Sweet Deception, Chapter Nineteen

Title: Sweet Deception
Author: Aquariuslover
Pairings: WooGyu
Rating: R
Genre: Angst, Romance, drama
Length: Chaptered
Beta: tahoeturquoise
Summary: For years a fire has been smoldering deep inside of WooHyun, and now it is burning out of control and wrecking havoc on the group. A danger is looming over SungGyu, but will he pay it heed before it claims his life? Can an ominous deal be brokered in time to save Infinite?

Chapter List

SungGyu had a plan.

He was going to act like nothing was wrong. He was going to act like WooHyun didn’t want to strangle him. He was going to engage the other man in conversations and pester him as much as WooHyun used to pester him when SungGyu had wanted to be angry with him. This was his plan and he thought it was genius.

Unfortunately, he was not as skilled at finding WooHyun as the other man was at avoiding him. SungGyu had not seen WooHyun since he had stormed out of his room earlier that morning.

SungGyu was currently at the airport with MyungSoo and SungYeol. WooHyun, DongWoo, SungJong and Hoya had left in a different car prior to them.

SungGyu was being extra nice to the fans that had come to see them off at the airport. He was smiling more than normal and he signed as many autographs as they wanted. He could tell some of the fans were surprised by how friendly he was. MyungSoo had gone into aloof L mode. The other man had been out with Hoya all night and the only utterance SungGyu had gotten out of him was a painful groan and something that sounded like, ‘my head.’

“You can take your mask off,” SungGyu chastised the tallest member, who was standing beside him. For some reason the fact that SungYeol was wearing a mask irritated him today.

“No, I don’t have any make-up on.”

SungGyu looked out at the crowd of happy fans and coolly took a sip of his Pepsi. “They don’t care. They want to see your smile.”

“I care.”

“SungYeol, take it off.”

“No, I am not like you. You are old enough that you don’t have to worry about facial outbreaks anymore.”

SungGyu resisted the urge to snap at the taller man and instead told him, “I wish that was true, but you know it isn’t.”

“You rarely have outbreaks…one zit does not count.”

“They know you have acne.”

“I am not taking it off.”

SungGyu grunted, pulled out his phone and called WooHyun. “Real fans don’t care if your face isn’t flawless.”

Your fans don’t care if your face isn’t flawless.”

Your real fans don’t either. I just think it would be nice if you gave them a smile.”

“I am being very nice to them. They know I am smiling underneath this mask,” SungYeol protested.

The leader glared down at his phone. He had failed at trying to hide his unhappiness at the fact that WooHyun wasn’t answering his calls. After the first unanswered call…SungGyu had vowed not to call him again. A vow he had broken not twenty minutes later and had continued to break four more times.

“Is WooHyun not answering your calls?”

SungGyu cringed and looked up at SungYeol, who was peering over his shoulder. “He’s pissed at me.”

“How pissed?”

“Really pissed.”

“Great, this should be fun. Perhaps you should just get your gallbladder taken out now. I am sure it will be rotten in a couple months if he doesn’t forgive you.”

“So not funny!”

“It’s the truth,” SungYeol told him. “I know for certain I will not be playing favorites for this round of your fighting.”

“We are not fighting.”

“You said he was pissed.”

“I am not pissed with him…only irritated with him.”

“Sounds like a fight to me.”

“Even if it is a fight it won’t last long.”

“Have you met WooHyun?”

“Yes, I have met him…and it won’t last long.”

SungYeol gently kicked the heel of the older man’s shoe and asked, “Have you met yourself?”

“I always forgive him for everything,” SungGyu told SungYeol. “I forgive him for things…that are unforgivable.”

“Really? Like what for example?” SungYeol asked, intrigued.

“That isn’t important.”

“But don’t you see that is my point…you forgive, but WooHyun holds a grudge. I am assuming you told him that you two were not going to get married and start a family anytime soon. I can only imagine how badly he is handling it.”

SungGyu just bit down on his straw cursing the other man’s keen observation skills. No wonder he and WooHyun had gotten along so well…they were both freaking mind readers.

“Thought so.”

“Can we not talk about this?” SungGyu asked, looking at the crowd of fans in the near distance.

“They can’t hear us,” SungYeol pointed out. “Plus, I think the extent of their ability to speak Korean is to shout ‘oppa’ at us.”

