Expectations: The Guardian of Forever

Series Expectations
Adventure Sixteen: The Guardian of Forever, Part 2
Author: Aquariuslover
Pairings: KyuWook, Yunjae, YooSu, WooGyu, Various
Rating: R
Genre: Crossover, Romance, Science Fiction, Adventure,
Length: Chaptered
Beta: tahoeturquoise
Warning: A major character dies during this adventure.

A/N: This story is inspired by Star Trek and the Kpop community. This is the last adventure I have planned.

Summary: Limitless possibilities.

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Please give YooSu a chance? T-T
I just want Yoochun to be happy even for just a little while.

Thank you for the update <3
OMG. that ending! the ending of this chapter... i'm gonna hazard a guess that because eunhyuk touched the stone, his soul had switched with yoochun's and then yoochun's soul switched with junsu's... and now yoochun is in the hands of the murderer and apparently that valet is an accomplice... OMG. and then i remembered your warning about a major character dying in this part of the series... OMG. i am torn between yoochun dying or junsu dying because if eunhyuk wills his soul to return then each of them will be back in their respective bodies... but then will that happen? when will that happen? yunho is still talking to eunhyuk will they be able to switch back?

i don't want any of the major characters to die... because i really have a bad feeling that it will either be yoochun or junsu because of the current setting that they're in... TT____________________TT

this is all i can worry about right now... but sooyoung's and sunggyu's plan had worked and they have now successfully warned yunho of the current situation of the Expectations... i just hope that they don't get found out. this is all thanks to siwon for distracting sungmin.

i keep thinking tho if yunho and the others in london will be able to save yoochun/junsu from the murderer, will either kyuhyun or ryeowook die? and what about the situation in the Expectations? if they do get found out by the fake leeteuk and heechul, will either woohyun or sunggyu die?

limitless possibilities... like you said... now i'm even more worried...

can't wait for more~^^
Yes, Yoochun has switched places with Junsu...........and the Viscount is the murderer. In the next update we will find out if they are able to switch back...and Junsu might just show up.

A major character will die very soon. Some people might have guessed correctly who it is...or maybe just one person has? I will only say the character that dies appeared in the very first installment of Expectations.

My theme for this whole update is limitless possibilities and I hope everybody understand why at the ending.

Thank you so much your support! You have been a great commenter for a very long time. Thank you!

So the Viscount (originally Yoochun) is the murderer, and the Duke's younger brother (originally Junsu) is his latest victim? If that's right, then they need Yoochun back in the Duke's body long enough for him to tell Yunho and the others what's going on. Then, of course, there's the whole "returning to their own universe and reclaiming the ship" thing.

"Major character dies" has me so worried. I really want YooSu to have the opportunity to be together. Still, I can't wait to see what happens next! Thank you for the exciting update!!
Yep, the original viscount is the murderer and duke's brother(Junsu) is his victim. You figured it out perfectly....because in the best case scenario Yoochun will return to the viscount's body and tell Yunho what is going on and then they can rush off to save Junsu.

Thank you so much for commenting!
I guess everyone is thinking the same, that this "master" is the one who's body YC was inhabiting. I wonder how YC will react when he finds out his other self was the one who had tortures JS?
I know YC was born a sociopath in his own reality and was rewired (plus therapy, of course), so this would be a glimpse of the kind of man YC would have been in another time/place where there was no such thing as genetic therapy, etc.
I'm hoping Eunhyuk stays in that body long enough to help everyone.
I'm so nervous where this death is coming from.

Girl-KH is so cute. Leave it to Jae to get all Joong on RW about his "daughter" being out of his league. He's too cute. It's like, of all the things to be concerned about right now.
On a side note, I'm glad Siwon found a more PG way to distract Sungmin.
His reaction...I hope it isn't disappointing.

Exactly! This is a glimpse of what Yoochun would have been like if he had been born in a less evolved time. This is what Jaejoong warned them about he said a soul could easily become tainted.

Jaejoong is such a snob. lol He really is. If Wook his friend is not worthy of his fake daughter Kyu.....then nobody will ever be good enough for Changmin.

