Sweet Deception, Chapter Fifteen.

Title: Sweet Deception, Chapter Fifteen
Author: Aquariuslover
Pairings: WooGyu
Rating: R
Genre: Angst
Length: Chaptered

Summary: For years a fire has been smoldering deep inside of WooHyun, and now it is burning out of control and wrecking havoc on the group. A danger is looming over SungGyu, but will he pay it heed before it claims his life? Can an ominous deal be brokered in time to save Infinite?

Author’s Note: This is a really busy time for me…and I think everybody who follows me on twitter knows that I hurt my finger, so I didn’t get to reply to comments. I am updating now, because if I don’t it would probably be Monday before I get another opportunity to do so. The story ends at Chapter 20…just FYI. Thanks to all that comment!

“I am going to get laid,” Hoya announced from across the table. “I am not living like a monk, not here.”

“I am sure there will be plenty of opportunities at the wrap up party,” SungGyu, who was sitting beside him at the table, replied through his mouthful of food.

“Look around us,” Hoya declared, lifting his hand to gesture at their lavish surroundings. “We are in Vegas. I am not waiting for the wrap up party. There are plenty of willing ladies here.”

“And it won’t cost you…too much,” WooHyun teased from across the table.

Hoya snorted and informed WooHyun, “I don’t have to pay for it.”

SungJong shook his head. “You better be careful. You don’t want the fans to see you with a woman. You know how they get.”

“Security is so tight, the fans will never make it to our floor,” Hoya stated confidently.

“Don’t underestimate the fans,” WooHyun warned. “The smart ones can fool security…plus, the rich ones can just get their own room.”

“We didn’t even know we were going to be staying at the Venetian…so our fans sure didn’t know,” Hoya reminded them. “Plus, there are security cameras are all over this place. This is our safest chance to have some fun. The women here are hot, a lot hotter than what is going to be at the wrap up party.”

“The women at the wrap up party won’t sell us out to the tabloids,” SungGyu pointed out.

“Leadershi, come on, when was the last time you enjoyed the company of a beautiful woman? Hoya asked SungGyu. “You are all healed up now; it’s time to reap the rewards of living.”

SungGyu took a bite of food and slowly chewed it, savoring the taste before answering Hoya, “Not interested.”

“Since when?” Hoya demanded.

“Since my surgeon told me I couldn’t have sex for twelve weeks after my surgery,” SungGyu informed the lead dancer. “Also, I can have Brandy anytime I want her and she is both discreet and beautiful. Why would I risk my health to be with a stranger, when I can have her?”

WooHyun dropped his fork and stared at SungGyu, horrified.

A surprised Hoya clarified, “So…no sex for twelve weeks, like for real?”

“That’s what the doctor told me.”

“That sucks,” Hoya said, sympathizing. “You can still jerk off…right?”

SungGyu shook his head.

“Fuck,” was all Hoya could say. “No wonder you are eating so much.”

SungGyu looked down at his plate. They were at a cafe at the Venetian and he was on his second plate of food. “The food is really good,” SungGyu said in his defense.

“What is the reasoning…for no sex? Did the doctor explain it to you?” Hoya asked.

“My insides are not healed yet and if I accidently busted something loose…I’d have to go back to surgery.”

“But you can dance…” Hoya pointed out.

“Hoya, don’t be stupid,” SungGyu told the lead dancer. “If dancing was like having sex…you wouldn’t be bitching about getting laid.”

Hoya nodded his head. “True.”

“Yes, it is true,” SungGyu told him as he stood up. “I am going to take a look at the little pasty shop outside the entrance to this café. Those éclairs on display look so good. I am going to work on eating more of my sexual frustration away.”

SungJong, who had been listening quietly, said encouragingly, “The food is really good, Hyung.”

SungGyu smiled at SungJong as he got up from the table. “It really is.”

“Well, do either of you want to go looking for chic…” Hoya paused, looking at SungJong and then WooHyun. “Never mind. I will go find DongWoo or MyungSoo.”

WooHyun, who was still shocked by SungGyu’s statement, ignored Hoya completely. SungJong stood up and told the lead dancer, “I will go with you.”

“Really?” Hoya questioned as he got up.

“To find the others,” SungJong clarified.

“Good, because any women we might find would be more interested in your beauty secrets than in having sex with me,” Hoya teased as he and SungJong walked away from the table.

“I am not sharing my secrets though,” SungJong teased as he left with Hoya. “My beauty secrets are all mine.”

