This is WooGyu........for those reading Sweet Deception.

A lot of you have asked if what I reference in the story really I thought I might link you to some videos.  Also my fellow WOOGYU lovers feel free to add more!  Never enough WooGyu in this world.

Note:  I do not own any of these videos...I'm just WooGyu's pimp.

WooHyun mentally willing SungGyu to look at him.

WooHyun excited about some pelvic dancing.........and SungGyu doesn't mind the inner thigh action.  WooHyun the thrusting machine.   I mentioned this in Bed Head.

This is the moment I talk about a lot....I love it!  If you type in WooHyun jealous and do a search on youtube--it comes up!  No lie.  I love it.  WooHyun is pissed that SungGyu is talking to Bora.  I love it.  Nobody will ever convince me otherwise.

And here is an example of them smiling at each other.....BEAUTIFUL!

They make me think dirty things...very dirty things.

Amy said I had to add this one....she just likes watching them roll around in bed together.   Pervert!

SungGyu is a thief....and swapping slobbers isn't something they are concerned about.

Because SungGyu can be so clingy with his WooHyunnie!

I just love this hug!!!

Look at those smiles!  Just look at them!

Some people(most sane people) say WooHyun was picking something out of SungGyu's teeth for him.  I like to think he was picking a bugger...because that there is true love.  You just don't pick anyone's booggers...

There are a million more videos...............just let me know if you want to see more.:)
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