Sweet Deception, Chapter Seventeen

Title: Sweet Deception, Chapter Seventeen
Author: Aquariuslover
Pairings: WooGyu
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Angst, Romance, drama
Length: Chaptered
Beta: tahoeturquoise

Summary: For years a fire has been smoldering deep inside of WooHyun, and now it is burning out of control and wrecking havoc on the group. A danger is looming over SungGyu, but will he pay it heed before it claims his life? Can an ominous deal be brokered in time to save Infinite?

Chapter List

SungGyu was sitting on a bench inside the mall at Cesar’s Palace. He had spent hours shopping with Hoya. While the younger man still had an abundance of energy, SungGyu had decided to rest while he sipped on a daiquiri from Fat Tuesday’s. There had been a wide variety of flavors to pick from but he had decided on ‘Peaches and Cream’.

Beside SungGyu sat an older man, a veteran of the Korean War. He kept trying to talk to SungGyu, using the Korean he thought he remembered from that war so long ago. SungGyu couldn’t understand a word the man said, but he kept smiling and nodding his head, making the man think he had succeeded in communicating with him.

SungGyu’s phone went off and he told himself that if it was WooHyun he would ignore it. Since teasing WooHyun earlier about being bad the other man had been relentless in pestering him to go back to the hotel. SungGyu looked suspiciously at the phone that showed it was SungJong calling him. WooHyun was sneaky enough to use the maknae to get to him, but SungGyu answered anyway. Denying WooHyun was proving to be fun.

“Hello…what…tonight…okay…is that WooHyun…ignore him…I’d like to see it…Hoya will probably want to go…he is shopping at the Nike Store…I am drinking the best daiquiri…they have a store…they are like fountain drinks…yes…no…he didn’t call me…I will call him if doesn’t show up…no, that wouldn’t be good…okay…bye.”

SungGyu hung the phone up just in time to wave goodbye to the older man, who was being ushered away by his wife and granddaughter. He smiled after him. SungGyu tried to focus on his drink and the people passing by. He didn’t want to think. Thinking would lead to second guessing his decisions, not to mention his actions. He wanted to enjoy the time he had left in Vegas and over thinking would not allow him that luxury.

He caught sight of Hoya as the other man walked up to him carrying two bags filled with shoes. “You’ve got to go in there.”

SungGyu shook his head no in response.

“I got you something.”


Hoya tossed a bag at SungGyu and the leader quickly opened it to find a pair of leopard Converse shoes. “Wow, is all I can say.”

“Well, since you have enough leopard clothing to clothe a leopard colony I thought I would donate to the cause.”

SungGyu just stared at the shoes. “Well…thank you.”

“That will be $120 American dollars.”

“What happened to donating to the cause?” SungGyu snapped, pulling the shoes closer to him protectively in case the other man tried to take them back.

“Hey, I got them at least. I could have left them there.”

“You guys steal all my leopard clothes all the time.”

“We borrow,” Hoya said, correcting him as he sat down beside him. “Plus, your feet are bigger than mine. I can’t borrow them”

SungGyu smirked. “Yes, I know my feet are bigger.”

Hoya looked glum but refused to take the bait. “Just remember you owe me.”

“I’d rather pay you,” SungGyu told him as he set the shoes down with his other shopping bags.

Hoya grinned and grabbed for SungGyu’s drink.

SungGyu skillfully avoided the other man. “No, go get your own. It’s too good to share.”



“I bought you shoes.”

“I have to pay you for them!”

Hoya grinned. “Let me have one drink, so I will know if I like it.”

“You will like it,” SungGyu assured him.

“One drink.”

SungGyu sighed and handed the drink to Hoya.

Hoya took a big gulp of it and then immediately reached for his head complaining, “Brain freeze.”

“You deserve it…you big gulper.”

Hoya squeezed his eyes shut as the painful feeling slowly faded. “Let’s go to the Cheesecake Factory. The food there looks really good.”

“Sure, why not?”

“Buy me lunch and we can be even.”


“Should we call the others and see if they want to eat with us?”

SungGyu shrugged. “They are down at the tall casino. MyungSoo is supposedly on his way to us…if he doesn’t get lost.”


“SungJong wants us to go watch a show with him.”

“Which one?”

“It’s called ‘O’.”

“You mean the Cirque du Soleil one?” Hoya asked, taking SungGyu’s drink again but this time sipping it slowly.

“That’s the one.”

“I wanted to see the Beatle one.”