WooHyun was sitting at the table alone, absorbed in his own thoughts when SungGyu returned.

“Did they leave?” SungGyu asked as he sat back down at the table with a very large chocolate éclair.

WooHyun leaned across the table ignoring SungGyu’s question and hissed under his breath, “What the hell? You weren’t supposed to have sex for twelve weeks?”

SungGyu leaned back in his chair away from the distressed man. “Yes, what is it to you? I told you we were not having sex again.”

“What is it to me?” WooHyun exclaimed in disbelief. “How can you not realize how big a deal this is?”


“Don’t hush me after you dropped that one on me!”

SungGyu sighed. “Like I said…we are not having sex again, so I don’t see why you are so upset. It isn’t like it affects you.”

WooHyun held up his hands, flustered. “I am upset because we already had sex! You do realize we had sex, right?”

“I try my best to forget about you blackmailing me into having sex.”

WooHyun winced.

SungGyu rolled his eyes when he noticed the other man’s response, “Well, you did.”

“I did,” WooHyun reluctantly admitted. “But you chose to agree to the terms.”

SungGyu growled, “Shut up.”

“No, I will not. How could you…how could you not tell me about the dangers?”

SungGyu reminded the other man, “You were with me almost the entire time I was at the hospital. I thought you knew about the dangers.”

WooHyun clenched his fists and placed them on his lap underneath the table, trying to control his rising anger. “Did you think…did you think I would still want to…if I knew I was putting your health at risk? Do you honestly think so poorly of me?”

“No,” SungGyu answered sincerely. “But to be fair, I also didn’t think you were a rapist that would blackmail me into having sex with you.”

WooHyun gritted his teeth, his nostrils flaring. SungGyu quickly grabbed the butter knife that was in front of WooHyun and put it on his side of the table, out of WooHyun’s reach.

“Is that how you see me?” WooHyun demanded, causing the older couple at the table next to them to turn and stare at them. “As some…as some sexual deviant that cares only about sex?”

SungGyu motioned for WooHyun to shut up as he noticed the unwanted attention from the couple.

WooHyun ignored him, unable to hide his hurt. “How many times have I told you I loved you? Do you think I am lying? Well, I have lied about a lot of things…I know this, but I never lied about loving you! I would never put your health at risk! Never!”

“Settle down, please,” SungGyu pleaded to WooHyun while smiling weakly at the older couple. He was very grateful that the chances they understood Korean were slim to none.

“How can I settle down…you could have internal injuries and…and it would be my fault!”

“I don’t have internal injuries, just settle down.”

“You risked your health!”

“You kinda put me in a bind.”

“You should have told me! I would have understood…I would have waited.”

SungGyu turned back to face WooHyun and saw how distraught the other man truly was. “It wasn’t like I did much…not that I remember all that much, but that would actually be a selling point. No exertion on my part.”

WooHyun forced himself to calm down. He reminded himself that SungGyu’s health seemed fine…he studied the older man sitting across from him and came to an understanding. “You are fucking with me!”

“Yeah, I am,” SungGyu admitted, unable to keep from grinning.

“You asshole!”

“Takes one to know one.”

A very relieved WooHyun asked, “So why did you lie to Hoya?”

“Because you are a jealous little bitch,” SungGyu bluntly informed the other man. “If I had sex with some random woman while I was here, you would throw one of your huge hissy fits. The shooting of the video would be compromised, SungYeol would be more suspicious than ever and DongWoo would start stressing out again…..it’s not worth it.”

WooHyun picked up his spoon and tapped it against the table. “Is that the only reason?”


“So you are never going to have sex with a woman again?”

After listening to WooHyun’s words the bite of éclair that SungGyu had been swallowing went down the wrong pipe causing him to cough. SungGyu pounded on the front of his chest until he could safely talk. “That is not what I am saying…not at all!

WooHyun frowned. “I will still be jealous in the future.”

“You will have to get over it,” SungGyu informed him. “Because I plan on having a lot of sex in the future—with women.”

WooHyun’s frown deepened. “So you are not curious anymore?”

“I have told you repeatedly, I am not going to have sex with you again.”

“That isn’t what I asked.”

“That’s my answer.”

WooHyun smiled. “You know what I think?”

“I don’t care—what you think. You promised once was enough.”

“I did,” WooHyun reluctantly admitted.

“So were you lying…like you always do?”


“Either you were lying or you weren’t.”

“I was not lying and if you had hated it…I would never bring—”

“I did hate it!” SungGyu snapped at the younger man.

