Sweet Deception, Chapter Six

Title: Sweet Deception
Author: Aquariuslover
Pairings: SungGyu/WooHyun focus.
Rating: R
Genre: Angst
Length: Chaptered
Beta: tahoeturquoise

Summary: For years a fire has been smoldering deep inside of WooHyun, and now it is burning out of control and wrecking havoc on the group. A danger is looming over SungGyu, but will he pay it heed before it claims his life? Can an ominous deal be brokered in time to save Infinite?

Chapter List

“When are they going to leave?” SungJong asked as he walked into SungYeol’s room.

SungYeol was lying on his belly on his bed reading a book. “Not soon enough. How I wish it could have been SNSD instead. I can’t even imagine TaeYeon being in my dorm, but no, we get Allure instead.”

SungJong sat down on the bed. “It just makes me gag.”

“It’s all about publicity.”

SungJong looked down at the other man and said, “I don’t see how it benefits us.”

“It does,” SungYeol assured him. “Allure is a popular group, not as popular as us, but they are getting pretty popular. SungGyu was already popular and his walking around with a rotten appendix only added to his popularity, so the fans and even non-fans are going to love that they came over and cooked him a meal.”

“So it benefits Allure and SungGyu.”

“Don’t act naïve,” SungYeol scolded. “Why do you think Hoya was acting like such a dutiful dongsaeng while the filming was going on? It benefits all of Infinite by showing that we are caring towards our leader.”

“We are caring towards him.”


“I just…I don’t like them being here, any of them. Allure or the Mnet staff shouldn’t be here. The dorm should only be for us. Also, should SungGyu even be participating in any kind of filming?”

SungYeol flipped a page in his book. “He just sat on the couch while they brought him homemade soup; it isn’t like he had to do anything.”

“He had to act.”

“Why do you say that? He wasn’t acting.”

“He had to act like Brandy isn’t his girlfriend,” SungJong pointed out.

“Hyung has lots of girlfriends,” SungYeol reminded SungJong. “Brandy just happens to be his favorite.”

“She’s really pretty,” SungJong stated longingly.

SungYeol’s eyes darted up from his book. “You like her?”

SungJong shrugged. “She’s really pretty.”

“Umm…so are you.”

SungJong sneered. “Just because I’m pretty, doesn’t mean I can’t admire pretty girls.”

“No, no it doesn’t.” SungYeol sat up, suddenly smug. “You know I am doing a drama with her.”

SungJong pouted. “Yes, I know. We all know. We have only heard about it ten thousand times.”



“You are so jealous.”

“Is WooHyun in here?” DongWoo asked as he opened the door to SungYeol’s bedroom.

“No,” SungJong answered, glad for the interruption. “He left. He said he had a meeting with the CEO.”

DongWoo sat down on the bed beside SungJong. “I wonder what the meeting is about.”

The maknae quickly pointed out, “It shouldn’t be anything bad. WooHyun has been great, just like he used to be.”

SungYeol looked back down at his book. “Yep, everything is back to normal. The kite and the string have reunited, and all is right in the universe.”

SungJong gave SungYeol a sharp look. “Do I detect some bitterness?”

“Maybe…I thought WooHyun and I were getting close, but I was actually a poor man’s substitute for our leader.”

“No, you weren’t,” DongWoo quickly denied. “We are all close to each other. We are a family. You were not a substitute.”

“But don’t you think WooHyun and SungGyu are the closest of all of us?” SungYeol questioned.

DongWoo reached out and ruffled SungYeol’s hair. “Yeah, or they used to be. Now we all seem really close.”

SungJong was unable to hide his worry. “Do you think…whatever made them fight…might still exist?”

“No,” DongWoo answered but he looked doubtful. “SungGyu was never angry at WooHyun, so it was easy for him to welcome him back into the fold. It was all WooHyun, but he seems like everything is fine now.”

“I wonder if it isn’t still there, too,” SungYeol said. He had never believed the reason WooHyun had given him for being angry. “Something was driving WooHyun crazy…and then SungGyu got sick and now it’s suddenly gone. That just seems really convenient to me.”

