Expectations: The Guardian of Forever

Series Expectations
Adventure Sixteen: The Guardian of Forever, Part 1 of 4
Author: Aquariuslover
Pairings: KyuWook, Yunjae, YooSu, WooGyu, Various
Rating: R
Genre: Crossover, Romance, Science Fiction, Adventure,
Length: Chaptered
Beta: tahoeturquoise
Warning: A major character dies during this adventure.

A/N: This story is inspired by Star Trek and the Kpop community. This is the last adventure I have planned.

Summary: Limitless possibilities.

Prior Adventures

Starlight lit up the room.

She was wearing a sleeveless white gown.

Long, silky black hair hung in ringlets, cascading down her back, swaying gently as she slowly strolled toward the windows to space.

For eternity it seemed she had been dreaming of this place.

She was certain she had escaped from the dream for awhile, but now she could not be positive.

“Why do I keep coming back to Ten Forward?” she asked, not expecting an answer. She was always alone in her dream.

“You are searching for me.”

She forgot to breathe and her heart stilled as she heard his voice.

He was across the room gazing out into space, not sparing her a look.

The room was filled with his powerful presence.

He had never been in her dreams before.

“I am not searching for you.”

“You are.”

“No,” she denied, not moving closer. He was in his blue uniform, not red…not the red he had been wearing the first time she had reached out and touched him, forever changing the course of both their lives.


“I am not searching for you.”

“If you insist on being illogical I can not continue with this conversation.”

“I am not being illogical,” she protested, “I am not searching for you. I’m not!”

“Then why are you here, Sulli?”

She wanted to close her eyes and hide from his questions, but she couldn’t take her eyes off of him. “I don’t know…but it isn’t because of you.”

He did not reply, letting the silence stir her.

“Where have you been?” she implored, walking closer to him…drawn by a force not of her own will.


“Gone where?”

“Just gone.”

“You knew…you knew you were going to leave…didn’t you?”

“I did,” he answered, not turning around to face her, but he extended an arm back toward her and held out his hand invitingly. “But not in time to adequately warn you of my departure. I apologize.”

She rushed forward and clasped the hand offered to her, unable to resist. “Are you back?”

“Yes, but no.”

“I don’t want to search for you, Changmin.”

He slowly turned his head and their eyes met. “I know, Sulli…I know.”

Had there ever been a man as handsome as him, she wondered before quickly pushing the traitorous thought from her mind. “She loves you…she does. She loves you so much. There isn’t anything she wouldn’t do for you.”

“I know.”

“I shouldn’t search for you…it isn’t very nice of me. She is my family…she is my best friend.”

“Fate is sometimes cruel.”

Now, she did close her eyes as the fear set in, while at the same time tightening her hold on him. “Is it fate?”

“I believe so…although, my logical mind tends to balk at the notion.”

“Then let us be logical…we will be friends; just friends forever…good friends, forever and always wonderful friends.”

“We are friends.”

“Yes, we are…I want you to come back. I miss my friend.”

He looked away from her. “I know.”

“I am so frightened all the time now…and my memories…my memories are malicious and unmerciful. Did all my strength come from you?”


“Then why has it left me…along with you?”

“It is because we are apart.”



“We are not bonded,” she claimed too loudly.

He said nothing.

“No, no…we can’t be!”

He remained silent.

“You walked off with her…and I was so happy for her.”

“Happily deluded…but strangely endearing…always endearing.”

His old words filled her with joy, despite her best efforts to be unmoved. She resisted the urge to embrace him. He was now the captain’s child…he was of Star Fleet at this moment. He was strong, controlled, and logical. She couldn’t hug him, not now.

“Your thought process is illogical.”

“It is not.”

“I was of Star Fleet the last time we were here.”

Her eyes flew open and she knew why she kept returning here. “I apologized…for my behavior.”

“And then you repeated it.”

“But you gave me permission.”

He turned back to face her and now he was Jaejoong’s son, with a bright smile, flaxen hair and penetrating blue eyes. “You always have permission.”

