Sweet Deception, Chapter Eight

Title: Sweet Deception, Chapter Eight
Author: Aquariuslover
Pairings: SungGyu/WooHyun focus.
Rating: R
Genre: Angst
Length: Chaptered
Beta: tahoeturquoise

Summary: For years a fire has been smoldering deep inside of WooHyun, and now it is burning out of control and wrecking havoc on the group. A danger is looming over SungGyu, but will he pay it heed before it claims his life? Can an ominous deal be brokered in time to save Infinite?

Chapter List

WooHyun sat alone in a secluded corner of their studio, next to a small window. The others were busy singing their hearts out, but he was as far away from the singing as he could get. He had his ear buds on and he clung to his iPod, but it was turned off. He wasn’t in the mood for music and he thought once he left Infinite it would be a long time before he could enjoy music again.

The CEO had surprised all the members when he announced they would be doing another comeback in the summer.

The other members had been really excited when they heard their single. Even though it was not a Sweet Tune production, the members had really liked it. He had celebrated with them, pretending that his journey with them wasn’t coming to an end. WooHyun knew the CEO was already planning damage control for when he left the group in ten days. The first plan of action was to distract the fans by having an explosive comeback. There were even rumors going around the studio that the video would be filmed in the States.

Life had been rough for WooHyun in the days after his confrontation with SungGyu. SungGyu, who was usually easy to appease, had only gotten more moody with each passing day. He had made himself completely unapproachable. Any attempt WooHyun had made to get near the older man to soothe him had been met with open hostility. He hated that the last of his days with the one he loved the most were going to be anything but peaceful.

WooHyun knew SungGyu felt betrayed, manipulated, and like a fool. The truth was that WooHyun had manipulated many situations in order to protect his secret and he couldn’t deny it, but he had never thought of SungGyu as a fool. He wanted desperately to tell SungGyu this, make him understand…give him back his pride before they parted ways once and for all.

“When do you record?”

WooHyun snapped out of his thoughts and looked up to find DongWoo studying him closely. “I already did; I’m taking a break.”

“I didn’t see you.”

“You know how they are, always dragging me and SungGyu in at odd hours. I doubt I’ll get any sleep for the next couple of weeks.”

DongWoo exhaled the breath he was holding and agreed, “Yeah, the rewards of being a main vocal.”

WooHyun smiled on the outside, but on the inside he hated the liar he had become. He hated how easily he lied to the ones he loved. “Yep.”

“Is there something you need to tell me?” DongWoo asked, leaning up against the wall directly in front of the other man, not even half a meter away from WooHyun.

“No, nothing I can think of. Do you want to go play badminton?” WooHyun asked, sensing the older man had a conversation in mind that WooHyun was not prepared for.

“No, I want to talk to you.”

“About what?”

“SungGyu can’t even look at you.”

WooHyun shrugged. “He’s upset with me.”

“What did you do?” DongWoo asked as he slid down the wall, his knees almost bumping against WooHyun’s.

“I was just…just being a jerk; it’s my fault.”

“How were you being a jerk?”

“Are you sure you don’t want to play badminton?”

“Dammit,” DongWoo said in a harsh voice as he lost patience with the other man. “What did you do now?”

WooHyun leaned farther back in his chair, surprised by the other man’s tone of voice. “It was—I am just not the friend I used to be.”

“You disappoint me so much,” DongWoo declared, standing back up. He did not bother to hide his growing irritation. “Why did you ever have to make up with him, if you were just going to pull this shit again?”

“I just…don’t get mad. It’s not normal for you to be angry. It’s not natural,” WooHyun pleaded. “I won’t do anything else.”

“Do you think I want to be angry? I don’t want to be like this. I want to be my easygoing self, but you have turned me into this big worrywart.”

“I’m sorry,” WooHyun apologized.

“No, you’re not,” DongWoo told him. “If you were you wouldn’t do it.”

The familiarity of DongWoo’s words…a repeat of what SungGyu’s had told him, had WooHyun standing up and replying defensively, “I can’t help it. If I could go back…to that person I used to be—I would do it.”