SungJong rubbed his upper arms and stated, “Maybe almost losing SungGyu was just the shock he needed. I don’t think WooHyun ever hated him.”

“No,” SungYeol agreed. “He never hated him and he would jump your ass real fast if you said he did.”

“No, there was never hate…it was more like rage,” DongWoo added.

“But it is all better now,” SungJong insisted. “Everything is fine.”

“Yeah,” DongWoo confirmed. “I mean, WooHyun is even acting like he is SungGyu’s servant.”

“And the first week SungGyu was out of the hospital he was fiercely protective,” SungJong reminded them.

DongWoo nodded his head. “Very true.”

“Yeah,” SungYeol agreed. “Maybe…I just hope he isn’t a ticking bomb.”

DongWoo twisted his head and looked at the tallest member. “Why would you say that?”

“I don’t know,” SungYeol answered sincerely. “Sometimes I feel like I am so close to figuring something out, but then I lose it. I sometimes feel like I am missing something really obvious.”

SungJong looked toward the door, avoiding their gazes and asked, “Was Brandy still out there?”

“She and SungGyu went to his room…or should I say WooHyun’s room,” DongWoo answered.

SungJong was unable to hide his disappointment.

“Don’t worry, I am pretty sure the leader isn’t up to doing much,” SungYeol told the heartbroken maknae.

“True,” DongWoo agreed. “Hoya has a better chance of getting with Ji-Woo.”

“Hmmm,” SungYeol replied. “I didn’t know he was still interested in her.”

“It appears that way,” DongWoo told him. “He likes a challenge.”

SungJong, who wasn’t paying attention to their talk about Hoya, stated, “True, Leader can’t be having sex with her, his incision is too fresh. He can’t even lift anything heavy.”

“Keep telling yourself that,” SungYeol teased.

DongWoo, who quickly caught on, laughed and added, “Yeah, he isn’t up for sex. She will probably just blow him.”

SungJong stood up. “Don’t say that.”

“Not saying it won’t make it less true,” SungYeol taunted.

SungJong turned up his nose and stomped out of the room.

DongWoo laughed as the maknae’s dramatic exit and asked SungYeol, “So he is really straight?”

SungYeol just shook his head at a loss. “Who knows? Does he even know?”


“You have a girl on your bed, and all you want to do is play games on your phone,” Brandy complained to SungGyu. “What is wrong with this picture?”

“I am on WooHyun’s bed and this damn level is pissing me off,” SungGyu grumbled, while continuing to play Angry Birds.

Brandy rolled over on her side and tossed her long, silky black hair over her shoulder. “If we don’t make out a little bit…I am going to lose respect for my feminine wiles.”

“Sorry, no can do.”

“Does your boo boo still hurt?” Brandy asked, reaching out to lift SungGyu’s shirt up to look at his stomach. “That’s pretty disgusting.”

“Actually, it looks great compared to what it did, I get my staples out tomorrow,” he told her still focusing on his game.

Brandy studied his stomach closely. “I thought it was just a little cut.”

“It normally is, but I was all rotten inside,” he told her. “They had to do a lot of cutting.”

She scrunched up her nose in dislike. “So is sex forbidden?”

“Yes. They warned me good and proper about the dangers of physical exertion.”

“What are the dangers?”

SungGyu sat his phone down beside him. “Hernias, for one.”

“Are hernias bad?”

“Yeah; when I was a kid we lived with one of my great uncles for a few months. I used to go to the bath house with him and he had a hernia. His intestines would fall down in his ball sac and his balls would get as big as a melon.”

She rolled away from SungGyu. “Okay, so definitely no making out.”

“That’s right,” SungGyu told her, picking his phone back up and focusing on his game.

She sighed, unable to hide her disappointment. “It’s too bad; the girls say I need to get laid.”

“You don’t have to wait for me, it’s not like I own you.”

Brandy narrowed her eyes, but kept an even tone in her voice when she tried to change the subject. “So are you excited that I am doing a drama with SungYeol? Maybe we can get closer; wouldn’t it be nice if I got closer to your members?”


