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1.  The answer is Aunt Bessie in Fragile Essence.

“Shhh,” his aunt tried to soothe. “Does he know how you feel about him?”

“Yes; he wouldn’t let me say it, but I know he knows,” Jaejoong whimpered. “He hates me. You were right…our friendship wasn’t meant to last.”

“Those religious fools,” Aunt Bessie grumbled, holding her nephew tightly. “He should be flattered that somebody as special as you cares for him. Those silly girls that he pines over…not one of them has your heart, he will miss you. He will wish he was more opened minded and he will miss your friendship.”

2.   The answer is Yunho in Expectations.(Neither Friend, Nor Foe)

Ryeowook was now kneeling down in front of a very shocked Sulli, who just stared at him in disbelief. Junsu pulled a blanket free of the bed to cover her. Sungmin went to work ridding Sulli of the shackle that kept her chained to the bed.

Yunho’s walked up to the man and slammed his fist into the man’s face, sending the fat man toppling over. “You have more of my crew, and if you value your life you will tell me where they are now.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” the man denied as he looked up at Yunho from the floor as he held his now bloody face.

Yunho reached down, grabbed the man under his arm, and yanked him back up into a standing position. “Do you think you can lie to me? Are you under some misconception that you are important? You are nothing. Nothing! I will destroy everything you own, and leave you in worse condition than that poor girl, who you’ve been abusing.”

3.  The answer is Ryeowook in TFAN

“Your mouth is open but I can’t hear you,” Ryeowook told him, covering his ears with his hands.

“It’s not like I watch it all the time! I am not even going to watch it anymore. I was just curious. I told you I can’t be….well, you know, because of my dad.”

Ryeowook dropped his hands from his ears and pointed at Kyuhyun. “Curiosity is bad! Whenever you are curious again, you should think of your dad. Think of how wonderful he is. Think about how he fought to save your voice even when you lay dying! Then think of him dropping dead from a heart attack when he finds out about the things his only son is curious about!” Ryeowook ranted to Kyuhyun, then turned and hurried out of the restroom.

4.  The answer is DongWoo in Bed of Roses

“No, you are wrong,” DongWoo replied, causing SungJong, SungYeol, and WooHyun to swing their heads around quickly to see that DongWoo had entered the bathroom unbeknownst to them. Hoya and L were both flanking him on each side.

“Hyung,” WooHyun whimpered, realizing his fiercely protected secret was out in the open for all of them now. He had just confessed all, and there would be no taking it back…they wouldn’t let him.

DongWoo walked up to WooHyun and pulled him into a tight embrace and told him in a calm, reassuring voice, “You have it all wrong. You don’t have to protect the group. The group will protect you.”

5.  The answer is Changmin in Damaged

“Porn?” Junsu suggested.

“Hell, yeah! See if they have anything new on pay per view. If not then if ‘King Harder and the Hoes of the Round Table’ is good.”

“I’ve never seen it,” Junsu admitted sadly.

“Such a sheltered boy,” Changmin said of his older hyung.

Yunho sat up suddenly, frowning. “I don’t want to watch porn.”

“Of course not, your life is one huge porn flick, why would you need to watch it,” Changmin barked back at him.

6.   The answer is WooHyun in Sweet Deception.

WooHyun’s eyes flew open and he jumped to his feet. “Everybody says that…they all say I hate him, but I never said that. I’ve always denied hating him. I never hated him…I hate myself, and I took it out on him…he…he was killing me, but he wasn’t doing it on purpose. He didn’t even know he was hurting me…and that he didn’t even realize it would make me so angry, but I never hated him!”


“Do you think I wanted it to end up like this? You think I ever wanted to be in this room by myself…without him? Do you think I didn’t miss him? I wanted to smash down these walls a million times because I couldn’t be with him! I hated that I wasn’t the one with him…sharing secrets with him…laughing with him. I hate…I hate…how I am! You can’t imagine how much I hate myself. Your daughter was only half—”

7.  The answer is Jaejoong in Damaged

“Jiji, I will fucking kill you!” Jae yelled at the cat for interrupting the kiss. The cat didn’t even bother glancing at him.

