Expectations: Operation: Win Changmin's Love!

Series: Expectations
Adventure/Ficlet: Operation: Win Changmin’s Love Part A
Author: Aquariuslover
Pairings: Yunjae, Kyuwook
Rating: PG
Genre: Crossover, Romance, Science Fiction, Adventure,
Length: 2 Parts(because LJ is a bitch and says it is too large)
Beta: tahoeturquoise

Author’s Note: For years writing and Kpop lost their allure, but Expectations would still whisper to me at times, but it never demanded anything of me. Months ago, I watched in disbelief as a kpop group performed on the AMAs, and my curiosity was reborn. Expectation’s whispers grew louder reminding me that writing could be fun. I am so out of practice! My beta is awesome and up to the challenge. But my friend Amy is about to unfollow me. lol

The people of Dazen had very little contact with off-worlders. There was even a small, sheltered population of his people that continued to believe that intelligent life existed solely on Dazen. They believed that the visit from the intergalactic warlord almost a century ago had merely been a hoax perpetuated on the people of Dazen to quell certain uprisings at the time. Luckily the warlord had found Dazen undesirable and had left empty handed, but the fear of the warlord’s return had united the world.

The United World of Dazen had sent out a cosmic greeting, hoping to find allies that would aide them if the Warlord were ever to return. The greeting had gone mostly unanswered through the decades with only smaller ships, who were more interested in replenishing their supplies than aiding Dazen answering their calls.

Their luck had changed when the great ship Expectations had responded to their great cosmic greeting. The Dazen people had eagerly welcomed the unfamiliar humanoids who came in peace and who commanded a great knowledge.

For weeks the Expectations’ crew, led by Commander Cho, and the governing council of Dazen had several meetings. They had communicated with ease due to the Expectation’s amazing universal translator. Unfortunately for Dazen, the crew of the Expectations were very careful with what technological knowledge they would bestow on a planet that was still incapable of spaceflight. They were however, more than generous when sharing their agricultural, environmental, and medical science.

After a peaceful sharing of information Commander Cho let it be known that it was an ancient stone monument that had drawn the great ship to Dazen. The stone monument in question was an ancient wonder of Dazen and was beyond their scientific understanding. Many scientists believed the monument to be older than the planet itself, some even suggested that it was as old as the universe. The monument was beautiful and timeless, but it had remained unchanged though the centuries.

The fact that the Expectation’s crew thought they could communicate with the monument left many of the council members extremely skeptical, but they had allowed the Expectation’s crew access to their timeless wonder.

Alsoft had been greatly honored when he was selected as a member of the Dazen congregation that would be present when the off-worlders visited the ancient monument.

He watched with great interest as Commander Cho along with his team approached the monument. The Expectation’s team consisted of some humanoids that he easily recognized from the previous meetings, but also included several unfamiliar members of their crew.

Commander Cho soon stepped away from his team and knelt down in front of the great monument and greeted it with a firm, but respectful voice, “Great Guardian of Time, I ask that you grant us entry to our world and allow for an exchange of people.”

Alsoft watched as nothing happened. A female of their species known to him as Lieutenant Sooyoung stepped forward and knelt down beside Commander Cho and spoke, “In our great Federation we call you the Guardian of Forever, and we are forever grateful for the protection and help you have provided us in the past. We once again humbly ask for your assistance.”

And still the monument remained unmoved by their pleas, standing unchanged as it had throughout the centuries.

Commander Cho and Lieutenant Sooyoung stood up and backed away from the monument and headed toward their crew. Commander Cho motioned for a red-haired human, that Alsoft had not seen before to step forward.

The red-haired man nodded and moved forward, bowing to the monument before kneeling. “Magnificent Guardian of Time I beseech you once again for your assistance.”

Still the Guardian did nothing. The red-haired man stood back up and explained, “Commander, I am sorry, but it was Ensign Henry who first got it to respond.”

