Sweet Deception, Chapter Eleven

Title: Sweet Deception, Chapter Eleven
Author: Aquariuslover
Pairings: WooGyu
Rating: R
Genre: Angst
Length: Chaptered
Beta: tahoeturquoise

Summary: For years a fire has been smoldering deep inside of WooHyun, and now it is burning out of control and wrecking havoc on the group. A danger is looming over SungGyu, but will he pay it heed before it claims his life? Can an ominous deal be brokered in time to save Infinite?

Chapter List

Wake up.”

SungGyu could hear WooHyun pleading with him to wake up, but he refused to open his eyes. He knew if he opened his eyes to the light of the new day he would regret it, along with more things than he could possibly ever list.


He kept his eyes tightly shut.

“Please, you need to wake up,” WooHyun begged.

SungGyu’s eyes remained shut.

“I know you are awake. I shared a room with you for many years. I have seen you sleep enough times to know when you are really sleeping,” WooHyun informed him, and added in a much louder voice, “Get up!”

The loud sound of WooHyun’s high pitched tone pierced through SungGyu’s head setting off explosions of searing pain, one after the other. SungGyu flung his hands up to his head, hoping if he held on to it tight enough he would prevent it from bursting into a thousand pieces.

“Get up,” WooHyun ordered. “You need to drink some water.”

SungGyu didn’t budge.

“Gawd,” WooHyun complained as he wrapped his arms around SungGyu and pulled him up into a sitting position. “Please stop being so difficult.”

WooHyun’s words were lost on SungGyu, who was experiencing a headache more severe than any he had ever known. He didn’t know it was possible for one’s head to hurt so badly and not fall off. He wondered if he was having a stroke.

WooHyun begged, “You need to open your mouth and drink some water.”

“Mouth,” SungGyu said, repeating the word that had pierced through the pain to register with him. Mouth…for some reason the word held some significance to him. He couldn’t remember exactly why though. “Mouth…” he repeated and his voice sounded awful to his own ears. His mind, that wasn’t even remotely working at full capacity, suspected his awful sounding voice might have something to do with the fact his mouth tasted like metal and his throat felt raw enough to bleed.

WooHyun pressed a water bottle to the older man’s mouth and ordered, “Drink.”

SungGyu kept his mouth shut but the touch of the bottle to his lips unleashed a storm of memories. SungGyu’s eyes flew open and he let out a painful scream. “Get away from me!”

WooHyun stumbled back a few feet, taken aback by the sudden change in the other man’s demeanor. “You have to drink some water.”

SungGyu remembered why the word mouth held significance. Memories of WooHyun kissing him and memories of him kissing WooHyun back filled his mind. He had told WooHyun he wouldn’t kiss him, but he had. “I had no choice,” he muttered to himself, reminding himself it was not done willingly. None of it was his choice. He never wanted any of it.

WooHyun winced as if had been struck by SungGyu’s words and whatever hope he had allowed himself to feel slipped away. He knew what he had to do, even if he hated it. He had made a promise. “Hyung, please drink the water.”

SungGyu blinked and repeated, “Hyung?”

“Yes, Hyung.”

SungGyu’s mouth was dry and his throat hurt, and the offer of water was tempting. The pain in his head was almost unbearable and his stomach was also churning. He felt like he might start vomiting at any second. He wanted to complain. He wanted to complain loudly. He wanted the water and he didn’t want the water, but most of all he didn’t want anything from WooHyun.

“Hyung, you had too much to drink last night. You have a terrible hangover, so you need to drink a lot of water. I’d hate to have to take you to the hospital,” WooHyun warned, stepping closer.

SungGyu looked up at WooHyun for the first time, and realized WooHyun was playing the game. The game WooHyun had promised to play…the game where it never happened.

“Hyung, please take the bottle of water.”

SungGyu looked away from WooHyun, and blinked his eyes trying to clear his vision. The denial game…he didn’t think he would be able to play the game. He felt too exposed…too hurt for games.

“Hyung, please.”

SungGyu reluctantly reached out his hand and took the water bottle, not looking at WooHyun. He swallowed the water quickly, allowing it to soothe his raw throat.

“Not so fast—”

The warning wasn’t fast enough and SungGyu barely had time to lean over the side of the bed before he vomited all over the floor.

“Hyung, did you not notice the trashcan by your bed?” WooHyun chastised, while he gently kicked the small trashcan he had placed by the bed closer to SungGyu.

“Obviously, I didn’t,” SungGyu snapped back at the younger man. The vomiting did not make him feel any better.

