oooh whaddid I win?!?!
*whispers* I feel like I didn't give anyone else a chance ;; blame my ninja skills ;;^^
lol I know but still, maybe I should give everyone more than 3 seconds? OTL

I GOT AN EGG OOOOHHHHHHHHH *pokes it* DOES IT OPEN? hmmmmmm *runs off to play with it*
*sets it down gently* but you'll only get your money's worth if you play with it ^_^

OTL my caffeine high is just making me all hyper and I want to run around but I can't because exams >
Sigh, I only saw the post now... I know they are characters from the soap opera that Jaejoong always watch..
I read FE long ago after the whole 1st part has ended......but never commented on it yet. /hides in shame.
It was making my depressed self becoming more depressed....really great fic. Wondering why I didn't remember about Lawrence and Kurston....only remembered after reading the comments >.<