“Unfortunately, Ensign Henry remains on Earth,” Commander Cho replied.

Lieutenant Sooyoung spoke up, “Lieutenant Sunggyu, it may have communicated with Ensign Henry first, but it also carried on a conversation with you and transported you to and from a planet to equip you with valuable supplies.”

“True,” the one named Sunggyu replied. “It has transported many of us, and it will transport you again in the future.”

“Yes, but that day has yet to come, and my great hope is that it never arrives.”

The red-haired man closed his eyes and nodded his head. “We all hope that day never comes, but the truth is that we are not who it desires.”

“Agreed,” Commander Cho stated as he tapped the combadge on his uniform. “Captain, we are going to require some assistance here. The Guardian remains unmoved by our pleas.”

“Understood,” was the immediate reply, causing Alsoft’s scales to quiver in anticipation. No one on Dazen had seen the great captain of the Expectations. They had been told he rarely left the ship.

Alsoft watched as three off-worlders materialized out of the thin air, gasping in shock at their sudden appearance. Alsoft knew he would never not be amazed by their transporting abilities.

Two of the newly arrived humans appeared to be very similar to the other members of their crew. The one dressed in red had such a commanding presence that Alsoft instantly knew him to be the captain, as well as by how the other members of the team reacted to his sudden presence.

The ones standing by the captain…the one dressed in blue seemed to exude power. Alsoft felt afraid when the one in blue turned to stare at him and the rest of the congregation from Dazen. It felt as if all their secrets had been unlocked with one powerful gaze.

The one in blue was carrying what must have been a small child of their people. Alsoft knew that humanoids placed great value on their children, who they gave live birth to, much like the livestock on Dazen did.

He watched in fascination as the one in blue went to hand the child to the captain, causing the child to immediately show his displeasure by letting out a loud shrill cry. The captain quickly held up his hand signaling for the one in blue to keep the child.

Alsoft was not good at reading the smooth skinned expressions of the off-worlders but he could have sworn he saw disappointment flash across the captain’s face as he shook his head and stepped forward toward the monument alone.

“Hello, Guardian,” the captain said, not kneeling, but smiling affectionately at the monument. “Once again we need your help. Although, I will ask that you limit the side trips this time. I am barely recovered from the last one.”

To his utter amazement, Alsoft watched as the waters inside the Guardian began to swirl and the air suddenly felt charged with electricity.

A loud, ageless, and all-powerful voice emanated from the monument and to Alsoft’s amazement it sounded amused, “Yunho, of the Royal House of Joong, the portal between your world and this world will be opened for your convenience, minus the side trips.”

Alsoft watched in wonderment as people began emerging from the monument that truly was a pathway through the stars.


“Welcome back, Captain.”

“Thank you, Lieutenant Donghae,” Yunho said as he stepped down from the transporter pad with Jaejoong at his side. “Prepare to start transporting once Commander Cho gives the order.”

“Did they all return this time, Sir?”

“He doesn’t know,” Jaejoong answered in the place of Yunho, as he switched Changmin to his right hip. “They had just started arriving when we left. We can’t be too careful, so we don’t know if Ensign Junsu made it back this time.”

Donghae nodded in understanding.

“I think we would have been fine,” Yunho replied, looking greatly amused. “I am a member of the Royal House of Joong officially now according to the Guardian. I doubt it would have let anything happen to me.”

“Congratulations, Captain.”

“Thank you, it’s not every day you find out you are a member of royalty,” Yunho told his transporter chief with a big grin on his face.

“Seriously, could you be more pleased with yourself?” Jaejoong mentally asked his mate as they exited the transporter room.

“I just think it is interesting that the Guardian of Time recognizes our Earth marriage.”

“It does not.”

“Yes, it does. It never referred to me as member of the Joong royal family before. Admit it, the Guardians honor Earth customs.”

“This Guardian did, the one on Eternity did not, so I will admit nothing.”