Her jaw trembled. “I am not in love with you, Changmin…I’m not. I can’t be.”

“You are correct. You are not.”

“I’m not,” she stated again and so great was her relief she flung herself in his arms. “I love you, but I am not in love with you. I am not in love you.”

He hugged her back and whispered against her ear, “No, not yet.”


Yunho found himself at the head of a table that was from another time and place.

The table was made out of thick wood and it was lavishly carved. Exquisite silk draperies hung down the side of the walls, showcasing finely crafted stained glass windows.

At the table sat unfamiliar men all decked out in excellently crafted suits, some wore white wigs upon their heads and they were all looking at him.


Yunho sent out the mental plea, but no response came. He looked down at his clothing and noticed his suit was very well tailored and made of an exceptionally fine woolen fabric. He then said in his most commanding and formal voice. “Proceed.”

“My Lord,” one of the older men sitting next to Yunho immediately responded and nodded in the direction of another man at the table. “Inspector Hemmings will continue to lead the search for your missing brother if this acceptable to you.”

Another man at the table spoke up, “My Lord, he must be allowed to continue. We must not discount the possibility the disappearance is tied to the other murders.”

A gruff sounding man who sat beside Mr. Hemmings chastised, “Nonsense, I am sure we will get a ransom demand any day.”

The older man sitting next to Yunho quickly interjected, “We are not discounting the likelihood of a kidnapping, but finding him must be the priority. Mr. Hemmings has showed remarkable insight and he must be allowed to proceed.”

Yunho looked back at Inspector Hemmings and noticed he was younger than the other men present, the least finely dressed and he appeared very nervous. “Yes, he should...” Yunho paused as the unfamiliar Inspector Hemmings morphed into the very familiar Dr. Cho. “Yes, he should proceed, but I would like to speak with him alone…for now.”

All the men at the table immediately got up except for Yunho, Ryeowook, and one other man. Yunho stared at the other man and sighed in relief when the unrecognizable face gave way to Yoochun’s.

The older man that had done the majority of the speaking earlier was now focused on Yoochun. “Viscount, are you not going to join us?

“No,” Yunho answered immediately. “He is welcome to stay.”

“Of course, My Lord,” the main replied as he bowed his head and then exited the room along with the other men.

The three of them waited for the door to shut and Ryeowook quickly asked Yoochun, “How are you feeling?”

“Fine,” Yoochun answered as he reached down and rubbed his legs. “Physically fine, but do I look as ridiculous as the two of you?”

“Yes,” Yunho immediately answered.

“Did the Guardian do this?” Ryeowook asked as his eyes scanned the room.

“Jaejoong!” Yunho mentally sent out again before responding to Ryeowook. “Yes, it is just like what happened before…except for the fact you two are with me.”

“Jaejoong…our version of Jaejoong was never with you in the other realities you visited,” Yoochun stated, recalling the reports Yunho had written regarding his last trip through the guardian.

“No,” Yunho answered. “We visited different realities and the version of Jaejoong I met in those realities…was not our version.”

Yoochun looked down at his legs. “Where is the version of me…that is about to bite the big one?”

“I don’t know,” Yunho admitted as he stood up and walked over to Yoochun. “I honestly don’t know…inside the Guardian…stored away?”

“I bet you are healed,” Ryeowook stated. “I have had this theory, but I never shared it on the planet.”

Yunho met the doctor’s gaze. “Share it now.”

“Before the Guardian first whisked us away…we were all exposed to dangerous levels of radiation…and yet we never suffered any of the consequences from that exposure…and we should have.”

“Why did you not say anything before?”

“Because when Ensign Henry and Ensign Sunggyu went to collect dilithium they did suffer the effects of radiation…why not us?”

Yoochun agreed, “That is very true. Sunggyu is still sporting that bright red hair.”

“Maybe the planet’s ozone wasn’t completely deteriorated?” Yunho hypothesized. “Especially if Leeteuk did something to destroy that sun…and I wouldn’t put it past him.”

“But the ground was gel-like there,” Yoochun pointed out.