She rolled her eyes. “You are a horrible boyfriend.”

He frowned and looked at her, startled by her declaration. “Am I your boyfriend?”

“No, but I am sure you would be a horrible one.”

SungGyu put down his phone. “That isn’t what you told me the last time we had alone time.”

“You were paying attention to me then.”

“I have been bad,” SungGyu admitted.

“You are always bad…sometimes downright awful. You are a feminist’s worst nightmare.”

“Are you not a feminist?”

Brandy laughed aloud. “No, a feminist wouldn’t be caught near you. I’m something else.”


“I am a girl that likes a challenge.”

SungGyu reached out and lifted a strand of her hair and gently stroked it. “So I’m a challenge.”

She met his gaze and smiled. “You are a huge challenge. I have been with a lot of nice men and they whispered sweet nothings to me all the time, but…” She paused and reached out and touched his hand that was caressing her hair. “But this touch right here is worth a hundred of theirs.”

He dropped her hair. “So if I was a nice man you wouldn’t like me.”

She maintained eye contact with him. “I might like you, but I wouldn’t want you.”

“You are tempting me now,” he told her as he exhaled a slow deep breath.

“Am I?” she asked with an inner light twinkling in her eyes.


She laughed. “A hernia would be disgusting.”

“Yes, so let us not start something I can’t finish…if you know what I mean.”

“We don’t have to have sex. We can talk instead. Let’s talk about my drama. Aren’t you happy for me?”

“I am thrilled.”

“You should be.”

“I am,” SungGyu insisted. “For you and SungYeol…he really needed to act.”

She nodded her head. “He’s the one that was losing his hair, right?”


“Unfortunately for us, we are only playing the supporting roles.”

“I didn’t know that, tell me more about your drama and the character you will be playing,” SungGyu told her, trying his best to sound interested.

She smiled up at him. “Well, sadly it is one of those typical dramas. The main character is a guy, who is best friends with the other main character, who is a girl—gosh I wish I had gotten that role. They say it is going to Suzy.”

“Suzy?” SungGyu asked, more interested now.

“Yes, the beloved Suzy; needless to say the Suzy character is in love with her best friend, but he’s clueless about her feelings. Like I said, it is a typical drama. I mean does that even happen in real life? How can you not know if your best friend is in love with you?’

SungGyu said nothing.

“Well, guess who gets to play the guy’s bitch girlfriend? Yeah, you guessed it—me. I get to play the evil bitch to precious Suzy. Great. Wonderful. I hope the rumors aren’t true, and anybody else is playing that part—Hey! Are you listening to me?”

SungGyu was frozen.

She reached out and smacked his leg to get his attention. “Hey, are you all right?”

“I…I…I…just rem..remmemmberred somm..methinng,” SungGyu stuttered, getting up from the bed with shaky legs.

She immediately sat up. “Are you sure you are okay? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

“I…I…” SungGyu paused, and promptly sat back down on the bed.

“Do you need a doctor?”

SungGyu swallowed nervously and whimpered, “No, but maybe a shrink.”


Early the next morning a weary WooHyun approached the dorm he shared with his members. He paused before opening the door and forced a smile on his face. He opened the door and walked in to find SungJong sitting on the couch alone, watching television.

“You are up early,” WooHyun told him as he sat down beside him.

SungJong shrugged. “You stayed out all night.”

“Yeah,” WooHyun agreed.

SungJong looked at him with prying eyes and asked, “How exactly does that work? Why do you get to break curfew?”

“I had special permission from the big boss.”

SungJong eyes showed his disbelief. “Really?”

“Really…” WooHyun paused before continuing, “There were some things I had to discuss with him and then I had to think some things over so I stayed out to think.”

“You really expect me to believe that you were out all night thinking?” The younger man questioned, not bothering to hide his skepticism.

“It’s the truth.”


WooHyun got up from the couch. “You are in a mood.”

“You are lying.”

The older man didn’t bother to respond. He turned and walked to his bedroom and froze when he found it empty. The bed had not been slept in and all of SungGyu’s belongings were gone. WooHyun quickly went to the larger bedroom that SungGyu shared with MyungSoo and SungJong and found SungGyu’s bed empty, but his belongings were back in his assigned room.

