Sweet Deception........The End.

Title: Sweet Deception, Chapter Twenty
Author: Aquariuslover
Pairings: WooGyu
Rating: R
Genre: Angst, Romance, drama
Length: Chaptered
Beta: tahoeturquoise

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Summary: For years a fire has been smoldering deep inside of WooHyun, and now it is burning out of control and wrecking havoc on the group. A danger is looming over SungGyu, but will he pay it heed before it claims his life? Can an ominous deal be brokered in time to save Infinite?

Chapter List

SungGyu’s mother answered the door with a stern look on her face.

She quickly turned her back on her son and declared dramatically, “So, you decided to come to see your mother two days after her birthday.”

“Mom, I have been really busy.”

“Bad sons always have their sorry excuses.”

SungGyu sat down on the sofa and looked at his mother, who had her hands resting on her hips as she shook her head in disapproval. “It’s not an excuse, it’s the truth.”

“I don’t see a gift.”

SungGyu leaned back against the sofa and reminded her, “I took you to Bora Bora.”

“You also took your sister, niece, and your sister’s friend and her kids.”

“I didn’t pay for the friend and her kids.”

“You paid for your sister and your niece!”

“Well, I am not going to give them a birthday present this year, either.”

She sat down on the sofa beside him grumbling, “What I must have been like in another life to deserve a son such as you.”

“A priest, a nun…probably a saint.”

She rolled her eyes at him, but he could see the side of her mouth twitching as she fought against the urge to smile. “You are terrible.”

“I learned from the best,” he told her as he reached inside his pocket and pulled out a folded up card.

“What is this,” she asked as he handed her the card.

“I was going to buy you something in Vegas, but nothing seemed right.”

She looked at him skeptically. “You couldn’t find me anything in all of Vegas?”

“They wouldn’t let me take a slot machine home with me.”

Not funny.”

He let out a laugh and motioned for her to open the card. “My brain wasn’t really working while I was in Vegas…not at all, but once I got home I thought of the perfect gift for you.”

She opened the card and her eyes immediately lit up. “Cash?”

“For you to blow as you wish.”

She was openly smiling at him now as she counted her money. “I guess you aren’t the worst son in the world…just in the bottom ten.”

“It’s an improvement,” he told her trying his best to sound happy.

She noticed his mood wasn’t sincere. “What’s wrong with you?”

He shook his head. “I just…like I said before, I am just tired.”

“You do look tired. You looked so refreshed when you came back from Vegas though.”

He furrowed his brows and asked, “You saw me?”

“Yes, I visit fan sites.”

“You do?”

“Yes, the fans have the best info on you.”


“Plus they are so nice to photo shop all your blemishes away.”


“Why do you look so haggard? Is your CEO trying to kill you again?”

“No, I feel fine…” SungGyu reached up to touch his face. “Do I really look haggard?”

“What’s wrong?”


“Is it that blasted WooHyun?”

He instinctively leaned away from her. “Why do you ask that?”

“You were angry with him the last time you were here.”

“I forgave him.”

“Of course you did…you always will.”

“Why…why…tell me why you think that?”

She looked down at her cash and counted it again. “Because a mother knows.”

“I will always forgive him, but I don’t think he will forgive me,” SungGyu admitted. “And that is where the problem lies.”




“It’s not good.”

She looked up at him and asked, “I think it is good, but tell me why he won’t forgive you.”

SungGyu reached up and rubbed his arms, feeling oddly exposed as he explained, “I guess…I just…I am not a good friend…he wants things from me…things I can’t give him.”

“What kind of things?” She asked with her focus totally on him now and not the money.

“Just—you know I am not a mushy person,” SungGyu blurted out in his defense. “I am…I am just not like that.”

“Oh, sweet Jesus,” she groaned, her entire body slouching. “You figured out you’re gay.”

“What!” SungGyu exclaimed, jumping off the sofa.

She shook her head, suddenly looking terribly gloomy. “I feared someday that boy would clue you in…but you kept being totally dense so I was hopeful it wouldn’t happen.”