“You know this cat?” Yunho asked shocked as he looked back at the cat that seemed to be studying him intently.

“It’s my cat! I have had the cat for years. Kids in third world countries know this is my cat!” Jae said, eyeing the cat hatefully. The cat finally turned to look at Jae and hissed.

Yunho laughed, “He doesn’t seem like he likes you very much.”

8.   The answer is Yunho in Fragile Essence

“I don’t know how,” Jaejoong told him, causing Yunho’s mouth to fall open. That Jaejoong didn’t have a mother hadn’t fazed Yunho for long, but the fact that he didn’t know how to play ball left him stunned.

Yunho slowly recovered from his shock, then stood up, pulling Jaejoong up with him. “We must fix this. It’s very important to know how to play ball. Ball is very important.”

“But I—” Jaejoong attempted to protest as he was hauled off the porch by the taller, stronger boy.

“Don’t worry, I will teach you,” Yunho said, interrupting Jaejoong as he lugged him toward a larger house that was next door to Aunt Bessie’s house. “First you have to learn about soccer and football…well, mostly football. I love football. When I grow up I am going to play football and make commercials for a living. Baseball is fun too, unless you accidently break out a window and get grounded. I hate to be grounded.”

9.  The answer is Kyuhyun in TFAN(The Fight about Nothing)

Kyuhyun watched as Ryeowook stared at the condoms, lube, and gloves, speechless. “What? Are the gloves too much?” Kyuhyun asked picking up the latex gloves. “I am totally prepared, and I probably thought too much about it. Well, you can’t just shove it in there even with lube…you have to prepare. I just don’t like the thought of sticking my fingers up there…without gloves on. No offense.”

Ryeowook just stared at him in shock and tried to recovery his ability to speak. “You…you…you - ”

Kyuhyun frowned at him. “I realize it isn’t very romantic. Some people use their tongue…but you should know right now, that isn’t ever happening.” Kyuhyun shook his head, disgusted with the thought.

10.   The answer is Kangin in Expectations(The Planet of the Mad Vampires)

Jaejoong was immediately upon him, his lips pressed against Yunho’s. “Focus on me. Only on me. Let the pain fade away,” Jaejoong pleaded mentally as his tongue slipped into Yunho’s mouth as he pushed Yunho down against the floor. “Think of only me, push the pain away, remember how good we are together, touch me, open yourself to me,” Jaejoong instructed as his hands flew to the sides of Yunho’s face. “Feel only me.”

Kangin scowled, looking away when Yunho moaned…not in pain. Yunho’s right arm wrapped around Jaejoong, pulling him closer, as the kissing intensified. “Are you two going to screw?” Kangin complained, trying to ignore the sounds coming from the two men on the floor. “Hell, Yoochun should have come; the kinky bastard would have enjoyed this….oh, fuck.”

11.  The answer is DongWoo in Sweet Deception

DongWoo reached out and took WooHyun’s hands. “He isn’t like us. He doesn’t make friends easily. He’s a hard man to know, a harder man to love. He wasn’t raised like us…it isn’t easy for him to love or to make friends. He trusted you, like he never trusted anybody else and you threw it back in his face.”

WooHyun’s whole body was trembling. “I didn’t want to. It was never my intention.”

“I know it wasn’t but it’s what you did,” DongWoo told him. “A man has to live with his actions…not with his good intentions. Actions are all that matter in the end.”

12.   The answer is Jaejoong in Damaged

“Some old, wrinkled asshole accused me of having plastic surgery on live television…he did…as if there is enough plastic surgeons on this planet to help him…I hope my fans find him and castrate him,” Jae bitched to Yunho while on the phone as they walked through the building on their way out.

Yoochun and Junsu shared a knowing smile as they followed behind him, listening in on the conversation.

“Then my good friend Junsu just explained to everybody that I was haggard because I was drunk all the time!” Jae said into the phone while he turned around to glare at Junsu.

