Sweet Deception, Chapter Twelve

Title: Sweet Deception, Chapter Twelve
Author: Aquariuslover
Pairings: SungGyu/WooHyun focus.
Rating: R
Genre: Angst
Length: Chaptered
Beta: tahoeturquoise

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Summary: For years a fire has been smoldering deep inside of WooHyun, and now it is burning out of control and wrecking havoc on the group. A danger is looming over SungGyu, but will he pay it heed before it claims his life? Can an ominous deal be brokered in time to save Infinite?

Chapter List

A week had passed and SungGyu had still not returned from holiday. He was only taking calls directly from the CEO, not even the managers could contact him. The other members were grumbling loudly, but they were also worried. The broadcasting stations where SungGyu filmed his variety shows were not pleased.

Now, when the CEO looked at him, WooHyun felt something other than affection…something judgmental, something non-trusting. He had broken the faith between them when he had told the CEO he was leaving the group. His only attempt to broach the subject of SungGyu’s continued absence with the CEO had been met with a stern face and silence.

The managers hinted that SungGyu had done the CEO a huge favor and now he was being rewarded for his efforts. When the other members demanded to know what their leader had done the managers only shrugged, saying they were not privy to the information either.

WooHyun felt like he was going to scream. Had SungGyu alerted the CEO to the deal he had proposed to him? Did the CEO push SungGyu into accepting the terms of the deal for the sake of Infinite? Or did the CEO offer SungGyu some kind of compensation? Had SungGyu only gotten WooHyun to stay so he could leave in his place?

“Are you awake?”

WooHyun nodded his head and opened his eyes to look at Manager Geonam, who had been driving him back from a long day at the studio.

“You look tired, kid.”

“I am,” WooHyun agreed. The last time he had slept for longer than an hour had been the two nights after he had finally gotten what he thought he had wanted most in the world. He had slept in bliss, not believing for one minute that the other man would not forgive him. He had accepted things would be strained for a long while, but he had been confidant that he could finagle his way back into SungGyu’s good graces again if given time. He never imagined he wouldn’t be given time. When SungGyu had not returned, all his confidence had evaporated and sleep had started to evade him. His conscience whispered that he had asked too much and pushed too hard.

“Are you going in to eat?”

WooHyun looked out the window to stare at the restaurant they were parked at. The other members were already inside. His heart stung when he realized it was the same restaurant SungGyu’s birthday had been held at. WooHyun had not gone, knowing it would hurt the man he loved if he didn’t make an appearance. And he had been right; the other man had cracked for just a moment the next morning, making WooHyun feel victorious. Was it Key who had told him most people didn’t try to hurt the ones they loved? He thought it was, and now he knew how right his friend had been. “No,” WooHyun answered. “I will wait in the car.”

“You sure?”

“Yes, I need to catch up on my sleep.”

“Whatever suits you,” Geonam stated as he got out of the car.

WooHyun listened as the door shut and he vowed if he ever saw SungGyu again he would not lie to him. He would never take pride in tricking him. He would be truthful, even if it meant hurting himself, but then he remembered the promise he had made. The promise to act as if that night had never happened…even telling the truth would be breaking a promise. He was trapped by his own promise to lie. Lies of his own making were controlling his life now, dragging him deeper and deeper into an abyss of helplessness.

Being with SungGyu had been…had been breathtakingly wonderful. At the beginning it had been a nightmare, the guilt constantly marring his conscience. He had almost ended it countless times…the pain on SungGyu’s face had felt like it would permanently scar his heart, but the selfish part of him couldn’t let his chance go…not his one chance.

Later on as the night had progressed, something had changed. Just the thought of that night made his heart race, but he quickly pushed such thoughts away. Key had been right; having touched the forbidden fruit had been too much, but not nearly enough.