“What about Myung…” SungGyu paused because MyungSoo was so out of it right now, at this point MyungSoo wouldn’t be able to pick up on the change in his and WooHyun’s relationship if they made out in front of the handsome young man.

“So did you…investigate your curiosity with WooHyun?”

“Like I would tell you…if I did. You big blabber mouth.”

SungYeol had the decency to look ashamed. “Hey, I didn’t want him spending all his time with strippers if you were really interested.”

“How magnanimous of you.”

SungYeol shrugged. “I hope you didn’t…because if you did lead him on, and then you denied him…it isn’t going to be good. It’s going to get real ugly.”

SungGyu swallowed guiltily but didn’t say a word.

SungYeol groaned after reading SungGyu’s silence. SungYeol slung an arm around the older man’s neck. “Like I said, you should probably just see about taking your gallbladder out now. It will save us all a lot of heartbreak and it will be a shorter stay in the hospital.”


Days later, Hoya and SungGyu smiled at each other as they watched an excited SungYeol quickly scamper out of the practice room to find the CEO.

“That’s what I am talking about,” Hoya boasted as he held up his hand in victory.

SungGyu high-fived the other man. “Masterfully done, I must say.”

“We did excellently, Old Man.”

Instead of being offended SungGyu just nodded his head, agreeing. “I feel old.”

Hoya looked at his leader and chose to be civil for once. SungGyu did look older to him. SungGyu had been performing with them, practicing with them, traveling back and forth from Japan with them, and filming two variety shows.

Also Hoya and the others had noticed a new tension between the leader and WooHyun, and the leader never faired well when he was on the outs with the other main vocal. “I know you are tired, but you just did a good thing.”

“We did a good thing.”

“We did.”

“What did you two do?” WooHyun, who they had not heard enter the practice room asked.

“We can’t tell you…if we did we would have to kill you,” Hoya told the WooHyun.

SungGyu could see the curiosity in the other main vocal’s eyes and savored it. WooHyun had ignored him for days. He had tried everything to get back in the other man’s good graces…well, everything except promising to be in a monogamous relationship with him. “Nope, we can’t tell. It’s a secret between the two of us”

WooHyun’s eyes narrowed and snapped, “That’s fine. It couldn’t be that interesting if it involves you two.”

Hoya turned toward SungGyu and asked, “Why is it when you two fight, he always gets bitchy with me?”

“I am not bitchy,” WooHyun protested.

“Oh, you totally got your bitch face on,” Hoya informed WooHyun. “Are you jealous because he likes me more?”

“I seriously doubt that.”

SungGyu smiled knowing how jealous WooHyun was of Hoya. He purposely slung an arm around Hoya’s waist and stated, “You guessed it! He’s jealous because you are winning the best dongsaeng game and he can’t stand it.”

Hoya let out a roaring laugh.

“Let’s go, Bestie,” SungGyu told Hoya and headed toward the door. He fought the urge to turn around and see WooHyun’s reaction. Maybe if WooHyun got a taste of his own medicine he would be more sensible. Maybe he had been taking the wrong approach…because being nice to WooHyun sure wasn’t working.

WooHyun just shook his head in irritation as he watched SungGyu and Hoya leave the practice room arm in arm. SungGyu was being purposely difficult, but WooHyun refused to give in.

WooHyun was still simmering in anger when an excited SungYeol burst into the practice room.

“Hey, where did SungGyu and Hoya go?”

“They left…why do you look so keyed up?”

SungYeol ignored WooHyun’s question when he saw the dire look on the other man’s face. “What is wrong with you?”


“What did SungGyu do?”

“Other than exist?”

“You love that he exists,” SungYeol reminded WooHyun. “You write songs about the beauty of his existence.”

“I did not write Beautiful for him.”

SungYeol snorted.

WooHyun glowered at the taller man but didn’t deny it. “He can exist without Hoya…those two…those two always piss me off.”

SungYeol studied the other man closely. “Are you jealous of Hoya?”

“What?” WooHyun exclaimed in disbelief. “No, I’m not that stupid. It’s just that SungGyu is irritating the hell out of me and Hoya always sides with him.”

“I doubt SungGyu thinks Hoya always sides with him.”

“Hoya might give SungGyu hell, but believe me he always sides with him…and SungGyu…” WooHyun paused. “He makes me so angry!”