“Why not see both?”

Hoya nodded his head. “I think I will.”

“Nobody is stopping you.”

Hoya handed SungGyu back his drink. “DongWoo also wants us to go to that one where you watch knights fight on horseback and eat chicken with your bare hands.”

SungGyu looked skeptical. “They didn’t mention that one.”

“I want to go watch a stripper show, too,” Hoya complained. “You can’t go to Vegas and not watch a strip show.”

“Then go.”

“Only DongWoo will go with me.”

“So go with DongWoo.”

“Yeah, and who is going to help me when he jumps on stage and starts stripping along with them?”

SungGyu laughed, because it was true. He could totally see DongWoo doing it.

“You should go with us.”

SungGyu shook his head. “You know I can’t have any fun.”

“You can watch.”

SungGyu continued to shake his head. “Take MyungSoo or SungYeol with you.”

Hoya rotated his shoulders and asked, “Do you think SungYeol is fucking WooHyun?”

SungGyu’s eyes widened at the abrupt change in subject. “No, I don’t. SungYeol is just curious about the whole gay thing. Take him to a strip show to remind him of the magical allure of big boobs.”

Hoya nodded his head. “Plus, he would be more fun than MyungSoo.”

“Take them both.”


“Don’t get arrested.”

Hoya laughed. “I will try my best, but no promises when it comes to DongWoo.”

“I understand.”

“I think it’s really nice that the CEO made the managers give us so much freedom,” Hoya said as he started looking through his shopping bags.

“Yeah, but it is only because nobody knows us here.”

“It’s nice.”

SungGyu sipped the last of his drink and agreed, “It is.”

“But I wouldn’t mind some more international fame.”

“Me either…but right now it is nice.”

Hoya sat back up and stated, “There is something I need to ask you about.”

“Oh, dear,” SungGyu groaned. “Should I be worried?”

“No, it isn’t bad.”

“What is it?”

“Did you know they want me to appear in Laws of the Jungle?"

“Yeah, but you don’t want to…do you?” SungGyu asked knowingly.

“No,” Hoya answered. “Would you?”

“Hell, no.”

“I mean its good publicity…but a jungle?”

“I feel your pain,” SungGyu sympathized.

“I told the CEO I didn’t want to do it and he suggested SungYeol go in my place.”

“That’s a great idea. He’d do it.”

“But he said he wanted me to broach the subject with SungYeol, and he warned me to be careful about how I brought it up to him.”

SungGyu stretched his arms out on the top of the back of the bench. “Yes, you will have to be careful about it. If he feels like it is charity…he’ll be weird about it.”

“What do you think I should do?”

“You are asking me?”

“You are the leader.”

SungGyu snorted. “Let’s be honest, you and I aren’t exactly the most sensitive members.”

“No, but I still want to hear your suggestion. You have the advantage of advanced years and all.”

SungGyu let out a growl.

Hoya laughed. “Tell me.”

“When it is just the three of us, you need to bring it up. You have to complain about how you don’t want to do it and you can say I should do it. I will say I can’t, and he should take the bait and offer to do it then.”

Hoya nodded his head. “Sometimes you are a genius.”

“Yes, I am,” SungGyu boasted.

“But most of the time you’re just clueless.”

“Watch it.”

“Hey, I see MyungSoo,” Hoya said, getting up and waving at the other member.

“He actually found us. I am kinda surprised,” SungGyu said as he got up.

“Me too,” Hoya agreed. “Let’s get him and go eat.”

“Then I need to find something for my mom’s birthday.”

Hoya looked pointedly at one of the bags SungGyu had been carrying around all day. “I thought you already got her a present.”

SungGyu tried to hide his grin as he headed toward MyungSoo. “Nope, those aren’t for her.”


“I am here to file an official complaint,” WooHyun protested as he barged into SungGyu’s room later that evening. He and SungGyu had exchanged their spare room keys with each other earlier in the morning.

SungGyu was in the bathroom trying to get his unruly hair to obey him. “Complaint ignored.”

“You said we would have sex!”


WooHyun plopped down on the bed, pouting. “You said the night was all mine.”

“It is…just after the show.”

The younger man rolled over on his back and continued to whine, “You ignored me all day. You sent me off, while you hung out with MyungSoo and Hoya all day. Do you how many residual MyungSoo and Hoya jealousy issues I have?”


“It’s true. You are so close to them both. You hug MyungSoo all the time. You always fall asleep with him. When you rest your head against his shoulder…it drives me crazy!”