SungGyu gaped at his mother, astounded.

“Your father was hoping you were going to be one of those gay people that just never figure it out.”

“Dad…you…why do you…how…do…” SungGyu stammered, frozen in place.

“Darling, I am your mother...I know these things,” she told him, while patting the place on the sofa beside her.

He sat back down.

She laid a comforting hand on his knee. “Of course, I had to tell your father. Honestly, he wasn’t all that surprised.”

SungGyu wanted to deny it…wanted to tell her she was crazy, but instead all he could say was, “You never said anything.”

“Of course I didn’t. I wanted you to be a doctor or a lawyer,” she told him. “You were so smart in school…I didn’t want you to jeopardize your future. This is a hard world to live in and being gay doesn’t make it any easier.”

“You knew when I was in school?”

She just shook her head at his disbelief. “If I had known you were going to be an idol I might have told you, let you know it didn’t change anything between us. Gay people are always killing themselves, so it used to worry me. But you didn’t look conflicted, just clueless, so I never brought it up. If I had known you were going to be an idol when you were a kid I would have talked to you about it.”

“What difference does being an idol make?”

“Most idols are gay so it wouldn’t be a big deal. You could be gay with all your gay friends and have more fun. Darling, you sometimes need to have more fun. You are so grumpy.”

“Mom…you know if anybody found out I was gay…it would still destroy my life. Just because I am idol doesn’t make it okay.”

“Yes, I know that…that is why once you joined Woollim I never said anything. I thought maybe you never would get a clue.”

“I have a clue, now!”

“Well, hopefully, you won’t be stupid enough to out yourself. I think everybody thinks most idols are gay.”

“Well, they are wrong.”

“Well, the girls are probably not gay. But what do I know? I never understood the draw of lesbianism. I really like a good looking man, so I can understand you being gay. I can understand the appeal. Actually I don’t know why more men aren’t gay.”

SungGyu cringed and rubbed his face, wondering how the hell he got himself into these conversations with his mother. “Mom, back to me…you knew I was gay while I was growing up?”


“But…but I had a lot…” SungGyu paused. He couldn’t really say he had a lot of girlfriends because he hated relationships even back then, but he had not missed out on sex.

“I know you slept with your sister’s slutty friend and—”

He jumped off of the sofa again and bellowed, “You knew about that?”

“Your sister and she got in a fight once…well, they fought many times. You know how girls are…they are always fighting about something, but they soon make-up. Well, your sister tattled to me once during one of their fights.”

“You never…you never said anything.”

“Your dad wouldn’t let me. He was so proud of you. I assure you I gave that little slut a piece of my mind, though.”

SungGyu was speechless.

“I knew she wasn’t the only one. You slept around with a lot with girls in high school. I was pleasantly surprised.”

SungGyu sighed and sat back down. He couldn’t think of one other person he knew that had a mother who would admit to being pleasantly surprised their son slept around. “So maybe I’m not gay.”

“Are you saying you are bisexual? You know some psychologists don’t believe in bisexuality.”

“Well, I am!” SungGyu protested.

She sighed and patted his leg. “But you prefer that terrible WooHyun.”

“Why do you say ‘terrible WooHyun’?”

“You know I think he is a manipulative little toad.”

“He is manipulative because I make him manipulative. I make everything so hard on him…I don’t even know myself. Apparently I never did…he deserves better than me.”


“Mom, I am so…crippled when it comes to being affectionate. I just can’t give anything of myself.”

“Is that what he told you? That is a lie. You give a lot of yourself.”

“Just little bits…I can’t give him what he wants…what he needs.”

She folded her arms in front of her and stated, “Good.”

He studied her closely, “Mom, why do you really hate WooHyun?”

“I told you.”

“I want the truth.”

She relaxed her arms. “I don’t want to talk about it.”

He reached out, grasped her arm gently and persisted, “Mom, I think I need to know. I need him…even if I can’t give him what he wants. I need him. Tell me why you hate him, please.”

She looked him in the eye and let out a defeated sigh. “Stay here and I will be right back.”