“Well, maybe when he gets back you will be less angry with him,” SungYeol told the other man craftily.

WooHyun sighed and looked away from SungYeol to stare at the door the leader had exited through earlier. The urge to go after SungGyu was so strong, but he knew he had to keep holding out. “He’s going to the High Society set not the moon. I promise I will still be pissed at him when he gets home tonight.”

“I was talking about Belize.”

WooHyun almost snapped his neck when he quickly twisted his head around to gape at SungYeol in disbelief.

SungYeol carefully controlled his expression. “Didn’t you hear? He’s going instead of Hoya.”

“No,” WooHyun exclaimed, his whole body going tense. “Are they insane? He can’t go to the jungle!”

“He’s going. It will be funny…you have to admit! Can you imagine him in the jungle?”

“No, I can’t! He can’t go!”

“Well, he is going.”

“The hell he is,” WooHyun fumed. “Has the CEO lost his fucking mind? SungGyu in the jungle…who the hell thought that was good idea? He hates bugs!”

SungYeol couldn’t control his laughter. “He hates bugs?”

“Yes,” WooHyun answered looking frantic. “He bitches if there is a fly in the room…the car…or even if he sees one in a restaurant. There isn’t enough bug spray in this world for SungGyu to go to the jungle. He can’t go to the fucking jungle. He would probably offend some native tribe and they would keep him or behead him!”

“Don’t have a stroke.”

“I am not going to have a stroke, but I am going to give the CEO a piece of my mind,” WooHyun heatedly informed the other man as he barged out the door.

SungYeol chased after WooHyun and yelped, “Wait.”

“No, he can’t send SungGyu to the jungle! Is he insane?”

“I was lying,” SungYeol blurted out grabbing WooHyun by the arm. “I am the one going to Belize. I was just messing with you.”

“You bastard,” WooHyun snarled at him, yanking his arm free.

SungYeol agreed, watching as the relief washed over the other man’s body. “Yeah, I am a bastard, but damn, you got it bad.”

“I am well aware of that.”

“I am so ashamed.”


“Because how the hell did I not pick up on your feelings for him…how did any of us not know?”

WooHyun, whose heart was still racing from his scare earlier, snapped, “Key says you all are bunch of idiots.”

“Does he?”

“He…” WooHyun paused and allowed himself to settle down. He took a deep breath and exhaled. He reminded himself that SungGyu wasn’t going to beheaded. “He’s wrong though. I was just good at lying. I used to lie all the time…my whole life was one big lie.”

SungYeol gave WooHyun a sympathetic look. “I can’t even imagine what that was like, but what are you going to do now?”

WooHyun rubbed his face and admitted, “I don’t know.”

“Even if he…can’t be with you, he cares a lot for you.”

“I know.”

“Shutting him out…is that good for either one of you?”

“I can’t act like his best buddy right now…I just can’t.”

“I understand but think of his gallbladder.”

WooHyun peered up at the taller man in confusion. “His gallbladder?”

“Yeah, it will probably be the next thing to go if you keep stressing him out.”

“You are so stupid,” WooHyun said with a chuckle and gently punched the other man in the stomach. “That’s ridiculous.”

“I’m serious. He is just too—” SungYeol’s phone started ringing and kept him from elaborating. “I’ve got to take this, it’s the producer! A producer is calling me!”

WooHyun smiled at SungYeol as the other man eagerly took the phone call. WooHyun was happy they had reached this place…this place of friendship. Now, when SungYeol looked at him he didn’t feel like he was going to have to fend off an unwanted admirer.


Their flight was running late.

SungGyu was sitting beside MyungSoo waiting for their plane to load. He was slouched down in his seat feeling mischievous after consuming large amounts of coffee at Coffee Cojjee with MyungSoo.

Coffee Cojjee was next door to the salon they used. MyungSoo was in love and the girl he was fixated on at the time had been at the coffee shop. Due to the large amount of fans that were hovering nearby MyungSoo couldn’t talk to the latest love of his life but he could see her and that was enough for him. An amused SungGyu had watched as the two of them had shared not so subtle longing glances with each other.

SungGyu thought MyungSoo was a fool, but a warmhearted fool he loved like a little brother. He could never imagine acting as desperate…or as smitten as MyungSoo did. He thought MyungSoo’s type of love was incredibly boring. He much preferred his relationship with the testy WooHyun…even when they were fighting.

