Expectations: Begin Again

Series Expectations
Adventure Fifteen: Begin Again
Author: Aquariuslover
Pairings: KyuWook, Yunjae, Various
Rating: R
Genre: Crossover, Romance, Science Fiction, Adventure
Length: Chaptered
Beta: tahoeturquoise
A/N: This story is inspired by Star Trek and the Kpop community.
Summary: The cycle of life continues as alliances are made, love moves forward, a beloved infant is born, and the journey of two souls inches closer and closer to the inevitable end.

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It was early dawn.

Streams of sunlight were beginning to thread their way down through the branches of the great trees that towered over the land.

The leader of a small hunting group held up his hand halting the three men that followed behind him closely.

The pain filled wails of the large animal they had been tracking broke through the silence of the new morning. The leader motioned for the others to proceed as he moved in the direction of the cries. They slowly and carefully trudged on through the forest.

They came upon a small clearing where they found the injured animal. The animal was a large, furry mammal that slightly resembled a moose of earth except for its thick pelt, having six extremities and growing much larger in size. This one was a smaller female; she had once stood four meters in height. Two of her back legs had been ripped off by a predator and she had stumbled into the forest to die alone. When her last remaining back leg had given out, she had fallen to the ground, knowing she would never get back up again.

The leader pulled out his weapon, aimed it carefully, and fired. The pain filled cries that had filled the forest ceased as her suffering came to an end.

The four men in the group said nothing for a moment, reflecting on the end of a life.

“Well, now it’s time to cut it up and haul it back,” the leader stated matter-of-factly, after the moment of silence. He stepped into the clearing and walked determinedly toward the fallen animal. “We can skin it, too. Its hide will make a nice warm blanket.”

“Damn, Ryeowook, how did I ever mistake you for soft hearted?” a slightly taken aback Commander Yoochun asked in awe as he followed after the doctor.

“I am soft hearted,” the doctor told the engineer as he knelt down by the dead animal and rested his hand gently against her face. “To let this poor creature suffer a long, agonizing death would have been cruel.”

Yoochun looked down at the dead animal and nodded his head. “I suppose.”

Ryeowook slid his hand over the lifeless eyes, shutting them. “It would have been.”

“Well, if eating the meat keeps me from having the shits, that’s fine by me.”

Ryeowook turned his head back to where the two other men in their party stood stiffly; they had not moved since the animal was shot. “Kyuhyun, bring me the knives.”

Junsu, who stood beside Kyuhyun, wiped his eyes. “I just…I’m…we are going to eat it?”

Ryeowook turned back around and explained, “Yes, Junsu we are going to eat it. Unfortunately, Jaejoong can not maintain our health; unlike Yunho, we can actually starve here.”

“Lucky Yunho…” Junsu said uneasily.

Yoochun snorted dismissively. “I would rather eat raw meat than be bonded to that princess.”

Kyuhyun walked over to Junsu and put a comforting hand on his shoulder and squeezed it. “Ensign, you know we have to eat the meat. The vegetation on this planet is too similar to the sennas genus on earth. You knew this was a hunting party…you know we have to do everything we can to survive.”

Junsu’s eyes were locked on the fallen animal. “I understand why we did it…it just seems so wrong…so sad.”

“Believe me, I understand. I once accidentally ate a piece of real bacon on Baylor. Once I found out what I had done I puked up my guts. I still can’t look at a pig without feeling a tinge of guilt.”

“Kyuhyun,” Ryeowook called out again. “I need the knives. We need to hurry.”

Kyuhyun let go of Junsu and headed toward Ryeowook. “I wouldn’t exactly call these knives.”

“Hey, they are sharp!” Yoochun protested. “I made them!”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Kyuhyun muttered as he knelt down beside Ryeowook and started handing him the knives made of rocks they had forged with the heat of the phasers.

“Can I do the cutting?” Yoochun, who was still standing behind Ryeowook, asked as he stared down at the dead animal.

Ryeowook shook his head. “No…it has to be cut right. This meat has to last. We can’t afford to let any of it to go to waste. You go comfort Junsu. Kyuhyun and I will do the work here.”

Yoochun turned around and looked the emotional younger man. “I don’t want to comfort him…I am not comforting.”

“Go,” Ryeowook ordered. “Try your best.”

“I can’t wait ‘til I get to be boss,” Yoochun grumbled, grabbing the tricorder that was resting beside Kyuhyun. “I am taking this though.”

“Okay,” Ryeowook agreed.

Kyuhyun looked up at the engineer and beseeched, “Please don’t get distracted by Junsu and wander off too far.”

“Hey! He doesn’t distract me anymore!”

The other commander furrowed his brows. “Sure…just, please let us know if you pick up on any dinosaur heading this way. I’d rather not be eaten by one.”

Yoochun smirked. “I will try my best.”

The doctor turned and commanded, “Go, we don’t have much time. Once it gets warmer they will be out and prowling…and they will smell the blood.”

“Out of here,” Yoochun shivered slightly at the thought of the large reptilian creatures that hunted the forest. “Call when you are done.”

“We will,” Kyuhyun assured the other man. Kyuhyun waited till Yoochun was out of sight before he asked his estranged husband. “Why do I have to help you?”

Ryeowook, who was about to gut the animal, answered, “He seemed a little too eager.”

Kyuhyun frowned. “Whereas, I am not the least bit eager.”

“Believe me, I am not eager to do it either…it just has to be done. We need the meat and we need the hide also.”

“Yeah…I know.”

Ryeowook sighed as he moved and positioned himself between the dead animal’s legs and ran his hand over its furry belly. “I have only seen it done a couple of times. As a kid I was more likely to set the animals free from the slaughter house…but grandma insisted I know how to do it.”