Yunho shook his head. “We are members of Star Fleet. We know the rules on Earth do not pertain to all planets. We know that what is lethal to some species makes others flourish.”

“Yes, that is true,” Ryeowook agreed. “But we also know that Commander Yoochun does not have severed femoral arteries here.”

“I have my own theory about the Guardian,” Yunho told them. “It does whatever it wants, whenever it damn well wants.”

Yoochun stood up. “And that theory is one I totally agree with.”

“So what are we going to do?” Ryeowook asked.

“We play along until we find the others,” Yunho informed them. “Because my gut tells me they are here.”

“Has Jaejoong contacted you?”

Yunho shook his head, answering the doctor.

“If they are here then why hasn’t Jaejoong responded to you?” Yoochun asked as he walked over to the window and peered through a clear piece of the stained glass window.

“It took time for Jaejoong to adapt in the other realities,” Ryeowook explained. “Plus, his telepathy has just returned.”

“He was fine on the planet before we transported,” Yunho stated. “But you are correct it does take him time…especially if the place is crowded.”

Ryeowook agreed, “Yes, and most likely he is focused on Changmin. I am sure he will find a way to contact you soon.”

“Well, until he does make contact, I’d like to point out that it looks like we are in downtown London,” Yoochun drily informed them as he gazed out the window. “There is Big Ben.”

Ryeowook rushed to the window. “No, no, no, no.”

“Yeah,” Yoochun declared bitterly. “One fuck up and—”

“And we can change the whole course of Earth’s history,” Yunho finished with a groan.


“Sickbay is secure,” Heechul announced as he entered the exam room where Leeteuk stood over the body of Ji-Hoon.

“Remove the stasis field.”

Heechul walked over to the controls and removed the protective shield that was keeping Commander Ji-Hoon alive. The doctor watched as Leeteuk lifted a decorative sword and asked, “Do you want me to do it?”

“No,” Leeteuk answered as he met Heechul’s gaze. “Is there no hope for the earthling?”

Heechul’s eyes widened slightly. “There was no hope for this person long before we arrived. He was lost during the initial attempt.”

“I am sure that provides you with some small measure of comfort.”

“Does it not provide you with any?”

“No,” Leeteuk answered as he slammed the dagger down in Ji-Hoon’s chest.

Heechul said nothing, but nodded his head.

Leeteuk let go of the dagger and added, “I do not care for the earthling that once inhabited this body. I do not care for the earthlings currently inhabiting this ship, except for one.”


The two of them watched as the dagger started glowing red and soon the red glow spread out coating Ji-Hoon’s body.

Leeteuk looked up at Heechul and asked, “It’s not blue…is it working?”

Heechul’s eyes were now on the scanners as he shook his head. “No, it isn’t. The human body is dead and not even the ship’s technology will keep it alive, but our friend still exists. His consciousness is still there, but this body can no longer hold it.”

Leeteuk clenched his fists. “This is most unfortunate.”


“The dagger should have worked,” Leeteuk stated as he ripped it from Ji-Hoon’s chest. “It was supposed to work…it should have worked.”

The doctor’s eyes were devoid of hope. “Not for the likes of us.”

“This is why revenge is our only chance for peace,” Leeteuk declared bitterly. “And I will have it.”

Heechul said nothing as he watched the other man storm from the exam room.

The doctor waited until the consciousness that had inhabited the late Commander Ji-Hoon left the man’s body and drifted away; lost to the enormousness of space and time. “We exist forever…and we never die…we will never know any peace.”


He was playing the piano.

Except he didn’t know how to play the piano; Ryeowook knew how to play and Ensign Henry in engineering was an excellent pianist…but he was not.

Kyuhyun’s fingers caught up with his brain and they froze over the ivory keys. Before he had time to try to understand what was going on a loud wail broke out from beside him. He turned to find that sitting beside him on the piano bench was a girl, no older than ten. And she was crying very loudly.

He instinctively reached out to her to only pause midway when he registered that his arm was no longer his own. The fingers that had been playing the piano seconds ago were not his either. They belonged to a child; a girl.