WooHyun quickly made it back to the living room. “Where is SungGyu?”

SungJong put the television on mute and tilted his head up to look at the main vocal. “Do you care?”

“What kind of question is that?”

“It is an honest one…do you care where he is?”

“Of course I care,” WooHyun insisted. “If I didn’t care why would I have asked?”

SungJong looked down at the control in his hand and answered, “Because it is a question you should ask. I sometimes think you do a lot of things…because you think you should.”

WooHyun frowned and sat down beside SungJong again. “Where is he? He has a doctor appointment at nine. He should be here. He should be dressed and ready to go.”

SungJong leaned back. “I am pretty sure the managers are keeping track of his doctor appointments. It’s not your job.”

“Did he…is he off with Brandy?”

“No,” SungJong quickly answered, but he looked doubtful as he added, “You think she is the type to take guys home with her?”

“If she could get away with it…yes, I think she is the type,” WooHyun answered truthfully.

SungJong frowned. “So…so they are having sex?”

“Why are you asking me this?”

“I just wanted to know…you are his best friend, you should know,” SungJong pointed out.

WooHyun stood back up. “Well, I don’t…I know they are, but since they have been together…SungGyu and I haven’t exactly been close. He hasn’t been confiding in me if that is what you…” WooHyun paused.

SungJong pleaded, “What were you going to say?”

“Just something he said at the hospital…I don’t think they are that serious or rather he isn’t.”

“So they haven’t had sex.”

An exasperated WooHyun declared, “Yes, they have had sex. Just because they are having sex doesn’t mean they are serious.”

SungJong folded his arms in front of him. “She just seemed…seemed better than that.”

“Just because she likes to have sex doesn’t make her bad, it makes her human. Now, will you please tell me where he is?”

“He already went to the doctor,” SungJong told the older man; still perturbed, he grabbed a pillow from the sofa and hugged it.

WooHyun sat back down by the maknae. “But his appointment wasn’t till nine.”

“Did you want to go with him?” SungYeol asked, walking into the room.

“I just thought it was at nine,” WooHyun replied, looking at the taller man, hoping SungYeol wasn’t in one of his moods.

“It was,” SungYeol answered, sitting down on the opposite side of the maknae.

SungJong promptly got up, and swatted WooHyun with the pillow. “I don’t think she is that kind of girl. You don’t know anything.”

SungYeol and WooHyun both watched the maknae storm off without another word.

“Let me guess, you two were talking about Brandy,” the taller member said with a smirk.

“How did you know?”

“He is crushing badly on her.”

WooHyun winced guiltily. “I didn’t know.”

“None of us did until yesterday,” SungYeol explained. “It has been a short infatuation, but an intense one.”

“So why did SungGyu change his appointment time?” WooHyun asked, unable to hide his main concern.

“No clue; he was fretting last night about something, and he got them to change the time.”


SungYeol nodded his head. “Something was definitely bothering our leader last night, but he wouldn’t confide in any of us—hey, you should have been here. I am sure he would have told you. Where were you?”

WooHyun ignored the question. “Was he hurting?”


“How do you know if he wouldn’t tell you?”

SungYeol crossed his legs. “He would have told us if he was hurting…I think it had something to do with Brandy.”

WooHyun looked away from SungYeol to ask, “Did they fight?”

“No, I don’t think so,” SungYeol answered, noticing WooHyun avoiding his gaze. “Would you like them to fight?”

Only a few seconds passed before WooHyun turned around to face SungYeol. He appeared stunned by the other man’s words. “Why would I want them to fight? Brandy isn’t exactly my type.”

“No, she isn’t…but is SungGyu your type?”

“What?” WooHyun asked, sounding completely taken aback.

“Is he your type?”

WooHyun just stared at SungYeol as if he had been rendered speechless.

SungYeol studied WooHyun closely, but could only read surprise on the other man’s face. “I mean…I know you are not his type.”

“No, I lack breasts,” WooHyun replied, chuckling now.

