More WooGyu! Yeah!!!

For all you non-woogyu loving folk side-eyeing this post....I will make a poll tomorrow for everybody--------or for almost everybody.:)   Also I promise to work on Expectations tomorrow!!!  My computer is covered with stickies and my phone is full of crazy things I have the characters saying.

Okay back to the wonderful world of WooGyu fancams...same rules as yesterday.  I own nothing!  Nothing!  Click on the video and go to the youtube site to give proper credit!  Now let the fun commence!

WooHyun likes the red hair best too!!!  Did you see that wink???

Never enough of this!!!  Never!   Plus SungGyu is such a girl here!

They have secrets.  They make each other so happy.  Smiles...smiles...and more smiles.

It's all about 0:31.   I even mentioned this moment in Bed of Roses.  I just like it.  It's short but sweet.

WooGyu are so serious when talking to SungYeol, but that all changes when WooHyun turns and looks at his Gyu.  WooHyun also does hair.  He's a great boyfriend.

This video is almost gives you lots of interviews with eng subs.  It pieces stuff together.  Very nicely done.  Very long though.

I think I like this fan video because of the song.  The song fits them perfectly.

This fan video has some cute moments in it.

This video just shows how they never get tired of talking to each other.

I am being called away!  Sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I read this "Also I promise to work on Expectations tomorrow!!! " and my mind went blank... T_________________T Can't wait!!!! So excited already :)
Hope I can read something before my travel :)
It takes me awhile to write a Expectations adventure...sorry. I wish I was one of those writers that can just sit down and write story with such ease and then just post it.

I'm not.:( I have to make it so much harder than that. I have to write out the main plot points...sadly it is not a filler adventure. Filler adventures are faster to write. I don't even let Amy see an adventure till it is almost done...then the beta gets it. This next adventure has a lot going on...I am going to have to find a lot of time to write.
Yaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! expectations coming up. Let me do a li'l dance of happiness. I think am going to get sweat dreams tonight.
i enjoyed this too much
but'm sure my heart went bum bum bum

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Ohhhh, I made a comment on this post before your chapter 8 update, what's wrong with me? I got excited when I saw these videos. lol.

Haha, yep I definitely saw the wink. :)
And when WooGyu were talking to SungYeol, Woohyun looked bored out of his mind and then he looked at SungGyu and he smiled and his whole face just lit up.

Edit to add: And he freaking fixed Sunggyu's hair!!! Ahhh!

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Don't you love it how WooHyun's face lights up around's real. I love them so much.

He did fix Gyu's hair. He had done it before too. He's Gyu's personal stylist. lol
Cuteness overload.. Woohyun and Sunggyu have a really beautiful smile...
I like Woohyun smile a lot, so sincere..

I remember watching the long fanvid when you put the link in twitter.. Sunggyu really talk about Woohyun a looottt.

Yaayyy for Expectation!!
WooHyun's smile is so sincere, and SungGyu loves to talk about WooHyun.

Although, I think when WooHyun gets insecure---this spurs SungGyu to talk about him.

Expectations !!*happy dance*. Thank you tqtqtqtqttqtqtqttqtqtqtqtqtqtq sooo mucchhhhh

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