“I don’t even know who you are anymore,” DongWoo confessed to him. “I thought you were back to your old self and now you are pulling this shit again. What exactly is it you wish to accomplish?”

“I don’t have some evil plan…I am just a jerk sometimes.”

“He’s recovering from major surgery—he almost died, can’t you just refrain from pulling your bullshit till he is completely recovered?”

“I just…I didn’t mean—” WooHyun was interrupted when DongWoo pushed him back down in his chair.

“Do you want to destroy him?”

WooHyun’s mouth fell open, stunned by the question.

“I won’t let you,” DongWoo warned. “I won’t. You are the reason he didn’t notice he was sick…you are the reason he almost died. I tried to deny it. When others said it was your fault, I defended you, but I was deluding myself.”

WooHyun stayed speechless as he watched tears slide down DongWoo’s cheeks.

“When he was lying on that floor, barely breathing, I realized how wrong I was. I was ready to let you go. I was! If the CEO had said you were out of the group, I would have agreed!”

WooHyun squeezed his eyes shut, fighting against the urge to scream out the truth.

DongWoo knelt down on the floor beside WooHyun and pleaded, “You have to stop.”

“I know,” WooHyun agreed, opening his eyes and letting his own tears fall freely.

DongWoo reached out and took WooHyun’s hands. “He isn’t like us. He doesn’t make friends easily. He’s a hard man to know, a harder man to love. He wasn’t raised like us…it isn’t easy for him to love or to make friends. He trusted you, like he never trusted anybody else and you threw it back in his face.”

WooHyun’s whole body was trembling. “I didn’t want to. It was never my intention.”

“I know it wasn’t but it’s what you did,” DongWoo told him. “A man has to live with his actions…not with his good intentions. Actions are all that matter in the end.”

WooHyun broke free of DongWoo’s hold on him, stood up, and backed out of the corner giving himself more room. “I am sorry. You’ll never know how sorry I am.”

He felt like he had to get away from DongWoo. This serious version of DongWoo was too much for him. The rapper should not be like this—so troubled and serious. He should be happy, laughing and making life more enjoyable for everyone who encountered him.

WooHyun hated that he had ended up horrifying and disgusting the one he loved, but it made him physically ill to know he had changed DongWoo into this burdened man. A man who was grasping at straws to save a group of seven young men that was already lost.

He rushed away from DongWoo letting his guilt overwhelm him. In his devastation he wasn’t looking where he was going and he ran smack into MyungSoo.

“Where are—what’s wrong?” MyungSoo asked, looking at his distraught hyung.

WooHyun’s eyes were not on the handsome young man, they were on SungGyu who had been walking beside MyungSoo.

“Hyung, are you okay?” a concerned MyungSoo asked, his worry for WooHyun clearly heard in his voice.

“No,” WooHyun answered truthfully, not bothering to lie. Nothing was okay, everything was wrong and he feared it would never be right again.

SungGyu looked past WooHyun to something behind him and then back to him. “Did you tell him?”

WooHyun turned around to see that DongWoo had followed him. “No,” WooHyun answered as he looked at DongWoo.

“What is going on?” MyungSoo pleaded.

“Nothing,” SungGyu stated firmly. “DongWoo is just being a busybody. He’s been hanging out with his mom too much if you ask me.”

“Huh?” DongWoo asked, at a loss.

SungGyu, much to WooHyun’s shock, reached out and took him by the hand. “WooHyun is my servant. I can be as mean as I want to be to him. Don’t be sneaking around my back trying to get him to tattle on me.”

WooHyun’s shock was great but his mind was faster. “I didn’t tattle a word. When he blamed me for everything I just took it without a word in my defense.”

The smile on SungGyu’s face seemed so sincere. “Good! Everything is your fault.”

And with that SungGyu pulled WooHyun away, leaving the other two stunned members behind.

WooHyun allowed SungGyu to lead him through the studio until they came to an empty room. Once they entered the room, SungGyu let go of him and shut the door. The older man then took several steps away from WooHyun, increasing the distance between them. “I have decided to…” SungGyu paused, studying the younger man’s face that suddenly looked so hopeful, “pretend that you aren’t the greatest disappointment of my life. I am going to act like we are the friends I used to think we were until the wedding. I want the other members to have that before you blow their world apart.”

