Early morning grumblings....regarding translations...and general uncool behavior.

In the past, I have given permission for some of my stories to be translated.  I always thought...heck, it is a lot of work if you want to do it cool.  I was actually deeply honored.  And usually---people ask to translate Damaged and then about chapter 7 they are like...damn there are 42 more chapters to go, never mind.  I think three people were kind enough to actually link me back to the translated versions of Damaged.

I do not want Fragile Essence translated....nope.  I have my own plans for that story.

If I have given you permission to translate a story and you would like me to provide the link to your translation on my journal, please reply here.  I don't mind.

I do mind when people PM my friends asking for my personal email address.  I do not give out my email address to anyone---I have had people try to hack this account more times than I care to think about.  My PMs have been turned off for years and I do not want to get into the reasons why.  I realize leaving comments is the only way to really contact me, and I know some people feel uncomfortable doing this. I am thinking of just making a 'ask me' post.

Thank you.
Of course, I remember you.

You were always perfect at keeping me updated on Twitter. DMGD is a lot. I can't imagine writing it again...much less translating it again. It's huge.

Also if you want me to promote your link to the translated TFAN I will add it to chapter list.

You are funny. I wish I was this cool. *snort*
I'm so sorry you have felt sad about this bad behaviour. I completely understand and I hate when ppl don't get an idea of how much work you have to do in order to get a cool story. They only take the easy way. It's like thieves. It's easy when it's ready for you to take. For instance I was looking for Goshiyeon story and I found a Facebook page where they translate your story to spanish. I hope they have asked for you're permission cause it's finished already.
Sorry again and upset the same as you cause I like to write myself :(

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Re: :(
I am not sad or mad. I just don't want my friends contacted. I know Amy has got a lot of suspicious pms over the years. I am private person...this is a hobby of mine. It shouldn't be stressful.

I bet Damaged is translated into Spanish probably five times. I think this is the one.....where they asked me after they had already started translating it(after a bunch of people complained.) As long as I am credited..I am good with it. Honestly, I have given so many people permission to translate DMGD I can't keep up. I am done with DMGD so I don't mind if people translate it...but if you see FE anywhere I want to know that is not cool.
oh. I totally forgot about Fragile Essence. waaaaaa~

I hope they wouldn't translate your fic that it would lead you to delete it or smth because I havent read it yet. LOL. Do you think I'm selfish? T^T

I'll support you from here~ ^^ /sends love/
I won't delete Fragile Essence since it is locked up........but I might not post the second part online.

You should read it. lol You might not like it.

Thanks dear for your support.:)
OH NO NO NO!!! You can't not post the second part of FE!!!! You just cant do that to me... Just tell me if anyone tries anything that is not ok I will hunt them down personally ;)
ehhh?? "might not"?? but why? T^T

I'm gonna read it when I have looooong weekend breaks. HAHAHA! I want to read it in one go just like what I did when I read Damaged XD

They said Fragile Essence is so wonderful and adsdgfgjgh so I'm really curious about it but then...school /sighs/

I'll support you forevarrr~ :D
I was just saying if some things happen...I plan to post it online---(if I ever start writing it).

Bring the Kleenex if you read it.

Thanks for the support!
Hello, aquariuslover. I'm sorry for making troubles, and I want to apologize to you and your friends. I needed to get the permission from the author personally, but I didn't have an access to your PM, that's why I wrote to tahoeturquoise who is your Beta. And to dolphinchic - just in case, cause you are connected, and here I made a mistake, and I hope you will except my apologies. I suppose, such questions are to be asked personally, and I didn't even think to make an "ask me" post (which was really stupid of me). I am a great fan of your works, especially of the fic «Fragile Essence», and it ran deep into my heart, even deeper than the famous «Damaged». And just because it's my favorite YunJae fic, I would like it to be known not only by English fandom, but my native fandom too. I would really appreciate it, if you allow me to translate it. I am cool with any conditions: if you tell me to translate only after you finish your work - so be it. If you worry that I will not complete the translation, I can persuade you of the contrary. I have an experience of translating and, moreover, it's my profession, and my attitude to every project is far too serious. «Fragile Essence» is really an awesome work, it made me feel the characters, the atmosphere, all these feels I just can't explain in words. And I hope you will not judge me for wanting to share it with my fandom. However, I'll respect any of your decision , because you are the author and I have no rights to contradict. And thank you for this amazing fanfiction. In any case, I am waiting for the continuation.

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First off, yes this post was spurred on by your request, but honestly I have been needing to make it for a long time. Least you are polite, some people feel the need to pester my friends into making me write certain things.....which is so not cool.

Like I said I am always flattered that anybody wants to translate my story...it's huge honor. I think translators are awesome--since I can barely master English. I absolutely do not judge you, but I have to decline at this time.

When I first started sharing FE I would have probably said okay, but the more I think about it the more I think it is wise to just limit it to my original postings at this time. I have a lot of plans for FE. There are scenes I need to add FE, before I write Part 2.

