KyuWook Drabbles

KyuWook Drabbles
Author: aquariuslover
Pairings: KyuWook
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Crossover, Romance
Length: Drabbles
Beta: tahoeturquoise

A/N: These three drabbles are past and future scenes from both TFAN and Expectations. I have never written a drabble before…and apparently I am incapable of writing something with less than a 1000 words, this is my failed attempt.

[Silence is Golden]Silence is Golden

Kyuhyun was feeling exceptionally proud of himself.

He was at a celebratory dinner honoring both himself and the very successful opening performance of his latest musical. His confidence was at an all time high when he arrived at the table where his parents sat with Sungmin and Kangin, who had come along to show their support.

Mrs. Cho looked at her son and congratulated him, “Honey, you were amazing.”

Kyuhyun glanced around at the surrounding tables, distracted by his husband’s absence. “Thanks, Mom.”

Sungmin, who was sitting beside Kangin on the opposite side of the table as Mr. and Mrs. Cho asked, “Is something wrong?”

Kyuhyun, who was now focusing on the five place settings at the table, asked, “Where is Ryeowook?”

Mr. Cho, who had been sipping on his wine, placed the glass back down on the table. “I haven’t seen him.”

Kyuhyun blinked. “What do you mean you haven’t seen him? He was at the show…wasn’t he?”

Everyone at the table shook their head.

“What do you mean he wasn’t at the show?” a confused Kyuhyun questioned as he took a seat at the table beside Kangin.

“We mean he wasn’t at the show,” Kangin clarified. “They need to hurry and serve the food. I am starving for some Italian food.”

Kyuhyun focused all his attention on Sungmin, Ryeowook’s closest friend and cohort, and demanded, “Why isn’t he here?”

Sungmin leaned back in his chair as the waiter started serving the salad. “Did you two make up?”

“Make up…?”

“Yes, make up…it’s what couples do after they fight.”

A baffled Kyuhyun claimed, “We weren’t fighting.”

Kangin, who was sitting beside Kyuhyun, bumped the younger man’s shoulder. “Dude, everyone knows he wasn’t talking to you.”

“What? That is insane…of course we were talking to each other.”

“Honey,” Mrs. Cho said softly. “You were talking, but Ryeowook wasn’t talking to you. Like when I had lunch with you two earlier this week…Ryeowook never said a word to you.”

Kyuhyun’s mouth fell open.

“You are such an idiot,” Sungmin declared with a roll of his eyes. “Ryeowook hasn’t talked to you in over a week, how can you not notice that?”

A stunned Kyuhyun thought back over the last week. “But...but…are you all messing with me? We didn’t even fight!”

Sungmin shook his head, amazed at how dense his fellow group member was. “Tell me the last time Ryeowook talked to you. What did he say?”

Kyuhyun rotated his shoulders nervously as he pondered the other man’s question. “I am not sure, but I know the last time we fuc—”

Mr. Cho held up his hand and ordered, “Halt.”

“Dad…I am just saying if we were fighting we wouldn’t be having se…” Kyuhyun paused as his father’s expression grew grimmer. “We wouldn’t have martial relations.”

Kangin put down his salad fork and disagreed, “When a man and woman fight…that’s true, because I know my past girlfriends loved withholding sex from me, but maybe it isn’t true of two men.”

Kyuhyun protested, “No, it is true of same sex couples, too. Believe me, when I am mad at him I don’t want to have…martial relations.”

“Yeah, but you are totally a girl,” Sungmin pointed out.

Kyuhyun pointed his fork at Sungmin. “That is totally not true. Ryeowook is the girl…or I should say he is way more girly than I am.”

“This has nothing to do with sexual positions,” Sungmin objected. “You act like a whiny girl most of the time.”

Mr. Cho quickly got up from the table and blurted out, “I am going to go to the bathroom now.”

Mrs. Cho sighed as her husband scurried away.

“Nice! Sungmin, you scared my dad off,” Kyuhyun complained. “Also, if we are fighting…or if he isn’t talking to me…what would the reason be?”

In response to Kyuhyun’s question, Sungmin pulled out his phone and started scrolling through it and then handed it to Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun stared down at the Sungmin’s phone and frowned. “Why am I looking at Ryeowook’s twitter…oh…”

“Oh,” Sungmin and Kangin repeated.

Kyuhyun went pale. “This was ten days ago…he hadn’t talked to me for ten days?”