He waited on the sofa as he watched her get up and head for her bedroom. After only a couple minutes she returned holding a small photo album he had never seen before. “Is that new?”

She sat back down on the sofa beside him. “Yes, the album is new, but the pictures aren’t. The pictures are almost as old as you.”

SungGyu eyes narrowed reflexively waiting for a comment on his age. “I am not that old.”

“Of course not,” his mother told him as she flipped open the album and handed it to him. “Take a look.”

He took the album and smiled when he saw baby pictures of himself. “I was so little.”

“Not too little.”

“I never saw these pictures before.”

“No, I had them hidden in my sock drawer for years.”

He looked up from the album to stare at her. “Why?”

“Do you notice something that all those pictures have in common?”

He looked back down at the album. He was a chubby toddler in most of them…then it caught his eye. “Is that…”

“Fufuzee,” she finished for him.

In all the pictures he was carrying a green stuffed dragon.

SungGyu looked at every picture amazed. “I don’t even remember it…but I look so happy.”

“You were…back then,” she told him as she wiped away a stray tear that was gliding down her cheek. “It was your Fufuzee and as long as you had it…you were the happiest little boy in the world.”

“What happened to it?”

She met his gaze and he noticed she was crying. “I threw it away.”

SungGyu looked back down at the pictures as an old memory was jarred loose and an old forgotten pain stirred to life, causing his chest to ache. “Why? Did it get dirty?”

“No, you were amazingly careful with it…and you could just throw it in the wash.”

“Why did you throw it away?”

Her jaw trembled and with a voice filled with regret she answered him, “We were having a lot of financial problems back then. We lost the house and we were taking turns living with friends and family. I sometimes…had to leave town with your father…so we could find work. I would leave you and your sister with your grandmother, other family members, or friends…and your sister would always cry. She never wanted me to leave her. Was it wrong that I needed to hear that? I needed to see her cry for me. I hated it but I also needed it…I loved that she missed me…that she didn’t want me to go. Does that make me a bad mother?”

SungGyu opened his mouth and closed it, not sure of the correct answer.

Luckily his mother continued, sparing him from having to answer her. “You never cried for me. When I left…you never cried and you never hurried to me when I returned. But if that toy was ever out of your sight you would scream and cry until it was returned to you.”


“Let me finish. I was younger back then and selfish. I am still selfish, but back then I was worse…and I started to hate that toy. I would miss you so badly and you treated me like I was just another woman holding you. You see…back then I didn’t understand that my leaving was affecting your ability to bond with me. I just knew that I was your mother and I thought you should miss me. I thought you should be attached to me like your sister had been. You see, when she was little I stayed with her all the time, but I didn’t…couldn’t with you. So instead of being attached to me…you latched on to that toy.”

The truth dawned on SungGyu and he whispered, “That is why you threw it away.”

She nodded her head with tears continuing to glide down her cheeks. “I did. One day I was so angry at it…jealous of it…I took it while you were sleeping and I threw it away.”

SungGyu closed his eyes.

“I can still hear you crying for it. You cried constantly for over a week and you searched with your little feet all over for it. I couldn’t comfort you…nobody could. I quickly realized what I had done…but it was too late. They had already picked up the trash.”

“Oh, mom…”

“For months…months…no matter where we were, you were always looking for it. Begging me for your Fufuzee….it just killed me. I stopped leaving you after that…your grandmother ripped me good when I told her what I had done…but it was too late. We tried to buy you other toys…but you never took to them. You were never the same happy baby after that.”

“I don’t know what to say.”

“There isn’t anything to say…you asked me why I hated WooHyun and that is why.”

SungGyu scrunched up his face in confusion. “What does Fufuzee have to do with WooHyun?”

His mother wiped her eyes and told her son, “Darling, that boy is your new Fufuzee. You love him the same way you loved that toy. Don’t you see it? I noticed it the first time I heard you say his name.”

SungGyu’s mouth gaped open.

“And I am just like I was before…but I will be better, or I will try to be. I make no promises.”

He leaned away from his mother and gasped, “You think I love WooHyun?”