“It’s okay.”

SungGyu felt the nausea rising up in his throat again, but had enough warning this time to reach for the trashcan.

WooHyun cringed, while watching SungGyu empty the contents of his stomach.

“I think death would be preferable,” SungGyu mumbled, setting the trashcan down.

“You just need to drink water…slowly,” WooHyun advised him and then turned and left the bedroom.

SungGyu reluctantly did as he was told, because he knew how important it was to get rehydrated. This wasn’t his first hangover, but it was by far the worst. He remembered the pills he had consumed the night before and couldn’t help but feel worried. He couldn’t even remember for sure how many he took.

It slowly registered with SungGyu that he wasn’t naked. SungGyu gulped nervously and looked down to find he was wearing pajamas. Pajamas he had never seen before, much less remembered putting on.

WooHyun returned to the room with his hands full of cleaning supplies. “Oh, good you drank the water.”

SungGyu glared at him. “You dressed me?”

“You have my brother’s pajamas on,” WooHyun replied, not answering the question as he set the cleaning supplies down on the floor next to the vomit.

SungGyu wanted to complain more, because he felt like he should complain a lot, but he most certainly didn’t want to discuss why he was naked. “I need more water.”

“I will get you some,” WooHyun quickly offered and left the bedroom again. He was only gone a few seconds before he returned with another bottle of water.

SungGyu took the new bottle of water and started drinking it. He didn’t want to think about the deal. He didn’t want to think about WooHyun dressing him. He didn’t want to look at WooHyun. He didn’t want to think about what happened…what they did. What he let WooHyun do to him. “You should leave.”

“When you are vertical and I’m confidant my brother won’t find your dead body when he gets home, I will gladly leave.”

“I am fine,” SungGyu insisted.

“No, you are not.”

“I can take care of myself.”

“Good, so drink your water and then you can make yourself something to eat.”

“I can’t eat…”

“Then you aren’t fine.”

“I hate you,” SungGyu hissed, hating how easy it was for WooHyun. Hating how easy it was for the younger man to act like nothing had happened, like he hadn’t forced SungGyu to compromise his very manhood the night before.

WooHyun frowned. “I know, but still I have to make sure you are okay before I leave.”

SungGyu snorted and his disdain was easily felt. “I am not high or drunk now, so spare me your lies. You don’t care about me and you never did. You selfish little shit.”

WooHyun flinched and took a step back. “That isn’t true.”

“Seeing you makes me sick. I don’t want to look at you,” SungGyu snarled at him hatefully. He felt the strong desire to be as cruel as possible. He wanted WooHyun to hurt as badly as he was hurting. “I will never forgive you for this.”

WooHyun determinedly took a step toward the bed, dropped to his knees and started cleaning up the vomit. He avoided the older man’s heated gaze. He had no response; there was no response because he had made a promise that it would be as if it never happened and to respond would be admitting it did happen.

“You have nothing to say?”

WooHyun kept his mouth shut as he continued to clean.

“I feel like I am going to shit myself,” SungGyu exclaimed as the sudden urge to empty his bowels hit him. He flung off his covers and got out of bed as fast as he could, spitefully making sure to step in the vomit. He stomped across the room to the bathroom, purposely spreading the vomit on the carpet.

Once inside the bathroom he slammed the door shut and immediately regretted it as the noise caused his head to hurt even more. He headed toward the toilet and sat on it, still clutching his water. He felt so strange; his head hurt, he felt dried out, and his stomach was cramping. He prayed the stomach pain was an after effect of the anal sex and not something related to his recent surgery.

Honestly, he had to admit to himself at least that he wasn’t as sore as he had imaged he would be. He wasn’t nearly as sore as he was after one of their more strenuous dance practices. He winced from the sting when his bowels starting moving but he had imagined it would be far worse than it was.

“I am going to make you some toast and some honey-lemon water,” WooHyun said through the closed door.

“Don’t bother, feel free to leave instead,” SungGyu told him, still sitting on the toilet, sipping on the bottled water he had brought with him.

WooHyun continued, unperturbed, “My grandmother used to make it for my grandfather when he drank too much.”

“If you are in an accident today and die…I won’t come to your funeral,” SungGyu spat angrily. SungGyu could not tolerate WooHyun trying to be sweet to him.

SungGyu frowned when WooHyun didn’t respond. Had the other man already headed for the kitchen and missed his insult? The overwhelming desire to hurt the other man had not gone away. It was a very powerful need and he knew it had everything to do with him feeling totally helpless the night before.