Kyuhyun turned his head to look at Ryeowook fondly. “Your grandmother is a hard woman.”

“She has to be.”

“You miss her?”

“You know I do…and boy, wouldn’t she be a wonderful help right now,” Ryeowook answered wistfully as he pierced the animal’s belly with a knife and skillfully sliced it open.

Kyuhyun winced and covered his face with his hands as the intestines came spilling out. “You seem to know what you are doing.”

“Thanks…I think.”


“I wasn’t meant for this kind of a life,” Junsu whined as he stumbled through the forest. The floor of the forest had tree branches of all sizes scattered across it. “I was raised on synthesized food in a technologically advanced civilization. I am not a hunter or a flesh eater. The thought of eating real meat makes me physically ill.”

“Will you be still?” Yoochun complained as he chased after the younger man. “We can’t get too far away from them.”

Junsu stopped. “Why would the Guardian send us here? Of all the places in the universe…and of all the countless realities, why send us here?”

“Who knows why it does anything?”

The younger man plopped down on a log and looked up at the commander. “I know it saved us…but why not send us home?”

Yoochun leaned against the trunk of an enormous tree that stood 150 meters in height and replied, “I don’t know…but it isn’t because I kicked it. I apologized for that.”

Junsu gave the engineer a weak smile. “No, it’s not your fault. I just wish I had gotten rations…if we only had rations.”

“Do I need to remind you that you were still preparing for the mission when they whisked you away with the transporters? I’m just glad you got the tricorder and the phaser. I can’t imagine what it would be like here without them.”

“A medkit would have been nice, too.”

Yoochun exhaled and gruffly asked the pilot, “Did I miss you becoming a doctor?”


“Stop whining about shit that has already gone down…and whine about the shitting we are constantly doing.”

Junsu looked at the irritated engineer and laughed.

“It’s not funny…my ass burns.”

“Mine too.”

“I will eat anything Ryeowook feeds me at this point, especially if it means not having diarrhea.”

The younger man stopped laughing and turned slightly green. “I don’t know if I would say that.”

“This is about survival. We have to survive long enough for Jaejoong to spit that kid out and find the Guardian on this planet. I for one have no intention of starving or shitting myself to death. I also prefer not to be eaten by some huge ass Allosaurus looking creature. It’s like Yellow Stone Park met the Jurassic era here. There are grasslands, forest, an ocean, and don’t forget the volcano. This place is fucking with my head.”

“Mine, too.”

“We just have to survive long enough to find the Guardian.”

“I hope there is a Guardian somewhere on this planet,” Junsu replied longingly as he looked up through the trees to the sky. “I really hope so.”

“There has to be…there just has to be.”

“Jaejoong, believes so…what is that?” Junsu asked, lifting his hand and pointing up toward the sky.

Yoochun looked in the direction that Junsu was pointing. “I don’t see anything.”

Junsu stood up. “It’s gone now, but it looked almost like a man…a man with wings?”

“Are you imagining angels?”

“No,” Junsu insisted as his eyes scanned the trees. “It had to be a bird…a really big bird.”

Yoochun glanced back at the ensign and said drily, “To go with the really big trees.”


Jaejoong was sitting on the ground, leaning up against the entrance to a large cave that they had made into their temporary base. The cave was one of many that had once been carved out by the lava of the once active, but now dormant, volcano.

Jaejoong slowly rubbed his belly as he watched Yunho pace in front of the cave. “Yunho, I get so tired of watching you pace.”

Yunho didn’t stop.

“What good does pacing accomplish?”

Yunho continued to pace. “It makes me feel like I am doing something.”

Jaejoong patted the ground beside him. “Come sit here and entertain me.”


“I am not talking about anything remotely sexual, because believe me, I am so not in the mood. I feel like my belly could burst open at any minute.”

“I don’t know about bursting open, but I wouldn’t mind if Changmin would be born.”

“Me either, now come sit by me.”

Yunho reluctantly went and sat down by his mate.

Jaejoong smiled at his small triumph. “You know I am a highly evolved being.”

“Yes, I know.”

“So this living in a cave with others is new for me.”

“It’s new for all of us…believe it or not, humans on Earth don’t still live in caves.”

“Of course, I am sure you are few decades past that.”

Yunho frowned.

“It is unsettling that the cave is at the base of a volcano.”

“The volcano is not active.”

“I am aware of this.”

“It was our best option.”

“I agree, and I must admit as far as caves go, it’s not bad.”

“No,” Yunho agreed. “We were lucky to have found it. It reminds me of the Lechuguilla Cave on Earth.”

Jaejoong leaned his head against Yunho’s shoulder. “I am just grateful for the fresh pools of water inside it.”

“Yes, having such easy access to drinkable water is a blessing.”

“I was talking about bathing.”

“Yes, I know you love to bathe.”

“I love for you to bathe too…the stench before we found this cave was offensive to my olfactory glands.

Yunho closed his eyes. “Well, aren’t you lucky we found this nice cave then?”

“I don’t feel lucky.”

“Me either,” Yunho responded truthfully as he gazed out past the small grasslands that surrounded the cave and toward the forest in the background.

As if he still had the ability to read his mate’s mind Jaejoong said, reminding his mate, “You couldn’t have gone with them. You have to stay with me.”

Yunho sighed. “I know.”

“You don’t know,” Jaejoong said correcting the other man. “You might think you know…but deep down you don’t know. You don’t feel it. Your crew is out there alone and you hate that you are not with them. It goes against your every instinct to stay behind.”

Yunho rubbed his face. “We both know I was not going to leave you alone here.”

“We both know I was not going to let you leave me.”