Thanks so much for commenting!
OH. MY. JAEGOD. O.O Yoochun is a dirty, rotten scoundrel!! And likes Junsu as much in this life as he does in the present one! OMG it's too bad they don't all retain some of the person's knowledge of who they are after being put into those bodies! And so are we to assume Yoochun is in fact the murderer and not Junsu? Well, obviously Junsu was indisposed... :/ Omg Junsu had to be bound and cut up and laying in his own fluids (and probably solids) all this time? :S And was he also there for the apparent rape? Poor Junsu~ But now poor Yoochun, too. I mean it's not like he deserves the torture either after what he went through on that planet. :/ And it's gonna drive me nuts not knowing who dies! Because I'm still holding out a hope it's not Yoochun. >.<

So the distracting of Sungmin commences. Good luck Siwon. Though I don't think he'll actually need it considering Sungmin is gaga over him. *rolls eyes* Still not a fan of Sungmin...in case that wasn't obvious. :P Though Eunhyuk is getting higher on my dislike list, too. Idky, he's just annoying. Like, I sometimes don't understand some of the issues he has at random moments. Just...I wanna yell "pay attention!" at him or something. It just seems like he focuses on the wrong thing and proceeds to get pissy over it unnecessarily. Annoying.

Anywho. I love Yunjae~ And, of course, Jae and his matter-of-fact superior attitude. Ah he's wonderful~ <3 BUT I did have a favorite line that had me actually cracking up out loud (thankfully, by myself):

“If you didn’t have to have Changmin attached to your tit, could you sense him?”

BAHAHAHAHA! Even though it was a smartass remark directed at Jaejoong, I loved it! I've had 3 kids literally attatched to my tit (at different times, obviously), and found that humor hitting right on the mark. xD Ah the beauty of breastfeeding and birth-parent!Jaejoong all rolled into one humorous line. ;) You know how to please me~

Well, I hope everyone gets back to the ship and in their right bodies ASAP! Poor Yoochun, though, doesn't get a break either way AND didn't get fair warning when Eunhyuk switched their bodies! Seriously, definitely the one I feel for the most in this adventure. </3
junsu ;_______; where are you? please be safe >.< don't die please ,, real yoochun can save him
ryeowook, our world need more people like you, for world peace sake, you are so nice, always considering others feeling
kyuhyun kkk,, you are so cute, he and min can be twin, their behavior and ways of thinking almost similar
jae and vagina issue, yunho so wise to not comment xD , i love you both <3
sunggyu and sooyoung, thumb up!! and eunhyuk, i can imagine how relief your feeling, now you know junsu still alive
i think heechul who will die ._. in this adventure

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Oh, I totally agree the world needs more people like Ryeowook. I love him so much. He stands up for what he believes in AND he is totally caring and supportive of the people around him. Writing Dr. Cho is really easy---I just base him on the real Ryeowook.

Yunho is learning...just bite your tongue...and your thoughts. lol

We will see. ;)

Thanks so much for commenting!

So, first of all, I KNEW EUKHYUN FELT(?) SOMETHING FOR SUNGMIN, but I love SungMin with the prince.

Secondly, that was a cool twist.

Well, I should have known. When the valet was talking to Yoochun on the carriage, about seeing to their" business."
But like many are saying about Yoochun soul in this parallel world, I personally believe that this isn't him doing this (the whole kidnapping business) because I feel like it's a whole different body. So in this hello world the only thing that is Yoochun is his soul so it's not really doing this to Junsu.

Next topic, I can tell (just like I know if I stop breathing I will die) that Yoochun will die. Sadly, because he is pne of my favorite characters. Just like him and Junsu is my all time favorite here in this story.

I'm sad this is the last adventure because I really love this story. I don't know if I've already told you this but you are my favorite author. I want to read alot of fanfictions but there aren't that many out there that I like. I'm anamor of your writing style. And characterizations. So, I've read all of your fanfictions and I'm impressed by all of them. You are my favorite author. Not solely favorite fanfictions and YunJae stories, all together. I will miss this story, and I hope you will be making another one after this one because if you dont I will really cry.

But all that aside, I want to tell you that I hope you're in good health. And thank you for the update I have been waiting for it and again, like always, it didn't disappoint me. I appreciate you writing for this fandom thank you so much. I know that a lot of writers for this fandom is leaving because too many years have already passed and are just giving up on YunJae and JYJ/DBSK. But I'm especially happy YOU haven't lost hope and given up.

You're just amazing. If you ever get published I will make sure to certainly buy your book(s).
Eunhyuk is very confused in regards to Sungmin....but he has always been very selfish when it comes to the Security Chief.

I am glad you thought the twist was cool.

You are right it isn't our Expectation's Yoochun it is the parallel version of Yoochun who never got help. The Viscount is a true psychopath.

I am honored to be your favorite author. My plan is to work on conclusion to Fragile Essence...if I ever find my writing mojo again. My writing spirit showed up to finish this adventure and then it went on vacation again.