He groaned loudly as the memory of being tied up returned. He had not protested at all, he had just held up his arms and let WooHyun tie him to the headboard. What kind of man allowed another man to do such a thing to him, SungGyu demanded of himself. He wanted to blame it entirely on the alcohol and drugs, but he knew better. WooHyun’s blackmail…his unrelenting threats of leaving the group—they were to blame. The thought of losing WooHyun, the thought of Infinite losing him, had driven SungGyu to act in such a depraved manner…but was that the complete truth, his subconscious asked. Was it something more? He was always in the role of the leader…did he find some perverse pleasure in being under someone else’s control?

SungGyu reached up and slapped himself across the face, and then winced as the pain in his head soared, but he knew it was for the best. He could not allow such trains of thought to continue. He had to stop thinking about what had happened. He had to stop. Thinking about it was going to drive him insane. He finished at the toilet, moved to the sink and washed his hands. He nervously looked at himself in the mirror, expecting to find himself marked all over, but shockingly his visible skin was clean.

WooHyun was smart, he reminded himself. WooHyun would not leave marks that were easily viewable. He finished the bottle of water and threw it on the floor, not bothering to even aim for the trash. He looked away from the mirror, stripped off the pajamas and got in the shower. Never had he felt such a strong urge to shower.

When he finished showering he wrapped himself in towels, refusing to put the dirty pajamas back on. He opened the door ready to throw more insults at WooHyun, but the bedroom was empty. He exhaled a deep breath of relief. He found his clothes from the night before neatly folded and set on the dresser. He dressed himself and headed for the kitchen.

“My head is killing me, where did you put the rest of my pain pills?” SungGyu demanded as he entered the kitchen, knowing the other man would balk at such a request.

“No,” was the only response WooHyun gave him as he buttered a piece of toast.

“They are mine! What did you do with my damn drugs?” SungGyu shouted, feeling unreasonably angry.

“Sit down,” WooHyun snapped with a venomous flare that had SungGyu quickly obeying him.

SungGyu sat down at the table. “My head hurts. I need my pills.”

“You aren’t getting them. You have had enough pills and alcohol to do you for today, for a week, and maybe for the rest of your life.”

SungGyu gritted his teeth as WooHyun slammed the toast down in front of him.

“I know you can normally drink with the best of them, but your body is still recovering from having major surgery.”

“Don’t act like—”

“I care!” WooHyun shouted, interrupting him as he slammed his hands down on the table. “You are a member of Infinite and my best friend, of course I care! That is what you are to me…that is all you are to me. Do you understand?”

SungGyu’s eyes darted up to WooHyun.

“I don’t know what happened last night, why you drank so much…and took so many pain pills, but if you stop throwing your little hissy fit and eat your toast and drink your juice like a big boy, I will leave and you can do whatever the fuck you want for the next two days.”

The older man straightened his shoulders. WooHyun was continuing to play the game of ignorance, but SungGyu wanted to fight. “We are not going to fight about it?”

“I don’t want to fight, but I promise you we will fight if you don’t fucking take care of yourself.”

SungGyu looked down at the toast and then back at WooHyun. Could he pretend like WooHyun was pretending? Could he act like it never happened? He knew it would be best for the group and if he could find a way to not think about the night—he might remain sane. “Where is this miracle juice?” SungGyu asked as he slowly weighed the benefits of denial.

“I am warming it up for you.”

SungGyu frowned. “It’s warm?”

“Yes, it’s warm.”

“Sounds disgusting,” SungGyu grumbled, picking up a piece of toast.

WooHyun walked over to the stove. “I assure you it is.”

SungGyu stuffed the toast in his mouth, not saying another word. He could play this denial game. If WooHyun could play it so could he. He sure as hell didn’t want to think about what happened. He especially didn’t want to think about it with the amazingly observant WooHyun around.

“Here,” the younger man told him, setting the cup of his grandmother’s brew on the table.

The older man took the cup and very hesitantly took a sip. He cringed because it did indeed taste awful, but he made himself drink it. He wanted to leave or he wanted WooHyun to leave. He knew the other man wouldn’t leave or let him leave until he was sure SungGyu was fine. He wondered how long WooHyun’s brother would be gone.

“BooHyun will be back in a couple hours.”

SungGyu groaned, unable to disguise his unease at the other man’s ability to read his mind so easily. “I will be gone by then.”

“He’ll be glad to know I am not leaving the group.”

