The Story Quote Game....err another poll.

This is the story quote game.  It’s just for fun.   No winners, no losers.  Just make your best guess—if you want to play.   I will put up the right answers tomorrow, but heck feel free discuss all you want.  I will quote characters in my six long stories, and you try to guess who said it.

Poll #1934735 The Story Quote Game

1. “He should be flattered that somebody as special as you cares for him. Those silly girls that he pines over…not one of them has your heart, he will miss you. He will wish he was more opened minded and he will miss your friendship.”

Mrs. Cho in The Fight about Nothing.
Mrs. Nam in Bed of Roses
Aunt Bessie in Fragile Essence
Ryeowook's Grandmother in Expectations

2. “Do you think you can lie to me? Are you under some misconception that you are important? You are nothing. Nothing! I will destroy everything you own, and leave you in worse condition than that poor girl, who you’ve been abusing.”

Yoochun in Expectations
Mr. Jung in Fragile Essence
Jaejoong in Damaged
Yunho in Expecations

3. “Curiosity is bad! Whenever you are curious again, you should think of your dad. Think of how wonderful he is. Think about how he fought to save your voice even when you lay dying! Then think of him dropping dead from a heart attack when he finds out about the things his only son is curious about!”

Jaejoong in Fragile Essence
SungGyu in Sweet Deception
Changmin in Damaged
Ryeowook in TFAN

4. “You have it all wrong. You don’t have to protect the group. The group will protect you.”

Junsu in Damaged
Heechul in TFAN
DongWoo in Bed of Roses
SungYeol in Sweet Deception

“Hell, yeah! See if they have anything new on pay per view. If not then ‘King Harder and the Hoes of the Round Table’ is good.”

Jim in Fragile Essence
Shindong in TFAN
Changmin in Damaged
Hoya in Sweet Deception

6. “Do you think I wanted it to end up like this? You think I ever wanted to be in this room by myself…without him? Do you think I didn’t miss him? I wanted to smash down these walls a million times because I couldn’t be with him! I hated that I wasn’t the one with him…sharing secrets with him…laughing with him. I hate…I hate…how I am! You can’t imagine how much I hate myself. Your daughter was only half—”

Jaejoong in Damaged
Kyuhyun in TFAN
Yunho in Fragile Essence
WooHyun in Sweet Deception

7. “It’s my cat! I have had the cat for years. Kids in third world countries know this is my cat!”

Heechul in TFAN
SungYeol in Sweet Deception
Jaejoong in Damaged
Aunt Bessie in Fragile Essence

8. “First you have to learn about soccer and football…well, mostly football. I love football. When I grow up I am going to play football and make commercials for a living. Baseball is fun too, unless you accidently break out a window and get grounded. I hate to be grounded.”

Junsu in Fragile Essence
DongHae in TFAN
Hoya in Bed of Roses
Yunho in Fragile Essence

9. “I am totally prepared, and I probably thought too much about it. Well, you can’t just shove it in there even with lube…you have to prepare. I just don’t like the thought of sticking my fingers up there…without gloves on. No offense.”

Yunho in Fragile Essence
SungGyu in Bed of Roses
Kyuhyun in TFAN
Michael Parks in Fragile Essence

“Are you two going to screw? Hell, Yoochun should have come; the kinky bastard would have enjoyed this….oh, fuck.”

Heechul in Damaged
Kangin in Expectatoins
Changmin in TFAN
Eunhyuk in Expectations

“He isn’t like us. He doesn’t make friends easily. He’s a hard man to know, a harder man to love. He wasn’t raised like us…it isn’t easy for him to love or to make friends. He trusted you, like he never trusted anybody else and you threw it back in his face.”

Yoochun in Damaged
Junsu in Expectations
Laura in Fragile Essence
DongWoo in Sweet Deception

12. “It isn’t funny…I wasn’t haggard…I was tired at times…it wasn’t because I had blond hair either…I look better now because I am so happy…I will be even happier when I get back to Korea tonight…yeah, a week…too long…around midnight…what…why are you going there…who is all going to be there…Donghae too…why the fuck is Donghae going to be there…I know he is a member of Super Junior…I am not being retarded…I just asked…”

Junsu in Expectations
Jaejoong in Damaged
Jaejoong in Expecations
Eunhyuk in TFAN

13. “I thought I lost some memories or something. I didn’t notice I wasn’t myself ‘till security arrived. I then got up and noticed that my penis had shrunk.”