Yunho turned his head to frown at his mate.

“It would be completely idiotic. You do not require nutrients but if you do crave food you can eat the vegetation here without suffering the foul smelling side effects the others suffer from. And most importantly, our telepathic connection is all but gone. It would not have been safe.”

“I know this.”

“Plus, I could give birth at any moment and I need you with me…I can’t imagine doing it without you.”

“You won’t.”

“Changmin will be the first hybrid…what if it hurts more than it should? What if I have complications…you and Ryeowook should both be with me. I should have not let him go hunting, either.”

“I think I remember you saying on more than one occasion that you didn’t require any assistance from a primitive doctor.”

“Perhaps, I might have said that…before.”


Jaejoong shrugged. “I might require his assistance now. He can be my glorified helper, and do whatever is required of him.”

“More like your personal slave.”

“Joongs do not believe in the institution of slavery.”

“That’s comforting.”

“Joongs do not have slaves…everyone is happy to serve us.”

Yunho side-eyed his mate, looking extremely skeptical, and questioned, “Wouldn’t…couldn’t Joongs make anyone happy…who wasn’t voluntarily happy?”

“Yes, of course. Like I said everyone is happy to serve the Joong.”

“Free-will happy or a Joong mind dazzled me and I am happy?”

Jaejoong caught on to his mate’s accusations and quickly snapped, “Yunho, the Joong are a highly evolved people; I do not require an ethics lesson from you.”

“I am not saying you do.”

“Then kindly change the topic.”

Yunho held up his hands in surrender.

“But I must admit I am seriously considering letting Ryeowook be present for Changmin’s birth,” Jaejoong informed his mate, “although I do reserve the right to change my mind.”

“Of course you do.”

“So he should not have left.”

“Ryeowook had to go with them. It was essential he go.”

“True, he is the leader here.”

Yunho’s smile disappeared.

“He knows the primitive ways of your ancient ancestors best,” Jaejoong amended seeing the hurt look on Yunho’s face. “It is not a compliment.”

Yunho folded his arms tightly in front of him. “I know…I just feel really useless.”

“I can understand why. You gave an imposter control of the ship and allowed it to be hijacked from you,” Jaejoong stated as he gently nudged Yunho with his shoulder, hinting that he wanted the other man to hold him.

“You really know how to kick a dog when he is down.”

“I have never seen a dog, so I know for certain I have not kicked one.”

“It’s just a saying.”

“One that does not apply to me,” Jaejoong informed his mate as he reached over and tried to pry Yunho’s arms apart.

Yunho refused to budge for Jaejoong.

“Hold me.”


Jaejoong continued to try to pry Yunho’s arms apart. “I was teasing you.”

“It’s not something to tease about.”

“Yunho,” Jaejoong whined. “I require that you wrap your arms around me and hold me close.”

Yunho did not relent. “I require that you be nice.”

“I am nice.”

“No, you are not.”

Jaejoong sucked his bottom lip into his mouth.

Yunho snorted. “Now you are pouting.”

“No,” Jaejoong answered. “I was trying not to remind you that I warned you about Sungmin a long time ago…and you didn’t listen to me. I knew he couldn’t be trusted.”

“Thanks for not reminding me.”

Jaejoong leaned his head against Yunho. “I will admit to being wrong about Yoochun…he shows great loyalty towards you…even if he is evil.”

“He is not evil.”

“He has the capacity for it.”

“Who doesn’t?”

Jaejoong nodded his head. “True, almost all humans have the capacity…except for you.”

Yunho arched his eyebrows. “Really?”

“Yes, you my great love, have a goodness about you…that can not be tainted by circumstance.”

“You are just sweet talking me now,” Yunho told his mate as he slipped his arm around Jaejoong.

Jaejoong squeezed in closer to his mate. “It’s true…you would never kick a dog.”

“No,” Yunho confirmed. “Dogs are pretty wonderful.”

“I know the loss of the ship weighs heavily upon you, but you must not despair. If the creatures that took over the bodies of Leeteuk, Heechul and Ji-Hoon are really rogue Joongs from centuries past…then they always held the advantage, especially with me in this condition.”

Yunho held Jaejoong tighter. “They feared you…I believe that is why after your last examination everything started happening. They couldn’t have you at full telepathic strength. They had to get rid of us...but why involve a Guardian?”

“They didn’t want us to die.”

“But…that makes no sense.”

“They were once Joong…Joongs hold life sacred. We do not take lives unless—”

“I know,” Yunho said interrupting. “Not unless your mate or children are at risk, but they were outlaws…and how did they know the Guardian would save the others?”

Jaejoong closed his eyes. “They could not have known for sure, although Leeteuk would have been aware of the Guardian transporting your two ensigns in the past. He could have hypothesized that the Guardian would step in and save humans from Earth.”

“Shindong was supposed to be sent with us.”

“If Shindong had been sent with us…he would most likely be dead.”

Yunho shivered. “I am glad they changed their mind and didn’t send him. I feel as if I should—” Yunho stopped abruptly, let go of Jaejoong, and stood up. “I can see them.”

Jaejoong looked out across the grassy field at the small party of four men who were all weighted down by the fresh supplies they were carrying. “You should go assist them.”

Yunho didn’t spare Jaejoong a reply as he rushed off to help the others.


“Why did you request my presence?” Heechul questioned after he materialized in the middle of an ancient structure. He snarled when he noticed he was knee deep in filthy water. “You know I loathe being dirty.”

“Oh, quit fussing and just be glad you have a physical form to be dirty in,” Leeteuk said, chastising the other man. “Unfortunately, it appears the Key Ad Vitam isn’t here.”