That night had been exquisite, but it had not been perfect. It had been a lie. SungGyu had not been himself…everything had been an intoxicating lie. It had been a beautiful lie, but just a lie. True perfection would have been two sober souls coming together to love one another willingly. It had been his dream come true and yet it had been SungGyu’s worst nightmare.

He wanted to sleep. He thought if he was a better man he would make himself forget everything that happened that night, but instead he never wanted to forget. But still he wished it had been different; something not so tainted by his own selfish desires.


“Hey, we are here,” the voice of Geonam the manger announced waking WooHyun from his sleep.

WooHyun slowly started to stir. He never liked waking up. His heart ached as he remembered all the times SungGyu had awakened him in the past. The harmless fights they had got into as SungGyu demanded that he wake up. He forced his exhausted eyes open and looked at the clock on the dashboard and was surprised to find he had been sleeping for hours. “I didn’t even know when we left the restaurant.”

“You were sleeping like log; I didn’t have the heart to wake you. I figured you needed the sleep.”

He looked around the SUV that only held him and the manager and asked with a crinkled brow, “Nobody rode back with us?”

“No,” the manager answered as he got out of the vehicle. “They were too busy giving SungGyu hell. They all rode back in the van with him.”

WooHyun opened the SUV’s door and jumped out, fully awake now. “He’s back?”

“Yeah,” the manager answered as he walked around the vehicle to escort WooHyun to the dorm. “He got back early this morning.”

“Why didn’t I know?”

“You didn’t know?”

“No!” WooHyun exclaimed, hurrying his pace. “I didn’t know. Nobody told me.”

“Well, you were at the studio all day,” the manager reminded him.

“Still, somebody should have told me!” WooHyun insisted turning to look accusingly at the other man.

The manager pointed to WooHyun’s black eye. “They might have thought it was a sore subject.”

WooHyun waved his arm dismissively as he turned back around and hurried toward the building, ignoring the sasaeng fans that lurked at the entrance. “Like I care about that…I was worried about him.”

“He’s fine,” Geonam reassured him. “The vacation did him good. He’s even got some color to him, not much but some.”

“I can’t wait to see him,” WooHyun blurted out, not even caring how overly excited he appeared. If the CEO had told anyone about what was going on between him and SungGyu, it would have been Geonam. Geonam was the CEO’s most trusted employee, his right hand.

The manager tagged along after the idol. “I am sure he is asleep.”

WooHyun punched the elevator button. “Why do you say that?”

“I had to make a stop on the way here…you were asleep,” the manager explained.

“So they have been home for awhile,” WooHyun realized, now understanding why it was so late.


WooHyun stepped into the elevator. “You can go on home now. I am safe to ride up by myself.”

“No, you know the rules. I can’t go home until I see you step inside the dorm.”

“I am not going anywhere.”

“That’s right, because we are going up to the dorm…together,” the manager informed him.

WooHyun leaned against the elevator wall waiting for it to move. Manager Geonam didn’t exactly trust him, for good reason. WooHyun had snuck away to see Key and a few other guys more than once. The security system at the dorm was now set so any manager could look in on who was entering and leaving the dorm. It was one of the small prices the members paid for getting to live in their own dorm without a manager.

WooHyun couldn’t help but feel a little irritated that nobody had seen fit to tell him SungGyu was back. Not even one phone call. He would have thought SungYeol would have told him…but then again SungYeol was weird with him. WooHyun internally groaned wishing he had never gotten himself involved in that mess.

They reached the seventh floor and they both got off the elevator, WooHyun forced himself not to run to the dorm. He hoped that SungGyu wasn’t in bed. He needed to see him. He needed to see that he wasn’t broken…that he hadn’t done some irrevocable harm to the other man. Geonam had said SungGyu was fine, but Geonam didn’t know him, not like WooHyun knew him…nobody did.

WooHyun punched in the password to the door and hurried inside, not even bothering to say goodbye to Geonam, who turned to leave once he saw WooHyun enter the dorm. WooHyun hurried to the living room and found nobody. The kitchen was also empty. He childishly kicked a chair in the living room, but it didn’t lessen his frustration.