“Nope,” Sungmin answered.

Mrs. Cho reached across the table and squeezed her son’s hand. “Honey, how is it possible that your husband doesn’t talk to you for ten days…and you don’t even notice?”

“I…I…but I know he was talking. I know I heard him talking.”

“Yeah, he talked to everybody else,” Kangin replied as he munched on his salad.

A smirking Sungmin happily informed Kyuhyun, “He just smiled at you and patted you on the back, and like a big, stupid puppy that was all you needed.”

Kyuhyun groaned as he sank down in his chair. “This is totally an unfair way to fight.”

“Maybe he didn’t feel like he had a voice in your relationship,” Mrs. Cho carefully suggested. “Maybe this was his way of proving a point…that you do not appreciate him.”

“I totally appreciate him. I…” Kyuhyun paused as the waiter reappeared and placed a basket of bread on the table. “I love him.”

“But not enough to bother going to his musicals or supporting his other endeavors,” Mrs. Cho reminded her son. “Ryeowook is always supporting you.”

“All of us,” Kangin added. “Ryeowook is like the Super Junior cheerleader.”

Sungmin nodded his head. “Very true, and in return he gets no support from his louse of a husband.”

“I support him, but I have to be careful,” Kyuhyun reminded the others. “Ryeowook does support everyone…so he can be super supportive to me and nobody thinks anything of it. If I started behaving like him…people would question it.”

Sungmin grabbed for a piece of bread and proposed, “Maybe you could be more attentive in private.”

“I am attentive!”

Kangin placed an arm around Kyuhyun. “Dude, he hasn’t spoken to you in ten days…ten days and you didn’t even know.”


“No buts,” Mrs. Cho said in a scolding tone. “Not every question can be answered with a nod or shake of the head. Face it…you talk at your husband…you do not talk with him.”

Mr. Cho, who had arrived back at the table, side-eyed his wife as he asked his son, “Have you not talked on the phone?”

“I call him...but…” Kyuhyun groaned loudly, slowly realizing what was going on. “He never answers the phone…he always replies with text.”

Kangin looked around the restaurant and grumbled, “When does the real food get here?”

“At least you noticed he wasn’t here,” Mr. Cho told his son.

Kyuhyun folded his arms across his chest and said defensively, “I always notice when he isn’t with me. If he had avoided me I would have noticed immediately. This is a totally passive aggressive way of fighting.”

“I couldn’t agree more,” Mr. Cho stated, and then promptly winced as his wife smacked him underneath the table.

“Well, this ends now,” Kyuhyun declared as he pulled out his phone. Kyuhyun’s irritation grew as the call went to voice mail. Kyuhyun quickly spat out his message, “You haven’t spoken to me in ten days? Really? I thought you were supposed to be the mature one. This is totally immature and shitty of you. I know I am a little self-absorbed at times, but you are supposed to put me in my place. I thought that is how we worked! It’s us! This is…this is…not us. You better call me back…and if you even think of texting me back…I will eat my phone.”

The others watched as Kyuhyun placed his phone on the table and glared at it, willing it to ring.

Kangin shrugged. “Tell me if your phone tastes good, because I am starving here.”

“He will call,” Kyuhyun stated confidently and he was immediately rewarded when his phone rang. Kyuhyun answered the phone. “Where are you…okay…We need to talk…I am on my way.”

Mr. and Mrs. Cho, Kangin, and Sungmin watched as Kyuhyun quickly got up and left his own congratulatory dinner without a word of goodbye.

Once Kyuhyun was gone, Mr. Cho looked disapprovingly at his wife. “Hmm…I wonder where Ryeowook got that trick from?”

“Hush,” Mrs. Cho told her husband. “I am free to give advice to my favorite son-in-law.”

Mr. Cho shook his head in disapproval. “Terrible advice.”

“It always worked with you,” Mrs. Cho pointed out.

“I am not Kyuhyun,” Mr. Cho maintained.

“True,” Mrs. Cho conceded. “At this rate they would have spent the rest of their married life together without Kyuhyun noticing Ryeowook wasn’t talking to him if we hadn’t clued him in.”

Mr. Cho sighed and reminded his wife, “You know what they say about silence.”

Mrs. Cho frowned. “What?”

“It’s golden.”

Sungmin snickered.

“Ah, at last!” Kangin exclaimed happily as the food arrived.