“I think I like this one better.”

“They are all connected.”

“So, they all recognize me as a member of your family, so therefor they all recognize our marriage.”

“I will acknowledge the Guardians like Earthlings, but I refuse to admit that they put any significance on that farce of a wedding.”

“It was not a farce!”

“Your uncle who married us was not worthy of such an honor.”

Yunho sighed, dramatically turned to face Jaejoong, and patted his son on the head making the blue-eyed baby look up at him. “Daddy thinks your BP is a big snob.”

Two passing by female ensigns smiled at the handsome captain and his son but hurried on their way after being shot a warning glance by Jaejoong.

“Why more females are being allowed on this ship I will never know, that woman is enough.”

Yunho stood up straight and sighed loudly for the benefit of his bond mate and started walking again. “There are scarcely any women on this ship.”

“Too many though.”

“You sure do act jealous of females, which I find really strange considering you have repeatedly told me my preference is the male body.”

Jaejoong turned to look at his perceptive mate who was smirking at him. “What were we talking about?”

“Never going to admit it are you?”

“Of course I will admit that your uncle was not worthy of marrying us. I think your mother probably just made him do it so he would feel that he accomplished something with his life. I didn’t read her mind out of respect for her, but I have my suspicions.”

“He has been captaining ships for over sixty years. He had done plenty with his life!”

“On a tiny ocean, Yunho.”

“The Pacific Ocean isn’t tiny!”

“It’s not space.”

“I love you dearly, but you really are a snob. If my poor uncle had been an Admiral of Starfleet and commanded a hundred ships you still wouldn’t have thought him worthy.”

Jaejoong admitted. “We have a timeless bond, and even if the Joong elders had performed such an archaic ritual they would have been lacking.”

“Well, the Guardian of Time seemed to honor that archaic ritual—that you insisted upon!”

“Yunho, I am glad we are tied together in a primitive manner that your people respect…I just expected more. All the drunk cousins, crazy dancing, and nosy aunts threw me off guard.”

“One drunk cousin, Jaejoong! One drunk cousin!”

Jaejoong rolled his eyes. “Although, being addressed as one of my family—my very royal family—is probably one of the highest honors you will ever receive in life, it is not the only reason you are happy, not even the main reason.”

“Of course, I am also happy to increase the size of the crew, and that Yoochun will most likely be returning has me very excited.”

“I am sure he will be, since you were mentally pleading with the Guardian to return your friend.”

“There isn’t anything wrong with that.”

“No, but still you are also happy for another reason,”
Jaejoong said, stopping suddenly as he sensed the arrival of Yunho’s friend.

Yunho also stopped and mentally groaned. “Let it go.”

“Minus the side trips…”

“I am done experiencing our past lives. If we have to go through that every time we visit Earth then I am ready to stay here.

“I don’t think you understand what an honor it is to experience our past lives…to see our timeless love in action.”

“Oh, I understand…I just don’t like it.”


“Believe me, once was enough.”

“It is an incredible gift!”

“Like hell it is. The last trip was a nightmare.”

“You just need to appreciate—"

“—Forgive me for not appreciating being stuck in a body so big I couldn’t even walk!” Yunho mentally snapped, interrupting his mate. “Who the hell wants to experience that?”

Jaejoong smiled, remembering the memories he had pulled from Yunho’s mind. “And yet our love was still true.”

“True my ass!”

“My past-life self was there with you. I was so dedicated to you!”

“You kept bringing me fried chicken and ice cream! I think you were trying to kill me!”

“I was not! I was being a good mate! I was bringing food for my love who couldn’t…move to get his own.”

“You were enabling a food addiction!”

“I was giving my love what he most desired.”

“Yet, you starve Changmin.”

“I do not! Changmin does not require food,” Jaejoong said aloud, looking down at his precious boy. “He’s perfect.”

Changmin, who was not used to Jaejoong talking aloud to him, looked up at the man carrying him.