Heechul looked around the ruins they were standing in. “It’s amazing the structure is still standing after all this time.”

“Only barely.”

“True, but it has withstood continental shifts and global weather changes…it is an impressive structure, even with crumbling walls.”


“Shall we continue our search elsewhere?”

Leeteuk gently guided his hand through the murky water. “No, it is too important. It must be here, but perhaps it will not appear to us.”

“Then send your pet down and see if he can find it.”

“No,” Leeteuk stated firmly. “Even Lieutenant Sungmin would grow suspicious if I had him come looking here, so soon after I had him find the one on Pixxel.”

“I highly doubt that; I am sure you gave him sufficient positive reinforcement to maintain his absolute loyalty.”

“Oh, I did what I could, but in all honesty he didn’t do anything worthy of praise and even he is smart enough to know that. Ensign SungGyu is the one that entered the Fortress of Snow and defeated the beast…Sungmin just showed up later and collected the prize.”

Heechul’s eyes narrowed. “Ensign SungGyu is a clever one…perhaps too clever.”

“You sound like Ji-Hoon.”

“Ji-Hoon is unstable and that he and I sound anything alike is insulting, but I digress. The young ensign can detect Ji-Hoon’s growing instability. That you gave Ji-Hoon control of engineering is a growing concern for the ensign that was once Commander Yoochun and Commander Jung’s designated favorite.”

Leeteuk removed his hand from the water and asked, “How unstable is Ji-Hoon?”

“Very,” Heechul confirmed. “I am not sure how much longer he can carry on the façade. From the little I can coax out of young Doctor Nam I suspect that Ensign SungGyu is watching Ji-Hoon very closely.”

“Are you suggesting I get rid of Ensign SungGyu?”

Heechul shook his head. “No, I am suggesting you endear yourself to him.”

“What do you suggest?”

“Ji-Hoon will soon self-destruct and afterwards you will need someone competent running engineering.”

Leeteuk grinned at Heechul. “Excellent suggestion, but it is actually Ensign Henry who is the engineering genius.”

“Geniuses rarely make skilled leaders; you know this.”

“True,” Leeteuk conceded. “But the genius Dr. Kim Heechul…the Chief Medical Officer, wasn’t he the exception?”

“He was the exception to a great many things.”

“Yes,” Leeteuk concurred, nodding his head. “Now, tell me again why Shindong lays in a deep coma in sickbay with some imaginary illness you have inflicted upon him…instead of dead like I ordered.”

“Your decision to kill him was illogical. At the time he was the only member of this crew familiar with the current state of this galaxy,” Heechul reminded the other man. “We had no idea if young Doctor Nam would survive his time on Pixxel.”

“Are you sure that is the only reason he still breathes?”

“What other reason could there be?”

Leeteuk sloshed through the murky water until he was standing in front of Heechul. He lifted his right arm and rested the palm of it against the middle of Heechul’s chest. “This carcass you inhabit was once an exceptional earthling; an earthling that could break through total darkness to reemerge in times of need.”

Heechul’s eyes hardened. “What are you hinting at?”

“That compassion once eluded you…does it still?”

“I am with you,” Heechul proclaimed, covering Leeteuk’s hand with both of his, avoiding the question. “Millenniums have passed and I have been with you…and I still am.”

Leeteuk gave Heechul a small, sad smile. “Yes, our suffering has gone on for too long…much too long.”


Ryeowook had gotten up earlier than the others.

He had lain there in the cave with his crewmembers for only a short while before he got up and walked into one of the many tunnels inside the cave, where they had made a freezer of sorts with the phaser to keep the meat they had gathered yesterday cold.

They had found several unsuitable caves while searching for a temporary home…a base…a place of safety, before they had found this cave. It has been perfect, with its supply of fresh drinking water and an entrance that allowed them easy access in and out, but was small enough to prevent the larger predators that prowled the planet from entering the cave.

He gathered up some meat and took it to the area just outside the cave and found a flat rock where he could lay out the slices.

Grassy lands extended for four kilometers in front of the entrance, and past the grassy lands stood a giant forest. On the other side of the volcano was a great ocean that covered more than half the planet.

Ryeowook knelt down by the rock and started laying out the meat but paused when he noticed a herd of the furry deer like creatures grazing. He closed his eyes and embraced his guilt before slowly opening them again to gaze upon the beautiful animals.

“You had no choice.”

The doctor looked up to find Yunho watching him. “Captain.”

“The animal was already mortally injured.”

Ryeowook sighed and held back the sting of tears. “Have you developed Jaejoong’s ability to read minds?”

“No, it was just a lucky guess.”

“I don’t think so…I think it was excellent understanding of the people in your charge.”

Yunho winked. “Maybe.”

“You remind me of her.”

A startled Yunho asked, “Of who?”

“Kyuhyun’s mother”

“The admiral?”


“That is a high compliment.”

“It is indeed. Do you know how I met her?”

“No,” Yunho answered, surprised by the question.

“I was a child on Baylor and I had a fatally injured pet…a goose, and I was heartbroken because I knew he was going to die, but she appeared from the heavens and made everything better. She tucked a strand of loose hair behind my ear, promised me anything was possible in life, and she vowed that someday all my dreams would come true.”

Yunho gave Ryeowook a gentle smile. “Admiral Cho is a remarkable officer…and an extraordinary person.”

“She was…she is.”

“She is,” Yunho confirmed. “They are not lost…we are, but someday we will see them again.”

“Do you really believe that?”

“I do.”

Ryeowook wiped his face and apologized, “I am sorry.”

A confused Yunho asked, “Why?”