WooHyun snorted.

“Just…” SungGyu paused, remembering what he had admitted to previously. “Just because I was slightly curious doesn’t mean I didn’t hate it.”

WooHyun leaned across the table and stated firmly, “You hated the manipulation…you hate that I…that I didn’t give you much of a choice.”

“You blackmailed me…you can say it. Repeat after me, I—blackmailed—you—I—am—an—awful—person.”

WooHyun pulled back and shook his head. “I can’t…I can’t…I told you I won’t lie to you anymore…or purposely manipulate you. I promise I am really trying to be better.”

SungGyu just shook his head. “Is it so hard for you to admit to what you did?”

The younger man looked down at the floor, unable to meet the elder’s eyes. “Yes…but how it came about doesn’t change the outcome.”

“Keep telling yourself that.”

“I will.”

“We are never having sex again.”

“You know what I think?”

“Not interested.”

“I think you are still curious and maybe women are just not as attractive as they used to be.”

“Is that what you think?”

“It is.”

“You’d be wrong.”

WooHyun leaned across the table again and spoke in a softer tone, “If you are still curious, this would be the perfect place to indulge your curiosity. We each have our own room.”

SungGyu just shook his head.

WooHyun straightened back up in his chair and shrugged. “I was just throwing out the possibility…if you get bored.”

“I won’t get bored,” SungGyu told him as he lifted up his phone. “I have Candy Crush. She is no Delores, but she’s an entertaining and cheap date.”

WooHyun groaned.


SungGyu was outside at the wrap party, sitting at a table with a music executive, and attempting to speak with him, but sadly the man’s Korean was far worse than SungGyu’s English. SungGyu was politely pretending to understand the man when out of the corner of his eye he noticed that WooHyun had wandered away from him and into the crowd of partygoers.

The wrap up party was being held at a mansion with a large outside pool. They had eaten American barbeque and had a variety of different types of liquor. SungGyu had refrained from drinking, knowing that keeping his wits intact was vital to his continued sanity.

SungGyu subtly observed as WooHyun mingled with the others. It wasn’t long before Woohyun jumped into the pool along with Hoya, DongWoo and several other partygoers. Once it was clear that WooHyun was no longer watching him, SungGyu promptly got up. He gave his apologies to the executive for having to leave so abruptly. He quickly made it inside the house and toward the front door. He motioned for Manager Geonam who was drinking with a few other men, who SungGyu had recognized from the making of their new video.

“I need to leave,” SungGyu told his manager.

Manager Geonam could not hide his disappointment. Unlike SungGyu, the manager was having a nice time at the party. “Are you not feeling well?”

SungGyu was tempted to lie, but it was not a habit he wanted to foster. “No, I just want to leave.”

“I’ll take him back to the casino,” a man SungGyu recognized from his frequent visits to South Korea told Manager Geonam. “I’d like to hit the blackjack tables again, myself.”

The man’s wife, who was standing beside him, rolled her eyes in annoyance. “Really, Martin must you?”

“No, Laura, but I want to,” the man told his wife. “SungGyu has grown tired of the party, so it would only be polite to take him back to the casino.”

“You are not going back to the casino to be polite…you are going there to throw away more money,” the woman snapped.

The man named Martin eyed his wife, unable hide his irritation and asked her, “So should we make our brave leader stay?”

SungGyu wanted to point out to the man that he was not his leader when SungJong appeared at his side and stated, “I also want to get back to the casino.”

SungGyu was not surprised. SungJong was not the type to enjoy parties, not even this party that the other members seemed to find so enjoyable.

“Did you swim?” Manager Geonam asked SungJong.


SungGyu shook his head realizing Geonam must have had too much to drink. Anybody who knew SungJong would know he would never go swimming around strange men and women. The maknae was very beautiful, but he was a guarded beauty. “Do I need to call for a taxi?” SungGyu asked, unable to hide the harshness in his tone. He needed to be gone before WooHyun noticed he was absent from his view.

Manager Geonam blinked, taken aback. “No, Martin can take you back to the casino.”

“Good,” SungGyu stated and stepped outside and onto a large, spacious verandah. SungJong followed him out as Martin and his wife went to get their car.

SungGyu knew that any minute WooHyun would notice his absence. WooHyun had stuck closely to him during the party. No doubt, he sensed SungGyu’s weakness…his cursed curiosity. No matter how much he denied being curious, it was still there…and WooHyun knew him too well. As the night had progressed, WooHyun had finally had enough to drink that his social nature had won out causing him to stray from SungGyu’s side.