“He used to love to eat.”

“He doesn’t need food. He just needs me,” Jaejoong pointed out, but he quickly regretted his words when he felt a wave of sadness slam into him that emanated from Yunho. Jaejoong, who had had all his empathic abilities on high alert while on the planet quickly started putting up his shields. “I mean us! He just needs us!”

“Don’t lie, it’s beneath you.”

“I’m not lying.”

Before Yunho could respond to his mate a much-loved and missed voice was heard complaining loudly, causing Yunho to turn around quickly.

“Why the hell were you down there?” Commander Yoochun demanded of the red-haired lieutenant that walked beside him.

“Because the captain ordered I be down there, sir,” Lieutenant Sunggyu calmly answered, he was both simultaneously glad of the chief engineers return and exasperated by the man already.

Commander Yoochun, who was carrying a large bag of goodies, looked up and eyed Yunho. “I should keep this for myself,” Yoochun warned pointing to the bag. “He’s supposed to be watching my engines, not gallivanting around on some planet talking to old rocks.”

Yunho, who was all smiles, walked up to the testy Chief Engineer. “Did you get me a present?”

“I did not,” Yoochun retorted, holding up the bag. “I am merely the mode of delivery. This gift is from your mom.”

“But your return is the best gift I could ask for. I missed you, old friend,” Yunho said hugging his friend.

Yoochun hugged his friend back. He tried and failed to hide his grin as he turned to Lieutenant Sunggyu and ordered, “You, get to engineering and don’t warn them I’m back. I will be there soon for a full inspection.”

“Yes, sir,” the lieutenant replied, hurrying off toward engineering.

Yoochun let go of Yunho and stated in disbelief, “I can’t believe it has been three months on this side. It was only two weeks on Earth.”

Yunho frowned. “That’s one of the biggest time lapses, yet.”

“I would never have willingly left my engines for that long.”

“It was much too long.”

“How did you ever survive without me?”

“It was hard,” Yunho confessed, turning back to face Jaejoong and his son. “I’m going to catch Yoochun up on things, and I’m also going to make sure everybody survives his inspection. I’ll see you later.”

“I’m sorry for my choice of words earlier.”

“It’s okay, we both know it is true.”

“Yunho, he does care for you…I promise.”

“It’s alright, whether he loves me or not has no bearing on the great love I feel for him. My love for my son is unchanging, nothing could ever make me love him less.”


“Your own personal Yeoman,” Yoochun said in awe as he and Yunho entered his quarters. “My, my, my, have you come up in the universe.”

“He’s not a yeoman, he’s actually a lieutenant, and his role is an executive liaison,” Yunho explained as he sat down on a sofa in Yoochun’s quarters.

“All I’ve seen him be is a glorified delivery boy,” Yoochun replied as he sat down beside his friend. “He’s very attentive to you.”

Yunho shook his head and warned, “Don’t let that wide smile fool you, he’s very intelligent and very efficient at his job.”

“So; this ship is full of people like that.”

“I assure you the ship is not full of people like him.”

“Does Sunggyu have competition? Is this delivery boy your new favorite? Good! You keep him, and I’ll keep Sunggyu.”

“That isn’t what I meant; he has something in common with our Chief Scientist.”

Yoochun gasped in surprise. “Jaejoong can’t read him!”

“Not a thing.”

“I knew Sooyoung said they did a lot of tests on her during her visit, so I assume they figured out quickly why she is impenetrable to the Joong and found an appropriate spy to place here.”

“Don’t say that.”

“It’s true!” Yoochun insisted. “You have a galaxy class starship at your command with over 800 crew members, charting unknown space, they are going to put some safety precautions in place.”

“A starship they gave me.”

“Well, they like you…they just want to make sure that they keep on liking you. And most importantly they want to make sure you aren’t unduly influenced by a certain Joong.”

Yunho nodded his head. “I understand their fears.”

