More fun games!

What thought goes through your mind after watching this?

OMG! So cute!
Couples that play together...stay together.
SungGyu = the girl
SungGyu's scared face! hahaha!
Didn't watch it...I'm a stick in the mud.

The answers to the previous poll were…

“Should I go spice up the waiting room? Tell them I’m an atheist and dare them to convert me?” ----Heechul in TFAN

“You drive 300mph and you have weed in your car…did you suffer some brain injury I wasn’t aware of? Are you trying to ruin us?” ----Yunho in Friction

“As if that sorry excuse for a man could impregnate anyone, his pecker is probably no bigger then my little finger.” ----Queen Reem in Expectations

“I am a firm believer in them. He took one glance at Flower and instantly knew that bodily fluids that he claimed ownership of had been recently ingested,” ----SungYeol in Bed of Roses

“I loved you so much. You were the closest thing I ever had to a mother. I was a scared kid without any dreams and you placed an apron around—” ----Jaejoong in Fragile Essence

You all did so good in the last poll!!!!

What is your favorite version of Jaejoong?

Fragile Jaejoong
Prince of Joong(Expectations)
Damaged Jaejoong

What is your favorite version of Yunho?

Fragile Yunho
Captain Yunho(Expectations)
Damaged Yunho

For Expectation's readers...which of the below are your favorite characters? Pick as many as you want.

Ensign Eunhyuk
Commander Yoochun
Doctor Cho
Ensign Kangin
Commander Cho
Nurse Heechul
Lieutenant Sungmin
Prince Siwon
Ensign Junsu
Ensign SungGyu
Lieutenant SooYoung
Lieutenant Donghae
Doctor Nam(WooHyun)
Ensign Jonghyun
Ensign Minho
Lieutenant Yesung
Lieutenant Jung(Changmin)
Commander Leetuek

And now for more of the quote game...

“If you push him, you really will lose him. He isn’t going to risk your future for anything…no matter how he feels. He decided that and he doesn’t care how much it hurts you or him. He will protect you, even if you’re too stupid to protect yourself.”

Laura in Fragile Essence
Changmin in Damaged
Eunhyuk in TFAN
Yoochun in Expectations.

“This is important! Can you imagine him with an STD? I can just see him whipping out his penis all the time, asking, 'Do you think this discharge is clearing up?' Thank you, but no thank you. You should actually wear two condoms, now that I think about it.”

Junsu in Expectations
Jennifer in Fragile Essence
Jaejoong in Damaged
Sungmin in TFAN

“Hello Flowery Queen what’s up…what…didn’t you like the pic…where is my thank you…you should know I don’t take murder threats lightly.”

Jennifer Fragile Essence
Yoochun in Expectations
Heechul in Damaged
SungYeol in Bed of Roses

“I don’t know what mirror she looks into, but it’s extremely kind to her, or it’s some lying mirror…because she isn’t seeing what the rest of us are seeing.”

Heechul Expectations
Jaejoong in Damaged
Luna in TFAN
Jennifer in Fragile Essence

“I always look neurotic when I am about to get man raped.”

Kyuhyun in Expectations
Yunho in Damaged
SungGyu in Sweet Deception
SungYeol in Bed of Roses
very hard...hard questions... love all my jaejoongies ... and I could only pick one character from expectations, my chunnie...the poll didnt let me choose more than one

hahaha was fun though
It's strange when I want there to be only one allows multiple. When I don't care how many answers a person only allows one.

I didn't do anything different. Strange.
i cant realte to the others because i've only read YunJae related fics. but your polls are always fun :)) i like it. i have a hard time reading non yunjae related fics since im not into kpop that much. i even had a hard time read Damaged since I dont know the names of SJ and other people. LOL. but i'm learning XD
I think some people just read them as original characters and don't get hung up on knowing them.............but when people become fans of KyuWook or Infinite I do a victory scream, no lie.
oh shizzus. too many typo errors in my previous comment. i wanna die. HAHAHA. well, I've watched some of KyuWook. like. when they did those Banjun dramas thing. and no worries, im an Inspirit so I really know WooGyu but I'm not a shipper tho XD

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I could only pick 1 character in the expectation poll u.u...

Commander Yoochun
Ensign Sunggyu
Ensing Junsu
Dc. Woohyun
The Cho's
Lt. Sooyoung
Yeah, the poll was stingy for some reason.