SungYeol blushed and added, “And you are probably a…a…you probably like to be on…you know…not a receive—you know what I am talking about.”

“You wanted to have sex with me, but you can’t even say that you think I top out loud,” an amused WooHyun told the taller member.

“I can, I just…do you?”

“Yes, I do.”

SungYeol couldn’t hide his interest. “Have you ever—”

“No,” WooHyun answered quickly. “I know a lot of guys switch up roles, but not me. I have no interest in bottoming.”

“Then there you go,” SungYeol told WooHyun, slightly disappointed. “You could never be with SungGyu even if he was gay, because he would never bottom for you.”

WooHyun’s expression immediately hardened causing SungYeol to ask, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Because you’re grossing me out,” WooHyun blurted out. “I mean, I don’t even want to think about this…why are we talking about it? Remember what I said about brothers?”

“Yeah, yeah,” SungYeol quickly replied. “Sorry.”


SungGyu watched his offended mother exit the surgeon’s office. He had already had his examination and the surgeon had told him he was recovering nicely. His mother had insisted on being present for the follow-up talk, adamant that he would not be returning to his activities until the surgeon advised. When the surgeon had given his permission for SungGyu to return to limited duty, his mother had not even tried to hide her disapproval. Her concern for him rang false in his ears and it didn’t take long for him to ask her to leave.

The surgeon clasped his hands in front of him as he sat behind the desk and asked, “Is there something you wanted to talk to me privately about?”


“Ask away.”

“When I first came into the hospital I had a high fever, didn’t I?”

“Yes, you were full of infection.”

SungGyu inhaled a deep breath and asked the question that had been driving him crazy since yesterday. “Is it possible I could have hallucinated?”

The surgeon immediately replied, “Yes.”

SungGyu exhaled. “That…that’s a huge relief.”

“It is not unusual for a person with a fever as high as yours to hallucinate.”


“Although, most hallucinations are forgotten.”

SungGyu’s spirits plummeted. “They are?”

“Not always, but normally.”


“May I ask the nature of your hallucination?”

He looked at the floor and carefully explained, “I’m hoping I hallucinated a conversation with a certain person.”

“Was it while you were in the hospital?”

“No, it was right before I collapsed,” SungGyu answered.

“Was this person with you when you collapsed?”


The surgeon interlaced his fingers and asked, “Can you not ask this person if the conversation took place?”

SungGyu shook his head. “The nature of the conversation was very sensitive…if it wasn’t a hallucination then I must be very careful.”

“It could have been a hallucination, not all minds work the same.”

“Did I say anything before surgery…that seemed odd?”

“Not that I am aware of, but perhaps you simply need to ask yourself if it was real. It is your mind at work…it does know the answer.”

“Then I fear it was no hallucination, no matter how much I wish it was,” SungGyu answering, lifting his gaze from the floor to look at the surgeon. “I’ve been an oblivious fool.”


SungGyu wanted to be anywhere but at the photo shoot.

He wished he had lied and said he wasn’t feeling well. Then he could be at the dorm hiding in his room having a full blown freak out, instead of posing for pictures with the other members and having to pretend that he didn’t know that WooHyun was in love with him. The members had asked him repeatedly if he felt okay, and he had taken advantage of their worry by saying he was tired. Anything to disguise the unease he couldn’t help but feel.

Now that the veil of naïvety had been dropped, everything was so clear to him. He felt WooHyun’s eyes on him. He knew the other man could sense something was wrong, but SungGyu refused to give him any hints as to what. SungGyu felt a mixture of awkwardness and anger, but not disbelief. Once his mind had accepted that the memory had been real the disbelief vanished and had been replaced by anger. Anger because he had been so stupid for so long, but to be fair he had been manipulated by a master.

And he was not the only victim; all the members were victims of WooHyun’s devious mind. SungGyu turned slightly red remembering how easily WooHyun had handled him days before with the iPod. The younger man had handled him as if he had been a child. How long had WooHyun been doing this? How long had he been in love with him, while pretending to be the perfect friend? WooHyun’s words from the dreaded memory returned and he realized it had been for years; WooHyun had said for years.