“I bet he has Starfleet command codes that can override yours.”

“Or Lieutenant Sooyoung has them.”

“Or they both do,” Yoochun pointed out. “That would make more sense.”

“Yes, you are probably right.”

“Does it bother you?”

“No, not really. I really do understand their concerns, because I have had them myself. Plus, I am pretty sure the Guardian wouldn’t have let him through if he was up to something nefarious.”

“You mean like replacing the Chos?” Yoochun asked with a grin. “Would you and Jaejoong consider that nefarious?”

Yunho groaned. “Are they still at it?”

“Oh, yes,” Yoochun informed him. “Commander Cho might be the son of high-ranking admirals, but they do not deem him fit to be second in command of this ship…too emotionally unstable.”

Yunho did not bother to hide his irritation. “Who wouldn’t be?”

“Now, you know it isn’t the kidnapping and all that came with it that—”

“Rape! Torture!” Yunho snapped, “That is what came with it!”

“Don’t get testy with me, I am just telling you the truth. You like him, and you’ve covered for him for a long ass time, but he was a mess the whole year Ryeowook was gone, and a bigger mess when Ryeowook came back and didn’t fall immediately back into his arms.”

“You make it sound so much worse than it was.”

“It looks bad on the records and you know it.”

“Not enough to relieve him.”

“Well, since the Guardian won’t let anyone outranking him through that is a moot point.”

“Well, I haven’t had any issues with him the last three months,” Yunho said in defense of his second in command. “The ship has been running smoothly.”

“He’s happily married right now, and wouldn’t an executive liaison take on a lot of his duties?”

Yunho rubbed his forehead and asked, “Can we change the subject? Let’s talk about you.”

“Let’s not.”

“So, did you talk to anyone while you were on Earth?”

“Yes, several people every day. We still communicate verbally on Earth.”

“Smart ass,” Yunho told his friend. “What I meant to ask is did you talk to Junsu?”

“No, I did not,” Yoochun answered. “He is on another ship far away from Earth.”

Yunho was stunned. “Really? I never thought…he…wow. He’s on another ship…do you want to talk about that?”

“No, I do not.”

“Okay, let’s change the subject again.”

“Okay, so how are things with the baby? Is it any better?”

Yunho leaned back against the sofa and closed his eyes. “No, it isn’t any better. Not improved in the slightest.”

“I’m sorry,” Yoochun told him while closely observing his friend. Yunho looked perfectly healthy, but there was a heaviness to him that even the magical healing abilities of his mate couldn’t lift. A heaviness that had been there long before he left but had seemed to grow in his absence.

Yunho kept his eyes closed as he explained, “I talk to him all the time. I try to get him to call me Daddy, but the only time he makes a sound is when Jaejoong leaves him, and then he starts crying. I can hold him if Jaejoong is nearby, but you can tell he isn’t happy, and he’s just waiting for Jaejoong to reclaim him. Jaejoong is everything to him. His and Jaejoong’s bond is what sustains him. All he needs is Jaejoong.”

“Shouldn’t their empathic bond…make it okay for Jaejoong to step away?”

“It should, and we have tested it before in our quarters, but Changmin’s eyes get so wide and his distress is almost palpable to me when Jaejoong leaves the room. Then he starts screaming which leads to Jaejoong returning looking like he’s about to have a panic attack. So, I am left feeling conflicted; I desperately want to connect with my son, but is it selfish of me to even try? I am just torturing them both, and it only makes me feel worse. Why try at all?”

Yoochun reached out and took his friend’s hand and squeezed it. “It’s because if the future timeline holds true…that kid is going to be dependent on you for survival.”

Yunho let go of Yoochun’s hand, got up from the sofa, and started pacing the room. “Don’t you think I know that? I can’t just force him to love me. While he is in the Joong form he has no need for me.”

“Bullshit! Grown Changmin in Joong form was 100% your kid.”