“Young Miss, that is no way for a proper lady to speak,” a high pitched, shocked sounding feminine voice called out.

Another voice, a louder baritone belonging to a man, questioned, “Governess Pricket, where did she learn such vulgar language? Do you think it was from a servant? I will have them dismissed immediately!”

Kyuhyun swung around to find the disapproving voices came from an equally disapproving looking man and woman. Both were middle-aged; the man wore clothing that resembled a butler’s from Earth’s ancient past and the woman, who looked scandalized, was wearing a long gray dress. “Sorry…sorry,” Kyuhyun sputtered.

The woman looked at him with suspicious eyes and questioned, “Why is she crying?”

Kyuhyun turned back around to face the girl and was even more startled to find the girl…was not a girl…she was Changmin…Changmin in a girl’s clothing…no in a girl’s body. He tried to grasp what was going on. He saw a girl, but he knew it was Changmin; a very loud and upset Changmin who was crying uncontrollably. “I don’t know why…why he…she is crying.”

“I highly doubt that, you two are always whispering in each other’s ears. What devious plots have you and your twin concocted now to get out of practice?” the governess demanded.

“Twin…my twin…my twin?”

The woman opened her mouth, but promptly closed it as another woman in a long blue dress with lavish embroidery burst into the room. “Out!” the woman shouted at the governess and the butler as she approached the piano. “Leave me alone with my daughters!”

The butler, who was well accustomed to taking orders, bowed his head, and backed out of room. “Yes, My Lady.”

The governess cast Kyuhyun a warning glance before she promptly followed the butler out.

Kyuhyun watched as the woman rushed to the girl…to Changmin. His mind quickly did the math and the woman became recognizable as Jaejoong. “Did the Guardian bring us here?”


“Where are the others?”

Jaejoong had his arms wrapped around his child. “I don’t know; even I need a moment to adapt to different realities. Help me lower him to the floor.”

Kyuhyun quickly got up and assisted Jaejoong with lowering Changmin to the floor. Changmin was no longer crying. He had one hand tightly wrapped around Jaejoong’s wrist as he looked intently at his birth parent. “What about his mind? Is it his brilliant mind?”

“No, it is an infant’s mind,” Jaejoong replied as he lowered himself to the floor and positioned Changmin’s head in his lap. “An infant whose bond with me is very intense…I won’t be able to leave him.”

Kyuhyun winced. “Well…you did just give birth to him.”

“That I did. He will be no help to you here.”

“That’s too bad,” Kyuhyun replied wistfully as he walked over to a large window and looked out. “We could use his brain.”

“His brain would not serve us…not here. We are that the mercy of the Guardian.”

“It’s mercy?”

“Yes, I should have known it was all too simple; of course it would want to toy with us before returning us to the ship.”

Kyuhyun looked out past the well groomed yard that surrounded the house toward a busy street. It looked to him as if they were stuck in Europe during the early 20th century. The street had both ancient cars and horse drawn carriages. “Can you sense the captain?”

Jaejoong ran a hand through Changmin’s hair, soothing his child as he slipped off to sleep. “My first instinct was to find Changmin and to take the necessary information I required from the staff’s minds to ensure his safety…which is startling.”

“Startling?” Kyuhyun questioned, turning around to look at Jaejoong.

“Yunho has always been my first priority, but now Changmin appears to have replaced him.”

“Changmin is helpless.”

“Yes, but it is still unsettling. Yunho and I share one life…”

“But Changmin is your child…and all good mothers put their children first, or rather they are supposed to, but…there are times when the good of the many—”

“Kyuhyun!” Jaejoong scolded, abruptly interrupting him. “This is not the time or place for you to deal with your mommy issues, and secondly I am not his mother…I am his birth-parent.”

The commander arched his eyebrows and looked skeptically at the Joong.

Jaejoong frowned. “I can read your mind now!”

“I want you to read the captain’s mind.”

“Then be a good daughter; shut up, and let me concentrate,” Jaejoong spat, before closing his eyes and focusing on his mate.


“Jaejoong! Is Changmin with you?”