He could only imagine what SungGyu was thinking. Did he think WooHyun was avoiding him? And if he did think WooHyun was avoiding him, would that make him happy or sad? Would he think that WooHyun had gotten what he wanted and was no longer interested, or would SungGyu think he was being sensitive? He hated not knowing what was going on in the other man’s head.

He made his way toward his room, not knowing what tomorrow would bring. When he opened the door to his bedroom he came to a dead stop.

SungGyu was sitting on the end of his bed. The older man was wearing dark blue jeans and one of his hoodie sweat shirts that he wore all year long regardless of the season or the temperature. He was also wearing glasses, which he rarely ever wore. His legs were crossed and he was intently studying his phone. He did not look up when WooHyun entered the room.


The older man kept his gaze on his phone but quickly interrupted to correct WooHyun, “Hyung.”


SungGyu did not look up at him.

WooHyun was at a loss. Of all the things he had expected from the other man…he had never expected to find him willingly in his room, sitting on his bed.

“Were you avoiding me?” SungGyu asked, still not looking up from his phone.

“No!” WooHyun answered too loudly. “I wasn’t! I’d never…they didn’t tell me. I didn’t know you were back.”

SungGyu slowly lowered his phone and gazed up at WooHyun. His face was expressionless.

A nervous WooHyun quickly explained further, “They think…they think things are awkward between us—because I told them we fought.”

“We did fight.”

“You did.”

The older man tilted his head to the side and focused on WooHyun’s black eye. “Isn’t it ironic that not long ago you lied to me, trying to convince me that I had punched you and now it has become reality? It’s like you put it out in the universe and now it has come true.”

“You knew…I was lying though,” WooHyun reminded him. “Didn’t you? I mean…I thought you knew I was lying.”

SungGyu looked back down to his phone. “Sometimes if your lies are sweet enough, I will let myself believe them.”

“Sweet enough?”

“Your sweet deceptions are easy to believe. Believing that I had hit you was comforting, because you so rightfully deserved to be hit.”


“When you pretended to be my friend for years, that was also sweet.”

“Sun—Hyung, I wasn’t pretending.”

“It doesn’t matter now,” SungGyu told him, matter-factually. “We made a deal and I am going to hold you to it.”

WooHyun swallowed, not knowing what to think. He could usually read SungGyu with ease, but he was at a loss now. This coolly detached SungGyu was beyond his understanding. He needed his SungGyu back. He needed blustering, angry SungGyu who had promised to hate him forever. “Are you playing Angry Birds?”

“No,” SungGyu answered, still sitting on the bed. “I beat it, now I have moved on to Candy Crush.”

“Candy Crush?”

“Yes, level sixty-five has to be the work of the devil.”

WooHyun smiled. “So you were playing games while you waited for me?”

“Not the entire time; I was actually studying scripts for our next video earlier. The producer insisted I look at them tonight.”

“I haven’t seen them, yet. Are they on your phone?”


“Can I see?” WooHyun asked, stepping closer to the bed.

SungGyu looked up and his gaze stopped WooHyun in his tracks. “No, you can not.”


“We are not friends any longer,” SungGyu told him as he stood up. “I am only here to remind you of the terms of our deal.”

“I haven’t forgotten.”

“Good,” SungGyu replied. “Don’t forget them.”

“I won’t.”

SungGyu’s face remained expressionless as he walked past WooHyun, leaving him alone in his room.

WooHyun collapsed on his bed, mumbling to himself, “What the fuck?”


“Why do you always wear your glasses now?” SungJong asked SungGyu. They were on their way back to the dorm after shooting a Pepsi commercial.

WooHyun, who was sitting in the back of the car with SungJong, immediately sat up straighter. SungGyu had been back for a week and WooHyun was still as confused as he had been the night SungGyu had returned. He had spent a lot of time with SungGyu recording their new album, but when they were alone together SungGyu was like a robot, an unfriendly robot. They would ride back and forth from the studio together without a word passing between them.

