Another Poll! Yeah!!!!

Since somebody(otherwise known as chloe) is encouraging my poll fetish.  Not to mention you wonderful people are really feeding it.   Here is another one!   I know you are just bursting with excitement!  

I am going to spare you guys the game for now....  

Poll #1934580 These are just questions I am curious about.

Did you read Fragile Essence?

Not yet...but I plan on reading it.

Do you read Expectations?

Not yet...but I plan on reading it.

Do you read Sweet Deception?

Not yet....but I plan on reading it.

Which of my ONGOING stories do you like best?

Fragile Essence
Sweet Deception

Click the stories you have read.

The Fight about Nothing
Bed of Roses
Fragile Essence
Sweet Deception
I have read them all!

Will you read the second part of Fragile Essence?

Depends...on if I am still alive when you update it! I might have died of old age by then!

What do you think I should do about my poll addiction?

Seek help!
Indulge your addiction! Do the story quote game next!!!
Just don't ask me what my favorite color is.
Omg I was first to take this XD That's awesome.
I love everything you write!!! I have yet to read TFAN though~~~
Was never a KyuWook shipper until Expectations and I only like them in that verse.
But since I'm such an AquariousLover fangirl I'll probably read it anyway XD
I love you all!

You are feeding my poll fetish! Tomorrow....unless there is a resounding "Seek Help" win, I am so doing story quotes! Woo Hoo!

You are my fangirl? Sniffles. I love you! I really do!
I spotted an error in your poll: there's no "hell yeah!" choice for whether or not we'd read the second part of Fragile Essence.
I remember you!

I read one of your comments aloud at work and then declared myself coworkers took away my coffee after that.

i do miss FE but i can't stand the angst too much, but i will still read (look how masochist i am)

but i miss the Joong more.. more over.. the weird relationship they have.. yes i considering it as weird lol
Yeah, FE is really full of angst---this is why after writing SD that is also angsty I have to heal myself by writing crazy Expectations in between.

I love that Joong! He is riled up at the moment...because I won't finish writing my adventures---so therefor he has been pregnant forever!
jk abt seeking help :P

and for the record, i do kinda sorta read expectations lol
You are so mean! Why do I talk TO you? I am never getting help! Yep, I am staying like this FOREVER!

It's okay if you don't read Expectations, Jinny. It has a lot of non-yunjae stuff going on....but I can't help but feel some pride that people that HAVE read both Expectations and FE---like Expectations better. Or they do at this moment in the poll. lol

Seek help. HAHAHAHAH.

I didn't put that but el-oh-el.
It's pretty much straightforward for me and then you had to ask which one of your ongoing fics we like best. That's not possible for me to do so I closed my eyes and simply pointed at my screen. I did it several times because I kept pointing at different questions. Haha.

I'm not a suju fan (gosh I don't even know the fandom name!), don't know their faces and names.. and I don't think I will, so to me all the Suju ff are...well... not interesting. If I will read them I will do it only because I really like how you write and I'll think that the characters are "new". Obviously I'll read only the AU lol
Don't hate me because I don't like suju, please >.< I've received a lot of hate because of this matter, but I'm a sincere girl and this is my point (?)
Btw, yeeeeeah continue doing polls! I really love them!
Love~ (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡ 

I am very bias towards only certain members of Super Junior. I love Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Heechul. But I don't hate any of them...although, there are two I like the least.

I won't hate you. Lots of people don't like the groups I write about...but then I trick them into reading them! haha

TFAN was my first story and it gave me the encouragement to write more stories. The Super Junior fandom(or at least the KyuWook portion of it) have always been extremely kind and wonderful to me.
I think everything you write is great. I have read everything you wrote some several times over. I been stalking your page everyday for anything you update. I been enjoying sweet deception even thou yunjae is my favorite couple. I don't usually read one shots or anything short , but I have read everything and enjoy everything you write. So I don' t think it will matter to me what you write because I hope to read everything you write unless something happens to prevent it. I hope not. So keep up the great work. On your next poll maybe you might ask how many like short or chaptered stories. I was just wondering myself about that, but to me the longer the better. Thank you for the stories.
I am so glad you like my stories!

Oh, anther poll question good! I will ask that. I like reading long stories better.........but short stories are so much easier to write. lol

Thank you for your support!
I'm 15 chapters behind on Expectations and planning to catch-up on it soon. /)>_<;

I'll be sure to comment on every chapter that I missed, lol.

"Fragile Essence: AU, Friendship, Romance, Angst, Tragedy" "Sweet Deception: Angst" Holy shit... that looks scary, but maybe I'll give them a try after I catch-up on Expectations.
Not chapters..........ADVENTURES! *snort*

I love comments! I love them!

You should totally give them a chance! You should! Just bring the Kleenex!

I cheat and choose all 3 for the "ongoing story do you like the best"...
But I do love all of it... I can't choose

You're allowed to indulge your addiction of poll.. It help me endure the waiting for next chapter of your story...😄😄😄

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It's okay, I forgive you!

I am trying to wait and update chapter 9 on Saturday....because you know I have been doing it on Saturdays..........but it is just sitting there looking at me with it's big, sad chocolate eyes.

I love this game. It makes the wait for the next updatet seem a lot shorter. I have read all your stories, i will probably reread them all over again. Oh and old age or being dead is just a minor setback which is easy to overcome if I get to walk in your wonderful world. :-)
You totally won the last game on AQfics! I thought Amy would win for sure......but you beat her! Later I will put up another story quote game here! I am so glad you like my silly polls.

But I might give into weakness and post chap 9 tomorrow....I can feel myself getting weak. I really want to post ch. 10 on my I am thinking about it.

You are so nice to me. I just adore you!
I can't remember if I read TFAN or not >.< Seems like I did, I think? Shucks, my memory is getting worse lately T______________T

I wanted to read your Woogyu too but no time. I haven't even commented on your last update of Expectation. I swear I'll get to it soon, bb.

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A lot of people just read the Homin parts.

You should read my WooGyu! You should! Or read Sweet Deception! I miss you! You read it! You can rant at me about my crazy characters!

I know you never commented on the last update of Expectations....not that I keep track! Snort!