I am so touched you liked FE.

Thank you for your interest!

I understand how you feel, when your work is translate you won't know who will read it and steals it!

Just because it's in a different language.

but I get the feeling honored part. i would feel immensely honor too, but you are such a great writer.

If someone steal your work, know that it's because you're great, and they would never be able to write as great as you.

But if I ever see your work somewhere it isn't supposed to be, know you will know it. i know how hard it is to update, believe me, and I love and respect you and your works way to much to stay quiet.

Good luck!^^
Stay healthy and continue on spamming us with great amazing stories.
because you make me sooooooooo happy with your stories. Without your stories, i don't think If I would ever be able to say, I know a great Yunjae author. A great author that makes me love all the stories she write, even though they not yunjae.

Also, should I read FE, I want to know, but I keep dragging my feet, and I did that with your woogyu fics too, and Expectation only to regret it later on.
But I do plan on reading it, but I think i will when it's complete, because I know I will cry if I come to the end where it has a cliffhanger, i can't do cliffhanger. And your writing is so-ooooo-oooo good, I WOULD CRY. And my patience is not that great when it comes to your great stories.

Should I? Read it that is?

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Yeah, a lot of authors don't like to have their stories translated--and I totally understand why.

You are being very sweet to me!

FE ends with a very rough cliffhanger.......maybe just don't read the last half of the last chapter. lol Then you should be okay.

But don't read if it if you are going to pester me to update...enough people do that. lol

I am sorry for everything that you are going through.. the nerve of some people..
I love all of your stories.. and that surprises me because I am a big HoMin fan but I love all of your YunJae fics just as much.... I have even reread Damaged.. love it!! Just like now I will patiently wait for you to finish FE... Keep up the good work..
It's not a big deal at all.

I just wanted to make it clear not to pm my friends or my beta. Also I wanted to maybe give people a nudge who have translated my stories and totally disappeared.

I am glad you like my yunjae fics even though you love Homin. I love Homin too...but just not as a romantic couple. I think they have their bond is unbreakable and totally awesome.

suspicious behaviour
I have no idea why people would want to be so cruel as to hack someone else's account.
Asking for email address is like... Asking for bank account nowadays. What's next, asking for passwords?

Silly people. I hope they look elsewhere for targets.

Thanks for writing, always
Re: suspicious behaviour
This time it was innocent, thank goodness.

It always makes me nervous when LJ notifies me that people are trying to log in and change my password. So nobody gets my email.

Hopefully they will look elsewhere...or just be decent human beings.

Thanks for reading!
maybe you can add a line on your master fics post that says: "if you wish to translate my fics, please leave me a comment here. all comments will be screened." ??? and then you can also make a note next to Fragile Essence that you do not want it to be translated?

ps - i'm a terrible commenter, but i do love your fics. :)
I might do that. I already had to hide my comments under my master fic post. I tried leaving it open....but people...people...people....screening is a wonderful idea.

PS: All commenters are equally wonderful the ones that leave me two words and the ones that leave 2000 words.
I do not want to be a burden to you, but is there an opportunity that you'll give your permission after you finish FE?
LOL "-people ask to translate Damaged and then about chapter 7 they are like...damn there are 42 more chapters to go, never mind"

I can see that happening. But it's such a good story that i think it'd be worth it at the end. I'm just happy you're still writing :))
so sorry to hear ur havin' trouble with ur fics. dun worry i will let you know if i happen to stumble upon one esp if it is not explicitly specified that it is a trans and/ot claiming to be orignl fc. on the plus side, i am so happy and in cloud nine upon viewing the vids and the c8 sweet dception update!!!! :) hang in ther dearie! we have ur back! ;)
Luckily, it wasn't a big deal.:)

But thanks for offering to look out for me. I wouldn't know if somebody translated it without my permission...or thieving.

I'm really glad you like the videos and Sweet Deception!

Totally understand. In the end it is UR stories so U have every right to decide what is going to happen with them... tho I hope U will not delete them or abandon them even if writing is just a hobby coz I got attached to them... U are one of my favorite writers so I do come back to re-read Ur stories from time to time before I go to sleep. ^^ It's like coming back to Ur most favorite book before U go to sleep... I like to read my favorite YunJae FF on my phone in bed so I would get devastated if something happened to Ur LJ & Ur stories! (>_<) Sorry for being so selfish...
Hope life is not too busy & that U have time to relax. We have only one health (~_^)
*sends virtual hugs & kisses* (^3^)

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I have no intention of abandoning them. It's so sweet of you to compare one of my stories to a favorite book.:)

Thanks so much!
I agree. I think it's only respectful for the translator to link you back to the translated version of your fic. I also agree that it's an honour for them to love your fic enough to want to translate them but in the event that they can't continue to translate, they should at least inform you about it.

>.< People still trying to hack your account? Sigh.
Yeah, it is kinda annoying.

I have had so many people ask and they promise to link back but they rarely do. I mean if they didn't translate it just tell me.

They have in the past that is why I don't give out my email.