“I just am…for a lot of things. Being here reminds me of…of who I really am. Who I am supposed to be and who I dreamed of being. I realize now, that I have been lost in more ways than one for a long time. I don’t regret Kyuhyun siding with you and I don’t regret being here. You were right and I am sorry I ever doubted you.”

Yunho reached out his hand and gently squeezed the other man’s shoulder, replying sincerely, “Thank you.”

“You are welcome, Sir.”

Yunho released his hand from Ryeowook’s shoulder, knelt down beside him, and clasped his hands together and asked, “Do you need any help getting breakfast ready?”

Ryeowook, who knew exactly how helpless the other man felt in their present predicament, quickly replied, “That would be great, I could use some help.”

“Just tell me what you—”

Yunho was interrupted when Yoochun pushed Kyuhyun out of the cave and declared, “Look who I caught eavesdropping on you two.”

“I wasn’t eavesdropping,” Kyuhyun protested as he walked over to Ryeowook, looking extremely guilty. “I was just debating if I was going to go back to sleep or not.”

“Not me,” Yoochun proclaimed. “I am wide awake and ready for some cooked animal flesh. Who knew I was so carnivorous?”

Yunho stood back up and grinned at his old friend. “I am so glad you are wide awake.”

“No,” Yoochun yelped, sensing the other man had plans for him. “Dare I even ask what you have in mind for me?”

Yunho looked up at the volcano.

“No,” Yoochun repeated. “What happened to waiting for the baby to be born?”

“It’s just a little morning stroll, Yoochun,” Yunho told his oldest friend.

“Stroll,” Yoochun spat in disbelief as he looked up at the volcano.

“Okay, maybe a short hike would be a better description,” Yunho amended. “We need to take a quick look.”

Yoochun groaned. “The Guardian is not up there.”

“I know that but if we get up a little higher we might be able to see the Guardian,” Yunho explained. “We won’t go far.”

Yoochun looked doubtfully at the captain. “Sure, you won’t. I will be in respiratory distress and you will be standing at the very top saying…oh, it was just a little hike.”

“I won’t,” Yunho vowed, motioning for Yoochun to follow him. “I have to hurry before Jaejoong wakes up.”

“I wish he’d hurry and put you back on your leash,” Yoochun complained loudly, but followed after Yunho.

“You are so grumpy in the morning,” Yunho chided his friend as he led the way up the rocky incline.

“Because you have me climbing mountains before breakfast!”

“It’s not a mountain…it’s a volcano.”

“Oh, well that makes it so much better!”

Kyuhyun and Ryeowook watched in amusement as Yunho and Yoochun disappeared out of sight.

“If Jaejoong wakes up…Yunho’s not going to hear the end of it,” Ryeowook knowingly stated as he started laying the meat out on the flat rock again.

“Yeah, but I kinda hope he doesn’t wake up.”

“Me too,” Ryeowook agreed. “Yunho needs this.”

Kyuhyun sat down beside Ryeowook and asked earnestly, “How are you doing?”

Ryeowook’s hands stilled. They had been on the planet for a week now, and he and his estranged husband had kept their talking to the bare minimum. They had not ignored each other, but they had acted like crewmembers on a mission and nothing like the loving spouses they had once been. “I am…I am better.”


Ryeowook nodded his head.

“Does that mean you aren’t as angry with me?”

The doctor turned his head quickly to meet Kyuhyun’s gaze. “Angry with you?”

Kyuhyun blinked, not expecting the confusion in Ryeowook’s eyes. “For not trusting you?”


“You were pretty pissed at me.”

“I was,” Ryeowook agreed, remembering his accusations. “But I was wrong. You were right to doubt me.”

“I was?”

Ryeowook cleared his throat and admitted, “I thought I knew best. I would have ratted you out to Leeteuk if I thought I was protecting you…I see that now.”

“Well, I can see your point also…even if I disagreed with it.”

“I was wrong, so don’t bother seeing my point.”


“Yes, being here has made me see things…more clearly. I don’t know how to explain it, but it’s like my grandma just slapped me in the face and told me to wake up. I feel like I am not—”

“Lost anymore.”

“You were eavesdropping,” Ryeowook told his mate knowingly with a small smile.

Kyuhyun grasped Ryeowook’s hand and confessed, “I was…you brought up my mom…and I just had to listen.”

“I miss your mom and I miss my grandmother…I miss their guidance.”

“I do, too…I…I have so much to make up to my mom for…and my dad.”

“No,” Ryeowook stated firmly, while squeezing Kyuhyun’s hand. “Your parents and especially your mom…would never expect that from you. They understood that you were the injured one and your mother knew that your actions were just how you lashed out against your pain…I used to know this, too.”


“Don’t,” Ryeowook pleaded as he placed both his hands on the sides of Kyuhyun’s face, forcing his husband to look him in the eye. “Let me apologize.”

“You don’t have to,” Kyuhyun said reaching up to cover Ryeowook’s hands with his own. “I did everything wrong.”

“No, you were just trying to survive…and I was an unforgiving fool and policed every aspect of your recovery—when I knew better than anyone how it would make you react. I am sorry.”

“You have nothing to be sorry for.”

“Please, just accept my apology. When I look back on my actions since I was rescued…I can’t even recognize myself. How could you? When you told me that you didn’t even recognize me…you spoke the truth. I am not the boy…or the man I used to be…or rather, I haven’t been acting like him. I am so sorry, because I know you needed him.”

Kyuhyun pulled Ryeowook’s hands down and tried to blink away tears that were forming in his eyes. “You were just angry…it’s not like you didn’t have a reason.”

“I can understand if you can’t forgive me.”

“But can you forgive me?”

