My Journal is Public Again.

I have nothing against EYK.

People sending links to Damaged to are the ones getting the stink eye.

I probably overreacted, but the thought of my more canon like stories being read outside of the fandom embarrasses/horrifies me.

I should have left Expectations and Fragile Essence public because...they are AU.
Thank you, I love you <333
I shall commence with the rereading over and over again XD
Damn it, your stories are perfect
aweeeeee~ OMG!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

thank you ^^

So that's what happened.

I'm glad you've made them public again, but they are your stories, so you have the right to do whatever you want with them.

But I don't think you need to be embarrassed about anyone reading your stories because they are AWESOME. (might even bring them into the fandom because of all the awesomeness)

But again, your stories, your journal, your decision.
Thank you for sharing them with us! <3 <3
Oh so that is what happened. I was afraid of asking cause I didn't want to pry ><. But ya I completely understand. My sister was really upset when she heard that this was happening, she and a lot of her friends also didn't want people outside of the fandom to read their fics. She said exactly what you said, that the thought of it happening was completely embarrassing and horrifying. At first I didn't really understand, but when she explained to me that it actually takes a lot of courage to share stories with people that are in the fandom. So when people share those stories (usually without even asking) to people outside the fandom to judge and criticize, that's just too much. So ya I completely understand and you have my full support for when ever you feel it is necessary to block your fics. All I know, is that I will never share anyone's fanfiction when it comes to things like these because I know how terrifying it is for them.

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EYK were really bad, they had a lot of my other favs locking their journals too. I am really glad that you decided to unlock your journal though. I wanted to start rereading Expectations again and now I have 2 other chapters to catch up on. Awesome!!
People that are sending links without your permission are very disrespectful.

And thanks for making them public! <3 U.
Thank you for making your journal public again. I was planning to reread Expectations again and I was saddened when you locked your journal. Welcome back!
Thank you thank you and thank you :)
Its a wonderful news
Had a feeling is what happened and what many people were worried about. Having their works sent to them without permission and taken out of context or ridiculed. So glad you decided to open it again so i can reread Expectations and TFAN. Nope don't think you overreacted as many other FF writers did the same and its understandable as some ppl wouldn't want their work released out of the realm of their regular readers or fandom but so glad everything passed and everything is now normal and at rest
I'm so glad that everything is available to people like me again~ ^.^
But if anything happens like this again in the future, you have the absolute right to lock it again! No one should be sending them anything without your permission. No one should be sharing it period, in fact. Not on tumblr, not on twitter. Not without asking you. They're your creations and even if people are big fans or they love them, they should respect your wishes! I know I'd be horribly embarrassed if my (nonexistent right now... XD) stories got out and like.../anyone/ was free to read them. 0.0
Yeah, even theoretically that scares me too. :(
But I'm glad that for now they're open again! ^o^
I am truly thankful you've taken this course.

I'm so far behind…on catching up.

I Will Get There!

I'm just so happy! I love your stories and anytime you feel the need to protect them by locking them up, go for it :-) Did I mention that "I LOVE YOUR STORIES?"
Demaged is the best fic, which I had read ever. I loved every word you had put down.
Thanks for you write this fic and for sharing it with us.
I am happy about being allowed to read your stories again.
I wait for of the continuation "Fragile essence" very much already.
I just found out omg ;; thank you very veryyyyyyy much! /off to read expectations/ ^_______^V
hey you ! yes you awesome author I love you and your fics I am so thankful that u opened them for public I can now read them again and again they are one of those stories that I can't forget about even when I turn 80 year old or something :) so thank you thank you ♡♥♡♥

and you people stop linking this awesome stories to eyk .

*bow* ♡♥
Hi aquariuslover♡ can you please add me as a friend. I am an woogyu shipper and really wanted to read your awesome fanfic stories. Hope we can be friends.
Thanks for unlocking all your fic, bb♥ *glompschuuuuuuuuuuuuuu*