“Oh…okay,” WooHyun replied, cursing the first thought that had entered his mind.

SungGyu smirked. “You thought I was going to agree to your stupid terms.”

“No,” WooHyun lied.

“Yes, you did,” SungGyu told him. “You think you know me so well. You think that I am just open-minded enough that after a few days to ponder the choice, I’d choose what was best for Infinite. You thought I’d sacrifice myself for the group.”

WooHyun swallowed guiltily but insisted, “No, I didn’t.”

The older man stepped forward and to WooHyun’s surprise he felt SungGyu trace across his throat with a single finger, before he hissed, “I am not a woman with a knife to her throat that is given the choice of being raped or being killed. I am not your victim.”

WooHyun recoiled and stumbled backwards away from the other man. He tripped over his own feet, fell to the floor and landed on his butt.

SungGyu looked down at him, unable to hide his disgust. “You are not my rapist. The choice you gave me is no choice at all.”

“I just—” WooHyun started to explain, but the door slammed shut and the other man was already gone.


“He called you a rapist?”

“He did,” WooHyun confirmed for his friend, who was leaning against him with his head resting on his shoulder.


“I know,” WooHyun responded. He was in the backseat of Key’s boyfriend’s car with the eccentric SHINee member. After a night out clubbing the model boyfriend had stopped at an all night drugstore and gone inside, alone.

Key, who was slightly intoxicated, leaned away from WooHyun declaring, “He’s right, you know.”

WooHyun, who hadn’t had anything to drink, denied, “No, he’s not.”

“He is.”

“No, he’s not.”

“How is it not rape?”

“Rape is a violent act. The rapist takes enjoyment in being violent—exerting control over someone. The violent act is what gets him off. If I had a night of sex with SungGyu it would be about love.”

“Not for him.”

“Maybe not, but it isn’t rape.”

“It was emotional blackmail.”

“It was not.”

Key snorted. “How do you even have the balls to deny that? Of course it is emotional blackmail.”

“It was an offer…an offer I made in a moment of haste. I knew he would never accept it.”

Key leaned back against WooHyun, wrapping an arm around him, and whispered in his ear, “Don’t act like you don’t want it to happen. You have probably fantasized about it a million times and jerked off to it.”

“Of course I want it to happen; I just know it won’t.”

Key let out a laugh before kissing WooHyun on the cheek. “Such a bad liar, of course you think it will happen.”

WooHyun pushed Key away. “I do not.”

“You know him better than anybody. You would have never given him a choice if you didn’t think he might take you up on the offer.”

“Shut up,” a defensive WooHyun snapped.

“He surprised you though,” Key said sounding almost proud. “He gave you the biggest fuck off ever, once he stopped being stupid—he’s actually kinda smart.”

WooHyun clenched his fists, hating Key’s words. “I never thought he would accept my choice.”

Key burped loudly, showing what he thought of WooHyun’s denial.

“I didn’t.”

“Are you pretending to be delusional…or do you really believe what you are saying?” Key asked. “Do you really believe that you will be leaving the group as some poor martyr for love?”

“Shut up.”

Key plopped back down on the back seat of the car, positioning his head on WooHyun’s lap. “So bitchy.”

WooHyun cast his gaze down at the other man’s face. “I will be leaving the group…in seven days”

“But if he took you up on your offer…”

“I wouldn’t leave.”

Key reached out and grabbed WooHyun’s hand. “I’m glad he refused you.”

“Why? Is it because in your delusional mind you would consider it rape?”

“It would be rape—even though you don’t see it. And you, bitchy boy, are the delusional one if you think one night could ever satisfy you.”

“It could.”

“It wouldn’t.”

WooHyun shook his head and tried to explain, “You don’t understand…for you sex—is just sex. For me…for me it needs to be more.”

“Hmmpff,” Key scoffed. “So you could have this…this more, and never ever want it again?”

“Of course not, I would always want more, but having it just once…I am positive it would be enough.”

“Such a fool.”