Her demeanor changed completely and she reached up and swatted him on the head. “Of course you love him. Are you stupid?”

He swallowed nervously and clutched the album to his chest. “Maybe…slightly.”

“Well, stop being like that.”

He nodded his head fervently and with renewed conviction he proclaimed, “I will.”


“This practice is pointless and a total waste of time if he doesn’t show up.”

All the members except for SungGyu were in the dance studio practicing the choreography for Destiny, their next single.

“Hoya, would you stop griping. You knew he wasn’t going to be here,” an exhausted SungJong said, scolding the lead dancer between gasps for air as he leaned against the wall.

“Our practice should be the priority,” Hoya stated and then turned toward SungYeol and continued to complain, “And God knows how many practices you are going to miss.”

“That’s why we are practicing today, so I won’t be that far behind,” SungYeol reminded the demanding dancer.

“Practicing with just six of us is a waste of time,” Hoya insisted. “We need everybody.”

SungJong turned to the back-up dancer that was filling in for SungGyu and asked, “Can you tell him to stop bitching and sound like leader-shi when you do it?”

The back-up dancer held up his hands and proclaimed, “Nobody can imitate SungGyu at dance practice. He’s fierce.”

The choreographer, who had been silently listening to the others, asked, “Are you guys ready to start again?”

WooHyun, who was sitting on the floor and leaning against the wall, groaned, “No.”

MyungSoo, who sitting beside WooHyun, asked, “Can we take a nap instead?”

“We are more than ready,” DongWoo replied, doing a strange dance that had the other members staring at him in amusement as he hopped around the room as if he was chasing something.

“What is that dance called?” Hoya asked.

DongWoo held up his arms, fluttering them. “It’s called Chasing Butterflies.”

A smiling MyungSoo got up and proclaimed, “We should do that dance instead.”

SungJong agreed, “It does look simpler.”

“It’s my creation,” DongWoo bragged as he grabbed MyungSoo and started dancing around the room with him.

“Our dancing has turned to shit! Shit!” Hoya declared harshly. “Get ready to dance people. We have a reputation we need to rebuild!”

WooHyun flipped Hoya the finger and didn’t budge from his spot.

Hoya frowned at the main vocal. “Namster, what happened to your endless supply of energy?”

“It’s gone north for the summer.”

The choreographer laughed and then ordered, “All right guys, from the beginning.”

Destiny started blaring through the speakers filling the room up with the sound of their music, but before any of them moved to get into position the door swung open and SungGyu stormed into the room with purpose. He immediately ordered, “Everyone but the members out.”

The choreographer and back-up dancer just stared at him.

“Out,” SungGyu repeated. “This is member business only.”

The back-up dancer and the choreographer shrugged and left the room, shutting the door behind them.

Hoya opened his mouth to say something, but SungGyu gave him a stern look and he immediately shut his mouth.

SungGyu strode over to where WooHyun was still sitting on the floor. WooHyun peered up curiously at SungGyu trying to figure out what was going on.

SungGyu extended his hand to the other man. “Get up.”

WooHyun halfheartedly took the extended hand and SungGyu immediately yanked him up so they were standing face to face. Before WooHyun had time to react SungGyu’s hand was on the back of his head pulling him into a passionate kiss. The younger man’s arms instinctively went around SungGyu’s waist pulling them closer together.

Hoya’s jaw dropped open. SungJong’s face broke out into a huge grin. SungYeol sighed in relief. MyungSoo stood completely still and blinked several times as if he were trying to clear his vision. DongWoo stared thunderstruck at the couple that continued to kiss as if they had no need for air…only for each other.

The door to the practice room started to open and SungYeol and SungJong both ran for the door, slamming against it with their bodies to prevent it from opening.

The loud voice of Manger Geonam filled the room as he banged on the door, “SungGyu, they are supposed to be practicing and you were supposed to be on the Genius set an hour ago!”

WooHyun and SungGyu broke from each other, gasping for air. SungGyu quickly recovered and smiled at WooHyun. “You win. I am all yours.”

