DongWoo.
Now I need WooHyun to get a move on and sneak into that hospital rum so I can find out what will become of our favorite group and couple.
That's the question...does SungGyu remember WooHyun's confession? He doesn't really act like it right now, but the whole almost dying thing might have distracted him.

SungGyu and Hoya both have warned that DongWoo is the scariest when angry. I would bet money he is the one that gave Hoya that shiner during Infinite-H promotions.

Oh, WooHyun is going to try is best to get in that hospital.

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Nice chapter! Thanks for the update. You make me sad with sunggyu being sick and all. I love the interaction between the members. Especially hoya and sunggyu. I always think that those two have this love hate friendship and hoya is the member that annoys him the most. Sunggyu seemed like he forgot the kiss. Hope he doesn't! You update fast. Me likey!
I am glad you love the interaction between members.:)

HoGyu is a riot to watch. I hope I do them some justice. lol They are hard to capture.

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oof- ouch! poor Woohyun. I am very interested to see how things play out for everyone.
Thank you for your weekend update! Ohhh, the angst!

Oh wait, hang on...Sunggyu remembers what happened just before he fainted,...or ahhh...doesn't he? He may have hazy memory at first but I'm crossing my fingers that he would have a clear recollection of what transpired in the green room. I'll be tearing my hair out if he doesn't, lol.

It's really really good that through this update, you have shown us (mostly non Infinite fans like me who only have the most basic knowledge of the group and not much else) how they care for and are very close to each other. Makes me hug each and one of them...and Woohyun too because he is alone and suffering and he can't even tell his members whom he has lived with all these years the reason.

I don't know if it's just me or what but Key here sorta reminds me of Heechul in your TFAN/DMGD verse. He says these things that just make me lol. And he is one of my favourites and I love all the chapters Heechul was in. So, I guess what I'm saying is I don't mind if Key makes a regular appearance here.

Maybe Woohyun's emotions are wired differently. Yeah, I concur with Key that when you love someone you make them like you back not hate you. But then Woohyun is scared that Sunggyu will hate him forever if he ever finds out and it will be the end of Infinite. So he goes on crazy bitch mode but then it backfired on him and now I'm trying not to cry. :p
Hmmm...I don't know if he remembers or not. You might find out in the next chapter though.

Thanks for saying I helped show how they care for each other...because they do care for each other. I don't always get that feeling about some groups, but I feel the love with Infinite in spades.

I think a *truth* character like Heechul is important to all long fics. I tried giving SungYeol that role before.......but no, SungYeol could not fill it. It wasn't SungYeol so it didn't work. SungYeol is his own bundle of strangeness. lol Key will be showing up again.

But see WooHyun didn't think SungGyu would be mad/angry/pissed...he just thought SungGyu wouldn't really care. He thought SungGyu might feel sorry for him...but he wouldn't return his feelings...he wouldn't be mad. He would be unaffected--and that is what drove WooHyun crazy. WooHyun wants reactions from SungGyu even if he had to piss him off to get them. WooHyun was kinda nuts...okay a lot nuts.

Thanks so much for commenting!

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Yes! The angst is starting to work.lol

Yep, Gyu should have listened to SungYeol.

WooHyun totally deserved that punch. Plus, can you imagine how it looked to the rest of the members? WH had been giving Gyu hell for months and the door opens and they find Gyu almost dead. It looked bad.

I am so glad you mentioned that line...I am smiling at you.:)

Thanks so much for commenting.

Oh, I like the Fray...listening to them now. lol
Gosh! The angst! Why do i love the angst? Nooooo!!! I don't like angst T_T but it's your angst and i love your stories, angst and all<3

Woohyun is an ass but i can't really hate him here. Or maybe a bit? :D He's suffering. His insecurity is hurting him. And being in love really can bring the best and worst in people. And he thinks Sunggyu is sraight and that he doesn't really care. But maybe Sunggyu has his reasons for acting(?) oblvilious and dating those women?

I've always loved how you
/crying at he thought that gyu almost died >_<

Although I understand why the members don't want Woohyun around I feel really sorry for him and can't wait for him to go speak to Sunggyu and try to fix everything!!

Thanks for the update ♥
It's so interesting how some people feel sorry for WooHyun while others think he totally deserves it...but I think most feel of both.

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