I am in really good health. I lost the weight I gained last fall from sitting on my ass and writing so much. lol

If I ever publish a book I will hold you to that. lol

Thanks for commenting
your updates always leave me speechless ;;
this was both funny and interesting and then then
end happened and i was just left clutching my imaginary
pearls and feeling for yoochun.
omg omg ;; what. now.

i desperately want everyone united and healthy and tbh
i miss yunho as captain so much that it borders on physical
pain ;;

thank you for this update<33
Clutching your imaginary pearls...I love that.:)

I hope the ending of this adventure continues to make you speechless....but in a very good way/and not in a disappointing(this really sucked) way.

Thanks so much for reading and commenting!
This is like a murder mystery without a murder. My mind is spinning from all this drama and affliction. I can't believe it. You even forshadowed it when the valet asked Yoochun of his "other matters". Above all though, I can't believe the crystal theory actually worked! I hope it also works in reverse then they could all be on the same page.

I'm at the edge of my seat here!!
Oh, but there will be a murder. *evil laugh*

I tried not to be over the top with my foreshadowing............so I am really glad you caught it.:)

Don't fall out of your seat! I think the best is yet to come!

Thanks for commenting!
OMG DUNDUNDUNDUN and the plot thickens :3

So Yoochun kidnapped Junsu in their current universe? :O or maybe it was the person Chun is currently residing that's responsible for the murders but not Chun exactly? The plot twist's very ingenious and smart <3 I was mindfucked actually hahaha

The kyuwook moments tho LOLOLOLOL they're all <3 <3 I'm glad they provided lightness amidst the drama. And finally, we now know about Sunggyu, Sooyoung and Woohyun's plan in overtaking the ship. Yipeeee! Those impostors are going down! *evil laugh* if heechul's going to die tho, I think I'm going to cry T____T I quite like nurse heechul hahaha <3

Some people in the comment section think that you'll kill Yoochun or Junsu but please omg don't kill them T^T I really really really want a happy ending for the both of them. They're one of the few people who deserves the happily ever after so pleaseeee? But if they're really going to die, then ok, I guess?i wish they'll be happy in another life T^T and I'll just have to stop the tears from falling. T______T I'm already crying just by thinking that one of them will die tbh ://

So sad that this is going to be the last adventure, but even good things end too right? Thank you very very much for sharing this story with us. If your musings becomes too noisy, will you write us another adventure? Hahaha it would definitely, greatly appreciated <3 I can't thank you enough again! :)

I wonder why the guardian transported them in this universe out of all verses? What happened in this time that the guardian had to transported them back so that they will understand? So many thoughts about this adventure that keeps on bugging me LOLOL sorry ^____^V
Hahahahaha I even forgot to comment about Yunjae bc I was too worked up on yoosu and other things LOLOLOL they're still perfect for each other so yeaah <3 jae's vagina issues HAHAHAHAHA <3 at least they have 'evil' identical twins that came out of that vajayjay so win-win situation! Min's certainly missing out the fun looool XDD
Oh crap ;;__;; this can't be good... So has Junsu been raped and abused all this time?? This poor guy certainly doesn't have it easy ;^; but hopefully Yoochun will be able to tell everyone what's been going on with him and who's to blame once he return to his own body :(
I can't wait to read more! <3
Junsu wasn't actually there for the rape and torture........but yeah, it really sucks for him. Poor guy.

I plan on updating today........soon if something crazy doesn't happen. JYJ totally ruined my song choice for the next adventure. I am now in love with Creation.

Thanks for commenting!
OMG! So this is a reality that Yoochun is an evil murdering sociopath. Like Yoochun was informed he could be if he had been born in an era without mind healing! And Junsu is his latest victim! *cringes* This is not going to help their relationship at all. You just like piling on the suspense and angst.

I love that Changmin and Kyuhyun are identical twins. I always think of them that way - glad I'm not that only one.

Looking forward to the next part >
Yep, you got it. This is what Yoochun could have been. And you are right....this isn't going to be good for their relationship.

I am glad you love the ChangKyu twins! They should have been born brothers. I really adore their friendship.

Thanks so much for commenting!
Omg my brain...that was so good!
Its going to be one of Yoosu, right? But then i feel like it could be Heechul..or IDK

I was almost tearing up when Eunhyuk was talking about Junsu ;;
Am i going to need tissues?
Thank you
I am happy you thought it was good.:)

I can't say who it is going to be....but you all will find out soon.

You might need tissues....maybe.

Thanks for commenting!
Could I by chance add you to friends aquariuslover? Or if there is some sort of follow button? I'm not use to live journal. I love your stories and would love to be able to read them when you update then instead of being months/ years behind. xD
Sure you can add me. You just click on my profile and add me as friend. I always try to friend people back who comment.

I had a friend named Shyloh but she spelled her name differently.:) You don't see that name very much. I have always liked it.

Thank you for reading and commenting!