SungGyu had told WooHyun repeatedly he would not have sex with him again, but the smile on WooHyun’s face always let SungGyu know WooHyun didn’t believe him. SungGyu didn’t believe himself. His words to SungYeol played in his mind. He knew part of what he told SungYeol was to get him off WooHyun’s back, but secretly he wondered if he had not been more honest with the tallest member than he had been with himself.

“Hyung, the car is here,” SungJong told him as Martin drove his sedan up to where they were waiting. Martin’s wife sat in the passenger’s seat. SungJong and SungGyu both got in the back of the black sedan.

SungGyu was eager to leave, eager to get away from WooHyun. He needed to be by himself. He needed to think about the kind of man he was, the kind of man he wanted to be. SungGyu started to shut the car door when an arm reached out and grabbed a hold of the door, preventing it from closing.

SungGyu did not bother to hide his unhappiness when WooHyun leaned into the car. “Do you mind if I catch a ride?” WooHyun asked, while holding a towel.

“No problem,” Martin told him

SungGyu reluctantly scooted over and WooHyun placed the towel he had been holding down in the seat. WooHyun got inside the car, sitting on the towel, and shut the car door. “I just got out of the pool, so I’m a little wet.”

“It’s no problem, the car could probably use a little water,” Martin told him with a chuckle and started to drive away.

SungGyu grimaced and leaned away from WooHyun and complained, “A little wet? More like soaking wet.”

“No, just a little,” WooHyun insisted. “If you had told me we were leaving…I would have had time to dry off better.”

You didn’t have to leave,” SungGyu snapped, annoyed. “You were more than welcome to stay.”

WooHyun pressed his lips together, refusing to be provoked.

SungJong felt the tension in the air and stated, “Hyung, I thought you were having fun swimming.”

“No, not really,” WooHyun answered. “There are other things I’d rather be doing.”

SungGyu fought against the urge to elbow WooHyun as hard as he could in the gut. Instead under his breath he hissed, “You can’t always get what you want.”

“Yes, I know,” WooHyun agreed.

SungGyu could almost hear the wheels turning in SungJong’s head and SungGyu knew he should stop the younger man from thinking…thinking about how ridiculous he and WooHyun were being. SungJong was smart and it wouldn’t take much for him to figure everything out.

It was WooHyun who spoke, disrupting the younger man’s thoughts. “SungJong, why have you been using hyung so much lately? You know you don’t have to use it with us, and especially not with me.”

“I don’t know…it just feels natural to say it sometimes,” SungJong answered, while he bumped SungGyu’s shoulder.

SungGyu turned to look at SungJong, who subtly nodded his head in the direction of the front seat. SungGyu focused on Martin and his wife and noticed he and WooHyun were not the only ones not getting along. The couple in the front were arguing in hushed voices. They were speaking in English and SungGyu could only make out a few words.

The three members stopped talking and sat quietly as the fighting in the front seat grew louder. SungGyu regretted his decision to leave the party. He had not escaped WooHyun and now the three of them were stuck in a very awkward predicament. SungGyu wondered when he had become so skilled at making the wrong decisions.

The car swerved and SungGyu was sure another hospital visit was in his future but the sedan quickly righted itself on the road. The couple seemed to come to their senses and the fighting stopped. SungGyu watched as the woman turned on the radio. He was relieved to be listening to the radio; he would much rather hear music than the couple fighting. His relief was short lived as an unfamiliar song ended and a very familiar one started playing. One he had once heard all night long. All night long on repeat…until it felt like the song had seeped into his bones and become part of him.

He felt WooHyun tense up beside him. SungGyu closed his eyes and wished he was a million miles away. The song was a reminder, a reminder of a night he couldn’t forget and of a curiosity he couldn’t curb. A reminder of the control he had handed over to the other man, only to discover he had rejoiced in the surrender. A reminder of kisses, touches, and a level of intimacy he had never experienced with anyone before.

Since that night with WooHyun, women had lost all their appeal. This growing knowledge had only caused him to feel irritated at the party when the many scantily clad, attractive women present had failed to stir anything inside of him.

He wished the song would end, because with every beat of the song his desire grew. He feared it was more than curiosity. He shifted in his seat, hating the affect the song was having on him…the affect WooHyun was having on him. He wanted to push WooHyun out of the car so he wouldn’t feel the heat of his wet body pressed up next to him.