SungGyu grinned at WooHyun, who was sitting across from him with his arms folded tightly across his chest. WooHyun had his sunglasses on, hiding his eyes, but SungGyu knew the younger man was glaring at him. SungGyu had been extra friendly with all the stewardesses that had walked past him, and he had made sure WooHyun witnessed every encounter. He knew WooHyun’s jealous mind was probably working overtime. He was tempted to wink at one of the stewardesses just to push the other man over the edge.

“She’s beautiful isn’t she?”

The leader turned his head to look at MyungSoo. “Yeah, she’s a beauty.”

“She is really sweet, too.”

SungGyu kept his face completely neutral…because really sweet wasn’t a description he would have given the girl that had all of MyungSoo’s love and attention. He had not spoken to her…but there was definitely something not sweet about her. MyungSoo was in love and that was always a scary thing. MyungSoo fell in love quickly and he fell hard. MyungSoo’s type of love usually had very little to do with reality and everything to with MyungSoo’s fantasy of what love should be. “She’s a beauty,” SungGyu repeated.

“Hyung, it’s so hard to be away from her. I want to spend every moment with her.”

“That’s not a possibility.”

“But I miss her so much.”

“Well, you better get used to it.”

“I think I will die if I don’t get to see her everyday.”

“You won’t die.”

“I feel like I will.”

SungGyu sat up straight and asked under his breath, “Have you done anything…with her yet?”

“No, I haven’t had time…I have just gazed upon her lovely face…her exquisite face.”

“You have never met up with her?” SungGyu asked in a whisper.

“Just twice, but never alone…”

“So…no physical contact?”

“No, and it is killing me.”

“None…you mean none. No kissing?”

“No, but I can only imagine the sweetness of her lips.”

The talk of kissing had SungGyu looking back at WooHyun. He missed kissing WooHyun. He was amused to find WooHyun leaning forward in his seat to eavesdrop on them. “Well, once you fuck her really good you won’t feel so emo and shit.” He had said it to get a rise out of WooHyun, but instead he got an unexpected slap to the back of his head that had him sputtering, “What the hell?”

“Are you insane?” SungYeol demanded as he walked around and glared down at SungGyu and MyungSoo. SungJong was at SungYeol’s side, looking extremely disapproving. “He shouldn’t touch her with a ten foot pole.”

SungJong added, “Not with a twenty foot pole.”

MyungSoo immediately puffed up. “I don’t want to hear anything from you two.”

“Too bad,” SungYeol told him. “She is a user and she is using you. Snap out of it.”

SungJong sat down beside SungGyu and warned, “She’s no good.”

The leader turned his attention on the maknae, who was much wiser than his years dictated. “Really?”

“Yeah, she can’t be trusted. She likes attention too much,” SungJong told the leader.

SungGyu frowned. “I’ve just seen her around, I’ve never spoken to her.”

“But what you saw…wasn’t she the most beautiful woman in the world?” MyungSoo asked.

“Only because she has had more plastic surgery than all of us put together, plus Girl’s Generation,” SungYeol blurted out.

“That’s the truth,” WooHyun agreed.

SungGyu reached up, touched his eyes and joked, “I don’t think my double eyelid surgery worked. I want my money back.”

“Can you be serious?” SungYeol demanded of the leader. “You need to talk some sense into him. You are the only one he will listen to.”

“Yes, preach the foolishness of love and relationships to him,” WooHyun coaxed from his seat across from SungGyu.

SungGyu’s eyes flew to WooHyun feeling the other man’s unspoken accusations. SungGyu wrapped an arm around MyungSoo and told him, “You are too young to be in a serious relationship.”

“Hyung,” MyungSoo protested.

The leader smirked at WooHyun and then advised MyungSoo, “That doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun. Get it while you can.”


SungGyu frowned; he could feel Key watching him.

SungGyu was sitting on the floor leaning against the door of the number 2 apartment on the set of High Society. He looked up and sure enough the unconventional SHINee member was looking right at him while he had a very animated conversation with someone on his phone.

SungGyu swallowed nervously and deeply regretted his earlier eagerness for SHINee to appear on the show. He got the definite impression from Key that the SHINee member knew more than he would like him to know…more than SungGyu would like anybody to know. Why couldn’t another SHINee member have come instead of Key, he wondered? He wanted to pout. He wanted to sleep. He wanted to eat. But mostly he wanted to know if it was WooHyun who Key was talking to on the phone.