“Perhaps, but if I promised that it would be enough, it would have to be,” WooHyun explained. “With him it would be making love and I am convinced the feeling could sustain me for a long time. You wouldn’t understand.”

Key sat up and the parking lot lights only allowed WooHyun a glimpse of the irritation in the other man’s eyes. “Just because the two of us only ever had sex with each other, doesn’t mean I’ve never made love. I’ve made love before…and I still carry the wounds.”

WooHyun gave his friend a sad smile, knowing what love had cost the other man. “I know…I shouldn’t have said that.”

“No, you should not have, considering it’s you who has never made love.”

“I’ve only ever loved him, so that would put an impediment on me having ever made love.”

“If he gives in to you…you would never be able to hold up your part of the bargain. You are weak when it comes to him, and you shouldn’t make promises you will never be able to keep.”

“I am not weak,” WooHyun protested.

“You are not strong enough to play at being friends, not after you’ve touched the forbidden fruit.”

“I am strong enough,” WooHyun insisted.

“No, you’re not.”

“You did it.”

“I am stronger than you are.”

“I doubt it.”

“It will be harder for you, so much harder for you.”


“He’ll hate you.”

WooHyun looked away from his friend. “I…he won’t…he forgives.”

“Not this.”

“You don’t know him. You just know how he presents himself…I know him. Even though he has called me a rapist and says he is just acting like my friend for the benefit of the group—I know his anger is fading. I can feel it fading away. He can’t stay angry at me.”

“You expect too much of him and you forget a simple truth.”

WooHyun turned back to his friend. “What truth?”

“Straight men don’t like other men’s cocks up their ass.”

“Don’t say it like that.”

“It’s the truth, it’s a huge turn off for them,” Key insisted. “A straight man might fuck you if he is drunk and horny enough and you are feminine enough, but not the other way around.”

WooHyun frowned.

“It’s the truth.”

WooHyun continued to frown.

“When was the last time you got laid?”

“Why does that matter?”

“Too long, huh,” Key stated and then he picked up one of WooHyun’s hands, brought it up to his mouth and sucked one of his fingers into it.

WooHyun tensed. “We make bad lovers, remember.”

Key continued to suck.

WooHyun looked around nervously making sure nobody was nearby in the parking lot. “We are in your boyfriend’s car.”

Key let go of WooHyun’s fingers and slid onto WooHyun’s lap. “It wasn’t like I was sucking on your cock, but I will if it will help you get over this stupid notion of yours. How long has it been since you came in someone’s warm, moist mouth?”

“Get away from me,” WooHyun ordered, but he did not push the other man away.

“Oh, lookie there,” Key teased, pressing his ass down on WooHyun’s hard cock. “Like I said, it’s been too long for you.”

“I hate you.”

“You adore me, but I won’t be helping you with your little problem.”

“I don’t want your help.”

“No, of course not; you are waiting for love, but sadly your one true love would rather have his rotten appendix back inside of him, instead of your wee little cock.”

“It isn’t wee,” WooHyun huffed, offended, pushing Key off his lap.

“It isn’t exactly Jung Yunho proportions.”

WooHyun sneered, casting his gaze to the parking lot. “Whose is?”

“True,” Key conceded, leaning back against the seat. “I suppose yours is average. My newest model…err I mean boyfriend, has a nice cock. You should see it sometime.”

WooHyun’s eyes narrowed and he agreed, “Okay.”

“Okay,” Key repeated, detecting something sinister in the other man’s voice.

The driver’s door opened and Key’s handsome boyfriend got inside the car, causing WooHyun to immediately ask, “Hey, are you game for a three way? Key says you have a nice cock.”

Key elbowed WooHyun in the gut, hissing, “You bitch.”

“I’m game; I’ll take you guys back to my place,” the boyfriend told WooHyun. He added, “I don’t bottom.”

“Me either,” WooHyun replied. “I do enjoy sucking on a nice cock though, and Key’s hole can take us both.”

“True,” the boyfriend confirmed, starting the car.

An outraged Key lunged over the backseat, barreling into the passenger seat. “What the fuck? You will do a three-way with him? I have asked you repeatedly if we can have a three-way with JongHyun and your answer is always no.”