Nice top six.....Yoochun is my favorite........or is SungGyu? SungGyu is my favorite in real life, but I love that kinky engineer in the story.
Two of these I've completely forgotten TT-TT, so I had to guess, but i think i got most of them right :D. I really like the polls where you ask us what we like, those are always really fun to do!!!
I am probably only going to let select people take the next group of polls....if I can make myself commit to them. I think I will put up polls asking what Christmas short story people want.

You will get to vote. ;)
The favorite Expectation character poll didn't allow me to pick more than one. Wanted to select Heechul and Ryeowook too actually.
Hahhahahahahahahaha yeah yoochun has something that at the beginning was like.... " mmmmh poor junsu but lol yoochun, then in the gender bender part it was like yoochun you pig, after it was like aaaaaaaaaaaw yoochun go an tap that maximum gluteus that you love... >___> junsu let yoochun prove that he is good ... yoochun makes me feel like with woohyun in sweet deception...

But I really love Sooyoung xD and the Ensigns interactions... but T_____T I miss Changmin... the rational Changmin more than the joong changmin anx the not that rational not that joong Changmin xD
Still bad at the polls but LOVE Expectations ... I like all of the characters XD Who can resist the Prince of Joong :)
I voted for Yoochun <3 but I wanted to vote for all of them! Heechul, Changmin, Junsu Ensign SungGyu and Doc Nam dynamics (because they remind me a of a young WooKyu) Sulli, Kangin, even Leeteuk in all his nakedness glory ^^
The video is so cute, it's good to see them having fun :D

It's really hard to choose which Yunho or Jaejoong is my favorite one, because in each story they have different ( yet a little bit similar) personalities, and that's why I love all of them. I only recently read Expectations that why I chose them, because their relationship is just so amazing *.*

And of course Doctor Nam, aka Dr Greasy XDD although I love all of the characters, I hope you're going to continue it soon ^^

I love so much that I know the quotes :P hehe, these polls are funny, keep doing it ^0^ thank you~~~~
I could only choose one character... Maybe because I'm using the phone... Anyways, I chose Chun but my other favourites are Minnie, Heechul, Ryeowook, WooGyu and Junsu. (I miss Expectations Changmin so damn much TT-TT)

The quotes are a bit harder this time, I totally messed up the first two eventhough I finally read all your fics. The other three quotes I'm sure about so I'll take pride in that, lol.

I'll watch that video when I get access to a PC.

Your polls are awsome! Keep them coming :D
The poll would only let me pick one T^T I love so many of them!

Wanted to select Heechul, Changmin, Sunggyu, Woohyun, Yoochun and Kyuhyun.

“I always look neurotic when I am about to get man raped.”

bwahahahahah! EPIC!!!
Could only pick one from the expectations characters :( so i picked my favorite nurse :D
The fav JJ and YH question was really hard...
I only read YunJae stories XP
So I only know Expectations & Damaged.. I just clicked the answer randomly to other questions that don't relate to either one of them XD

I had a hard time choosing my favorite Jaejoong.. between Prince of Joong & Damaged :| Prince of Joong indeed is a fun character.. a telepath, hermaphrodyte & all that, but something in Damaged!Jaejoong makes him attractive as individual.. Was it because of his strong love? His saying of "It's either I have him fully as a lover or none at all." I don't know why.. that side of Damaged!Jaejoong drew me in so much. In the end, I chose Damaged!Joong ^^v Ahh makes me miss him. Will re-read soon <3

Anyways, love this poll~! Makes me want to read all your stories x3
Hope you will write the continuation of Expectation soon~! Fighting & thanks for sharing & writing & all that you did <3
i only read damaged, FE, TFAN..(and i'm a shipper of kyuwook now thanks to YOU! hahaha)
so i can't participate on expectations polls..
but i got all the quotes game right (i think? lol) except for the last one..

Can't really choose between Damaged or Fragile Essence version of each Jaejoong and Yunho. damn. *mumble* both are my favorites, and I cried like hell for both so I love both and i can't choose but you make me choose so i choose *mumble*

for expectation, i don't hv valuable knowledge to choose the answer.. hehe sorry :p

but most of quote from fragile essence i still vividly remember or vaguely guess just because i still recall more or less the 'feeling' you put in the story. the story itself remains strong in my mind. I really miss it. Hope the part two will be updated soon :p XD can't wait.. hehe