“Yes, he is with me along with Commander Cho…who is my daughter of all things…actually Changmin is also my daughter in this reality.”

“Is he okay?”

“The Guardian in its foul attempt at humor had us separated long enough to cause Changmin to become momentarily distraught, but I was quickly able to appease him.”

“Where are you?”

“From what I could ascertain from the servant’s minds I am a highly born woman—which is no surprise. My superior soul would exert itself in alternate—”

“I am a Duke…what are the chances the Guardian would send us to a reality where we are married?”

“Highly likely, this Guardian seems to have a twisted sense of humor…why not torture me with what I can not have in our reality. To be married is a desire that has constantly been den—”

“Yoochun and Ryeowook are with me…Kyuhyun and Changmin are with you…where is Junsu?”

“He is not with us…although this house is rather large. He could be in another section of it.”

“Can you not sense him?”

“I am just now sensing you…you know you woke me too early from shifting. It happened much too quickly…why you insist on always trying to die is beyond me.”


“If I were bonded to someone as perfect and magnificent as myself…I would cherish every moment of my life and never play with giant, carnivorous reptiles that wanted to eat me.”


“I do not know where your ensign is, but honestly I am more concerned about where you are.”

“I have just instructed someone...to return me to my residence. Ryeowook is with me in a primitive automobile and Yoochun is taking a carriage.”

“What are you not telling me? I feel your fear…”

“It isn’t fear.”

“It is incredibly stupid and a waste of time to lie to an empath.”

“It is slight apprehension you feel…not fear.”

Jaejoong rolled his eyes. “Why are you scared of the automobile ride? I thought you were supposed to be brave?”

“I am brave! Apparently you are not 100% back if you think I am scared of this ride. It’s an adventure! Adventure is my middle name…or it would be if I had one.”

“You are so cute when you are afraid…now you are up there with Changmin again.”


“I had momentarily downgraded you to my second most important person in the universe.”

“Oh, I am still second, I assure you.”

“Yunho, you are not. You are tied with the baby. I promise.”

“I am sure I am tied with the baby.”

“Tied for first.”

“Now don’t be silly darling…we all know you put yourself first.”

Jaejoong frowned. “You are once again downgraded to second place.”

“My Love, I was teasing, and I shouldn’t have been…there is enough to worry about. If my suspicions are correct the Guardian has just landed us in the middle of a murder mystery…and a missing persons case.”

“And unfortunately it would appear we are missing one earnest ensign.”


“Dude, don’t give me that look,” Kangin beseeched.

Siwon, who practically had self-righteous condemnation radiating off of him, was sitting at a table with Kangin at a popular saloon among the crew members on the planet Zilax. “Absolutely not.”

Kangin leaned over the table. “I swear I am not trying to pimp you out.”

“It is exactly what you are doing.”

“No, no, no…” Kangin quickly disputed. “I am just asking for a favor.”

Siwon leaned back in his chair, folded his arms across his chest, and looked every bit the disapproving prince he was. “How does prostituting me out serve as a favor to you?”

“Honey,” an older waitress who was eavesdropping on them butted in to tell the handsome prince, “It would be a favor to any woman or man who is so inclined. You are one fine figure of a man. I am betting your friend here could get top dollar for you.”

Siwon nodded his head and acknowledged the woman politely, while at the same time swiftly dismissing her with a wave of his hand. “Thank you for the compliment, but he is greatly mistaken about the type of favors I will bestow on my friends.”

“Shame, I would have spent a month’s worth of wages on you,” the waitress said with a sigh as she walked to another table.

Kangin shook his head as he watched the woman walk away. “You have the wrong idea.”

“Do I?”

“I just need you to fuck him…make him focus on something…someone else instead of the captain. I need you to turn off his lapdog mentality when it comes to the captain for just an hour.”


“I told you it would be a favor.”

“My relationship with him is very complicated at this time, and I do not wish to further complicate matters by leading him on.”

Kangin eyed the prince scrutinizing him. “I thought you liked him?”

“I do like him.”


“We are not having this discussion.”