His ability to read what the other man was feeling or thinking was completely gone. WooHyun wondered if sleeping with SungGyu had blurred his perception of the other man. He also occasionally thought maybe it was just that the sex had made him stupid, and sometimes he wondered if it was the glasses. SungGyu had worn them since he returned, and sometimes WooHyun found himself wondering if the glasses had special powers. Powers that protected SungGyu from his keen observation skills, leaving the other man a mystery to him.

“Do you not like them?” SungGyu asked from the passenger seat.

“No,” WooHyun quickly answered.

“SungJong, do you not like them?” SungGyu specified, ignoring WooHyun.

“I like them, but I am just surprised that you are wearing them,” SungJong explained. “They make you look smarter.”

“I feel smarter.”

Manager Hyoan, who was driving, stated, “Glasses can’t make you smarter.”

“Unless they are some magical glasses given to you by some voodoo priestess on the island you were on,” WooHyun blurted out, sharing one of his theories. “You should probably throw them away. They are probably not good for your health. They could be toxic.”

The manager snorted loudly, slightly swerving on the road.

SungGyu remained silent.

SungJong wrapped his arm around WooHyun’s neck and asked in all seriousness, “Hyung, were you maybe drinking something other than Pepsis today?”


WooHyun left his room and walked into the living room. Once there he quickly considered turning around and hightailing it back to his room. His sense of self-preservation was immediately on high alert. SungYeol was on the sofa and MyungSoo was comforting him. SungGyu was sitting in the nearby chair playing Candy Crush on his phone.

Earlier in the day news had come that the drama SungYeol was supposed to be appearing in had been put on hold. SungYeol had been extremely upset and the members had been very supportive, but as the day had gone on SungYeol had continued to be dramatic and the members had grown less sympathetic, except for MyungSoo.

When SungYeol was upset he could be really mean and for WooHyun this was a dangerous position to be in. SungYeol had continued to be weird around him and WooHyun wondered if the other man had figured out his secret. Fooling SungYeol was not easy; of all the members SungYeol and SungJong were the least likely to be mislead. SungJong could be trusted to mind his own business, but SungYeol in a bad mood was like a ticking bomb ready to go off.

“Nobody wants me,” SungYeol cried.

“That’s not true,” MyungSoo told him. “I want you.”

“Bullshit,” SungYeol snapped, slinging MyungSoo’s arm off from around his neck. “The only guy that makes your junk jingle is SungJong.”

MyungSoo rolled his eyes. “I didn’t mean it like that, and my junk doesn’t jingle for any guy, but that doesn’t mean I don’t adore you. If I was gay I would totally be into you.”

SungYeol leaned back into MyungSoo’s sympathetic arms and declared, “God, I wish you were gay.”

WooHyun started backing his way out of the living room, hoping like crazy that SungYeol continued to ignore his presence.

Just when WooHyun thought he had escaped the other man’s notice, SungYeol asked, “WooHyun, when you had sex with that girl did you know you were gay?”

WooHyun cringed and muttered, “Hu..huh?”

“You know, when you were bitching about SungGyu losing his virginity basically to a sexual predator…you told us you lost your virginity to a girl also.”

WooHyun wanted to die.

SungGyu looked up from his game to glare at WooHyun. WooHyun was strangely comforted because at least this was eye contact. WooHyun couldn’t help but think it was an improvement…or maybe not.

SungYeol clarified. “Did you know you were gay before or after you had sex with her?”

WooHyun suspicions grew by leaps and bounds; the feeling that SungYeol had figured out that it was SungGyu who he was in love with intensified. “I knew…or I thought I knew before…I just wanted to make sure.”

“Did you get off?” SungYeol asked.