“God, I love you!” WooHyun blurted out ecstatically and pulled SungGyu in for another kiss.

DongWoo, who had recovered from his initial shock, hooted in approval.

“SungGyu! I am calling the CEO, right now,” Manager Geonam warned through the door while still banging on it. “Open this door, this instant!”

WooHyun ended the kiss and pushed SungGyu away. “You better go.”

SungGyu broke away from WooHyun and promised, “Later.”

“Definitely later,” WooHyun confirmed, while still trying to catch his breath.

SungGyu then walked toward the door. SungJong and SungYeol stepped away and watched silently as SungGyu departed with the very unhappy manager.

Everyone was silent in the practice room except DongWoo, who was bent over giggling uncontrollably.

SungYeol turned his attention to the maknae, who seemed to be the least thrown off guard by what had just happened. “You act like…did you know?”

“Duh,” the maknae told SungYeol. “Do I look as dense as the rest of you?”

“Hey, I knew,” SungYeol protested, hoping the maknae didn’t ask when he figured it out.

“Fuck!” Hoya yelled.

“Don’t be an ass,” MyungSoo warned Hoya. MyungSoo’s shock had ended quickly and it had been replaced by understanding. “Be cool.”

“Congratulations…I think,” SungYeol told WooHyun, walking up to the other man. “I guess he was more than curious.”

WooHyun blushed.

DongWoo was now rolling around on the floor of the practice room laughing and shouting in relief, “It makes so much sense now. So much sense! So much sense! Yes! Yes! So much sense, now!”

MyungSoo reached out an arm and wrapped it around WooHyun’s waist. “I am happy for you both. DongWoo is right…it makes sense.”

“Perfect sense,” SungJong agreed, smiling at WooHyun. “And about time.”

Hoya, who still looked conflicted, stomped his feet and whined, “You guys can be happy now if you want to be…and I am glad for you.”

“You don’t look glad,” SungYeol told the lead dancer.

“I am,” Hoya insisted. “It does make a lot of sense, but I can’t help but worry. It’s like we are group of gay guys, now. You know I was in a drama! A very popular drama and I played a gay guy! What if people think I am gay, too?”

SungJong rolled his eyes and drily told the lead dancer, “Your acting sucks, nobody believes you’re gay.”


Much later that night SungGyu returned to the dorm.

He had just walked through the door when Hoya thrust a piece of paper in his face.

SungGyu snatched the paper away and glowered at Hoya. DongWoo, SungYeol, and MyungSoo were standing behind the lead dancer laughing. SungJong was sitting on the couch shaking his head as if he was dealing with children, and WooHyun was nowhere to be seen.

“What is this? SungGyu demanded.

“It is a list of rules,” SungYeol informed him with a big, goofy grin on his face.

“A list of rules?”

“Yep,” DongWoo confirmed, putting his hands together as if he was praying. “We are perfect angels and these rules were created to protect our sweet innocence.”

SungGyu looked down at the list and read the first rule and then promptly started tearing the list to pieces.

“Hey, you can’t do that!” Hoya protested.

“Watch me,” SungGyu told him as he finished shredding the list and threw it at Hoya.

MyungSoo laughed and stepped out of the way as SungGyu barged past them on his way to WooHyun’s room, grumbling the entire way about the bunch of ingrates he was forced to cohabit with.

“We have more lists!” Hoya hollered after him. “That wasn’t the only one! We made copies!”

SungGyu walked into WooHyun’s room and shut the door behind him, locking it. “They are despicable little beasts!”

“Come here,” WooHyun commanded, grabbing the older man as soon as he finished locking the door and pulling him toward him. WooHyun had SungGyu on the bed before the other man knew what was going on. Lips collided together and WooHyun’s hands slid underneath SungGyu’s clothing, grasping and groping. “I missed you.”

“I missed you, too.”

WooHyun, who was all over SungGyu, stopped kissing the other man. He lifted his weight off of SungGyu when he felt something foreign between them. WooHyun propped himself up with one hand and slid the other one between their bodies. “You must have really missed me.”