“Don’t you understand what I am saying? I realize now…I have nothing left to forgive. I brought all of this upon us. I destroyed our marriage and worst of all…I destroyed our friendship. My grandma used to preach that forgiveness is divine…and I couldn’t even muster up a little of it…not for you…you, who I love most.”

Kyuhyun trembled all over as he met Ryeowook’s gaze and recognized the boy who had once pierced through his jaded heart at the academy. The boy who had chased his demons away and made him feel safe again. “I forgive you…”

“Thank you…I don’t deserve it, but—”

“I am so sorry!” Junsu shrieked as he ran past them, interrupting their moment, “but I have to pee!”

“Pee my ass,” Jaejoong grumbled as he slowly emerged from the cave. “The amount of flatus he is expelling could power a star ship. Luckily I can hold my breath and keep on living.”

Ryeowook chuckled at the Joong as he pulled out the phaser, adjusted the settings, and aimed it at the rock. “It’s because he won’t eat the meat.”

Jaejoong walked over to Kyuhyun and Ryeowook and slowly lowered himself to the ground. Kyuhyun offered him a hand and Jaejoong gratefully took it. He then continued to complain, “Not that I encourage your flesh gnawing ways, but if that is the reason why he expels so much gas, then he better start eating meat or I am going to stuff it down his throat.”

An amused Kyuhyun asked, “Do Joong’s not expel gas?”

“No we do not,” Jaejoong informed him, and then noticed the two men seemed unusually relaxed with each other. “Have you two decided to make amends?”

“I think so…I think we are better now,” Kyuhyun told the Joong, but glanced at Ryeowook for confirmation. “Aren’t we?”

“I hope so,” RyeoWook answered, smiling back at Kyuhyun.

“About time,” Jaejoong told them. “I swear you two have been fighting the entire time I have known you.”

“We have, but with any luck those days are behind us,” Ryeowook responded as he finished cooking the meat.

“It’s been a long road,” Kyuhyun told Jaejoong. “But we have better things to focus on, now.”

“Like eating,” Ryeowook told Kyuhyun and handed him a piece of meat.

Kyuhyun ate the meat and smiled at his husband. “It’s surprisingly good.”

Ryeowook smiled back at his husband and asked, “Did you forget that I am an excellent cook?”

“No, I just forgot how good real meat tasted.”

“It’s delicious but sadly it isn’t guilt free.”

Kyuhyun turned around to look in the direction Junsu has hurried off in. “No, it isn’t, but luckily I don’t feel the urge to hurl.”

Jaejoong, who had tuned out the couple, was looking around the camp. “Where is Yunho? I thought he was off excreting waste.”

Kyuhyun stared at Jaejoong, amazed. “You sounded just like Changmin.”

“Did I?”

“You did,” Ryeowook concurred. “You sound more and more like him recently.”

“That’s nice, but you did not answer my question,” Jaejoong pointed out to them. “Where is my Yunho?”

“He went for a stroll with Yoochun,” Ryeowook answered.

“A stroll? A stroll…there are giant reptilian beasts here that wouldn’t hesitate to eat him.”

“It isn’t warm enough yet for the reptilian beasts to be out,” Kyuhyun reminded the Joong. “The other large animals we have encountered on this planet are not carnivores.”

Jaejoong gave Kyuhyun a deadpan look as the commander munched on a piece of meat. “And neither were you a week ago.”

“True,” Kyuhyun conceded while he continued to eat.

“He has Yoochun with him,” Ryeowook informed the Joong. “How much trouble could they get in?”

Jaejoong sighed and shook his head at their ignorance. “Do I need to remind you of all the bones Yunho has broken and near death experiences he has had just since I have known him?”

“He’s fine,” Ryeowook said reassuringly.

“I will give him five more minutes and I am going to go look for him,” Jaejoong stated.

“Jaejoong, don’t be unreasonable. You can just call him with the combadge. You don’t need to go…” Ryeowook paused as he watched Junsu return to the camp, walking awkwardly. “Junsu, you have to be terribly excoriated if it is affecting your gait in such a manner.”

Junsu nodded his head, but pleaded, “I’m okay, just don’t make me eat meat.”

“Junsu, if you allow your condition to weaken much more, you will be no help to us,” Kyuhyun reminded the ensign. “We have to survive…we have to maintain our bodies.”

“I just…can’t eat meat,” Junsu said. “I just can’t.”

“Just so you know, when you lose consciousness or become so weak you can’t resist I am going to force the nutrients you require down your throat,” Ryeowook informed Junsu, unapologetically. “I will not respect your wishes.”

“And he won’t bother cooking it,” Jaejoong bluntly informed the ensign, still irritated by the smell the younger man was emitting.

Junsu paled.

“Don’t listen to him,” Ryeowook told Junsu. “I will make you a nice broth.”

“Broth,” Junsu repeated, while reaching a hand back to cup his aching behind.

“Yes, would you like me to make you some now?” Ryeowook asked. “It wouldn’t have any solid meat in it.”

Junsu shrugged and nodded. “Okay…maybe I could try broth.”

“Who wants broth?” Yoochun asked as he reentered the camp with Yunho, “when we have eggs.” Both men were carrying eggs the size of ostrich eggs.

“Where did you find those?” Ryeowook exclaimed, standing up.

“Up on the cliffs above us,” Yunho answered as he pointed up above them.

“How did the tricorders not detect them?” Kyuhyun asked, surprised.

“They were recently laid, so when we first scanned the area with the tricorder they weren’t there,” Yunho explained.

“Are they from birds or lizards?” Ryeowook asked, eyeing the cliffs above them. “I never noticed any birds that big.”

“I am not sure, but they have hard shells,” Yunho answered laying the eggs down in front of Ryeowook.

“Yunho would only let us take the unfertilized ones,” Yoochun explained as he sat down beside Junsu.