“Ummm…yeah,” WooHyun answered, still looking at SungGyu, a very pissed looking SungGyu and if looks could kill WooHyun was pretty sure he would be dead. Whatever strange comfort he had felt died in the heat of SungGyu’s angry gaze. “But…I was young…I could have gotten off by rubbing against a tree—it didn’t mean I was straight. It didn’t mean anything.”

SungGyu rolled his eyes and looked back down at his game.

“But if you were really gay—” SungYeol started.

WooHyun quickly interrupted, thinking this would be the perfect opportunity to make SungGyu feel more comfortable around him without him actually bringing up their night together. “No, it didn’t mean anything. Believe me, I know I am only attracted to men, but that doesn’t mean if a woman sucks on my dick that I’m not going to get aroused. It’s the touch…the sensation…the act more than anything. It doesn’t mean I want her anywhere near my dick. It just felt good…it felt good, and when things feel good you can’t help but respond; it doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t change anything. It shouldn’t ruin relationships or anything…relationships are important.”

MyungSoo and SungYeol had matching looks of confusion on their faces. SungGyu just kept playing his game.

“I now I have to be…anywhere else but here,” WooHyun told them and fled from the room.


“That homicidal look on your face screams that you are a rapist about to turn murderer,” Key told WooHyun as he sat down beside him on a bench. A lot of the groups had gathered back behind the stage waiting for their turn to perform for another yearly music summer special.

WooHyun pulled his eyes away from SungGyu and Brandy, who were talking quietly down the hall from them, to frown at his friend and hiss under his breath, “I am not a rapist.”

“Yes, you are.”

“I told you I changed my mind and withdrew the offer.”

Key, who was studying SungGyu closely, informed him, “But you were lying when you said that.”

“I was not.”

“Yes, you were. You are a master at lying, but I’m immune to your lies. Don’t confuse me for one of your hapless group members.”

WooHyun folded his arms in front of him. “I hate you.”

“No, you don’t.”

“I totally do.”

“Are you guys going to do a dance number? Is SungGyu even allowed to dance?” Key asked, looking concerned for the leader of Infinite.

“No, we are singing a ballad.”

“Eww,” Key said, cringing. Not even bothering to hide his dislike. “Your ballads suck ass.”

“Why am I even friends with you?” WooHyun demanded, offended on behalf of his group.

“Hey, don’t be so defensive…if the singing was limited to you and your rape victim it would be perfectly fine, but unfortunately all seven of you sing this round of promotions. Why can’t the other five members just stand there and look pretty and leave the singing to you two?”

WooHyun, who was still offended, smarted off in a whisper, “You are not exactly a top vocalist…and he isn’t my rape victim!”

Key rolled his eyes and sighed, “You know, once you admit to your crime…we can start working on fixing your problem.”

“I don’t have a problem.”

“You raped him.”

“I did not.”

“You are such a typical Korean man. Of course the Korean government would never acknowledge it as rape either. They don’t think men can rape other men…well, I bet the judges would sing another tune if they were the ones that had their ass—”

WooHyun clapped his hand over Key’s mouth and warned, “You need to stop. People will hear you.”

Key batted WooHyun’s hand out of the way but conceded, “True, but honestly people will also notice you giving Brandy death glares.”

“I am not giving her—I will try to stop. Why does he like her so much?” WooHyun whined.

“She is pretty fabulous,” Key pointed out. “I just don’t understand what she sees in him.”

WooHyun gritted his teeth fighting the urge to knock Key off the bench.

“Now, don’t get all testy with me. I mean Brandy obviously likes him…and he let you…well, let’s just say he did a lot for his group. He let you go where no man has gone before. He sacrificed a lot for his gro—”

“Shut up!”

Key rolled his eyes, annoyed at being interrupted. “I am just saying that I might have judged him harshly…but he makes it easy.”

“I will admit that…that he is hard to understand at times,” WooHyun admitted. “He comes across as an ass to a lot of people. He’s not smooth like some people.”

Key grinned. “He’s not smooth? Are you trying to say he has a hairy ass?”