“That is just disgusting.”

WooHyun side-eyed the bathroom and informed his lover, “You’d think after having enjoyed homosexual sex you would be cured of your homophobia.”

“I was never homophobic.”

“You just said it was disgusting.”

“It’s because it would be like having sex with my little brothers,” SungGyu explained. “It’s disgusting.”

“So I am the only little brother you are willing to be incestuous with? I’m touched.”

“I have never thought of you as a little brother.”

“You haven’t?”

“Not really, I mean I have probably said it before for interviews, but our friendship—even before it turned physical, has always been different from what I share with the other members. Plus, you could never have been my brother due to one very important fact.”

“Which is?”

“My mother would have drowned you at birth.”

“Because she knew someday I would steal her baby boy away from her.”

“Don’t start that,” SungGyu warned as he started brushing his teeth.

“I will make her love me someday.”

“Good luck with that…you are going to need it,” SungGyu mumbled while brushing his teeth.

“Why don’t you come out of the bathroom and spend some quality time with me. We…” WooHyun paused to look at the clock. “We have exactly thirty-five minutes before we have to meet the rest of them in the lobby.”

SungGyu stopped brushing his teeth and told WooHyun in a sweet, innocent sounding voice, “But I don’t know if thirty-five minutes is long enough for what I have in mind.”

“It’s never long enough; if we never parted and lived together for a million years it wouldn’t be long enough. I want to spend eternity with you.”

“You are going to make me gag,” SungGyu told his lover as he resumed brushing his teeth.

“Now, we both know I don’t force things down your throat that you are not ready to accept.”

WooHyun’s words caused SungGyu to start coughing as he accidently swallowed the tooth paste. His coughing caused him to spew toothpaste on the mirror in front of him.

“Do I need to come in there and save you?” WooHyun asked. “I am very good at mouth to mouth.”

“No, I will survive,” SungGyu assured him as he wiped the toothpaste off the mirror.

“You promise you are not going to die on me?”

“I promise…I’d hate to die before I got to…experience something new.”

“Something new?”

“Yeah, your talk with SungYeol reminded me of something he said.”

“What did he say?”

“Just how he thought we would never work together because I’m a dominate personality…and I don’t like to summit to others. I am a person who needs to take charge…be in control.”

WooHyun sat up quickly and swung his legs over the side of the bed. His voice did not hide his panic as he questioned, “Are you talking about…?”

“I totally understand why he thinks this. I haven’t exactly been acting like myself,” SungGyu continued as he smiled evilly at his reflection in the mirror.

WooHyun swallowed nervously. “You want to… you want…?”

“Why do you sound so surprised?” SungGyu asked not leaving the bathroom.

“I am not…I am…I mean…I can’t argue…I really shouldn’t …but…”

“You wouldn’t deny me the opportunity would you? Surely you didn’t think things would stay the way they have been going.”


“I wouldn’t feel comfortable with anybody else, but if you are not willing...I suppose I’d have—”

“Stop that line of thought,” WooHyun blurted out, interrupting the older man as a wave of jealously overcame him. “Nobody else!”

“That’s what I am saying…it’s you or no one. So are you accepting my request?”

WooHyun paled. “I…I…don’t…because it’s…I should….it is…”

“It is only fair. I mean look at all I have done for you. I risked my whole sexual identity for you.”

“That is true…and that is why…why I am not saying…no.”

SungGyu held his hands over his mouth, struggling to hold back his laughter. When he thought it was safe to talk he stated, “Do you think we have time before the show? I’m really eager to experience it. It looks so exciting and satisfying…but I want it to be tight.”

“No…no, we don’t have time. I haven’t ever let anybody…” WooHyun paused and tried to control the fear in his voice. “It can’t be too tight.”

“Why not? I think the tighter the better.”

“No, it would hurt…it will take preparation—lots of preparation! Like…the first time with you. You might not remember but I made sure you were super prepared. We have to make sure I am ready…this is not exactly something I am eager to do.”

“You’re not?”

“No, I am not. Not that it is wrong…it’s just…men usually have preferences…but not all men do. I know guys that switch up all the time. I am not one of them though. I mean we are both men and I understand your desire…and I will make the sacrifice…it won’t kill me…I hope not, anyway.”

“I know I’m going to love it…I will probably want to have sex like this all the time, now.”