Years that SungGyu had been a fool, a fool for WooHyun. Believing a sacred friendship was just that, and he had trusted WooHyun. Trusted him more than anyone, and WooHyun had been lying all along.

That WooHyun was gay had never bothered SungGyu. The other man had never hid the fact from him. He had just came out and told him, causing SungGyu to laugh and declare it was fine with him as long he didn’t try anything with him. WooHyun had laughed as if the very idea was ludicrous, alleviating SungGyu of any concerns he might have had. And honestly, that WooHyun loved him now didn’t bother SungGyu as much as the fact that he had been fooling him for years.

SungGyu had always considered himself to be an intelligent, observant man, and he realized he was just the opposite when it came to the other main vocal.

A soft touch to his shoulder had him tensing. “Are you sure you are okay?”

“Perfect,” SungGyu responded to the worried sounding other main vocal.

“Something seems wrong.”

“I am just tired,” SungGyu replied, making his face absolutely still as he looked up at the other man. He had given away too much to WooHyun over the years and he would be damned if he did it again.

WooHyun sat down beside him and explained, “I had a meeting with the CEO yesterday, and I just had some things I had to think over. I stayed with my brother last night…I will still be your personal servant if you want me to be.”

SungGyu just looked at him, studying him; not saying anything. Yes, if his memory had not come back, it would have annoyed him that WooHyun had stayed out all night. They were not allowed to stay out all night, plus if he were still an oblivious fool he would have been annoyed that WooHyun had not been around to wait on him.

“I mean, I still have time to serve,” WooHyun said with a smile and nudged his shoulder.

He face remained emotionless as his mind actually worked for once where the other man was concerned. WooHyun had fled when Allure had been at the house. He had smiled while the filming had been going on and then he had run off the minute the cameras had been turned off. He couldn’t stop himself from asking, “Do you not like Allure?”

WooHyun gave nothing away and immediately replied, “They are nice girls. I don’t have anything against them. Why do you ask?”

“You just didn’t seem to like them, especially Brandy,” SungGyu lied. It was a total lie; WooHyun had acted perfectly around them. He had been a perfect gentleman.

The flicker of alarm that flashed across WooHyun’s face gave SungGyu great satisfaction. WooHyun mastered his surprise quickly, stating, “I like Brandy; not as much as you and SungJong like her, but I like her.”

SungGyu blinked, taken aback. “SungJong?”

“He’s crushing on her badly. I got the third degree about the two of you this morning. He’s very smitten…did nobody tell you?”

“SungJong likes Brandy?”

“Yeah,” WooHyun answered, turning to look at SungJong. “He likes her a lot. You should ask him about it.”

“I will,” SungGyu stated, still shocked the maknae was crushing on Brandy.

WooHyun stood up and patted SungGyu on the head. “Be gentle with him,” WooHyun told him as he strolled away.

It was thirty minutes later, after he had nagged SungJong relentlessly for daring to like Brandy that he realized how easily he had been sidetracked once again by WooHyun.


“You should tweet your fans and let them know you are feeling better,” DongWoo told SungGyu later that night at the dorm. All the members were sitting around the table eating leftovers for dinner.

SungGyu, who was pushing the food on his plate around with his chopsticks, answered, “I don’t remember my password.”

SungJong groaned. “You forgot it again?”

“I don’t want one word out of you…you little home wrecker,” SungGyu replied, scolding the maknae.

The youngest member pouted, looking pitiful.

“Are you planning on getting married?” Hoya teased from the other side of SungJong.

“No,” SungGyu answered immediately. “But if Brandy and I did get married I’d know which one of you not to trust with my wife.”

“You don’t even like her that much,” SungYeol told SungGyu, rolling his eyes.

SungGyu turned his accusing eyes on SungYeol. “That is not the point. She falls within my territory.”

“Are you a dog marking your territory?” an amused Hoya asked.

He was about to respond he had indeed marked her, when DongWoo slapped his leg, admonishing him, “Try not to be a sexist jerk.”