SungGyu resisted the urge to bark at the other man that he wished he had left. SungGyu wasn’t sure if had made the right decision…well, right now he felt like he had made the wrong decision. He hated himself so much, because in truth he had done what he did for Infinite, himself, and WooHyun. He had not wanted WooHyun to give up on his dream so he had sacrificed himself, not just for his group, but also for WooHyun. WooHyun loved performing…he loved it a lot. A terrifying thought occurred to the SungGyu and he asked, “Were you ever really going to leave?”

“Yes, but I changed my mind,” WooHyun informed him, careful not to mention the deal. “When the CEO asks me why, I will just say you finally talked sense into me.”

SungGyu’s head was throbbing, but somehow through the pain, he was actually thinking clearly for the first time in weeks. WooHyun understood him. Everybody knew this. When SungGyu had believed he would never accept the terms of the deal, he had mocked WooHyun saying the other man did not know him as well as he thought he did, but SungGyu had forgotten something vitally important—WooHyun knew him better than he knew himself.

SungGyu stood up so abruptly from the table that his chair went tumbling backwards; it was painfully clear now. WooHyun had always known how this was going to play out. WooHyun had always known SungGyu would eventually give in.

WooHyun jumped backwards startled by the other man’s abrupt behavior. “What is wrong?”

“You…you always knew,” SungGyu told him in an anguished cry. SungGyu’s face showed his humiliation. “You manipulated me so perfectly…you knew I would give in.”

“Hyung,” WooHyun carefully told him. “Eat and then I will be on my way. Our vacation starts today; let’s forget about any unpleasantness between us.”

“Stop it! Stop pretending!”

“No!” WooHyun whispered under his breath. “I won’t. I can’t.”

SungGyu shook his head, disgusted with himself for being so easily manipulated and for being so pathetic. WooHyun knew how important he was to him and he had used that knowledge to make SungGyu do something he would never have done willingly. “You knew you were never leaving the group…you knew I could never bear for you to leave. You knew how much losing our friendship had hurt me. Then I almost died…and I was so desperate to have you back. You returned as my friend, only…only to remind me what I would be losing, if you left. You offered me the deal…and you knew I would eventually give in.”

WooHyun kept his mouth shut, knowing to deny it would be to admit to everything.

“All you ever do is deceive me!” SungGyu yelled, clenching his fists, and raising his left hand to strike the other man in the face.

“No, don’t. You are not a hitter,” WooHyun told him as he easily deflected the blow by grabbing SungGyu’s left arm. “You are not violent, you are not—”

WooHyun never got to finish his sentence, because SungGyu pulled back his right fist and with uncontrolled fury punched WooHyun in the face, sending him flying across the kitchen.

“I am today,” SungGyu stated with certainty as he turned and left the apartment.


SungGyu’s mother let out a loud shrill scream when she entered her house to find a surprise visitor. “You scared me to death! I bet you took five years off my life. My hair will be completely gray now.”

SungGyu, who was sleeping on her couch, groaned.

She walked over and swatted him on the leg. “What are you doing here?”

“Mom, just let me sleep.”

“I repeat, what are you doing here?”

SungGyu rolled over onto his belly and buried his face in the cushion of the couch.

“Don’t ignore your mother!”

At times like these, SungGyu thought, he really wished he had a nice timid, sweet mother, who doted on him.

“Did you do something? What did you do? Your mouth got you in trouble didn’t it? There’s no filter on your mouth,” his mother declared, pushing his feet out of the way so she could sit on the couch. “I knew it was just a matter of time before your mouth got you in trouble.”

SungGyu frowned and slowly pulled himself up to a sitting position.

“Did you say something on TV? You did, didn’t you? The netizens will eat you alive. I am going to have to sell the house. You won’t be able to afford the payments,” she complained, leaning back against the couch. “You should think of your mother before you say such things.”

“I didn’t say anything!” SungGyu snapped defensively.

His mother eyed him suspiciously.

“Well, not today…not that I know of.”

“I am sure you have said something. Your sexist mouth will be our family’s ruin. I don’t want to sell the house.”

SungGyu folded his arms feeling offended. “You know I would have to sell the house. It is my house. I make the payments. I bought you this house. I never had a house growing up, so maybe you should be a little more grateful.”

“You’re such a disrespectful son.”

SungGyu tossed his head back and groaned, “Mom, I’m having a really bad day…could you just not?”

Something in his tone made her look at him more closely. “You do look awful. How do you feel?”

“Like my life is destroyed.”

She reached out and felt his forehead. “You don’t have a fever.”

“If I had a fever…then I could explain away all the mistakes I’ve made in the last twenty-four hours,” he told her, closing his eyes.