Kangin groaned and sat straight up in his chair. “You are such a fucking gentleman.”

“It was one of my princely courses as a child.”

The ensign changed tactics and grinned. “If you won’t do it for me…then do it for our very beautiful friend.”

Siwon’s eyes narrowed. “Does our very beautiful friend know of the request you are making of me?”

Kangin nodded his head. “She couldn’t make it…because of someone’s overbearing jealousy.”

“No,” Siwon agreed. “She could not. Why don’t you repeat the request in her words...not yours.”

“What is wrong with my words?”

Siwon glowered.

“I just asked for you to screw him for an hour…I thought you liked that sort of thing now.”

The prince stared down at the table and inhaled a deep breath before repeating, “In her words.”

Kangin leaned back over the table and said softly, “We need you to distract him for at least an hour.”


“Yes, distract.”

Siwon shook his head. “And why did you not say so in the first place?”

“Fucking him is a good way to distract him,” Kangin insisted.

“I will find another way to distract him…is there a certain time you’d like me to distract him?”

Kangin beamed. “Yeah, but don’t you want to ask more questions?”

“No,” Siwon promptly answered. “No, I don’t.”


“The moon of Sansor has lost its glow.”

Sooyoung, who walked beside her cousin as they strolled through the illusion together, looked down at the rainbow colored surface of the moon. “The holodeck provides an exact replica.”

“No, it is not the same, or perhaps, I am not the same.”

“You will be in time.”

“No,” Sulli disagreed. “I am changed. I can not even be around men without being overcome with anxiety.”

“That is not entirely true, Minho does not scare you.”

“I do not consider Minho a man…Minho is family.”

“You are doing better. You are also able to interact with your doctors, now.”

“Maybe…a little better.”

“Time…time is all you need. Give yourself time. You are doing so much better. Two days ago I could not have gotten you out of sickbay.”

“True,” the younger woman conceded. “I had no desire to leave my bed no matter how much you and Minho bribed me.”

“We were worried about you.”

“I know and even if the Moon of Sansor has lost its glow it is still a magnificent sight and I am glad the holodecks are open. Aren’t you?”

“The holodecks are unnecessary energy expenditure.”

“Were you against them being reopened?”

“Yes, the ship was already undermanned. Maintaining the holodecks is added work to the already depleted engineering department. Commander Yoochun was a great loss to that department…they do not need extra duties.”

Sulli looked out at the scenery. “So many were lost...while…while I was sleeping.”

“Even before…before the others were lost the ship was already dangerously undermanned.”

“I sometimes forget that…the ship used to feel so full.”

“It was full…it was full of powerful personalities that could fill up the empty spaces, but technically it was a skeleton crew,” Sooyoung explained. “We keep losing crew and we are not replacing them.”

“What of Doctor Nam?” Sulli asked. “He’s new to the ship.”

“He’s the only one.”


“Sulli, he lays in a coma as he suffers from an unknown ailment. Did you forget?” Sooyoung asked, concerned. Sulli had been far removed from her normal self since she had awakened, but the science officer had thought she was improving.

“No,” Sulli answered. “I just wanted to bring up the subject of Dr. Nam.”

Sooyoung stiffened. “I do not wish to speak of him with you.”

“He doesn’t seem to like you.”

“Sulli, this is not a subject I want to broach with you.”

Sulli stopped walking and asked, “Is it true you stole his love away from him? That is very unlike you, cousin.”

The older woman kept walking. “I am not discussing this with you.”

“Is that confirmation of your crime?”

Sooyoung turned around and implored, “Please, can we speak of something else?”

Sulli studied her cousin, noting the woman’s discomfort. “Okay…I will change the subject.”

“Thank you.”

“You said I was doing better. Why do you think that is?” Sulli asked, while studying her cousin’s face closely.

“I would assume Dr. Kim has chosen an effective course of therapy.”

“No, I do not think that is why.”

“Why then?”

“I dreamed of Changmin. I dreamed of him…and although, I still feel mentally weak…I do feel better.”