“I am not a sexist jerk,” SungGyu protested.

“Yes, you are,” Hoya told him.

MyungSoo snorted. “Not as bad as you.”

“True,” SungYeol conceded. “Nobody is as bad as Hoya.”

“Hey!” Hoya objected. “I am not that bad.”

“Yeah, you are,” SungJong told him.

SungGyu, who had been avoiding WooHyun since the photo shoot due to his pride once again being hurt by how easily the other man had handled him, chanced a quick glance at the other member. WooHyun looked amused by the other member’s antics, but almost as if he could feel SungGyu’s eyes on him, he turned to meet the oldest member’s gaze. SungGyu looked away quickly, mentally cursing WooHyun’s sixth sense and sneaky, unnatural ways.

“SungGyu,” WooHyun called, trying to get his attention.

“Hyung,” SungGyu replied, correcting the other member, still irritated by how easily he had been fooled earlier. SungGyu had thought he had finally flustered WooHyun, when the other man had easily distracted him with SungJong’s infatuation with Brandy.

“I thought we were all friends and don’t have to use hyung?” Hoya griped immediately.

“Me too,” SungYeol complained.

“We don’t,” WooHyun answered. “Hyung is just angry at me.”

SungGyu just folded his arms in front of his chest, refusing to say anything.

“It’s because you got to prowl around all night, while the rest of us were stuck in the dorm,” SungJong informed him. “Totally not fair.”

“Nope,” DongWoo agreed.

“Hyung,” WooHyun started, “I know your Twitter password. I know the fans are very worried about you and would really like you to tweet them.”

“No, you don’t,” SungGyu snootily informed the other main vocal. “When you were a hateful ass, I changed it. I was afraid you might use Twitter to make me look bad.”

Hoya let out a loud laugh. “The best moment ever was on your birthday when he never wished you a happy birthday but thanked the fans for doing so. It was masterfully done, I must admit.”

WooHyun, who was sitting beside Hoya, bumped the lead dancer with his shoulder and whispered, “Can you please not remind him of that?”

Hoya just continued to laugh.

“Hyung, if you give me your phone, I will figure out your password,” WooHyun told him.

“Or you can just do like everybody else does and change it,” SungYeol suggested.

SungGyu turned his narrowed gaze on WooHyun, who was sitting opposite him. “You couldn’t guess it.”

WooHyun smiled. “Just let me try.”

Curiosity got the best of SungGyu and he handed his phone to WooHyun. All the members said nothing as WooHyun started typing in potential passwords. On his third try he smiled and handed it back to a slack jawed SungGyu.

“Wow, you really do know him,” DongWoo said in awe.

Hoya smirked and stated, “It isn’t like he’s that complicated. His password probably had something to do with sleep or Nell.”

SungGyu just stared down at his phone, amazed and irritated. How was he ever going to win against WooHyun when the man knew him better than he knew himself?

“This food is awful,” MyungSoo complained suddenly. “Should we call Mom and ask him to make us something else?”

“We can’t,” DongWoo answered. “He went to check on his mother.”

SungYeol suggested, “Take out?”

WooHyun, who was eyeing SungGyu’s plate, offered, “I will make something.”

All eyes at the table, even SungGyu’s, flew to WooHyun, surprised by his offer.

“You are really going to cook?” SungYeol asked in disbelief.

WooHyun got up from the table and ruffled SungGyu’s hair on his way to the refrigerator. “Sure, somebody has to eat so they can properly heal.”

“This is awesome,” Hoya declared.

DongWoo clapped his hands. “It’s been so long since you cooked for us.”

“Not really,” MyungSoo pointed out. “He cooked for SungGyu not long ago.”

“Yep,” SungJong agreed. “He made him broth.”

“Actually, it didn’t end up being broth…it was creamy potato soup with tiny bits of bacon,” SungGyu supplied before he could stop himself.

“You didn’t share,” MyungSoo said with a pout.

“No, he didn’t,” SungJong said, pouting as well.

SungGyu turned toward the maknae and spat, “Like I would share with you—you little tramp.”

MyungSoo laughed and asked, “But why not with me?”