“I did,” SungGyu confirmed.

WooHyun pulled out a book that SungGyu had forgotten he had tucked underneath his sweatshirt. “What’s this?”

“A photo album.”

“You want to take pictures? You kinky bastard.”


WooHyun looked down at him and winked. “I don’t mind…I like your dirty little mind. Let me find a belt and I will tie you up.”

“No, it’s not that…it is just a bunch of my baby pictures,” SungGyu told the other man, feeling his heart rate increase. “But forget about it…let’s get back to what we were doing. This kinky bastard has plans for you…so many plans.”

WooHyun sat up on the bed, unable to hide his excitement. “Baby pictures of you?”

“No, ignore it,” SungGyu pleaded. “Let’s get back to sex. Let’s have sex and more sex; then you can look at it. Like you said, I have really missed you…really, really missed you.”

WooHyun crossed his legs and set the album on his lap. “We can’t, it is their first rule. No sex in the dorm.”

SungGyu frowned. “I object to that rule.”

“Oh, this is you. Look how cute you are. You’re adorable,” WooHyun squealed as he looked through the album slowly, savoring each picture of his lover as a baby.

The older man reluctantly sat up in bed and gazed unbelievingly at the other man. “You really are a girl.”

WooHyun was totally unfazed by the other man’s words as he continued looking at the pictures. “You were so cute! What happened to you?”

“Hey, I’m still cute!”

“I wish I could just reach in there and pinch your cheeks. They are so fat…it’s like you don’t even have eyes.”

SungGyu just shook his head as he wondered what it said about his own masculinity that he was the bottom in their relationship.

“You must have really loved your little stuffed dragon, it is in all your pictures.”

“I bet you can’t guess its name.”

WooHyun turned and held SungGyu’s gaze for a few moments before answering, “Fufuzee.’

“How do you do that?”

“I’ll never tell.”

SungGyu grunted.

WooHyun turned back to the pictures. “So this is the mysterious Fufuzee?”

SungGyu, who was still pouting over WooHyun’s uncanny ability to read his mind, answered, “Yes, it is. I could never cheat on you and get away with it, could I?”

“You couldn’t even think about cheating on me and get away with it.”

SungGyu reached for the album and pulled it away from WooHyun. “It’s a good thing I don’t want to cheat on you. I’d much rather do other things and only with you.”

WooHyun bit his bottom lip in anticipation as the other man pushed him down on the bed.

“So many things…fun things…great things.”

“Why, aren’t you being the forceful one?”

SungGyu grinned down at him. “Do you not like it?”

WooHyun sucked on his bottom lip and eyed SungGyu for a moment before responding, “Honestly…”

“I only want there to be honesty between us.”

“I did promise.”

“You did.”


WooHyun grinned up at him and whispered, “After our last time…I have been thinking about it…and I don’t think it would be horrible.”

SungGyu let out a loud laugh knowing exactly what WooHyun was referring to. “If I ever have an abundance of energy I will hold you to this…be careful what you agree to.”

You have an abundance of energy…unlikely.”

“It could happen…in a year or two…or ten.”

“Maybe I don’t want to wait that long.”

“Really?” SungGyu asked, his eyes widening in surprise. He had not expected WooHyun to give in so easily.

“Really,” WooHyun repeated, sensing the other man’s shock. “But we don’t have to hurry into anything.”

“Good,” SungGyu replied, slightly relieved. “I am very happy with the way things are currently.”

“Me too.”

“Then why are we not having sex?”

WooHyun pulled SungGyu down and whispered in his ear. “We can’t.”

“We can,” SungGyu assured him.

“No, we can’t,” WooHyun told the older man as he slid out from underneath him and tiptoed toward the door.

SungGyu wasn’t happy about the sudden distance between them but he watched quietly as WooHyun quickly unlocked the door and swung it open.

SungYeol, DongWoo, and Hoya almost fell into the room when the door they had been leaning against was flung open.

“What the hell are you three freaks doing?” SungGyu demanded.