“Mistakes? Are you leaving Infinite?” She questioned, horrified at the mere thought. “Honey, your solo album wasn’t that successful. Wait before you leave Infinite. It is where the real money is at.”

“No, I have guaranteed Infinite shall go on,” he said bitterly. “It only cost me my soul.”

“Oh, hogwash,” his mother said chastising him. “You are too dramatic.”

“I am not. I sold my soul…I am soulless, now.”

“Did you kill someone?”


“Then your soul is intact”

“Is that the only way you can lose your soul?”

His mother shrugged. “No, but everything else is forgivable.”

“What if I can’t forgive myself?”

“You think too much. You have always thought too much. I used to think you would be so much happier if you were just a little less intelligent,” his mother told him as she caught sight of his right hand. “What happened to your hand?”

SungGyu looked down at the hand in question. It was red and swollen. “I punched WooHyun.”

His mother smiled. “I am sure he deserved it.”

“He did.”

“What did he do?”

“He used my affection for him…against me…he made me hate him.”

His mother gently took his hand. “Do you mean that?”

SungGyu nodded his head, feeling very emotional. “He manipulates me all the time…and I just can’t take it anymore. He pushed me too far. I can never forgive him now. I don’t even want to look at him.”

“But Infinite…”

“I know,” SungGyu answered. “I know I will have to…but I don’t want to. I don’t want to face him.”

“Then stay here with me for a while.”

“He makes me so angry.”

“Don’t think about him; he’s an awful boy.”

SungGyu repositioned himself on the couch until he was facing her. “Why do you hate him?”

“Because you do.”

“But you have always hated him and I have just started,” SungGyu reminded her.

She gently lifted his hand and pressed it against her cheek. “A mother knows. I knew he would only bring you pain and misery.”

“He was my best friend for years.”

She lowered his hand. “You said he manipulated you all the time…maybe I could see it even back then.”

SungGyu’s eyes narrowed. “Or maybe since you manipulated me all of my childhood it was easily recognizable to you.”

She dropped his hand. “You can never be nice.”

“Why were you so late?”

“I was at work.”

“No, you weren’t. I know you don’t work this late. Were you gambling?”

“No,” she denied. “I was out with friends.”

SungGyu leaned against the couch. “Why must I always be the adult? Dad is off roaming the country and you insist on gambling what little you have away.”

“Your dad is off looking for work and I wasn’t gambling…I was playing cards,” she said defensively.


She reached out and brushed a hand through his hair. “My poor little man, always the grown up at home and with his members. Don’t you like being the boss?”

His cruel mind reminded him how easily he had handed over control to WooHyun. How he had let him tie him up and have his way with him. How he had given himself over completely to the other man. “No, I don’t think so,” SungGyu confessed. “I don’t think I like it at all. I think I would have liked being a child for a little bit longer.”

“Nonsense, you were born to lead,” his mother told him. “Don’t let anybody tell you differently.”

“But…but what if I like…like for a woman to take control?” he carefully asked. “Maybe I don’t always want to be in charge.”

His mother snorted dismissively, instantly understanding what he was referring to. “That means nothing. What happens in the bedroom has nothing to do with what happens outside of it. Your father—”

SungGyu stood up quickly and yelled, “Stop, please don’t finish that sentence.”

His mother rolled his eyes.

“I am serious. I have been seriously traumatized in the last twenty-four hours in ways…in ways you can not possibly imagine. I am one step away from completely cracking up.”


“Mom, I am serious,” SungGyu warned, holding both his hands up and spacing them a centimeter apart. “I am this close to going completely bonkers. I swear one good push and I will shave my head, sit out on the front porch in my underwear and sing old trot songs to everybody who walks by.”

She shook her head. “You are letting that boy get to you. He isn’t worth it.”

“I can’t help it.”

“Remember you hate him now.”

“I am trying to remember.”

“That nice MyungSoo is such a sweet boy. He should be your best friend.”


“Plus MyungSoo is very popular.”


“Yes, darling.”

“I am going to go sleep in the spare room.”

She got up from the couch and smiled at him. “I think that would be wise. You will feel better after sleeping.”

“I doubt it, but I really hope you are right.”

“Please don’t tell anyone I am here…not even my members.”

“I won’t, but what about your sister?”

SungGyu sighed. “Actually…actually I want to talk to her in the morning.”

“What about?”

“It’s a surprise.”

“Does this surprise have something to do with my birthday?”

“Your birthday is weeks away.”