“Well it’s the truth,” Junsu insisted as he fell a step back and got behind Yoochun.

It isn’t funny…I wasn’t haggard…I was tired at times…it wasn’t because I had blond hair either…I look better now because I am so happy…I will be even happier when I get back to Korea tonight…yeah, a week…too long…around midnight…what…why are you going there…who is all going to be there…Donghae too…why the fuck is Donghae going to be there…I know he is a member of Super Junior…I am not being retarded…I just asked…”

13.  The answer is Eunhyuk in Expectations(Come Together)

“You violated that woman!” Sungmin hissed from across the table, aiming daggers at Eunhyuk with his eyes.

“I did not!” Eunhyuk in Yoochun’s body declared. Security had showed up and gathered him up from Yoochun’s quarters and deposited him in the main conference room in sickbay after getting him dressed. “I didn’t know.”

“How could you not know?” Ryeowook, who was sitting next Sungmin, asked.

Eunhyuk shrugged guilty and explained, “I thought I lost some memories or something. I didn’t notice I wasn’t myself ‘till security arrived. I then got up and noticed that my penis had shrunk.”

“Gawd,” Yunho groaned from the head of the conference table.

14.  The answer is Yunho in TFAN(The Fight about Nothing)

“Hyung?” Kyuhyun asked again when Yunho didn’t answer him, but continued to stare off into the distant horizon.

“One cold winter’s day, my father gave me a choice. If I chose correctly, I could continue being his son, and if I made the wrong choice in his eyes…he would wash his hands of me forever.” Yunho began in a cold tone devoid of emotion.

“I love my father, and my greatest desire has always been to make him proud. My father is a man of his word, and he never says anything lightly. People always went on about how hard we worked in Dong Bang Shin Ki, but it was nothing compared to what I suffered as a trainee. I slept under bridges, I traveled hours a day, squeezing in school and training, and there were times I felt so tired that only my determination willed me on. See, I was determined to be the best at school and the best trainee I could be. Disappointing him is not an option. He did not approve of my career path, but as long as I was the best, it could be tolerated.”

15.  The answer is WooHyun in Bed of Roses

The words of the stage manager played in WooHyun’s mind and he declared in a voice full of anguish, “I’m not some filthy faggot!”

“Filthy faggot?” SungGyu repeated in a soft, disbelieving whisper.

“No,” WooHyun cried, feeling tears spill from his eyes as hurtful words fired out of his mouth, hitting their unsuspecting target. “I never wanted any of this! You just grab me and force yourself on me! You take advantage of our friendship! You used to say that you would wait for me to decide, but you never wait! First it was the kisses, and now this…no more, Hyung! No more!”

16.  The answer is Laura in Fragile Essence

A wide-eyed horrified Jaejoong managed to sputter, “You...talked…to your…mom…about my…me…being…gay?”

“Yes, I did. You know my mom is totally cool and she adores you. So she was telling me how a lot of young gay boys end up with diseases because they are not properly educated, because they don’t have the proper resources. Since you don’t have a computer, you can’t really do any kind of research. So mom ordered you some books and stuff, and I helped her pick some of it out.”

Jim slid his hands down to uncover his ears, thunderstruck. “Your mom ordered JJ gay porn?”

“Yep,” Laura answered. “And a lot of informative material; she doesn’t want him dying of AIDs.”

Jaejoong just sat in his chair motionless, praying the cafeteria’s floor would open up and swallow him whole.

17.   The answer is Jaejoong in Expectations(The Red Shirt Always Dies)

“Homesick,” Yunho said with a sigh.  “I understand the feeling.  I often wonder about life on Earth.  Do you get homesick?”

“No!  No way in hell, am I going back to Joong packing this large load.”

“Joong,” Yunho repeated the mysterious planet’s name.  “Could you go back to Joong if you wanted to?”

“Of course, I could go back to Joong, but the hell if I will.  I can just hear all my siblings telling me snidely with their verbal voices that I’m glowing….bitches.”

Yunho cringed involuntarily he had made the mistake of telling Jaejoong he was glowing more than once.

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