“Making sure the rules are being maintained, which they are not. By shutting the door you are breaking rule seven,” Hoya informed him. “Rule seven clearly states that if you two are alone in a room the door must remain open!”

“You know where you can stuff those rules?” SungGyu shouted.

Hoya pointed his finger at SungGyu and informed him, “Now, now; in a civilized society rules must be maintained.”

“We do need to set some rules,” WooHyun agreed.

“Thank you,” Hoya told him. “At least one of you is being sensible.”

SungGyu snarled and then turned his attention to DongWoo. “What is your excuse?”

“I am just here because I’m kinky like you, Boss,” DongWoo answered with a wink and then blew a kiss at SungGyu. “I have been bad…really bad. I surrender, so tie me up and punish me…punish me good…real good,” DongWoo added as he posed submissively with his hands up.

The leader lunged off the bed and the rapper took off running.

WooHyun laughed and grabbed SungGyu around the waist preventing him from chasing after DongWoo. WooHyun then asked SungYeol, “And why are you eavesdropping?”

SungYeol shrugged and replied, “I am going to be in the jungle soon, I thought I would start observing the mating practices of wild animals now.”

SungGyu’s face showed all his aggravation and the remaining two members immediately scurried away from the door.

WooHyun shut the door and struggled to hide his amusement.

“This is going to be impossible,” SungGyu declared. “They are never going to give us a moment’s peace!”

“Yeah,” WooHyun agreed. “Some of the rules…I hate to say are not totally unreasonable. It’s only fair to have rules…it isn’t like they are allowed to have girls in the dorm.”

SungGyu looked aghast at what his lover was saying. “Since when did you start being so…so considerate…bullshit, it isn’t reasonable!”

“Did you even look at the rules?”

“I just read the first one about no sex in the dorm and then I ripped it up and threw it at Hoya,” SungGyu admitted. “I know we have to be respectful…but I don’t feel like being respectful at the moment.”

“Me either,” WooHyun agreed and took SungGyu’s hand. “How do you feel about going to my brother’s place?”

“Can we leave now?”

WooHyun laughed. “So you don’t have any misgivings about returning there?”

“No,” SungGyu immediately answered. “None at all…but I have one question.”

“Ask away.”

“I want you to be completely honest with me.”

WooHyun looked at the other man and he could see the change in him…the new level of seriousness. “Okay.”

“I know I have asked before but I need to hear the truth from you…did you know we would end up here? Was this your plan all along?”

WooHyun squeezed SungGyu’s hand tightly and responded, “Truthfully, I had my suspicions regarding your sexuality for a long time. I prayed and dreamed that we would end up here, but I was too scared at times to even admit it to myself. But it is why I could never give in…why I couldn’t release you from the deal, why I couldn’t agree to be in a casual relationship with you. Even though I could never ever even admit it to myself…this is what I wanted to happen, what I was fighting for. Why I acted so horribly. I was never certain it would happen though. I wish I had been certain, but I wasn’t…and the uncertainty almost killed me at times.”

“But you became even more confidant.”

“When we were talking about Soryong and I saw jealousy in your eyes…something changed. I did feel more confident after that…before that I just felt panicked all the time.”

“I wasn’t jealous.”

“You totally were but you need never be jealous of anyone. I love you so much.”

SungGyu grinned sheepishly. “Thanks.”

“You can say it.”

“I…I…I…am...very fond of you.”

WooHyun shook his head, exasperated.

Very, very, very fond of you…and you said I didn’t have to say it,” SungGyu reminded him.

“I did…didn’t I? You don’t have to say it.”

SungGyu smiled at him and asked, “Is your brother at home?”

“If he is he will make himself scarce for us.”

“Does he know about us?”

WooHyun wrapped his arms around SungGyu and assured him, “He only knows about my feelings…he doesn’t know you are very, very, very fond of me. He thinks you’re completely straight.”

“If we show up at his apartment and ask him to leave…he might figure it out.”

“He might...I trust him, but it is up to you,” WooHyun told his lover.

SungGyu frowned. “I guess…he’s cool, and I guess you should know that my mom knows, too.”