“There was no need to take the fertilized ones, there were plenty of unfertilized ones,” Yunho reminded his engineer as he sat down beside Jaejoong. “Let’s not become complete savages.”

Ryeowook looked up and Junsu and questioned, “What do you think, Junsu? You think you could eat an unfertilized egg if I fried it up?”

Junsu looked doubtful. “Umm…I think I will stick with broth for now.”

Jaejoong couldn’t keep from smiling at Yunho. “I should be angry with you, but I am not.”

Yunho smiled back at him. “Why, are you craving eggs?”

“No, I will limit myself to the vegetation on this planet.”

“That is only because you can’t get the shits from it,” Yoochun replied as he sat down across from Jaejoong and Yunho.

Jaejoong leaned forward and grinned at Yoochun, telling him, “It’s one of the perks of being the superior race.”

“I don’t get the shits either,” Yunho reminded Jaejoong.

“And that is one of the perks from being bonded to a superior being,” Jaejoong reminded Yunho. “You would be as stinky as Junsu if it weren’t for me.”

Yunho wrapped his arm around Jaejoong. “Be nice.”

“I am very nice,” Jaejoong told his mate. “Remember, I am not angry.”

“True, you are very gracious this morning.”

“Yes, I am,” Jaejoong confirmed for Yunho as he leaned into his embrace. “Good Morning.’

“Good Morning,” Yunho responded and then kissed his mate on the cheek.


“I know it’s tough but try to enjoy yourself a little,” Sungmin told his oldest friend. They were on shore leave on Zilax, a planet known for its friendliness, recreational activities, and large assortment of merchandise. The captain had ordered everyone to take shore leave at one of the planets largest and friendliest cities.

“I can’t do that,” Eunhyuk stated as he stared down the street of the thriving city. The city reminded him of Earth’s great gambling cities of the past. The people were friendly but almost eight hundred years behind Earth technologically. “I can’t just forget about him.”

“I would never ask you to do that.”

“How can I have a good time…knowing he is dead?”

“Just try not to think about it.”

“I can’t. I can’t forget…the last words I said to him…I can’t forget them. It was like we weren’t even friends.”

“But you were friends, the best of friends.”

“I can’t forget what we said to each other…I just can’t forget. I miss him so much…and our last…the last time I saw him it was so awful. I wish I could go back and change it all…but I can’t. I can’t ever tell him I am sorry.”

Sungmin bit his tongue and refrained from telling his friend that Junsu wouldn’t want him to mourn. Sungmin was haunted by his own memories of his last encounter with their friend. “I know…it’s hard, but…you have to remember all the other times…the good times you two shared. He loved you…you two were brothers. You were just as much his brother as his twin ever was.”

“You are making me feel worse.”

“I don’t want you to feel worse…I just want you to feel better…to find some peace.”

Eunhyuk reached up and wiped his red eyes. “I don’t care how many memorial services we have…how many shore leaves we get…it will never be okay. Never.”

“I know,” Sungmin said in a soothing tone and wrapped an arm around Eunhyuk’s waist. “I can’t believe he is gone…or any of them. It just seems so unreal.”

Eunhyuk leaned into Sungmin. “His parents and his brother will never know what happened to him.”

“They will…we will tell them someday.”

“We have to get home first.”

“The captain will get us home.”

The ensign pulled away from Sungmin and refrained from asking how such a thing was possible when the captain showed no interest in going home, but he knew such words would not be welcomed by the other man. Eunhyuk hated it but his faith in Captain Leeteuk had been severely diminished while on Pixxel. Ensign SungGyu had succeeded where Junsu had failed, and now Eunhyuk saw all of Leeteuk’s flaws and he severely regretted the day Leeteuk took over the ship.

“What?” Sungmin asked, unable to hide his worry at the other man’s sudden withdrawal from him.

Eunhyuk swallowed uncomfortably and looked out at the crowd of people on the streets, searching for a distraction. He did not want to share his doubts with the security officer. Sungmin’s loyalty to Captain Leeteuk was absolute and Eunhyuk didn’t feel like fighting with another friend. “Oh, look there is Ensign SungGyu and Dr. Nam,” he exclaimed relieved to see familiar faces. He pointed to the two men in the near distance. “Let’s go talk to them.”

“Okay…” Sungmin agreed as he followed after Eunhyuk.

Eunhyuk slowed as he approached the two other men, quickly noticing they were having an intense conversation.

Sungmin took Eunhyuk by the arm and pulled him closer to the two men, who appeared to be fighting verbally.

“WooHyun, I do not wish to hurt your feelings but this continued delusion of yours…that we are in some kind of romantic relationship is growing tedious.” Sungmin and Eunhyuk heard SungGyu tell the young doctor as they neared.

“You are the one that first kissed me!”

SungGyu looked highly irritated but his tone remained completely calm. “I believe you have a very selective memory. If I recall correctly…and I do, you blackmailed me into kissing you. The options were to kiss you or stay in jail and allow the captain to die.”

“I said on the cheek, but you kissed me on the lips.”

“Because it was the only area on your face that was not covered by pustules,” SungGyu reminded the doctor, remaining calm.

“Then later that same day you kissed me again!”

“To distract a Joong, not because I was attracted to you.”

“Bullshit! You admitted that you were attracted to me! When we were with Junsu in sickbay you admitted it!”

“Yes, I do recall saying that…but it was for Junsu’s benefit.”

“So you were lying?”

“No…I did have a fleeting attraction to you, initially.”

A hurt WooHyun took a step back as if he couldn’t believe the other man’s words. “Initially…I don’t believe you…you said we had a thing…a thing between us.”