“Hey,” Onew, the other SHINee member who was appearing on the show, said greeting him as he sat down beside SungGyu on the floor.

SungGyu didn’t quite know how to take Onew. He knew the man had an amazing voice and that he was the leader of SHINee, although he didn’t come off as a leader. SungGyu suspected Key ran SHINee. Not that he blamed Onew…nor did he hold it against him. SungGyu doubted he and Key would have lasted in a group together for longer than five minutes.

“Hey…yourself,” SungGyu awkwardly replied. He was older than Onew but he didn’t feel older. He felt younger and insecure for some strange reason. He wondered how close Onew and Key were…did Key perhaps share WooHyun’s secrets with the other man?

“Are you feeling better?”


“I am good…are you recovered from your surgery?”

“Yes, fully recovered.”

“That’s good.”

“Yes, it is.”

“Very good indeed.”

SungGyu scratched the back of his neck. “So…your new album is nice.”


“You’re welcome.”


“Do you think Key is talking to WooHyun?” SungGyu blurted out the question he was dying to know. He had decided the conversation was uncomfortable enough already, so why not ask? WooHyun was still refusing to talk to him on the phone and that he was probably talking to Key irritated SungGyu.


“You think?”

“They are best friends.”

SungGyu frowned, feeling jealous of Key. Was Key WooHyun’s best friend or was he his best friend? WooHyun, the little shit, probably told everybody they were his best friend. Just like all the fans were his girlfriends. “That’s what I hear.”

“Yeah, me too.”


There was nothing but silence for a couple minutes.

“So, Brandy says I should have more celebrity friends,” SungGyu stated, hoping to end the unnerving silence.

“She does?”

“Yeah…but I usually just stick with my members.”

“That’s nice.”

“Yeah…it makes it easy.”

“Key often says we should become friends.”

“He does?”


SungGyu turned his head to look at the man sitting beside him. Onew didn’t seem too eager to become his friend…or eager to do anything. “We should probably work on that.”

Onew smiled. “We probably should.”


Onew met SungGyu’s gaze and asked, “What do you think of the rumors about the possible merger?’

SungGyu couldn’t hide his aversion. “Our fans will hate it.”

“Ours, too.”

SungGyu forced down his negativity. He had to maintain his faith in the CEO. “But…it will be nice having the backing of a huge company like SM.”

Onew nodded his head. “That is a big plus…it is not a bad thing to have your success and SM’s linked together. My company doesn’t like to fail.”

“It knows how to make successful groups,” SungGyu quickly agreed and then winced realizing that could be interpreted badly. SungGyu quickly scrambled to correct any misunderstanding. “Not that they made you. SHINee is an amazing group. Your performances are always spectacular.”

“It’s okay,” Onew told SungGyu. “I am not my company’s great defender. There are others that play that role, but not me.”

“I didn’t mean any disrespect.”

“You were being honest…SM does know how to make successful groups, but you are already a successful group, and you only had a little company backing you. Imagine what you could be with SM’s help.”

“We need help with the international end of things I must admit.”

“Hopefully, SM will help you with that.”

SungGyu, who still felt like he had been offensive, shared, “You know I tried out for SM.”

“You did?”

“Yes, twice.”

Onew was now looking at SungGyu in curiosity. “And you didn’t pass the auditions?”


“I find that very hard to believe,” a stunned Onew told him.

“It’s the truth. I failed twice.”

“But you have a strong voice.”

SungGyu let out a weak laugh and admitted, “I wasn’t exactly at my best back then vocally.”

“Still…I can’t imagine they could not have seen the potential.”

“They probably did, but he was so ugly they didn’t care,” Key stated, surprising both of the leaders as they looked up to see the other man standing over them. “I have seen his audition footage. He was hideous looking back then.”

“Key!” Onew chastised.

“It’s the truth…Infinite members know it’s the truth…what is your saying about looks and talent when it comes to SM?”

SungGyu’s eyes widened in alarm, he knew exactly what Key was referring to. “We don’t have a saying!”

“I know you guys have a saying.”

“No, we don’t,” SungGyu insisted, fervently shaking his head.