“Your mom knows?” WooHyun gasped in horror.

“Yeah, can you believe that?” SungGyu asked. “Apparently she always thought I was gay…she’s just been waiting for me to get a clue. It’s kinda insulting…actually, it’s a lot insulting.”

WooHyun let go of SungGyu and pointed at himself. “Does she know about me?”

SungGyu nodded his head. “Yes, that is why she always hated you because—never mind why she hated you.”

“Tell me.”


“Tell me.”

“Shouldn’t we be sneaking out, so we can have lots of wonderful sex?”

“We don’t have to sneak out. You are the precious leader with all the special privileges, all you have to do is ask one of the managers and they will drive us to my brother’s.”

SungGyu frowned. “You…you aren’t bothered by that…are you?”

“By what?”

“That I am kinda the favorite.”


“That I am the favorite,” SungGyu corrected.

WooHyun laughed. “No, believe me I am extremely grateful for it. I am just messing with you…because you’re my favorite, too. But just so you know, I could totally sneak us out of here if I needed to.”

“Okay, let’s go,” SungGyu said, heading for the door.

WooHyun held up his hands and rested them against SungGyu’s chest, stopping the other man in his tracks. “First tell me why your mother hates me.”

SungGyu fidgeted and whined, “I don’t want to.”

“Tell me.”

SungGyu clamped his lips together and looked like he was in physical pain.

“Tell me.”




SungGyu eyed WooHyun suspiciously and repeated, “Please…”

“Yes, please. Please tell me.”

“I like that,” SungGyu said with a big smile.

WooHyun tilted his head and asked, “You like me begging you?”

“The old WooHyun would have tried to blackmail me into telling him…I can almost hear you vowing to withhold sex until I confide in you,” SungGyu explained. “So I like this a lot.”

The younger man winced guiltily.

SungGyu laughed. “The thought crossed your mind didn’t it?”

“Yes, but I held back…because we should be equals…and I don’t want to be that person anymore.”

“That isn’t possible.’

“What isn’t possible?” WooHyun questioned. “I can be better! I haven’t lied to you in a long time. I am trying my best not to be manipulative.”

“That isn’t what I meant.”

“What did you mean?” a confused WooHyun asked.

SungGyu stretched out his arms above his head and clarified, “We can’t ever be equals because I have no equal.”

WooHyun slapped the palm of his hand against his forehead and moaned, “Why do I love you?”

“I just told you, I have no equal. I am super special, so of course you love me.”

“You are special alright.”

“Hey!” SungGyu protested, dropping his arms to his sides.

WooHyun chuckled, took SungGyu’s hand and clarified, “So special that I can’t wait to get you to my brother’s place, so we can make love…and yes, it is making love…it isn’t called making fond.”

SungGyu squeezed WooHyun’s hand and felt something excessively sappy taking root in him and before he could stop himself he blurted out, “She says you are like my Fufuzee.”

“Your stuffed toy?”


WooHyun looked extremely confused. “I feel like, I don’t know the whole story…like I am missing a vital point here.”

SungGyu shook his head and vowed to his lover, “Take my word for it…you don’t want to know the whole story. It’s really sad. I was a much abused child. It’s amazing I turned out so extraordinarily perfect.”

“But I want to know. I love you…I want to know everything about you. Especially sad stories…everything. I love you so much.”

“Just know…” SungGyu paused and gently tugged WooHyun into a warm, loving embrace. He looked into WooHyun’s eyes and he knew the other man was speaking the truth. WooHyun was an excellent liar and had deceived him many times, but he also knew…WooHyun never lied about loving him. He didn’t know why WooHyun loved him so much, but he knew the love was true. WooHyun loved all of him, the good and the ugly. SungGyu happily accepted that love for the precious gift it was. “Just know, I might never be one of those people that can declare my love with ease, but if my mother ever threw you away I would search every dumpster in South Korea ‘til I found you. I’d never stop looking for you.”

WooHyun’s special smile that only belonged to SungGyu spread out across his face, lightening up the room. “I think that’s the most romantic thing anyone has ever told me.”

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