This is WooGyu........for those reading Sweet Deception.

A lot of you have asked if what I reference in the story really I thought I might link you to some videos.  Also my fellow WOOGYU lovers feel free to add more!  Never enough WooGyu in this world.

Note:  I do not own any of these videos...I'm just WooGyu's pimp.

WooHyun mentally willing SungGyu to look at him.

WooHyun excited about some pelvic dancing.........and SungGyu doesn't mind the inner thigh action.  WooHyun the thrusting machine.   I mentioned this in Bed Head.

This is the moment I talk about a lot....I love it!  If you type in WooHyun jealous and do a search on youtube--it comes up!  No lie.  I love it.  WooHyun is pissed that SungGyu is talking to Bora.  I love it.  Nobody will ever convince me otherwise.

And here is an example of them smiling at each other.....BEAUTIFUL!

They make me think dirty things...very dirty things.

Amy said I had to add this one....she just likes watching them roll around in bed together.   Pervert!

SungGyu is a thief....and swapping slobbers isn't something they are concerned about.

Because SungGyu can be so clingy with his WooHyunnie!

I just love this hug!!!

Look at those smiles!  Just look at them!

Some people(most sane people) say WooHyun was picking something out of SungGyu's teeth for him.  I like to think he was picking a bugger...because that there is true love.  You just don't pick anyone's booggers...

There are a million more videos...............just let me know if you want to see more.:)
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Thank you so much!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!! You didn't have to but really, thank you so much!!! I will spend my time watching these videos!!!! Please more, please more videos if you dont mind.

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Some fans have made such lovely music fanvids of I just might make another post later. lol
I really like the smile in melon music award and the ice cream party...

More please!!!
All my favorite WooGyu moments. KYAAA :"> ♥
Watching them all again for the sake of WooGyu love OTL
They are sooooo cute.

Loved the melon music award video especially.
Both their smiles are the best thing ever. WooHyun's is captivating, one of his biggest charms no doubt. And what can I say? I'm a sucker for SungGyu's smiles. Especially this slow smile of his that goes from a frown to a full open bright smile that is just simply stunning. His whole face and expression changes so much when he smiles, like he suddenly becomes a different man. It's amazing.

Also the vid where SungGyu's hugging WooHyun at Idol star athletics. The way he tightly traps WooHyun between his arms, entwining his fingers like that. Then when he lets go WooHyun doesnt move at all as if expecting to be embraced again haha. So so cute.
Oh, I love how you described SungGyu's's so true.

The athletic fancam is very interesting. I don't remember how many times I watched it the first time I found it. I couldn't get enough of it. They are so natural with each other---this is not a show put on for fans. Even when WooHyun lowers to the ground it's like he is beckoning SungGyu to go down with him. Their body language is beautiful language.
AHHH. My love for their smiles,whispering in ears and laughter and /Kim Sunggyu with his friggen red hair and all-white outfit/ at the Melon awards will forever be undying. If I met the people who made that fancam I honestly would hug them and treat them food for capturing such a golden snippet.
I miss the red hair so much! Funny that it looks so much healthy when it was dyed bright red!

There are a lot of fancams from the Melon Awards---and I might end up posting them all. lol
I would rewatch them all over again-- they never get old! I always have the same reaction<333
I am so happy I started reading your WooGyu stories and discovered Infinite because of it. Life has been so much better since then.
I am glad you did too!

I tell people if they just give Infinite a chance.......they will be so much happier!
Ohh, now I that watched these I can totally see those smiles that you were referring to. When they look at each other, it seems like they forget everything and everyone around them.

And that one where Woohyun draped his jacket around Sunngyu, it's like you can almost see the angry sparks he was aiming towards Bora. Staking his claim and saying "Take that biatch!"
Their smiles are wonderfully romantic.

Oh, WH was totally saying, "Take that bitatch!" The toss of the head. There is another fancam where you can see him walking past....storming past other Infinite members to throw that jacket on SungGyu. It always gets deleted though!

Oh gosh! thank you!!! You gave me back sun after coming back to classes at uni!
And yes, maybe we're not sane people, but how can others not see the love the exchange each other??
Thank YOUUUUU <3
Awe...gave you back the sun. Sniffles!

I don't know how other people don't see it..........I hate to say this but if they were more classic *visuals* everybody would see it. Kpop is so visual. Not, me...I love my Infinite boys.:)
That first video still does it for me. They are so drawn to each other. I just love Woogyu. I remember seeing a gif of the wake up moment in Sesame Player and I have been hooked ever since. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. I've been a fan since their Be Mine days, so I've seen these videos so many times, and as a Woogyu fan thanks for writing this story.
The first video is almost creepy! lol

I started being a fan during their promotions for Before the Dawn. I was staying up and watching the music shows because Homin were doing their first comeback since the lawsuit. Infinite just had something special. So because of my first bias Mr. Male Perfection Yunho---I found my second bias. lol

I loved getting to know them. It was so much fun. I remember watching every episode of Sesame Player and falling more and more in love with these boys. They have so much awesome personalities!

I love writing WooGyu(Infinite). They are fun for me. They have such amazing personalities---it's fun to try to capture just a little of it.
just been into Infinite lately (downloaded BoaF, RK n SP after JJ sis twit a photo of her n L in JJ Concert last Jan, but started watch all of it last month). and since i really really like both SungGyu n WooHyun, i really do enjoy watching this, lol. thx u for this compilation =)
Hehe you totally turned me o. To this couple.... They are just kaaaaaaa!!!!!!
Thank you for introducing this couple. Before read your LJ, i never know thees 2people. But after reading Expectations ( i do love yunjae), i get curious. And after see this post, i'm planning to start reading your story about woogyu. Heheehee

Your story are really great. First i read damage and love it. Then continue with fragile essence, and love it, and really hope that you will continue that story.
After that, i read Expectation and get addicted with Joong.. Hehehe..

Thanks for write all the beautiful story and share with us.