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I might have a few days off in December and I might get the urge to write a short story.  If I do write one, I thought I would let you guys vote on which one I should write.…if I write one.  There are a few ideas dancing around in my head.    Vote only once or your vote won’t count.

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What story would you most like to read?

WooGyu sex tape scandal…they got caught in the act.
An extra scene from Fragile Essence...yunjae as kids.
Young KyuWook spending Christmas with Wook’s grandma. (Expectation’s Verse)
White tigers and Yunjae. This is the alternate reality in Expectations…Yunjae has hot animal trainers and magicians!

                                              [Sneak Peek Expectations...]The Red Shirt Always Dies

Ensign Junsu entered the mess hall and promptly wished he had stayed in his quarters.  In the middle of the mess the tables had been pushed together to make one large table.  At the center of the table was Captain Leeteuk and he was surrounded by the crew members who adored him.

Many of those crew members were some of Junsu’s closest friends, including lieutenants Sungmin and Donghae and his very best and oldest friend Ensign Eunhyuk.  His best friend caught sight of him and motioned toward the empty chair he had saved for him.  Junsu waved back but made no acknowledgement that he was going to take the seat.  He turned around and hurried toward the food replicators.

Junsu inwardly groaned as he noticed Commander Yoochun at the replicators smirking at him, knowingly.  “Commander.”


“Sir, how are you…how are you doing?” Junsu asked awkwardly.

Yoochun shook his head and walked away from the replicators without answering the ensign’s question.

Junsu watched as Commander Yoochun made it toward the exit and before he had to time to second guess his actions he gathered up his food and rushed after the commander.

Once out of the mess hall Junsu followed after Commander Yoochun.  The urge to call out to the other man was strong.  The smirk had been the first he had received from the commander since weeks earlier when he had stirred the commander’s ire by rejecting him.

“Ensign Junsu, are you tagging along behind me?”  Yoochun asked without slowly down or turning around to acknowledge the younger man.

“Yes…no…yes,” Ensign Junsu stammered.

Commander Yoochun slowed his pace and allowed Junsu to catch up with him.  “Do you also lack the desire or stomach to eat with King Leeteuk and his happy court of fools?”

“Yes!” Junsu gasped because Yoochun understood.

“So you are not just a cute ass after all?”

Junsu brightened considerably because he had felt sure the commander had forgotten all about his cute ass and him.  “No.”

“Your friends are drinking up his attentions aren’t they?”

“They like the new captain very much,” Junsu answered as he matched Yoochun’s pace, not bothering to hide his disapproval.  “It makes me want to gag.”

“I am surprised you don’t also love his lavish compliments.  I thought having your head petted, belly rubbed, and ego stroked was right up your alley.”

“You don’t know me as well as you think,” Junsu said defensively.  “I can’t stand—”

Commander Yoochun reached out with his hand and motioned for Ensign Junsu to hush.  “Be careful, Ensign.  Captain Leeteuk is a very insecure man…that is why he dishes out all the false praise.  He can’t earn his suburbanites respect the old fashion way a captain should, so he builds up their egos instead.”

“But you…you are insulting him.”

“I am the Chief Engineer of a Star Ship and you are a lowly ensign.”

“I am a bridge officer and the helmsman of this ship,” Junsu reminded the Commander.

“And ten people could take your place…” Commander Yoochun paused after seeing the offended look on Junsu’s face.  “To be completely fair, you are the most skilled pilot on this ship, but it isn’t like we are going to be flying the ship through a meteor field anytime soon.”

Junsu opened his mouth and shut it.

“I can be critical of the captain…because the engines run this ship and I run the engines.”


“Exactly,” Commander Yoochun said with a grin.  “Yunho could manage the engines if he needed to, but Leeteuk is useless.  He wasn’t the first in his class at anything…he doesn’t excel at anything other than being ordinary.”

“But he was a commander.”

“Just like your lowly friends like to be praised so do weak superior officers,” Yoochun reminded Ensign Junsu.  “He did well enough at the academy, but there are many men on this ship that did a whole lot better.”

“I miss Yunho as—”

“Shut up,” Yoochun warned, interrupting Junsu.  “Unless you want to find yourself red shirted on an away mission, I’d be quiet.  He probably monitors everything said about him on this ship.”

Junsu gulped because it was true.  The ship recorded everything that was said, but the crew’s cabins were supposed to be surveillance free.  He needed to talk about how frustrated he was with the new leadership.  “You want to eat dinner with me in my quarters?”

Yoochun arched his eyebrows suggestively.

“I need to talk to somebody,” Junsu quickly explained.  He needed to talk to somebody who didn’t think Captain Leeteuk was the greatest captain in the history of the universe.

“No, I don’t want to eat with you…or talk with you, Ensign.  We are not friends.  If you want to talk with someone you will have to talk to your ass-kissing friends or find new friends.  I am no longer interested in you or your games.”

Junsu took a step back, taken aback by the commander’s words as he watched Yoochun walk away from him without another word or a glance back.

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