“This is an incredibly bad idea.”

“It most certainly is not,” Changmin firmly stated as he cast his eyes downward towards the shorter cadet who stood outside the classroom with him. “He is in error.”

Ryeowook met Changmin’s gaze and pleaded, “He’s your professor.”

“He is in error.”

“He’s a Vulcan!”

Changmin nodded his head. “Indeed Professor Solok is of Vulcan descent, but he is still in error.”

Ryeowook looked up at the extremely confidant cadet and questioned, “But why do you have to be the one to tell him he is wrong?”

“Because I am the one that found his error, it is my duty to science and the mathematical field to correct him.”

Ryeowook whimpered; he knew talking Changmin out of confronting the professor was not even a remote possibility. “I am going to wait out here for you.”

“That is a sufficient compromise, since you lack the intellectual capabilities to contribute to the discussion,” Changmin promptly informed his friend before he entered the classroom.

Ryeowook moaned and leaned against the wall. If it had been anyone else he might have felt insulted, but since it was Changmin he took it in stride. Ryeowook often wondered if Changmin was not the child of two super computers.

Changmin was the smartest person Ryeowook had ever met and his only friend at the academy. Ryeowook frowned as he remembered his inability to make new friends. He blamed his weight and his roommate, Kyuhyun, for his lack of friends. His roommate seemed to loathe him. Ryeowook had hoped that after Kyuhyun’s mother, Admiral Cho, had showed up and scolded her son for his bad behavior it would result in Kyuhyun being nicer to him.

Unfortunately, her visit had not had the desired affect. Kyuhyun’s friends still bullied Ryeowook, but now Kyuhyun usually walked away instead of staying to enjoy their toxic taunts.

Kyuhyun never said anything to him in their dorm either. He never apologized for having his lovers over. Ryeowook knew the academy frowned on fornication between cadets but this never deterred Kyuhyun, who seemed to have an endless supply of one night stands…or hourly stands. Kyuhyun’s lovers never stayed the night.

Ryeowook didn’t understand Kyuhyun in the slightest. Kyuhyun was a huge jerk, but there was something else about him that seemed almost…haunting. Kyuhyun suffered from unimaginably bad nightmares. Ryeowook had awakened him a few times and the look of terror on Kyuhyun’s face made Ryeowook feel sorry for him. A couple of nights ago there had been an exceptionally bad nightmare causing Kyuhyun to violently grab ahold of his wrist when Ryeowook had tried to awaken his distraught roommate. Kyuhyun’s grip had been so tight it had left a bruise on his wrist.

Kyuhyun never discussed the nightmares the next morning, he just acted like nothing had happened and Ryeowook lacked the courage to bring up the subject.


Ryeowook stiffened and inwardly groaned as he heard the voice of the worst bully at the academy. His already short stature immediately felt even shorter.

“Chubwook,” Taecyeon repeated as he neared. “Why are you here? Are you stalking Kyuhyun again?”

“No,” Ryeowook answered immediately.

“Are you lingering outside of the classroom, hoping to catch a glimpse of him?” Jennifer, the girl with Taecyeon, asked.

“No, I didn’t know he was in the classroom,” Ryeowook tried to explain.

“Lies, all lies,” Taecyeon replied, shaking his head in disapproval. “Such a stalker.”

“How many times do we have to tell you…he doesn’t like blubber?” Jennifer nastily inquired, while looking at Ryeowook as if he disgusted her.

“Oh, Jenny, don’t be so mean to him. The little piggy can’t help it,” Taecyeon said mockingly as he reached up and pinched Ryeowook’s cheeks tightly. “Remember, it is not cool to stalk someone.”

“Please, stop,” Ryeowook begged as he tried to loosen Taecyeon’s grip on him but failed.

“Taecyeon, be careful he isn’t used to people touching him…he might fall in love with you.”

“No such luck,” Taecyeon bemoaned loudly, not relinquishing his grip on Ryeowook’s face. “He only stalks Kyuhyun…which isn’t fair. I want a little piggy of my very own.”

“What is going on here?” an authoritative voice demanded.

Taecyeon let go of Ryeowook instantly and backed away from him.

Ryeowook looked in the direction of the voice and was startled to find Changmin’s older brother standing in the hall. Jung Yunho was the star upperclassmen. He was the most decorated cadet at the academy and held many special honors. Ryeowook had never met him officially but everyone knew of him. Flanking Yunho were his two best friends, Cadets Kangin and Yoochun.