WooHyun didn’t resist the urge any longer. He pushed Key off the bench


“Got a dream to take them there, They're coming to America, Got a dream they've come to share, They're coming to America!” DongWoo sang over and over from the seat in front of WooHyun. Earlier in the day the CEO had informed the members they would be shooting their next video in America. All the members were extremely excited and WooHyun was no exception. He was very glad to be going to America but what really made him happy was that SungGyu was sitting in the back of the van with him.

“Can you just be quiet for one minute?” SungGyu snapped at DongWoo. “I will pay you if you just be quiet for one minute! One minute! One minute! That is all I am asking for!”

DongWoo just smiled and continued singing.

“Stop with that damn song already!” SungGyu cursed.

“SungGyu, stop nagging! He’s excited,” the CEO, who was riding with them, told the grumpy leader. The CEO was riding in the passenger seat as Manager Geonam drove them. WooHyun just grinned, loving that the CEO had chosen to ride with them…and that he had taken the seat usually reserved for SungGyu.

“I am just tired,” SungGyu explained as his eyes drilled into the back of DongWoo’s head, wishing he could mentally will the other man to fall asleep.

DongWoo kept singing and bouncing around in the seat in front of them, unperturbed by his leader’s words or bad mood.

“If you hadn’t taken a week off you wouldn’t have had so much catching up to do,” the CEO told him. “It isn’t DongWoo’s fault you haven’t gotten much sleep.”

“I know,” SungGyu reluctantly agreed.

They were on their way to the airport. They had many activities they needed to wrap up in Japan before they could leave for America.

WooHyun was all smiles. He knew the only reason SungGyu was in the backseat with him was because sitting with the hyper DongWoo was the only other option, but WooHyun saw this as an improvement in their relationship. He still couldn’t tell what SungGyu was thinking but listening to SungGyu nag always made him happy.

SungYeol, who was sitting in front of WooHyun and SungGyu with DongWoo, turned around to face the two main vocals. “So… you two have been odd lately.”

“You would know all about being odd,” SungGyu snapped. “Wouldn’t you?”

WooHyun just glowed, loving that SungGyu was tired. A testy SungGyu was somebody he understood. He imagined that SungGyu would soon take off his glasses and WooHyun would see him perfectly once again. And once WooHyun could tell what SungGyu was thinking he would know how much groveling would be necessary for him to ease his way back into the other man’s good graces. SungGyu had said their friendship would be lost, but after many doubtful days, WooHyun had decided that such a thing was impossible and he refused to believe it. He was convinced their friendship could survive anything.

SungYeol just grinned back at SungGyu. “You seem very hard lately.”

WooHyun’s gaze immediately drifted towards SungGyu’s crotch resulting in the older man elbowing him hard in the gut. WooHyun bent over in his seat grunting in pain.

“I didn’t mean hard like that,” SungYeol quickly clarified. “Remember that talk we had about some members being softer than others?”

“Oh,” SungGyu responded, ignoring WooHyun’s pain filled whimpering. “You said I was soft.”

“Yeah,” SungYeol said, brightening. “That was a very nice talk we had. I have been thinking about it a lot.”

“You don’t think I am soft now?”

“Well…I think you were supposed to be soft. Like you were born to be soft, but life made you hard. I was always soft and have stayed soft.”

DongWoo flipped around and asked, while side-eying SungYeol, “Soft doesn’t mean nice, does it?”

“No,” SungYeol answered. “You are the nicest person in the world, but you are not soft.”

“No,” SungGyu agreed.

“That’s right,” DongWoo bragged, holding up his arm and flexing his muscles. “I am rock hard. Just feel that muscle.”

SungYeol laughed at the rapper and elaborated, “It has nothing to do with being nice or having muscles…it’s more of an inner thing. It’s not strength or weakness…it’s hard to explain.”

“So what am I?” WooHyun asked curiously after the pain in his gut subsided.