“I am trying to heal. I need all the food I can force down. Want to see my scar again?” SungGyu asked them.

“NO!” was the immediate response from all the members.

“Do you need our help?” DongWoo asked WooHyun as he got up from the table.

“Nope,” WooHyun told him.

SungJong and MyungSoo both quickly grabbed the mostly untouched plates and moved them off the table. Hoya, DongWoo, and SungYeol headed for the living room, and soon SungJong and MyungSoo followed, after cleaning off the table.

SungGyu remained sitting; he wanted so badly to complain to WooHyun. He wanted to let him know exactly how he felt about being so easily duped for so long, but he held back. He tried his hardest to put himself in WooHyun’s shoes.

In the blurred memory he could hear WooHyun’s accusing voice telling him how he had loved him for years and how it had destroyed him, causing him to turn into somebody he hated.

SungGyu had never experienced a love like the one WooHyun had described. He had liked girls, wanted to be with them, and had been eager for sex…but no woman had ever made him go crazy. He had never lost his mind over love, but to be fair he had never experienced forbidden love. He had never had to live with somebody he loved…somebody who didn’t love him back. How maddening that must have been after all the years they had spent together.

He watched WooHyun in the kitchen and felt empathy, not anger, for the first time. “You don’t have to cook for me.”

“I am cooking for all of you,” WooHyun stated as he sliced up some meat.

“No, you aren’t,” SungGyu told him. “You are cooking for me…because I wasn’t eating the leftovers. I just…I have a lot to think about. I probably won’t eat your cooking either.”

“Yes, you will,” WooHyun told him confidently.

“You know this?”


“Because you know me so well?”

WooHyun smiled and added the meat to the frying pan. “Like the back of my hand.”

“You do,” SungGyu couldn’t help but agree.

“Are you pouting because I could guess your password so easily?”


“Are you pouting because I stayed out all night?”


“I think you are.”

“I just think it is unfair…you know me so well, but I don’t know you.”

WooHyun’s head whipped around to stare at the leader. “Of course you know me.”

“No, I don’t,” SungGyu told him, feeling unreasonably sad.

“Did the boss tell you something?” WooHyun asked, shoving the pan off the fire and walking towards the table.

SungGyu furrowed his brow. “The boss?”

“Yes,” WooHyun replied, sitting down beside him. “He wasn’t supposed to say anything… Did he?”

SungGyu just stared at WooHyun, who was studying him intently. “What would the boss have told me?”

“You tell me.”

SungGyu frowned. Did the CEO know about WooHyun’s feelings toward him? Well, considering the CEO was a sneaky little mastermind in his own right it wouldn’t surprise him any. “What if he did?”

WooHyun shook his head. “He didn’t.”

“Why are you so sure?”

“Because you wouldn’t be so calm if he did,” WooHyun informed him.

“Am I supposed to be acting a certain way? Should I be screaming at you? Hiring someone to beat you up? Should I hate you?” SungGyu asked, because really, what did WooHyun expect? Did he really think SungGyu was some sort of homophobic pig? He knew he could be sexist and say inappropriate things but he could never hate WooHyun.

The look of utter confusion on WooHyun’s face gave SungGyu a small measure of satisfaction. “Just tell me.”

“No,” SungGyu told him, feeling triumphant suddenly. He took great satisfaction in knowing he wasn’t a complete open book to the other man. “No, you don’t get to know what I am thinking.”

“I don’t think the CEO told you anything,” WooHyun stated, refusing to give in.

SungGyu shrugged. “I don’t recall.”

“Then why are you angry?”

“I’m not angry.”

“Then what are you?” WooHyun asked. He wasn’t used to this version of SungGyu, who seemed to be purposely hiding things from him.

“Hungry, go cook,” SungGyu groused, no longer willing to have this discussion…knowing WooHyun would figure him out too fast if they kept talking.

WooHyun got up, but looked back down at SungGyu. “I am cooking for you.”

“I know.”

“You are my best friend.”

SungGyu felt terribly sad for the other man, recognizing the lie. “And you are mine.”
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