“Someone tell me what is going on here, now!” Yunho commanded.

Taecyeon and Jennifer both jumped and Taecyeon quickly blurted out, “We were just having a little fun.”

Jennifer quickly added, “We were just playing.”

Yunho’s eyes stared into theirs as if he could read their minds, and he did not look the slightest bit amused. Yunho stepped forward, looked directly at Taecyeon and questioned, “And why did you have your hands on him?”

“Umm…we…were playing,” Taecyeon stammered, cowering in front of the other man.

Yunho’s eyes narrowed, he wasn’t buying any of it. “Your type of playing is not allowed at the academy. Your playing is a form of assault. You are on report, cadet. Now leave my presence immediately, both of you. And if I ever hear of either of you giving this cadet a moment’s grief again it will be the end of your very short careers in Star Fleet. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, Sir!” Jennifer and Taecyeon both yelped.

Ryeowook watched in disbelief as his two tormenters fled.

Cadet Yoochun smiled brightly and clutched his chest. “Yunho, I love it when you make people pee their pants.”

Yunho gave his friend a long suffering look before walking up to Ryeowook. “I am very sorry this happened to you.”

Ryeowook gaped up at the upperclassman, amazed. “It’s not…it’s not your fault. Thank you…thank you so much!”

“If it occurs again you must notify me.”

“I promise.”

“You are Changmin’s friend, correct?”

Ryeowook nodded his head quickly.

Cadet Kangin tilted his head to the side and asked mystified, “Since when did Changmin have friends? I thought he just tolerated the rest of humanity.”

Yoochun pressed his hands to his belly and declared, “Miracles never cease to amaze me. My favorite robot has a friend. It makes me feel all tingly inside.”

Yunho smiled at his friends’ behavior and told Ryeowook, “As you might have noticed, befriending Changmin is no simple feat, so thank you.”

“You are welcome,” Ryeowook gushed at the upper classman. “I like Changmin…he is really smart.”

“He is,” Yunho agreed.

“Speaking of smart,” Yoochun warned, “don’t forget the SOS Professor Solok sent you demanding that you come and retrieve Changmin from his presence. We wouldn’t want Solok to go all prehistoric Vulcan on your baby boy.”

Yunho sighed and headed for the door, reminded of his original mission. “This should be fun.”

Yoochun snorted and pointed at Ryeowook. “If they start giving you hell again, you can always tell me. I love to bully bullies.”

“Yoochun,” Yunho warned, stepping out of the way as Kyuhyun stepped out of the classroom.

Yoochun sighed dramatically and proclaimed, “It isn’t bullying when I do it…it’s just good, clean fun.”

Kangin pushed Yoochun toward Yunho and the classroom. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, get to moving. We have to save either Changmin or Solok.”

“My money is on Changmin,” Yoochun responded as the three upper classmen disappeared inside of Solok’s classroom.

“What happened?”

Ryeowook jumped, startled by Kyuhyun’s question. He was so busy basking in the presence of the three upper classmen he hadn’t noticed his roommate. Ryeowook looked at Kyuhyun and with a surge of new found bravery informed him, “Your buddies Taecyeon and Jennifer…just got in big trouble.”

“For what?”

“For being mean to me,” Ryeowook told his roommate while rubbing his hands together gleefully. “Jung Yunho caught them…and he’s awesome. He put Taecyeon on report! How do you like that?”

Kyuhyun shrugged. “I don’t care.”

“But…but aren’t they your friends?”

Kyuhyun’s gaze narrowed in on Ryeowook’s hands as he answered, “Not really, they are more like lackeys. I don’t care what happens to them.”

Ryeowook’s mouth fell open; he was speechless…could Kyuhyun be more of a jerk?

“Aren’t you a doctor?” Kyuhyun questioned hastily as he stepped toward Ryeowook, took his left wrist, and exposed the bruise. “Why have you not healed this?”

A doubly stunned Ryeowook looked down at the bruise from where Kyuhyun had gripped him tightly two nights ago. “I didn’t…I didn’t think about it.”

“How can you not think about it? You are a doctor.”

“On Baylor…we just had to wait for stuff to heal.”

Kyuhyun shook his head, disgusted. “You are not on Baylor anymore and you should heal yourself.”


Kyuhyun let go of Ryeowook and took a step back before apologizing, “I am sorry…about that.”