Sooyoung smiled and walked closer to Sulli. “I am glad you feel better.”

“At first he was Yunho’s son and then he was Jaejoong’s son,” Sulli wistfully told her beloved cousin.

Sooyoung did not hide her confusion. “He was both their sons.”

“No,” Sulli insisted with a bitter laugh her; but she did not smile.

The peculiar look on her cousin’s face worried Sooyoung. “Perhaps we should return to sickbay.”

“No,” Sulli disagreed. “You simply do not understand…because you only knew him as Yunho’s son…he was yours when he was Yunho’s son.”

The science officer shook her head. “He was never mine.”

Sulli frowned and explained, “To me…he is yours when he is logical and handsome, but when he is Jaejoong’s son…he is passionate and beautiful and this is when he is mine. He is a very good friend, and I miss him so much.”

“He is greatly missed.”

“He can not be truly lost…not forever; I could not bear it.”

Sooyoung reached out and clasped the younger woman’s hand. “You must not think of him as being gone.”

“Do you want to know what he told me?”

“In your dream?”

“Yes, he told me things in my dream. Do you want to know what he said?”

“No,” Sooyoung answered quickly. “I do not want to know.”

Sulli looked at Sooyoung oddly. “Why not?”

“It was just a dream and it is not important.”

“But it was Changmin…in my dream…he was so very Changmin.”

“I have no interest in what he said,” Sooyoung replied firmly.

“But I would love to know,” a third voice stated as he walked into the computer generated illusion, joining them. “Princess, what did Changmin tell you in your dream?”

Sooyoung turned her attention to the doctor and quickly replied before Sulli could respond to him, “Dr. Kim, surely it isn’t any of our business.”

Sulli, who had stiffened the moment Heechul had appeared, asked, “Can I go back to sickbay now…I don’t want to be here anymore.”

Heechul’s concerned eyes landed on the younger woman. “Sulli, I am sorry if my presence here has unsettled you.”

“I was doing better…I walked all the way here.”

“I know you did,” Heechul replied, “but setbacks are not unexpected. True recovery of the mind takes time.”

“It does,” Sulli agreed.

He smiled at her with true sincerity. “I am so proud of you.”

“I just feel really anxious.”

“Princess, it is perfectly fine,” Heechul told her. “I will leave and if you still feel anxious I will use my influence to have you transported back to your room in sickbay, so you don’t have to walk through the ship again.”

“Doctor Heechul…I think it was talking about Changmin that made me feel anxious,” Sulli quickly explained. “Not you…but you see, I always wanted Changmin and Sooyoung to be together.”

Heechul smiled at her and coaxed, “Go on.”

“Doctor, this seems—”

Heechul held up his hand, stopping Sooyoung. “Lieutenant, please allow me to be the physician in this instance.”

Sooyoung closed her mouth.

Sulli continued, “But some people thought I was bonded to Changmin…and this upsets me. I want Sooyoung and Changmin to be together. I do not want to be bonded to anyone…not ever. Not even Changmin.”

Heechul’s eyes seemed to sparkle. “Why do you say it like that…not even Changmin?”

Sulli lifted her head and stared up at the stars that filled the horizon. “Because…because I am always better with him. Even in my dreams his touch…his touch vanquishes the monsters of my memories.”

“Did Changmin touch you in the dream?” Heechul asked curiously.

“He held my hand…and we hugged…” she paused and turned to look guiltily at her cousin, who was standing very still. “But it is because we are friends. He agreed…that I am not in love with him.”

Heechul rewarded her with half a smile. “He said that?”

“Yes, he did.”

“Then it was just a dream,” Heechul confirmed as he backed away from them. “I shall now take my leave of you two.”

Sulli watched as the doctor walked away, but something she had heard in his voice…amusement, had her calling out, “Why do you say…it was just a dream?”

“Arch,” Heechul ordered, and the holodeck exit appeared inside the illusion. He turned back to face the two women and stated, “The Changmin we remember was very intelligent and this dream Changmin of yours…is not so smart.”

Sulli opened her mouth to protest, but Heechul had already departed.
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