“Ah,” Key exclaimed, slapping his forehead. “I just remembered it. Infinite members say SM is 60% looks and 40% talent and boy did SungGyu look awful back then, so he didn’t have a chance.”

Onew’s gaze hardened and he started to repeat, “40% talent…”

“I didn’t say that,” SungGyu yelped, interrupting the man. “MyungSoo said it.”

“Does he actually believe that?”

“He was just a kid when he said it,” SungGyu explained to Onew. “Just a kid…just a stupid kid…he’d never say it now.”

“He’s a handsome devil, though,” Key told them, full of admiration for Infinite’s visual. “He should have tried out for SM…he would have made it without singing a word.”

“Key,” Onew groaned.

“It’s true,” Key told them as he sat down and squeezed in between the two men.

“He’s very handsome,” SungGyu agreed, hoping to change the subject to something else…anything else.

Onew peered past Key to ask SungGyu, “So you think he would have made it without having to sing?”

“He likes to act,” SungGyu answered quickly, because lying was not his forte. “He could have acted.”

Key snorted. “I take it back, you two shouldn’t be friends. Watching you two trying to have a casual conversation makes me feel uncomfortable.”

“I doubt that,” Onew told Key giving him a disapproving look. “When have you ever been uncomfortable?”

“Just now I was,” Key claimed. “I had to abruptly end my phone conversation and come over here to save you two. I didn’t want your relationship to deteriorate so badly that it jeopardized the rest of the filming.”

SungGyu folded his arms and claimed, “We were having a nice, civil conversation…until you showed up.”

“Oh, please,” Key told him, rolling his eyes. “Just thank me and be done with it.”

“It wasn’t that bad,” Onew protested.

Key was very happy to point out their differences. “Onew, you are odd in a nice, easygoing way and SungGyu, you are odd in abrasive, uncomfortable way; your oddness clashes.”

SungGyu opened his mouth, ready to defend himself, when the flamboyant man held up his hand hushing him as his phone rang. Key pulled out his phone and complained, “I have to take this. My friend is in crisis.”

“The rapist…” SungGyu uttered, surprised by the name that showed up on Key’s phone.

Key stood up, then bent down and thumped SungGyu on the tip of his nose and scolded him, “Nosey boy!”

“The rapist?” a stunned SungGyu repeated as he watched Key walk away. “Why would he talk to somebody called the rapist?”

Onew just shook his head. “I don’t know and I don’t want to know.”


It was late.

The filming for High Society had stretched on well past midnight and he was both physically and emotionally drained but the light streaming underneath WooHyun’s door caused him to pause.

He missed the other man; he had always missed WooHyun when the other man wasn’t with him, but now the sense of longing was worse. He wasn’t willing to give into WooHyun’s demands, but he was willing to apologize for his own childish behavior. He opened the door and stepped inside WooHyun’s room.

“You are still up.”

WooHyun looked up from the tablet he had been reading. “Leave.”

“I just came to apologize.”

“For what?”

SungGyu shut the door and leaned against it. “I’ve been acting pretty childish lately. I shouldn’t push your buttons.”

“No, you shouldn’t. Now go.”

“If you don’t want to be in a casual relationship…I can understand that. Can you please try to understand that I don’t want to be in a monogamous one?”

“No; get out.”

SungGyu refused to budge. “Can we just go back to being friends then?”

WooHyun peered at SungGyu and asked, “Do you want to be just friends?”

SungGyu stepped closer to the bed and explained, “I’d rather be friends with benefits, but I will take what I can get.”

WooHyun sighed and set the tablet down on the bed. “I can’t act like you are just a friend to me…I have been doing it for too long.”

“In secret, but this time I will know.”

“What difference does that make?”

“You won’t be lying to me…it will be less stressful for you.”

WooHyun reached up and rubbed the side of his head. “But we will be lying to the other members.”

“It isn’t any of their business…plus, if we go back to being friends it won’t matter.”

The younger man just shook his head. “Just go.”


“I am not going to relent! I can’t…not with you. You are…you are so emotionally stunted. I am not going to stop being angry with you, sorry. Go!”


“I accept your apology for being a jerk…now, go.”

“No, I want to talk about something else.”

“There isn’t anything else to talk about; we are at an impasse here.”

SungGyu sat down on WooHyun’s bed. “No, we are not. We can still be friends…it’s easy to forgive.”


