Quiz answers, random poll, and random crap.

I know people all over LJ are worried/spazzing out....but I am too lazy right now to do anything.

If I should vanish from LJ due to this deadly sin of sloth...you can find me on tumblr.  And that is all you can do...I don't even know how to work my tumblr.  I just go there for the pretty pictures...occasionally if I think of it I will post a link there.   All the good names were taken!   So irritating.   Click this link to find me on tumblr.

I would give out my Twitter name, but I don't follow back.  I don't follow back on tumblr either--unless you have nude Yunho pics.  (real ones--not photo-shopped).

Poll #1937638 This is the most important poll question ever!!! (If you lie...I will know.) *snort*

1. You are my LJ friend, you comment on my stories, and I never friended you back.

Yes! This is me!
No, I don't comment
I comment all the time but I never friended you...but I am going to do that.
You never look at your friends page. I have a livejournal dedicated to your suck and you never noticed.

Oh, and the answers to the previous poll were..............

“I think all little boys should get the chance to grow up…to grow up and live their dreams.” ---Admiral Cho in Expectations

He will make it up here. I know he will and so do you. He won’t wait in shame in the parking lot like Junsu. He will carry his shame right up here and he will make it up here to this floor. He won’t ever make it through that crowd of mourners though. They won’t let him pass, unless he has help."  ----Mrs. Shim in Damaged

"That it is, but if it were a happy story we would have already lost interest in it. It’s the possibility of happiness to come that keeps us glued to our seats.” ------Gertrude in Fragile Essence.

“If this is love, then I never want to know love. I never want to be so desperate and crazy that I try to blackmail somebody into having sex with me. Your love makes me sick.”  -------SungGyu in Sweet Deception

Oh, for those people who like my games......

1. “Should I go spice up the waiting room? Tell them I’m an atheist and dare them to convert me?”

Heechul in Damaged
Heechul in TFAN
Heechul in Expectations
Michael Parks in Fragile Essence

2. “You drive 300mph and you have weed in your car…did you suffer some brain injury I wasn’t aware of? Are you trying to ruin us?”

SungGyu in Bed of Roses
Jaejoong in Damaged
Donghae in TFAN
Yunho in Friction

3. “As if that sorry excuse for a man could impregnate anyone, his pecker is probably no bigger then my little finger,”

Queen Reem(AKA the Warrior Queen) in Expectations
Jennifer Fragile Essence
Heechul in Expectations
Yunho in TFAN

“I am a firm believer in them. He took one glance at Flower and instantly knew that bodily fluids that he claimed ownership of had been recently ingested,”

SungYeol in Bed Head
Heechul in Damaged
Yoochun in Expectations
Kyuhyun in TFAN

“I loved you so much. You were the closest thing I ever had to a mother. I was a scared kid without any dreams and you placed an apron around—”

Shindong in Expectations
Ryeowook in TFAN
Jaejoong in Fragile Essence
Hana in Damaged

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