SungGyu jumped when he felt WooHyun’s hand slide behind him. SungJong, who had felt SungGyu move, turned to look at him, concerned. SungGyu struggled to appear calm for the maknae. SungGyu felt WooHyun slip something into his back pocket and then he quickly removed his hand. SungGyu stared at the rear view mirror, knowing the people in the front of the car had a perfect view of him.

WooHyun fidgeted in his seat beside him. It was small comfort to know WooHyun was just as affected by the song. Parts of SungGyu’s mind started to whisper they were both adults…what would it hurt? Their friendship had already survived the impossible. SungGyu inhaled a deep breath, knowing their friendship was strong enough to survive anything. WooHyun was important to him in a way nobody else was...he didn’t think he could give up WooHyun for anything.

“Hyungs, do you want to go play the slot machines with me when we get back?” SungJong asked, trying to break up the strange tension that was filling the vehicle.

“No,” SungGyu and WooHyun answered at the same time.

“I mean yes,” SungGyu blurted out, forcing his curiosity and attraction back under control. Having sex with WooHyun again would be madness, total madness.

The song ended and WooHyun stated, “I will play, too.”

“Good,” SungJong said, pleased.

“If WooHyun is going to play then I will go back to my room and sleep,” SungGyu said, changing his mind. He wanted to be as far from the other main vocal as he could get. He didn’t trust himself.

WooHyun faked a yawn. “On second thought, I think I will go to bed early, too.”

SungGyu twisted his head to glare at WooHyun, but he knew the glare was lost in the darkness. “Then I will stay with SungJong. He can’t be alone.”

“Of course he can be.” WooHyun said with snort. “He’s a big boy.”

“Hyung, it’s okay,” SungJong told them. “I will be fine.”

“No,” SungGyu said in a firm voice that did not allow for further debate. “WooHyun or I will one stay with you, but not the both of us.”

SungGyu could almost feel WooHyun’s irritation as the other man agreed, “Then I will play slots with SungJong. It’s Vegas, it’s too early to sleep.”


Two hours had passed since he had left SungJong and WooHyun in the lobby of the casino and still SungGyu had not slept. Instead he sat on his bed staring down at the key card that WooHyun had slipped in his pocket while they had been in the car.

SungGyu had only been fourteen when he lost his virginity. His parents and the people they had been living with at the time had been away. He was at the house alone with his older sister and her best friend. Once his sister had fallen asleep her friend had snuck into his room. He had been both frightened and excited.

He knew it was wrong, but still he had been eager to do it. Too eager the first time, he had come quickly and his sister’s friend had been slightly disappointed but she had stayed in his bed eager to show him what she liked.

At school he had been known as a brain and not one of the cool guys, but everything changed after that night. He remembered telling all his friends the next day at school and anybody else who cared to listen.

She had been much too old for him, but that had only made it better for him. It had given him confidence. He remembered feeling like the rock star he dreamed of being for weeks afterward. He was no longer just the brain. The other guys respected him now and his popularity soared.

He never got emotionally attached to her and luckily she didn’t seem to mind. She was in a steady relationship with a man that his sister always referred to as a jerk. She enjoyed SungGyu’s inexperience and vanishing innocence. She would often slip into his room or show up at his school and take him back to her small apartment. During his last year in high school she married her boyfriend and ended their casual affair. When he had seen her weeks ago at Bora Bora he had felt nothing for her.

She was now a mother of two and the five years that separated them in age seemed like decades. He had watched her, wondering if old memories could help him escape from the constant thoughts of WooHyun, but she never approached him. She had hung out with his sister while their children played together in the ocean.

He realized now she had wanted control back then…control over the inexperienced young boy that was all too eager to be controlled. SungGyu the leader of Infinite was very different from the boy she had once known.

He stared down at the key and realized he wanted the opposite of what she had wanted. He wanted to go to WooHyun’s room and give the other man control over him…like he had so easily given it to her so long ago.

He wanted WooHyun to do with him as he pleased. SungGyu needed to know if it would feel the same, better, or worse with a clear head.

But he also knew it could be disastrous. What if he liked it? What if he liked it just as much sober as he had intoxicated? The deal had only been for one night; what would happen if it turned into two nights? WooHyun was already possessive of him…would this make it worse?

He also considered the possibility that with a sober head he might hate it. He might go to WooHyun and be totally turned off. He was too smart not to consider this option. If he was totally turned off would WooHyun handle it okay? Or would he sulk and take offence, turning back into that jerk he had been before?