“No, like I said we need to talk. Did you know I was filming with Key and Onew today?”

“Yes, I spoke to Key many times today.”

SungGyu was unable hide his hurt. WooHyun had been ignoring him since they left Vegas. He had suspected that the SHINee member had been talking to WooHyun on the phone during filming, but when he had caught a glace of Key’s phone it had said he was talking to somebody named…

“Does he know I compared the deal…to rape?” an alarmed SungGyu demanded suddenly; a horrible thought had occurred to him.

WooHyun’s eyes widened. “Why are you asking me that?’

“Because on his phone…today I snuck a look at it and it said he was talking to someone named the rapist.”

“That asshole,” WooHyun grumbled, confirming SungGyu’s fears.

“Did he know about the deal?”

“Yes, he knew about the deal. He doesn’t know about what happened between us in Vegas. I have told you this already.”

SungGyu narrowed his gaze and sounded doubtful. “He sure acted like he knew more.”

“He has many suspicions but I have never confirmed them and I won’t…he can have my secrets, but not yours.”

The older man tilted his head to the side trying to catch something in the other man’s wording that would confirm his own suspicions. “We share secrets.”

WooHyun angrily retorted, “Although I would really love to talk to Key…talk to anybody about what incredibly huge, insensitive ass you are…I won’t out you to him.”

SungGyu jumped off the bed knocking the tablet to the floor. “What do you mean out me? There is nothing to out! Nothing at all!”

WooHyun growled under his breath at the other man’s huge case of denial. “Tell that to someone who didn’t spend four nights fucking you.”

SungGyu reached down and grabbed the tablet from the floor. “Can you not say…not say it like that?”

An exasperated WooHyun shook his head. “How would you like me to say it? If I had said we spent four nights making love you would have wilted away and died on the spot.” The older man cringed at the mention of love making immediately proving WooHyun right. “Go, now!”

“I wish you wouldn’t be so inflexible,” SungGyu complained.

“I am very flexible as you well know.”

“That wasn’t what I was talking about!”

“Give me back my iPad.”

SungGyu looked down at the tablet. “Why are you looking up bad gallbladders?”

“Because SungYeol freaked me out the other day,” WooHyun snapped as he reached out and snatched the tablet away from SungGyu. “You are just stupid enough to get sick again.”

“SungYeol is the stupid one. My appendix was bad…it didn’t decide to explode because you were mad at me.”

WooHyun let out a breath and looked at SungGyu heatedly. “He better be wrong. I swear if you try to die on me again…I will kill you myself.”

SungGyu saw how stressed WooHyun was and tried to soothe him, “It’s not like before…this time I am trying to fix it. Last time I just held it all inside.”

“You promise?” WooHyun asked, darting his eyes away from SungGyu.

“I promise.”

WooHyun sighed still refusing to look at the older man. “You make me so mad.”

“I don’t think any of you would allow me to get that sick again.”

“No,” WooHyun agreed. “SungYeol is messing with me…he also told me you were going to Belize.”

SungGyu scoffed at the mere thought. “You didn’t believe that…did you?”

“I knew better, but honestly it scared the hell out of me. You wouldn’t last two hours in a jungle….probably not two minutes.”

SungGyu scrunched up his nose and debated on whether he should be offended or not. He decided to be touched instead. “You care a lot.”

“Too much.”

The older man reached down and took WooHyun’s hand, feeling the other man soften just a smidgen. “Not possible.”

“Yes, it is…” WooHyun paused, finding his anger again and pulling his hand away from SungGyu, “when I waste my time caring about someone as emotionally stunted as you are.”

“I am not that bad.”

“Yes, you are…leave!” WooHyun ordered, pointing at the door.

“I want to fix us.”

“There is only one way you can fix us.”

“I can’t do that.”

WooHyun got out of the bed and grabbed SungGyu by the arm. “Then you can’t fix us.”

“That isn’t true,” SungGyu objected as WooHyun pulled him toward the door. “There has to be another way.”

“No there isn’t. It isn’t like I am asking so much of you.”

“Yes, you are.”

“If asking you to be happy is asking too much of you…then you have more problems than even I imagined and I can’t help you.”

“I can be happy if we are friends,” SungGyu whined.