“Am I not included in the surprise?”

“You are if you let me go to sleep and don’t broadcast to the neighborhood that I am here. It’s a very nice surprise, so don’t blow it for everyone.”

“So disrespectful; go to bed,” she ordered. “I will protect your privacy.”

He turned toward the spare room but stopped when a random thought occurred to him. He turned around and asked, “Mom, do you know what a fufuzee is?”

“What…why would you ask that?” his mother gasped, taking a step back from him.

SungGyu straightened, realizing he had touched on a sensitive subject. His mother suddenly looked pale. “What is it?”

“First, why are you asking me?”

“When I was at the hospital Woo—someone told me I kept asking for one in my sleep,” SungGyu explained.

“You make your mother very sad,” she said, sniffling back tears.

SungGyu’s eyes widened in surprise, he had not expected this kind of response from her. “Why?”

She wiped her face and tried to collect herself. “I am just emotional…it is a mother thing, you wouldn’t understand. You used to have a toy as a baby…a stuffed dragon. You called it your fufuzee.”

He stared at her in disbelief. “Why are you so upset by that?”

“You were such an adorable, sweet baby…it just makes me sad to think you grew up,” she told him, explaining. “Now, you’re such a grouchy, stingy, inconsiderate, and not to mention sexist man. It’s a shame you couldn’t have stayed a baby forever.”


“It’s true, darling.”

“I am going to bed.”



“You should stop pacing,” SungJong advised WooHyun.

SungJong was sitting with MyungSoo at the kitchen table at their dorm. MyungSoo was completely absorbed with his laptop. SungJong had divided his attention between the laptop and the main vocal that wouldn’t stop pacing the dorm.

“I am not pacing,” WooHyun responded as he continued to pace across the living room and kitchen.

“What is bothering you?” SungJong asked, concerned.

“Nothing is bothering me.”

SungJong gave WooHyun a disbelieving look. “Are you mad that they are making us redo so much of the album?”

The members had gotten back from their break to find out they had to redo the vocals for their new album. For the last two days they had practically lived at the studio, but none more so than WooHyun. “I am not mad and nothing is bothering me.”

“Are you jealous?”

WooHyun stopped and looked at the maknae. “Of what?”

“Of SungGyu.”

“Why would I be jealous of SungGyu?”

“Because he got to extend his vacation,” SungJong explained. “You really seem stressed lately.”

“I know…I guess I am a little.”

“You want to talk about it?”

“No,” WooHyun told the maknae and started pacing again. WooHyun was scared. He was terrified by the growing suspicion that he had terribly miscalculated. He had been completely taken aback when SungGyu had not returned from break. He had expected the man to continue giving him hell when he returned. He had prepared himself for a very hostile and angry SungGyu, but he had never foreseen him not returning.

SungGyu was very dedicated to Infinite and for him to extend his vacation was not like him. SungGyu would know that the vocals for the new album would have to be redone…not to mention all the Pepsi CFs they were working on. Plus he had two variety shows he was shooting. WooHyun was very worried he had broken something vitally important in SungGyu. He needed to see the other man. He needed to know he had not misjudged his resiliency.

“Dude,” Hoya exclaimed when WooHyun almost ran into him, “watch where you are going.”

“Sorry,” WooHyun apologized.

“Apology accepted,” Hoya told the main vocal as he stared at his face. “Your eye…it looks worse.”

WooHyun reached up and felt underneath his right eye. SungGyu had punched him good and he had the black eye to prove it. “Yeah, it’s horrible without make-up covering it up.”

“I would have never believed Old Gramps had it in him,” Hoya said wistfully. When WooHyun had returned he had explained that he and SungGyu had gotten into a fight on their first day off, resulting in him getting a black eye.

“Me either,” WooHyun conceded. “Believe me, I was surprised.”

“And it wasn’t a sucker punch?” Hoya questioned.


Hoya let out a chuckle and declared, “I guess we all better be more careful about giving him lip.”

WooHyun nodded his head.

“I found him!” MyungSoo called out excitedly.

“Who?” Hoya asked.

“SungGyu,” SungJong answered as he looked at the laptop. “We were looking for him, since he wouldn’t take any of our calls. We figured some fan had to have seen him.”

Hoya quickly walked over to the two youngest and took a look. “That can’t be him.”

“How can you say that?” MyungSoo questioned. “It’s obviously him.”

“But he’s at a beach,” Hoya maintained. “Does he even like water? I thought he melted if he got wet.”