SungGyu picked up the key and knew he would be risking too much if he went to find WooHyun. If he could just fight his curiosity, convince WooHyun he was over it…it would be the best thing for the group. It would be the safest option.

But it wasn’t the option he wanted. He needed to know if he would still experience the same overwhelming feelings he had felt that night.

SungGyu stood up abruptly and headed for the door. He had to know. He couldn’t live his life always wondering what could have been.

He opened the door to his hotel room and stepped out into the hall, holding WooHyun’s room key. He took a deep breath and headed down the hallway toward WooHyun’s room. He was trying his best not to think, not to overthink it. It was sex. It was just sex. People were supposed to have sex when they were in Vegas.

He stopped and quickly inserted WooHyun’s room key into the door. He frowned when the lock turned red, forbidding him entry. “Just great,” he grumbled under his breath and inserted it again; once again the door did not open.

He briefly wondered if it was a sign he should go back to his room, but he wouldn’t allow those thoughts to fester. He quickly knocked on the door. He hoped his knocking was light enough to alert only WooHyun. Even though his visiting WooHyun wouldn’t trigger anyone’s suspicions except SungYeol…he still felt guilty…like he was doing something wrong.

No one answered and SungGyu wondered if WooHyun was still downstairs with SungJong. SungGyu was about to turn and leave when the door opened. SungGyu’s mouth dropped open and he took a step back, surprised by the unexpected sight.

He stared in disbelief at the man who had opened the door…who wasn’t WooHyun. The man was taller than SungYeol and very muscular. He had blond hair that touched his shoulders and his eyes were dark green…he was Caucasian and he was naked.

The blond man’s eyes roamed over SungGyu and he asked, “Can I help you? We were kinda busy in here.”

SungGyu just gaped at him. This man was in WooHyun’s room…this naked man was in WooHyun’s room. He had refused WooHyun…and WooHyun had gone and found this man…this obviously willing man. SungGyu stared at the man in disbelief. He looked like one of the men that were on so many of the billboards in Vegas. If SungGyu could have found his tongue he would asked the man if he was a stripper.

“Do you not speak English?”

SungGyu shook his head and blinked trying to clear his head. He hadn’t even realized the tall stripper…the tall, naked, male stripper was talking to him. He didn’t want to answer him. He wanted to turn and hurry back to his room. He didn’t want WooHyun to hear his voice and come to the door.

“SungGyu,” the voice of one of their stylists called out as she emerged from the room wearing only a sheet that was wrapped around her. “I am sure…whatever you want to talk about…we can talk about it in the morning.”

“We are busy,” the naked man brusquely informed him.

A hand appeared from behind him, encircling his wrist, and pulled him away from the door. A familiar voice told him, “I am pretty sure they want to get back to doing…what they were doing.”

SungGyu spun around to find WooHyun in the hall looking very amused.

“WooHyun!” SungGyu exclaimed, unable to hide his relief.

“That’s me.”

SungGyu turned back around and bowed in apology. “Sorry, wrong room.”

The naked man shrugged and shut the door.

SungGyu groaned feeling like he was going to die from embarrassment. He looked at the room number and realized he had misread the numbers. In his eagerness he had made a stupid mistake.

“Good for her,” WooHyun said from behind him, approvingly. “You think he is a hooker?”

“Or a stripper.”

“Yeah, he looked real good…really buff.”

SungGyu let out a laugh.

WooHyun, who still had a hold of SungGyu’s wrist, asked, “Why were you going to see her?”

SungGyu laughed harder after hearing jealousy in the other man’s voice. The hand around his wrist tightened just a bit. “You are an idiot, but so am I.”

“Why were you seeing her so late…do you like her?”

SungGyu just shook his head still chuckling at their idiocy.

“I thought you were going to bed? Why are you still dressed?”

SungGyu knew that WooHyun was a jealous beast and if he was smart he’d make up some lie and return to his room alone…he would put Infinite first.

“Are you going to answer me?”

SungGyu responded by sliding his wrist free of the younger man’s grasp. He then walked to WooHyun’s hotel room. This time when he slid the room key into the lock the light turned green and the door opened for him. He turned around to look at WooHyun, who was staring at him, wide-eyed with confusion. “Like I told them…it was the wrong room.”

“The wrong room,” a stunned WooHyun repeated, not believing his own ears.

“I feel like making all the wrong choices tonight. Do you care to join me?”

WooHyun smiled as he watched SungGyu walk freely into his room.
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