WooHyun opened the door, shoved SungGyu out into the hallway and said in a calmer voice, “You are tired. You’ve gotten hardly any sleep this week. Go to bed.”

“I don’t want to go to bed…and I don’t want to fight with you.”

“You don’t want to make up with me either.”

“That’s not true.”

“It is true.”

“I can’t just say I lo—I can’t say that,” SungGyu admitted, struggling. He didn’t want to leave. He wanted to sleep with WooHyun…even if they only slept. He wanted to feel the other man’s warmth next to him, encompassing all of him. He missed WooHyun’s warmth.

“You don’t have to say it…I don’t have to hear it.”

“Then what is the problem?”

“Are you dense?”

“A little,” SungGyu agreed. “I just can’t give up women…I can’t. People would think it strange. They might suspect something.”

WooHyun closed his eyes and whispered, “Go sleep in your room…this isn’t it. It could and should be, but it isn’t.”

SungGyu didn’t have time to respond before he found the door shut in his face. He closed his eyes and wished…wished he was different. He knew there was only one place he wanted to be, one person he wanted to be with, but something just kept him from saying it. Something kept him from giving WooHyun what he wanted…what he needed…because SungGyu just couldn’t give him that much power over him.
Lol...quickly reminded me of doyeon or dayeon idk. But I like how you also include L's love story in this. Woohyun's jealousy is sooo...endearing. idk what is the right word but there's something so sweet knowing someone loves you so much and i think if I'm sunggyu in this story, I am the happiest man on earth. Kinda mad at him for thinking admitting his love equals to surrendering to woohyun. But what's so bad about it, woohyun is willing to commit and he knows best woohyun cares for him and only him. I'd be crazy too if I'm woohyun. It's so lovely how he still cares despite sunggyu being a total ass.

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It's real neat when you include stuffs that are happening to the boys in real life.

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It was endearing that Sunggyu wanted to make up with Woohyun like the other tried with him. I was like awww poor Gyu you really thought it works for you too?

I like it that Woogyu and Sungyeol's friendship is ok again. :)
Forgive me i have sinned but i totally did fall for Sungyeol(not in your fic in general), i will hide under a rock for the rest of my life i promise. I just cant contain my crush... But believe me i wont wish for more singing Sungyeol, fangirling doesnt make me blind or deaf in that case, i love him all for his other talents. I just started watching Law of the Jungle today... Is it true that first Hoya was the one to go or you just made that up?

I love it that Woohyun is so angry at Sunggyu but goes into protecting mode as soon as he thinks somehting is not ok.

Its too bad i dont really know Key i love him in your fic a lot, and somehow i feel how you write him can be similar to how he is for real, i mean i heard about him a bit...
"the rapist" hahahhahahahha i just dont get why Sunggyu didnt know it refers to Woohyun right when he saw it. Is it because he doesnt think of what happened as rape anymore, or he is just clueless?

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At the end Woohyun is so strong i admire him, i think not many people could be so strong.
And Sunggyu is just a mess, i really dont get how can someone be so dumb and blind. Why he still doesnt see that he is in love with Woohyun and simply cant live without him? Why does he think he still needs woman? Why is it important what others will think? Why cant he see that he has to give in, he needs to give in to be happy? They can just work on everything else later...

Sorry for my babbling and that half of my comment wasnt really about your fic.
I loved the update, im going to miss this so much :(

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“Only because she has had more plastic surgery than all of us put together, plus Girl’s Generation,” BEST LINE EVER!!!!!!!!!! jajajajajajaja
I think i can understand sunggyu feelings
But he irrate me too .. the choice is in his hands he can makes both of them happy or not !! I wish he could put himself in woohyuns shoes then he will understand that what woohyun want of him is not too much to ask .
Thank you
I love sunday..because you update on my sunday..Bravo Woohyun..keep the good work..makes Sunggyu falling hard..falling hard to your heart..
Jfc there is so much humor in this one I loved it! I think it's my favourite chapter of the series hahahah :')

Thanks for the update like always!!
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Ps. I agree with your comment about myung's gf type. (If it's referring to what's actually happening in rl). I'm totally fine with idols dating buuut dis chick-- I have bad vibes from her.

SungGyu... I'm really curious to see what has made him so afraid of commitment (and also he's still in denial) that alone would drive Woohyun crazy. I wonder what it will take for SungGyu to finally give in... Thanks for the update!
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