WooHyun remained completely still. A curious DongWoo and SungYeol, who had been watching television, entered the kitchen to take a look.

“So while we have been working our asses off in the studio, he’s been getting a tan,” an amused SungYeol stated.

“A tan?” Hoya repeated with a snort. “He’s hiding under an umbrella.”

“That’s him,” DongWoo said with confidence.

“Is that his sister?” SungYeol asked. “I guess he took his family on a vacation. Where are they?”

“Bora Bora,” MyungSoo answered.

“Must be nice, and is that…” Hoya paused and then he proclaimed,
“Holy Shit, that’s his noona’s friend—the woman that took his virginity!”

DongWoo leaned down closer to the screen to get a better look. “It is her.”

“He’s such a clever bastard,” SungYeol said with true admiration. “All the fans will think he is spending the holiday with his family, while he gets all the sex he wants.”

SungJong frowned as he looked at the woman that was sitting by SungGyu’s sister in the picture. “Isn’t she a little…isn’t she a lot older?”

“Yes,” WooHyun snapped. “In most civilized societies she would be considered a sexual predator. He was only fourteen when she took his innocence.”

“Boo hoo,” Hoya said with snort. “I never heard him complain.”

“No, only brag,” MyungSoo responded. “I heard him brag a lot.”

“Yep,” Hoya agreed. “Plus, she was only five years older.”

DongWoo rubbed his chin and grinned. “Not all of us get deflowered by a woman that knows what she is doing.”

“He was only fourteen,” WooHyun repeated.

Hoya looked at WooHyun and tried to clarify for him, “As a gay man you might not understand, but for a straight male teenager it’s really nice to learn the ropes from an experienced woman. She didn’t force him. He was more than willing, I assure you.”

WooHyun flinched and snapped back, “You know, I lost my virginity to an older woman, too.”

The five members, who were around the table, gawked at WooHyun, speechless.

DongWoo found his tongue first. “I didn’t…I didn’t know you…you ever found women attractive.”

“I didn’t,” WooHyun answered. “I was young and I still believed I should do what was expected of me, instead of what I wanted. I hoped that if I did it I might like it.”

SungJong, who had a perfectly controlled expression, questioned, “Did you?”

“No,” WooHyun answered. “I didn’t.
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When i woke up this morning, WooHyun was the most romantic thing on earth. The OGS spore fancams showed him giving out rose, ring, and proclaiming his love to the fans last night. And then there was this - manipulative, calculating, insecure kid. Haha.

The hangover.. i knew the hangover would be bad.

Is Gyu going to be playing the game now? Owh, you do turn things around. I thought for sure he was just going to surrender, lament and whine.

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WooHyun is romantic in real life...he's the king of cheese. He gives the best fan service. He's so freaking sincere about it.

He's only manipulative in SD where he is trying to get with Perfect Gyu. lol

Oh, SungGyu will still whine...I didn't want to make the story too unrealistic. lol

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Sometimes reading the whole story at once does require a better feel---but I think breaking up chapters helps create reader attachment. lol

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I was wondering how the next days would play out. Sunggyu must feel soooo violated and I still want to believe that Woohyun didn't do anything. It was a nice surprise to see Sunggyu punch Woohyun in the eye, if he did it then he deserved it.
Poor Woohyun though still with the jealousy stuck in his heart even though he, very admirably, kept up his part of the bargain.
Is the fufuzee important? It seems that way.
Oh, WooHyun did it. He sure did.

WooHyun did keep up his bargin...in hopes of making SungGyu feel more at ease---didn't really work. lol

Hmmm....I can't answer about the fufuzee! Sorry! It's a surprise.

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Woohyun is really damn smart. he did all to make sure that Sunggyu would do what he wanted. just hope that he didnt do wrong move.
Soooooooooooooo.... I'm the fourth! hahahaha Love it... and like a reader said, I wil definitively read it again once u finish... I do that with all your other stories..

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Which is good cause it keeps me cautivated fot the story

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i'll patiently wait 4 next chapter =)
Greetings from Peru
Hello Peru!!!!

Confusion can be good. Confusion can be fun. Embrace it!

Thanks for reading and commenting!
Ugh, this situation. SungGyu was very hostile this morning, but I don't really blame him. He says he hates WooHyun, but it's more like he hates what he did but it's too soon... right now he's just angry and vengeful. Last night it seemed like SungGyu understood how much WooHyun loved him even if he wouldn't admit it, but this morning he's saying he never cared and is only being selfish and manipulative. WooHyun can't even defend himself since he's pretending it never happened... not sure how they will ever clear things up. I'm sure you have something in mind, but right now it doesn't seem like the situation can be fixed.