The flawless model turned to face his fuming boyfriend. “That’s because a three-way should be done with three active participants. Not you and JongHyun fucking like bunnies while I’m completely forgotten about.”

“You know, never mind…just drop me off at home.” WooHyun blurted out quickly, knowing one hell of a fight was about to ensue.


SungGyu couldn’t sleep. He had been forced to stay home most of the day, due to having an upset stomach early in the morning. A quick doctor’s appointment had confirmed it was nothing to worry about, but an overly concerned CEO had insisted he spend the rest of the day at home taking it easy. The other members, who had been drained from a busy day at the studio, had all gone to bed.

It was past midnight now and he still couldn’t sleep. He sat in the kitchen of the dorm staring at his laptop, fighting the urge to do a search on his and WooHyun’s couple name. SungGyu remembered when HyunSung from Boyfriend had complained he couldn’t even do a search on his own name without getting bombarded with fan fiction featuring SungGyu and WooHyun.

Words that WooHyun had spoken to him a week earlier kept teasing him. SungGyu had come to terms with the fact that WooHyun was leaving the group, but he wasn’t happy about it. He simply accepted it as a truth he could or would not alter, but still WooHyun’s words that SungGyu had been the one to initiate most of their skinship troubled him.

In an attempt to decrease the significance of anything he might find he began his search with a couple of videos of him and DongWoo. The fans had thousands of videos supporting their favorite pairing in the group and videos of him and DongWoo were aplenty. He watched the videos, trying to remember exactly why he had thought biting DongWoo’s ear had been a good idea. There was also footage from Sukira that had made the shippers squeal in delight. He smiled, knowing it had been wise of him to start with DongWoo.

Then he moved on to Hoya and it was even more innocent than the videos of him and DongWoo. The moments between him and SungYeol were rare. Then he moved on to the youngest members, and although he was very affectionate with them, it was the affection of an older hyung towards his beloved dongsaengs.

With confidence that nothing he found would be unsettling he bravely clicked on a video supporting his pairing with WooHyun and after only thirty seconds he stopped it.

The looks they shared with each other were different.

He cleared his throat and started playing it again and resisted the urge to stop. He watched the way they leaned into each other, whispered to each other, and touched each other. WooHyun would look at him as if he was the greatest thing in the entire universe, and as much as SungGyu wished he could deny it—he looked at WooHyun the same way. With the other members there hadn’t been anything romantic about their videos, but with WooHyun there was a different vibe. Was it because WooHyun loved him? Did that twisted love bleed through to the camera, even confusing him?

He watched with an open jaw as he grabbed WooHyun’s hand and slid it over his inner thighs up toward his groin. What the hell was he thinking? What the hell was he doing? Had he been high? With DongWoo he had done questionable things, but with WooHyun it was different. WooHyun had been right, not all the skinship was his doing.

He slammed the laptop shut, unable to bear watching anymore. He tried to imagine what it would have been like if he had been in WooHyun’s shoes. All these years the other man had loved him and SungGyu had been unknowingly toying with him. He laid his head against the table wishing he had stifled the urge to look at the videos.

“Dare I ask?”

SungGyu groaned, after hearing WooHyun’s voice. He hadn’t heard the other man enter the dorm.

“Bad porn?” WooHyun teased as he walked up to the table and took a seat next to him.

“Go away.”

“Nope,” WooHyun replied. “How are you feeling?”

“Like shit.”

WooHyun resisted the urge to reach out and touch the other man. “Is it your stomach?”

“My life.”

The younger man sighed. “How do you feel physically?”


“That’s good.”

“Go away,” SungGyu repeated, not lifting his head to look at the other man.

“You don’t sound very convincing,” WooHyun told him. “It’s past midnight and the start of a new day. Have you decided not to hate me today?”

SungGyu closed his eyes. “I don’t hate you…you just piss me off.”

Unable to resist the urge any longer WooHyun reached out and ran a hand through the other man’s hair. “I like your black hair, although I must admit the red hair was my favorite.”

“I am never dying it red again.”

“You are such a meanie,” WooHyun told him, ruffling SungGyu’s hair before removing his hand.

“Don’t you forget it.”