“You are hard,” SungYeol answered. “And so are Hoya and SungJong.”

“But you just said I was hard,” SungGyu reminded him.

SungYeol shook his head. “You are, but I think if you’d had a different upbringing you would have been soft, but you had to make yourself hard.”

“You might be right,” SungGyu admitted, looking out the window to watch the scenery pass by, suddenly feeling uncomfortable with the conversation. He didn’t like it that the younger members knew about his less than stellar childhood.

WooHyun, who noticed the subtle change in SungGyu, questioned, “But I don’t understand…SungJong and I are not hard.”

“Yes you are,” SungYeol told him. “Both of you try to appear soft, but you are really hard.”

“Like SungGyu tries to appear hard?” DongWoo questioned.

“No, SungGyu doesn’t try to appear hard…it’s just how he reacts to life,” SungYeol explained. “When he is happy and comfortable his edges get softer.”

“He’s been a real hard ass lately, so his life must really suck,” DongWoo stated, reaching out to squeeze SungGyu’s shoulder, causing the older man to look away form the window to gaze at the rapper. “Smile, because I love you, Leader-shi. We are making a video in America. You know you want to sing with me. Sing with me; let me hear that beautiful voice of yours.”

SungGyu just shook his head and fought against the urge to smile at the other man.

“I don’t think I am hard,” WooHyun protested, he didn’t like thinking of himself as hard. “I am a sweetheart, all the fans say so.”

SungYeol sighed. “Like I said, it has nothing to do with being nice or a sweetheart. A hard person can be nice. Although, I was going to add that you seem softer lately.”

“Yeah,” DongWoo agreed. “You aren’t such a dick anymore.”

WooHyun huffed. “I wasn’t always a dick…I was just one for a few months…I just…”

“You needed to get laid,” SungYeol stated, confidently.

“True, I did...”

“Who was he?” SungYeol asked.

“No,” WooHyun shook his head, realizing what he had just admitted to. He quickly scooted as far away from SungGyu as he could get, fearful of another elbow to the gut.

“Yes,” DongWoo cooed. “WooHyun got some and now he is a happy, heart throwing cupid again.”

SungYeol smirked at WooHyun. “I thought you were waiting for true love?”

“I didn’t!” WooHyun sputtered.

SungYeol winked at WooHyun. “You didn’t wait for true love?”

“Who was it?” DongWoo asked, teasingly. “You can tell us who he is. We will only tell three other people.”

“Shut up!” SungGyu squawked. “I don’t want to hear about WooHyun’s gay sex life, ever!”

“Oh, quit being so jealous,” SungYeol said, scolding the leader. “You know he will always love you best.”

SungGyu and WooHyun both froze and everybody else in the car laughed. WooHyun was convinced now that SungYeol knew…and he had decided to make his life hell by torturing him. “I know who it wasn’t and who it will never be,” WooHyun hissed, ready to give as well as he got. If SungYeol wanted to play nasty then so could he.

SungYeol reached up and touched his heart. “You wound me…was it your favorite Tasty Twin? He was eyeing you earlier at the office and I saw you walk off with him. What were you two doing all alone together?”

“Stop,” WooHyun warned.

“Oh, did you get back with him?” DongWoo asked, unable to hide his excitement.

SungGyu turned his head to stare at WooHyun. “Which one?”

WooHyun looked back at SungGyu, fighting the urge to take the other man’s glasses off and throw them out the window of the van. What did SungGyu mean by asking him which one? WooHyun hated not knowing what the other man was thinking.

“Soryong,” SungYeol answered for WooHyun. “How did you not know…you were WooHyun’s roommate for a billion years! How did you not know he and Soryong used to fuck?”

“We only lasted as roommates for so long because he didn’t talk about stuff like that!”

“It’s called observation skills,” SungYeol told the leader. “He didn’t tell any of us, but we knew.”