Ryeowook just gaped at Kyuhyun and asked in disbelief, “You are?”

“Yes,” the other man replied as he looked down at his feet. “I know I am a big jerk to you…but it’s only because I have severe mommy issues.”

“Mommy issues?”

“Mommy issues like you can’t possibly imagine…and that she forced you on me. That really rubbed me the wrong way.”

“I didn’t know…she forced me on you?”

Kyuhyun nodded his head and explained, “She has been talking about you for years…about how nice you are. I hated you before I ever met you.”


“But I am sorry for hurting your wrist…I didn’t mean to…when I have those dreams…I don’t know what I am doing.”

“Why do you have those dreams?”

“I can’t tell you.”

“I won’t tell anyone,” Ryeowook replied. “It will be a doctor confidentiality sort of thing.”

“No, I literally can’t tell you…it’s classified.”

Ryeowook’s eyes widened. He knew both of Kyuhyun’s parents were admirals, but why would Kyuhyun’s nightmares be classified…what could have happened to him? “Okay…”

“Not that I would tell you anyway…or anyone for that matter,” Kyuhyun stated, but he looked worried as he asked, “Have I said anything…anything peculiar during my dreams?”

“No,” Ryeowook answered. “Not really…you just scream…you scream a lot.”

“I would be grateful if you didn’t mention my dreams to anyone.”

“I won’t, but they aren’t dreams…they are horrible nightmares…horrible,” Ryeowook said correcting the other cadet. “I never knew anybody who had nightmares like that. Have you tired to get help?”

Kyuhyun closed his eyes. “Yes, for years. My mother is convinced she can help me or find me help, but she can’t. There is no cure for the drea—nightmares.”

“Are you sure?”

“I am sure.”

“That’s awful,” Ryeowook told his roommate. “But there must be a way to get rid of them.”

Kyuhyun opened his eyes, turned his back on Ryeowook and started walking away. “I assure you there isn’t.”

Ryeowook watched as the other man walked away. His roommate confused him, confused him a lot, but there was one thing he knew for certain. He knew if Kyuhyun let him…he could help him. He could feel it…he didn’t know why…but he knew he could help.

[Wonderful Morning]Wonderful Morning

Hope wasn’t a dream.

Hope was real and it could easily be felt if one just allowed themselves to feel it.

His mind replayed a long ago conversation with his mother where she had vowed that hope was not lost to him. The anger he had felt for so long towards her all but slipped away as he realized the truth of her words.

He opened his eyes and squinted against the brightness of the sun as it streamed through the window, warming the room. His mother had been right. Hope had not been lost to him. Hope was love. Hope was having the strength to believe in love again. Hope was Ryeowook…Ryeowook was love.

And in the warmth of Ryeowook’s bed, Kyuhyun believed strongly in love. Parts of him he had feared forever broken basked in the deep love he felt for Ryeowook. And he knew with great certainty he would feel this powerful love until his dying day.

Ryeowook’s bed was so much softer than any of the beds on Earth. The pillows were fluffy and the quilts that were hand stitched by Ryeowook’s grandmother were cozier than any blankets he had ever known before.

The aroma of something cooking stirred his senses causing Kyuhyun to sit up in bed. He yawned and stretched his arms out over his head…just embracing the joy of living. The fact that Ryeowook wasn’t in bed with him didn’t concern Kyuhyun. There was no room for worries this morning. He loved Ryeowook, and Ryeowook loved him.

He slipped out of bed, wrapped a comfy robe around him, and followed the smell of food to the kitchen. He quickly found his reason for happiness…his reason for living.

“Good morning,” Ryeowook said, greeting him as soon as Kyuhyun entered the kitchen.

Kyuhyun just smiled back at him and brought a finger up to his lips and touched it while giving the man a knowing look.

Ryeowook, who had been behind the stove flipping pancakes, let out a laugh and walked over to the taller man.

Once Ryeowook was within his grasp, Kyuhyun pulled Ryeowook closer, wrapped his arms around him, and kissed him sweetly on the lips. “It is a wonderful morning, now.”

“A wonderful morning,” Ryeowook agreed as he took Kyuhyun’s hand and led him to the table. “I am making you an old fashioned breakfast.”

Kyuhyun took a seat at the table and proclaimed. “It smells delicious.”

“I hope it tastes as good as it smells,” Ryeowook told Kyuhyun as he headed back toward the stove.