Yunho in Expectations
Junsu in Expectations
Eunhyuk in Expectations
Shindong in Expectations

14. “One cold winter’s day, my father gave me a choice. If I chose correctly, I could continue being his son, and if I made the wrong choice in his eyes…he would wash his hands of me forever.”

Yunho in Damaged
Yunho in TFAN
WooHyun in Bed of Roses
Yunho in Fragile Essence

15. “I never wanted any of this! You just grab me and force yourself on me! You take advantage of our friendship! You used to say that you would wait for me to decide, but you never wait! First it was the kisses, and now this…no more, Hyung! No more!”

Kyuhyun in TFAN
Jaejooong in Fragile Essence
WooHyun in Bed of Roses
Junsu in Expecations

16. “Yes, I did. You know my mom is totally cool and she adores you. So she was telling me how a lot of young gay boys end up with diseases because they are not properly educated, because they don’t have the proper resources. Since you don’t have a computer, you can’t really do any kind of research. So mom ordered you some books and stuff, and I helped her pick some of it out.”

SungYeol in Sweet Deception
Changmin in Damaged
Laura in Fragile Essence
SungGyu in Bed of Roses

Bonus Question!!!! “Of course, I could go back to Joong, but the hell if I will. I can just hear all my siblings telling me snidely with their verbal voices that I’m glowing….bitches.”

JiJi in Damaged
Ringo in Fragile Essence
Jaejoong in Expectations
Oh, and after I posted it I realized you can't edit polls! Screw that!

I have to answer the poll to see how other people vote.........or do I? Hmmm... I lied on the answers...or did I?

Not being biased but I think I got all the Expectatios ones rigth, the others, well.....I don't know T____T

Is the last one by any chance part of the new adventure? Or is my memory slipping? I don't remember the context of that one to be honest

I'm a poll fan two, so keep them coming! ^^
I feel like i did pretty okay except one or two where i mixed up tfan and damage
100% sure that i have everything right xD even the bonus... damn that was hard xB
I answered the questions pertaining to fragile essence, expectations and damaged and am sure I got them all right "gives myself a pat". Sorry I cudnt answer the remaining questions since I havn't read them

Yeah, it's not like i hate them (what's the point on hating something that you don't know?)... simply I don't really like their music and because of that i didn't start watching any of their reality >> don't know them.
I think I saw some of them in other reality while watching "my" boys and girls (shishim tapa with sindong, the only one name i know; in strong heart; Beatles Code..).
I would like to read your other stories,  thought..

If this would have been my master degree exam, i would have approved I guess hahahah I only had two wrongs I think... # 2 (that was hard) and #10 ...

Well, time to sleep!! :)
Yeah, number 2 was the hard one. The character was kinda out of character but he was pushed to the breaking point.
fuck yes!! I did all the damaged and FE correctly~ /is proud/ ^________________^
This is so much fun! :DDDD
whom got his penis shrunk was YH in Expectations??

Edited at 2013-09-20 07:03 am (UTC)
Felt like I did pretty well. Never read Bed of Roses, so I guessed at those. Jae in Damage is a live wire so it was easy to get those right. Almost answered one Yunho in Damaged but then I remembered that he was talking to Kyuhyun on the hospital rooftop or was that the sidelines of the basketball court in TANF. Pretty slick there Miss Author. Loved talking the quiz though, I just wish that all quizzes and test could be this enjoyable. :)
I didn't read all the stories or I might have glance through one or two of them cause the ones I've really, really read was Damaged, Expectations and Fragile Essence at the moment.

I participate cause this is quite fun. When will you review the answers? adn will you let us know who has the most correct answers?
Checking the correct answers might be hard. I will put up the right answers later though. I will give people longer to answer them.

I did know you ever read Fragile Essence.............because you never commented. Judging you! *snickers* But at least you aren't requesting I update it. That is such a peeve of mine. lol
I got some obvious ones wrong .___. I guessed the ones with Bed of Roses and Sweet Deception because I haven't read them O.o

I loved #7 though, I always did. It was so funny! I really don't know either how Yunho didn't know of Jiji
i think i will get good score, but i don't answer last question .. because i don't remember, i'm forgot
i'm sure about SD and Damaged, because i finished read SD this afternoon and for Damaged only God know how often i read Damaged :)