“To be fair, I didn’t know either until Soryong was crying at the last Idol Championship and I made the mistake of asking what was wrong,” DongWoo added, pretending to sound scandalized. “And boy, did my sweet innocent ears get an earful!”

“He wasn’t crying,” WooHyun denied, but his eyes were still on SungGyu. He couldn’t decide if SungGyu looked flustered or not. And if SungGyu was flustered…why was he flustered?

DongWoo relented, “Okay, not crying, but he was depressed. He said you wouldn’t give him another shot.”

“No, I wouldn’t,” WooHyun agreed. “Our relationship ended a long time ago.”

“You were with him? I thought you were only with Key?” SungGyu asked, not letting the subject die.

WooHyun was almost positive he heard genuine curiosity in SungGyu’s voice. “It wasn’t serious. It was very casual between us. He wanted something more serious and I wasn’t interested. We are still friends.”

“So you two just had sex?” SungYeol asked. “You didn’t love him like you loved Key?”

“I didn’t love Key,” WooHyun quickly answered. “With Soryong it wasn’t serious at all.”

“But you two had sex?” SungYeol persisted.

WooHyun looked away from SungGyu and pleaded to SungYeol, “Would you just stop?”

“So you did,” SungGyu stated.

“It was a long time ago,” WooHyun told him, turning back to face the leader. “It was before they debuted.”

SungGyu folded his arms and glowered at WooHyun. “So it is okay for you to be with a trainee, but it’s wrong for me to be with one.”

WooHyun blinked, surprised by SungGyu’s statement. “She is too young for you.”

“She’s legal.”

“She is using you.”

“But Soryong wasn’t using you?”

“No, he wasn’t…and he is a lot older than I am.”

“So old guys can’t use younger guys?”

“I am not saying that…”

SungGyu’s small eyes narrowed. “Are you saying it is more likely for a younger guy to use an older guy?”

WooHyun mouth dropped open.

“What trainee are we talking about?” SungYeol asked.

SungGyu ignored SungYeol and continued, “Were you using him?”

“No,” WooHyun denied. “We just had sex a couple times. Nobody was using anybody. He knew we were only friends.”

SungYeol reached out and thumped SungGyu on the head, causing SungGyu’s glasses to fall off. “Who’s the trainee? Inquiring minds want to know!”

SungGyu reached for his glasses, but WooHyun grabbed SungGyu’s wrist trying to prevent him from getting to his glasses. “Don’t,” SungGyu warned, yanking his arm away.

WooHyun’s eyes bored into SungGyu’s trying to figure out exactly what was going on between them and what SungGyu was thinking. SungGyu looked back at him and for the briefest moment his carefully guarded shields faltered and WooHyun saw something resembling jealousy flicker in his eyes.

“You have to tell us who she is,” DongWoo whined, while rocking back and forth in the seat. “Is it Mi-Cha?”

“Mi-Cha is hot,” SungYeol agreed. “But I didn’t think she was legal.”

“I didn’t either,” DongWoo agreed. “The ones that you think are older are really young, and the ones that you think are young are really older. I am glad I love and respect all women equally. Young darlings, I will wait for you…and older women, come to me and show me your wise, wicked ways.”

SungGyu grabbed his glasses, and put them back on. “Can we table this discussion, please?”

“No, please continue,” the CEO, who had been listening, said from the front. “I am finding this conversation to be very informative. Why don’t you tell us what trainee you are interested in? You know—the trainees you are not supposed to look at, much less touch.”

DongWoo winced and whispered, “Oops, I forgot about him.”

“I didn’t touch!” SungGyu replied, sounding very anxious. “It…it’s not important. It’s nothing.”

“I will decide what is important and what isn’t,” the CEO informed him.

WooHyun, whose confidence had returned, suddenly felt like he could conquer the world. He helpfully offered, “Sir, I will tell you everything you want to know. It is in fact Mi-Cha and did you know our precious leader was barely out of ICU and the little skank was calling him at the hospital?”
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