“It…it…we…we’ll just have…have…to find a happy medium,” WooHyun stammered, he felt like he was going to pass out. “I am going to let you top me…because I love you and want to make you happy, but I don’t know about all the time. We will just have…to find some solution that pleases us both.”

SungGyu grinned at his reflection in the mirror enjoying the other man’s misery. Then in a cool, innocent sounding voice he stated, “Top you? I don’t want to top you! I want you to tie me up.”

As soon as the words were out of his mouth he immediately heard a loud thump. He rushed out of the bathroom to find WooHyun on the floor looking extremely dazed.

“Did you fall off the bed?” an amused SungGyu asked as he knelt down beside his lover.

WooHyun blinked several times and looked at SungGyu as if the other man had grown an extra head. “You…you want me to tie you…up? Like bondage?”

SungGyu reached out and flicked WooHyun’s hair out of his face. “I wouldn’t call it bondage…but I think I’d like to be tied up.”

WooHyun just stared open mouthed at the older man.

SungGyu got up and walked over to his shopping bags he had collected earlier. He pulled out the leopard scarf. “Why did you think I bought this?”

WooHyun stared at the scarf and sputtered, “For your mom.”

“Nope,” SungGyu answered as he sat on the bed and crossed his legs.

“Have you ever let…anyone else tie you up…before?” WooHyun asked as he looked up at the other man still stunned.

“No,” SungGyu answered. “Well, except for when you did it.”

“That was because you were freaking out. I thought it would calm you down…make it easier for you…if I took your ability to resist away.”

“I know, and it did, but the strange thing is… I think I liked it.”

WooHyun, who was having a lot of difficulty getting his words out, stammered, “What…do you mean…you liked it?”

SungGyu threw the scarf at WooHyun and scooted back on the bed. “I mean I liked it. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I liked giving up my control. Even when I couldn’t admit I liked any of it…even when I was so angry at you…I couldn’t think about it without getting turned on.”

WooHyun shook his head trying to clear it. “I didn’t know…I had no idea.”

“Now you know.”

“You had me scared shitless,” WooHyun told the other man as he got up from the floor. “I will not even lie.”

“I know.”

“I don’t…I mean if someday you want—”

“Chill,” SungGyu told him. “I am perfectly happy with you doing all the work for now.”

WooHyun snorted. “Yeah, and sometimes you even wake up for it.”

SungGyu smiled. “You are insatiable and I need my beauty sleep.”

“I can’t ever get enough of you…but you didn’t seem to mind.”

“I don’t,” SungGyu replied, pressing his lips together to keep himself from admitting more. SungGyu wasn’t ready to admit that waking up to find WooHyun gently thrusting inside of him, rocking them both gently was the best way to wake up. He was also not ready to admit that the best orgasms he had ever had were from anal sex. It had been a shocking discovery that he actually enjoyed being the receiver.

WooHyun stretched the scarf out with both his hands and grinned at the other man. “You have been a bad man…I will have to punish you.”

SungGyu arched his eyebrows. “Punish me?”

The younger man crawled on the bed and leered at his lover, licking his lips. “Yes.”

“Hey,” SungGyu cautioned. “I think I need to clear something up for you. I am not into physical pain. I just want you to tie me up and fuck me.”

“What about spanking?”


WooHyun pushed SungGyu down on the bed. “You are the bossiest bottom I’ve ever met. And I have fucked Key.”

SungGyu frowned instinctively at the mention of WooHyun’s former lover.

WooHyun laughed, delighting in the look of displeasure in the other man’s eyes. He bent down and kissed SungGyu passionately on the lips, letting him know by his actions just how much he was loved.

SungGyu willingly and eagerly accepted the kiss. SungGyu was not surprised at how much WooHyun liked to kiss him, but he was surprised at how much he enjoyed being kissed. For SungGyu, kissing had always been a necessary evil that had to be done so he could have sex. Incredibly, he had found kissing WooHyun to be an extremely pleasurable experience that he didn’t mind in the least. With WooHyun he’d rather be kissed than not be.

WooHyun pulled away. “We need a safe word.”

“Can it be shorter than what we had before?” SungGyu asked with a smirk as he wrapped his arms around WooHyun’s neck and pulled him back down for another kiss. SungGyu, who was still enraptured by the simple delight found in kissing WooHyun, thought that kissing a man was much better than kissing a woman. With a man it was more passionate…more physical. It was sloppy and messy, and sometimes it felt like he could come from kissing alone. He smiled into the kiss and thought they might have to experiment with that theory at some point.