“So did the other members buy that I was at the studio?” WooHyun asked. The rest of the group had become increasingly suspicious about the lack of time WooHyun had spent recording for their new album.

“Yeah,” SungGyu answered, turning his head to look at WooHyun. “They bought it, and with me being sick it made sense that—what happened to your face?”

WooHyun reached up and touched a thin scratch that ran down his cheek. “Key got feisty.”

SungGyu sat up in his chair, looking both intrigued and hopeful. “Are you two back together?”

WooHyun shook his head.

The older man did not bother to hide his disappointment. “Why not?”

“Don’t look so let down,” WooHyun told him. “He has a boyfriend.”

“You just said he got feisty,” SungGyu pointed out.

“He was trying to claw out his boyfriend’s eyeballs and I got caught in the middle,” WooHyun explained. “It was my fault though…I did start the fight.”

SungGyu pondered the other man’s words and then optimistically added, “If they are fighting…maybe they will break up and you can get back with Key.”

WooHyun rubbed his forehead, letting out a sigh. “In some imaginary world do you see me falling out of love with you, falling in love with Key, and going on as a member of Infinite?”

“Yes,” SungGyu quickly answered. “Can you please make it the real world and not an imaginary one? It’s a very nice world.”

“So, you want me to continue with Infinite.”

“Of course I want you to continue with Infinite. What kind of question is that?”

“I guess you don’t consider me an evil, would-be rapist today.”

SungGyu closed his eyes. “I am not going to apologize for saying that, because you are trying to manipulate me into doing something that is never going to happen, but that doesn’t change the fact that I don’t want you to quit Infinite.”

WooHyun stopped himself from telling SungGyu the papers were already signed and his leaving was just days away. “I knew you would eventually forgive me…because it is impossible for you to stay angry with me, but I didn’t expect it to happen so soon.”

“I haven’t forgiven you,” SungGyu said with snarl. “Not even close.”

“Yes, you have.”

“No, I haven’t.”

“Are you not going to tell me what caused this softening towards me? I figured you had at least two more days of being pissy before you started easing up.”

SungGyu glanced down at the laptop, suddenly very conscious of it. “Nothing.”

WooHyun followed his gaze. “What were you looking at on your computer?”

“I was reading,” SungGyu replied, grabbing the laptop and pulling it closer to him, he could already sense WooHyun’s keen mind putting the pieces together.

“What were you reading?”

“Nothing you would be interested in,” SungGyu lied, refusing to look at the perceptive younger man who knew him far too well.

“I am interested, though.

“It’s straight porn….like I said, you wouldn’t be interested.”

WooHyun grinned and tapped his fingers against the table. “The guys are usually pretty hot. I can ignore the woman. Let me see.”

SungGyu groaned internally and then blurted out, “It’s lesbian porn!”

“I thought you said it was straight porn?”

“It is porn for straight guys!”

“You are lying,” WooHyun told him and the amusement in his voice was easily heard. “Let me see what you were really looking at.”

SungGyu turned to glare at the other man, but couldn’t. The smile on WooHyun’s face was infectious. The same huge smile he had seen a million times aimed only at him. The smile he had never understood till now. “Don’t smile at me like that.”

WooHyun laughed. “Why not?”

“Because it makes me want…want to smile back at you.”

“Then smile back at me.”

“I don’t want to lead you on anymore,” SungGyu told him genuinely. “I am sorry if I ever did, I really didn’t think I was. I never meant it that way.”

The smile stayed on the younger man’s face, but his eyes lit up. “You were watching videos of us.”

SungGyu frantically shook his head no, cursing the man mentally for his finely honed skills when it came to reading him.

“Yes, you were,” WooHyun proclaimed, reaching for the laptop.

“No, you can’t have it,” SungGyu ordered, clinging to it.

WooHyun got up out of the chair and tried to pull the laptop free from SungGyu. “Let me see it.”

“No,” SungGyu protested, refusing to let go, but unfortunately for him WooHyun had always been the stronger of the two of them. The fact that he was far from being completely recovered only added to his weakness. He stood up, but he felt his grip weakening on the laptop as the other man pulled it away. He quickly realized his body might be weak but his mind was not. He immediately let out a loud moan and doubled over.