“I said we could have had something between us if you hadn’t ended up my roommate. I told you nothing could happen after that. Did you think I was pining away for you? I promise you I haven’t been. You are a treasured friend and a respected colleague…but that is all you are to me.”

“Is that…is that all…I thought…it can’t be all…” a shaken WooHyun sputtered.

SungGyu looked out at the crowd and caught sight of Sungmin and Eunhyuk, who were watching and whispered to the doctor, “We are creating a scene. We will discuss this later.”

WooHyun folded his arms tightly in front of his chest. “Of course…I wouldn’t want to create a scene. You hurry off with SooYoung…I am sure you two will find inventive ways to pass the time.”

“Please, don’t be like this and don’t do anything you will regret.”

“The only thing I regret…is the day I met you!” WooHyun shouted at the ensign. “The day I gave up everything I knew and had worked for…for you! Everyone I had ever known!”

SungGyu looked as if had been slapped and told the distraught man, “I am truly sorry, but I can not change how I feel. The fact that I do not have romantic feelings for you in no way diminishes the friendship I feel for you. When I thought you might have died on Pixxel I was truly terrified. Not all relationships are destined to be romantic in nature, but that does not decrease their significance.”

“Go!” WooHyun shouted.

Eunhyuk and Sungmin watched as SungGyu turned and took his leave of the doctor. Sungmin immediately walked up to the doctor and placed a comforting hand on his back. “Are you okay, Doctor Nam?”

WooHyun just shook his head.

Eunhyuk’s eyes followed after SungGyu in the crowd. He watched in amazement as he saw SooYoung emerge from a crowd of onlookers where she had been quietly waiting for him unobserved. His jaw dropped open as he watched them embrace and head for one of the many hotels that lined the street. “He is…he is really with her. I knew Jonghyun suspected it, but I didn’t know he was really with her.”

“Well, now you know,” WooHyun snapped, looking both hurt and annoyed.

“They really are an item?” Sungmin asked, unable to hide his own pleasant surprise. He knew that SooYoung had beamed down to the planet alone, but he had never dreamed she was meeting up with Ensign SungGyu.

Eunhyuk nodded his head and eagerly explained, “They just hugged and headed for one of those hotels…you know…the sex hotels.”

WooHyun dropped his hands to his side and pleaded, “Can you not? I do not want to know that!”

“I am sorry,” Eunhyuk apologized. “No wonder you were so upset on Pixxel when you overheard us talking about them.”

“Yeah,” WooHyun confessed, looking down at his feet. “I am sorry I got so angry with you…but I could see it happening before my very eyes and I couldn’t do anything to stop it. I gave up my whole life to be with him…and I’ll only ever be his treasured friend.”

A smiling Sungmin rubbed WooHyun’s back and declared, “That sucks.”

“You don’t look too upset by the news,” Eunhyuk snapped at his friend, noticing the happiness almost exuding off the lieutenant.

“I just thought…I thought she was interested in Siwon,” Sungmin admitted, still rubbing WooHyun’s back. “It’s kinda good to know that for once…I really was just being insecure.”

WooHyun frowned. “I am so glad my misfortune benefits you.”

“Oh, I know I sound awful, but let me make it up to you. I will buy us all drinks,” Sungmin offered.

WooHyun nodded his head. “I could use a drink…a real drink.”

“Me, too,” Eunhyuk agreed. “Not that synthehol shit.”

“Then follow me,” Sungmin told them as they headed for a bar that was across the street. He tried to hide the bounce in his step and his sense of relief. He would help them feel better and then he would be off to find Siwon.

He knew he had a lot of apologizing to do.
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I know a lot of people who follow me...get confused by my sarcasm because even when English is your first(and only) language it is hard to catch sarcasm on the Internet...so I can just imagine how horrible I come off. Like I get confused with people's intentions sometimes.

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Panic Mode: The prior adventures are locked is it? (Part 1)
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Comments Continue...+ Panic Part 2
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Yeayyy up dates and new adventur
Thanks for adding me, still happy and could not believe it the notif i get it.
And soo happy when notif about new up date come up.
Cant wait to read the day when Changmin born
And still courious about creature who take over Leetuk and Heechul
Is it the "heechul" hv past story with shindong..
Waiting eagerly for the next up date
Wishing you hv a good spirit to start the 16adventur :)
You are welcome. I try to always add people who comment. Some people might slip past me, but I really do try.

Changmin's birth is upon us.

The imposter Heechul found a way to save Shindong...when Leeteuk was going to allow Shindong to die.

Thanks so much for commenting!
Reading this:

"The cycle of life continues as alliances are made, love moves forward, a beloved infant is born, and the journey of two souls inches closer and closer to the inevitable end."

I think those creatures that Junsu saw may just be the alliances that you talked about.

BUT Changmin is going to be born! I'm so happy!!! Love him! And I realized that Jaejoong started to talk like him when he told Yunho that he requires him, just like Changmin did after the nightmare! Then you confirmed it and I love that fact XD

But I'm worried about the two souls that come closer to the end, which I guess are Yunjae! I don't want them to come closer to their future doom!

And about Woogyu! Woohyunnie don't worry!!! Sunggyu is only meeting up with her to plan things! I'm sure of it! He knows that Heechul works with you and gets insights on him from you so don't worry. I'm sure if this all is over you two will make the best couple ever! Don't be depressed!

I'm looking forward to Sunggyu's plans and damn it! I want to know what those Joong's have in mind!
That is an interesting theory.

I am glad you loved Jaejoong channeling his boy.:)

WooHyun thanks you for your comforting words. He is head over heels for the golden ensign.

There will be more of SungGyu in the next part.;)

Thanks for commenting!