“I…have…the…perfect…safe…words,” WooHyun said between wet kisses.

“What,” SungGyu moaned. He knew if he didn’t pull away soon the show would be forgotten and the maknae would be very disappointed in him.

WooHyun smiled and broke from the kissing long enough to look down into SungGyu’s small but fierce eyes. “Just say you love me, and I will know to stop.”

“Urgh,” SungGyu growled, pushing the other man off of him, his mood suddenly taking a turn for the worse. “I will never say that.”

“It’s the perfect thing to say,” WooHyun said in his defense. “It’s not something you would say lightly and if you ever said it I would flip out…like literally, I would start doing flips.”



“No,” SungGyu repeated as he swung his legs over the side of the bed.

“Where are you going?”

“We have to meet the guys in the lobby.”

WooHyun gaped at SungGyu in disbelief as he watched the other man get off the bed and slip on his shoes. “You can’t get me revved up like this…and leave.”

“Watch me.”

“Are you angry at me?”

“Irritated,” SungGyu admitted as he reached for the door knob. “Only slightly irritated, but definitely irritated.”

“Because…I want you to say you love me?”

SungGyu looked back at WooHyun and pleaded, “Don’t…just don’t. Let’s go to the show and when it is over let us come back to my room together and enjoy ourselves.”

WooHyun nodded his head reluctantly. “I am sorry for making you mad.”

“Just don’t think too much…take your own advice and don’t think. We will think later…for now let’s just enjoy ourselves.”

“Okay,” WooHyun agreed as he got off the bed. “But I am taking this with me.”

SungGyu couldn’t keep from grinning as he watched WooHyun stuff the leopard scarf in his pocket. “I am terribly fond of you…you know that, right?”

WooHyun smiled and tried to hide his disappointment. “I know.


The next night SungYeol complained, “I just can’t decide.” SungYeol attention was torn between the beautiful dancing maidens and the handsome knights.

“Maybe you…just like them both,” SungJong suggested. “Some people do.”

“Damn Hoya for making me go to the strip club with him. Every time I think I have a preference something happens to cast even more confusion,” SungYeol continued to complain, ignoring the maknae’s wisdom.

“My preference would be the knights…that knight in particular,” WooHyun said with a grin as he waved at one of the knights. The knight that had WooHyun’s attention was the one that represented their section of the arena. As the knight galloped past them on his magnificent black stallion, WooHyun yelled, “Fighting!”

SungGyu, who was sitting between WooHyun and DongWoo asked, “Really? Better than your stripper friend?”

WooHyun shrugged. “I don’t know if I would go that far. I’d have to see him naked so I could compare them.”

SungGyu rolled his eyes.

“What do you think would happen if I got up and started dancing on the railing with her?” DongWoo, who was watching one of the dancing maidens, asked. “We could get down renaissance style.”

“You would get thrown out,” SungGyu warned. “Don’t you want to watch the show?”

“Yeah,” DongWoo agreed. “But I really want to show her some of my moves, too.”

“Don’t,” SungGyu ordered.

DongWoo pouted and complained, “You are no fun.”

SungJong, who sat between WooHyun and SungYeol, kept wiping his hands. “I can’t believe we had to eat with our hands.”

“That was fun,” WooHyun told the fussy maknae. “I like it greasy.”

SungGyu snorted. “Hence, your nickname.”

“I should have gone with Hoya and MyungSoo,” SungYeol complained. “This is too confusing. The men and women are both so attractive here.”

“You want to fuck everybody; just embrace it,” WooHyun told the tallest member. “Like SungJong said…some people are just open to everything.”

SungYeol took a sip of his drink and sat it back down and acknowledged, “Very true, I truly am a modern man.”

“Or you are just an indecisive wishy-wash,” SungGyu told him.

SungYeol bent over and looked past Woohyun and SungJong to give SungGyu a deadpan look. “You of all people did not just tell me that?”

SungJong quickly asked, “What do you mean by that?”

WooHyun started stretching and accidentally smacked the maknae on the head.

“Ouch,” SungJong complained, holding his head.

“Oops,” WooHyun responded, with an apologetic look.

Instead of taking advantage of WooHyun’s masterful act of distracting SungJong, SungGyu narrowed his gaze at SungYeol and snapped, “I am not indecisive. I like a lot of women…just not one specifically. It isn’t like I am in some kind of dilemma over which one I like more.”