“Your lips taste like sweetness.”

“It’s maple syrup.”

“I don’t think so…I think it is just you.”

Ryeowook flipped the pancakes. “You are in a really good mood.”

“I am,” Kyuhyun agreed, eyeing the one he loved. “I like your apron.”

RyeoWook turned away from the stove and curtsied. “It is a red and white checkered apron, a specialty on Baylor.”

“You are in an awfully good mood too…you are sparkly today.”

“I am.  It’s not everyday I get to deliver a baby.”

Kyuhyun, who had been about to take a drink of coffee set the cup back down on the table. “Huh?”

A beaming Ryeowook explained, “Last night was the first time I ever delivered a baby…that baby would have died if I hadn’t been here on Baylor. My grandmother called earlier this morning to tell me they are going to name her…they are going to name her WookLyn…how sweet is that?”

“Oh…yes, that was great…you were great.”

“I totally was,” a glowing Ryeowook concurred as he turned back to the stove. “This is the best Christmas ever!”

“Ummm…when is your grandma going to be back?” Kyuhyun asked his jovial mood diminishing by the second.

“Oh, it snowed more last night. She says she is going to have to wait a couple days before heading back. She hates missing Christmas with me, but she doesn’t want to risk taking Mable out in it.”


Ryeowook headed to the table with a plate of bacon. “Mable is one of our horses. She is best at pulling carriages. She is getting older though, so Grandma doesn’t want her trekking through the snow. Don’t worry, Grandma will enjoy helping Mrs. Wallace with the new baby.”

Kyuhyun avoided Ryeowook gaze and stared at the table full of food. “That’s nice.”

“Kyuhyun, is something wrong?” Ryeowook immediately asked, sensing something off in Kyuhyun’s tone.

“No, no,” Kyuhyun insisted, continuing to avoid Ryeowook’s gaze.

Ryeowook walked over to Kyuhyun and tilted the other man’s chin up so they were looking at each other. “Talk to me.’

“It’s silly.”

“It isn’t silly.”

Kyuhyun cursed the blush spreading across his cheek. “I just thought…you know…that last night…with us…might…have had more…been more memorable…to you than delivering a baby…I feel foolish.”

“Oh, believe me it was.”

“But you…you just seemed…”

Ryeowook sat down in Kyuhyun’s lap and draped an arm around the other man’s neck. “I didn’t want to stress you.”

“Stress me?”

Ryeowook quickly nodded his head. “I was worried…we weren’t planning to make love…it happened faster than your psychiatrist recommended…I didn’t want you to feel any kind of pressure from me.”

“Oh,” Kyuhyun sighed in relief.

“I promise this sparkle is all for you,” Ryeowook vowed as he kissed Kyuhyun on the cheek. “Last night was wonderful, and only my purest and deepest love for you could have moved me from your arms this morning.”

Kyuhyun smiled cockily. “So you did like it?”

“No, no…I loved it,” Ryeowook said, quickly correcting his lover. “I loved it and I love you so much and I promise nobody in the history of the universe has ever been happier to say goodbye to their virginity than me.”

“That’s good…because I am good, too.”

“No…bad thoughts?”

“None at all,” Kyuhyun proclaimed. “Although, I am thinking about carrying you back to bed and having my way with you and wasting this breakfast.”

A laughing Ryeowook got up from Kyuhyun’s lap and hurried back to the stove. “No, you have to try my pancakes first.”

Kyuhyun winked as his lover as he grabbed for a piece of bacon. “Only so I can build up my strength. I am going to need two days worth of strength.”

“I like how you think,” Ryeowook replied as he hurried back to the table with a plate of pancakes. “Let’s hurry and eat. You don’t have to worry about eating these because I didn’t use—” Ryeowook stopped in his tracks and gawked at Kyuhyun.

“What?” Kyuhyun asked as he finished his piece of bacon and grabbed for another piece.

“The bacon…”

“Is delicious, like seriously I have never had bacon that…” Kyuhyun froze as he realized what he had just done. “Nothing here is replicated…nothing.”

Ryeowook just slowly shook his head.

Kyuhyun turned a pale shade of green and stood up. “Oh…I ate….I ate a pig.”

“You forgot...I am so sorry,” Ryeowook apologized as he watched Kyuhyun run to the bathroom. Ryeowook winced in sympathy as he heard his lover vomiting.

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