WooHyun immediately stopped his struggle for the laptop, his hands flying up and away from the other man. “What is wrong? Are you hurt?”

SungGyu stayed bent over, continuing to moan out in pain.

“I’m an idiot,” WooHyun declared, sliding his hands over SungGyu’s back and easing him back into the chair. “I will go get a manager…just stay there.”

SungGyu said nothing.

WooHyun quickly dashed toward the door in his hurry to get help.

Once WooHyun was far enough away, SungGyu got up and hurried toward his bedroom.

“You slimy dog,” WooHyun accused but he couldn’t hide his amusement. He quickly took after SungGyu, who was waiting at the doorway to the room he shared with MyungSoo and SungJong, looking extremely pleased with himself.

“Now I know your weakness,” SungGyu said mischievously.

WooHyun nodded his head, admitting defeat. “It was low though; you fight dirty.”

“Yeah,” SungGyu admitted. “But you deserve it…you’ve done worse.”

“Way worse,” WooHyun confirmed, walking up the other man. “I did a lot to protect my secret.”

“Yeah, and only 150,000 fans saw through you,” SungGyu groused, remembering all the WooGyu videos he had seen.

WooHyun let out a laugh. “Fan girls aren’t fools.”

SungGyu winced. “Like I am?”

“If you are a fool—then everybody else we know is one, too,” WooHyun told him, soothing him. “I can be really sneaky.”

“This I know.”

“I don’t know what you watched, but you shouldn’t feel bad about anything you saw…it isn’t your fault. Skinship didn’t cause me to feel the way I do. I felt this way long before we debuted,” WooHyun told him. “Don’t let the videos get to you.”

“I didn’t watch anything,” SungGyu insisted, refusing to admit what he had done.

WooHyun just grinned. “I can’t really fight you for the laptop, now. We would wake up an always curious SungJong and the sweet, innocent MyungSoo and neither one of us want to explain what is going on.”

“Nope,” SungGyu replied, proudly. “It feels good getting one over on you for once.”

“Does it?”

“It does.”

“So when we wake up tomorrow, we are going to be real friends, right? Not just playing along for our captive audience,” WooHyun stated, stepping closer. “No matter what else you believe, your friendship is very important to me. Let’s be friends for the little time we have left.”

SungGyu blinked, realizing what WooHyun was saying. Could he do that? Could he just spend these last days with WooHyun being his friend? Days ago he would have said absolutely not, but now he knew he could, because for the last few minutes that was exactly what they had been. “Why wait ‘til the morning to be friends? Why not start now?”

“Because you are going to be pouting for most of the night,” WooHyun said, leaning in closer.

SungGyu clutched the laptop tighter, protectively against his chest. “No, I’m not.”

“Yes, you will be,” WooHyun whispered as he kissed the other man on the cheek, causing a startled SungGyu to immediately reach out and push him away.

Only super quick reflexes that had been sharpened with endless dance practices kept the laptop from hitting the floor.

SungGyu fumed as he watched WooHyun snatch the laptop up and quickly dart for his own bedroom.

Before WooHyun entered his bedroom, he looked back at the older, annoyed man and proclaimed, “I am always the master.”
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Re: Thanks for the Update
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Girl, I can't keep up with Key's models! I don't offend the wrong one. lol

It was totally intentional because if I had given him a name....I know somebody would be asking for more Key/(insert name of nameless of model boyfriend here). lol

Oh, I might update later today....then you will see.

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Ahhh almost cried with frustration when Sunggyu compared Woohyun to a rapist. But I totally understand where his coming from and that Key is right in saying that one night wouldn't be enough for him...

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WooHyun is committing a type of emotional/blackmail rape--but he will never see it. He only see's the love. Key is my wise sage in this story.

That is why SungGyu is always at the disadvantage---he might be seeing WooHyun more clearly now, but WooHyun does know him better than he knows himself.

Thanks for commenting!
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Re: i probably the 150,0009 person..
It's not joke it's the truth!!!!

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You are going to make Grandpa Gyu run away and hide. lol WooHyun is in total agreement with you though!

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