SungYeol eyed SungGyu back trying to gage the other man’s reaction and quickly determined he had swum out into unsafe waters. SungGyu could be a shark at times. “Silly me, I totally understand. Why settle for one fish when there is a whole sea of them?”

“Exactly,” SungGyu agreed.

“Just think, Baby Long Legs,” DongWoo stated as he swung an arm around SungGyu, but spoke to SungYeol. “You don’t even have to settle for salt water fish like me and my bro. You can have fresh water fish, too.”

“You are so crazy,” SungYeol told DongWoo but couldn’t help but grin. “But it’s true.”

WooHyun leaned into SungGyu and whispered, “Nice save. You are no sweet maiden that needs rescuing, are you?”

“No,” SungGyu agreed, clearing his throat. He was no sweet maiden and neither was WooHyun and for just one more night he was going to ignore that fact. Ignore it and enjoy his time with WooHyun. Tomorrow they would be leaving Vegas and returning to South Korea. Tomorrow everything would change, but that was tomorrow; they still had the night.


SungGyu tried his best not to actually bite his lip in half but he feared if he let go he would scream so loudly everybody on the floor would hear him. He was on his knees, his wrists were bound in front of him, and WooHyun was gripping his hips tightly as he thrust in and out of him with wild abandon.

The prideful part of SungGyu’s soul whispered he was in a humiliating position but it was only a faint whisper, so much smaller than the part of him that let go of his lip and let out a lust filled cry as he came hard, splattering cum on the bed sheets below him without ever even having his cock touched.

He felt WooHyun stiffen behind him. SungGyu ducked his head lower and a hidden smile graced his face as he listened to WooHyun whimper his mantra’s of I love you as he came inside of him. SungGyu’s knees buckled and he collapsed against the bed, WooHyun falling down on top of him.

SungGyu focused only on breathing for the moment, letting his racing heart calm down from the exhilarating high. His hands were still tied tightly together in front of him and he couldn’t free them. He had jerked against them purposely earlier, enjoying the feeling of being restrained. He thought perhaps he needed therapy but he didn’t care, not really. He knew it wasn’t just the restraints. It wasn’t the surrender either that got him off. Being with WooHyun made him feel alive, more alive than he had ever felt before and he couldn’t get enough of it.

“Untie me,” SungGyu ordered after catching his breath.

He felt WooHyun, who was still panting, raise up off of him and he felt the gentle tug as the younger man’s cock slid out of him. He listened as WooHyun removed the condom and tossed it away.

In the end there had been no need for a safe word. Not with WooHyun being so sensitive to his needs and wants. WooHyun was a very conscientious lover.

“You pulled too tightly against them,” WooHyun chastised as he lowered himself back down against SungGyu’s backside, stretching his arms out as he untied the scarf. “I hope you didn’t bruise yourself.”

“I didn’t,” SungGyu replied as he twisted in bed until he was lying on his back, their chests pressing against each other.

“I hope not,” WooHyun told him, taking one of SungGyu’s wrists and bringing it up to his mouth, gently pressing a kiss into the reddened area.

SungGyu stared up at the other man and felt the delicious, hot desire surging up inside of him again. He reached up, draped his arms around WooHyun’s neck and pulled him down for a kiss. He never wanted it to end. He never wanted to leave Vegas. He never wanted to face the morning.

WooHyun kissed him back. Tongues glided together, refueling both of their passions.

SungGyu wrapped his legs around WooHyun’s waist and commanded in a husky tone, “Again.”

WooHyun smiled against SungGyu’s lips and then lifted his head. “Just let me grab—”

“No, now,” the older man demanded as he arched up, colliding against WooHyun’s lips for another searing kiss, not letting the other man get away.

A startled WooHyun broke from the kiss to question, “Are you sure? You want it raw?”

“Yes,” SungGyu told him, taking WooHyun’s hands and pressing them against his own hips as he arched up against the other man.

“I want—”

“Do it! Now!”

“God, yes…Yes!” WooHyun moaned as he pushed back into the inviting body.

“Harder,” SungGyu cried out.

Sunggyu then gripped behind his knees and drew them up toward his chest, allowing WooHyun better access. WooHyun pulled completely out and slammed back into his lover; each thrust deeper and harder than before. SungGyu clenched down on the moving cock inside him, causing WooHyun to let out a sharp gasp. SungGyu drew his knees tighter to his chest, bending, wanting WooHyun to go deeper and deeper. The feeling was exquisite. It was irresponsible and dangerous but the pleasure was almost crippling. He never wanted it to stop.
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