SungGyu's mother was suspicious though, she hates WooHyun? She must've noticed the looks and how WooHyun was in love with him, right? That and her reaction about the fufuzee was really strange.

SungGyu's off proving he's a man with his old fling. I wonder how that went...

Thanks for the update!
It is a difficult situation right now. The effects of the drugs/alcohol are still playing on SungGyu. First with the cloudy thoughts and now with the painful side affects.

It was strange and more will be explained in future chapters.

We will see.

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Jeeeeeebuzz~~ i was constantly checking my inbox to see if you ever updated! I was sooo excited to see that youve updated! :D
God. So much tension within this chapter.
I dont know who to side with more~~ >~<
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Btw you know when i knew they will be totally donig it? When Sunggyu as complaining about maybe needing an enema (i think) in the hospital. I totally knew it back then.
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I like that you don't know though...it's good to keep it a surprise.

I hope you love it no matter how it goes. It's hard to get a reader to like something once their heart gets set on a certain path....but being predictable is worse in my opinion. But to do crazy stuff just to be unpredictable is no good either. I am rambling...now...sorry.

Did you? lol I always threaten my surgery patient's with enemas if they don't get up and walk and lay off the pain medicine. I am mean...but they get better.

Thanks so much for commenting!

Okay I totally get why Sunggyu lashed out, he needed that. It was a despicable thing to do but then again, Woohyun is blinded by his love for Sunggyu. Love can make you do things that you can never imagine doing, that includes manipulating people, so I can't blame either one. OTL. I think right now, it's just Sunggyu's anger that's taking over his whole being. :(

“I care!” WooHyun shouted, interrupting him as he slammed his hands down on the table. “You are a member of Infinite and my best friend, of course I care! That is what you are to me…that is all you are to me. Do you understand?”

This line struck a heartstring. I feel like Woohyun is saying this to himself more than Sunggyu. Like he's reminding himself that their friendship will never be the same anymore after what he's done. I actually thought that last night sunggyu understood what love actually is, and why Woohyun was acting like this. But yeah, once the hangover clears up it back to hell for the both of them.

For some reason, my mind is telling me that Sunggyu wants to be dominated. He wants someone to take control because he's the one controlling everything in real life. And I think he felt that with Woohyun. And I think that when he does get this older girl he'll remember what Woohyun has done to him. (My mind is weird, I should sleep.)

WHAT IS THIS FUFUZEE. Why does Sunggyu's mom hate Woohyun so much? Hm. I think she knew from the start that Woohyun was gay...or something. Ehh. /shot

All in all, I think Sunggyu will be putting his defenses up by just clinging to his anger. Woohyun...I'm not quite sure with Woohyun. I have a feeling that one of them will leave Infinite still...maybe...maybe not. Don't make anyone leaaave. ;~; /shot

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I totally understand how woohyun is feeling right now.. it really shows how love has the ability to make someone do things which are beyond our expectations.. in this case, threatening someone.
Also, woohyun is kinda like a reflection of myself. I used to think that living in the moment would be better than thinking about what is going to happen in the future. Woohyun probably think that sex would ease all his pining for contact with gyu, but it definitely will just create more want and needs. To be honest, i really wish that there would be a sad ending for this story.. it reflects well on the real world that happy ever afters are only in fairytales. Plus, I think it would be weird if somehow gyu is bisexual.. or maybe the toy had something to do with his sexual orientation? These are all the hanging questions that are drifting in my mind.. thank you for the update! X)
WooHyun is telling everybody if he can get "just one night" he will be better. But who knows if he really believes it. Nobody else believes it, but he made a promise it would be enough...but will it be?

It's hard to write a sad ending in fan fic. I almost did it once...but then stopped myself. Will I be able to do it this time? Hmmm..

Thanks for commenting!
Never got enough of your updates..always want moar..moar..moar..
I am really reaaalllly wondering what is going on in Sunggyu's mind right now. And what's going to happen between him and Woohyun when he comes back. I'm pretty sure that Woohyun will keep his end of the deal and act as if nothing had ever happened, but I'm not sure if Sunggyu will keep it up with him. Gosh, I wonder what's going to happen next. I wonder what's going on with Sunggyu and his thoughts. And I wonder what he's going to do about it.
Great chapter, this just peaks my wonder every time. Thank you! ^__^b
It's funny that you said you are wondering what is going on in SungGyu's mind. When you read the next chapter you will see why I find this funny. lol

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