“Changmin in grown form was not bonded to Jaejoong. The bond with Jaejoong is literally what is keeping him alive right now.”

“I just know you two have to bond. It’s not like you have a choice, and you sure aren’t being selfish.”

“Jaejoong insists that we are bonded, but maybe it doesn’t get stronger…until Jaejoong breaks his bond with him.”

“Is the Joong that gives birth always this much more connected to the kid?”

“No, not usually,” Yunho admitted. “At first yes, but from what Jaejoong told me before Changmin was born my bond with him should be stronger by now…a lot stronger.”

“What is the problem then? Is Jaejoong doing something?”

“No,” Yunho adamantly insisted. “The problem is that I am a human, and none of the rules apply to me.”

“Good! I’m glad you are human. I’m no expert on bonds, and I find all that romantic crap tedious, but the bond you had with my favorite robot, dude that was amazing, and that was human you. The connection you two shared is something worth fighting for.”

“I agree, I just don’t know what to do,” Yunho admitted as he paced Yoochun’s quarters. “Honestly, it’s weighing on me.”

“I see that,” Yoochun replied. “Is it affecting your relationship with Jaejoong?”

“Well, it is stressful, but we are coping. He knows I am miserable, and he blocks me out to an extent most of the time.”

Yoochun’s mouth dropped open causing Yunho to quickly explain, “Empathically, he blocks me out. He blocks out some of my emotions, mostly my sadness, and my endless supply of self-pity, but not pain or fear. If I stubbed my toe he would know.”

“What about telepathically?”

Yunho sadness quickly dissipated as he stopped pacing and sat down by his friend again looking proud. “I can block him.”

“Wow! When did this happen?”

“Not long after you left he was in my head ranting because I was considering going on an away mission and I just shut him out.”


“I’ve been able to feel him in my head for a long time, but it was the first time I could push him out.”

“He must have loved that!”

“No,” Yunho replied, laughing. “He really didn’t, but I am not deluding myself. I know if he really tried my walls wouldn’t hold up against him.”

“Would it hurt you?”

“Probably and that is why he doesn’t push it.”

“So, you don’t communicate telepathically anymore?”

“No, that isn’t what I am saying at all. We continue to communicate telepathically all the time. It’s the quickest and easiest way to exchange information. He just respects my privacy and doesn’t invade my thoughts without my permission.”

“Is he not reading your mind, now? I can’t believe he isn’t curious about what we are talking about.”

“Oh, he doesn’t have to read my mind to know what we are talking about.”

Yoochun rolled his eyes and slapped his own forehead. “Duh, because he is totally reading my mind.”

“Yes, most certainly he is reading yours.”

“Good, then he can continue to read what an asshole I think he is for not fixing you and Changmin.”

“That isn’t fair.”

“Whatever; he needs to hand that baby off to you and get lost. Changmin isn’t ever going to bond with you, when he has super Joong Momma in the nearby vicinity.”

“Not Joong Momma…Joong BP,” Yunho said, correcting the other man.

“Oh, forgive me. I totally forgot.”

“You totally didn’t,” Yunho told his friend as he reached out and patted him on the leg. “Let’s go eat some of my mom’s famous banana pudding and celebrate your return.”

Yoochun got up from the sofa and rubbed his hands together in anticipation. “Now, I am all for that! Only the deep feelings of friendship I have for you kept me from eating it while I waited for the Guardian of Forever to ship me back here.”

“I’m truly touched,” Yunho said as he got up.

“Where did your delivery boy take it?”

“He’s not my delivery boy, and he took it to my quarters.”

“I will never forget the first time I had your mom’s banana pudding,” Yoochun said as he reflected fondly. “It was so good, and Changmin was such a turd. He acted like I was personally robbing him of food.”

“He loved that pudding…loves,” Yunho said tilting his head, looking slightly perplexed. “Loved…loves.”

“And what a stingy little bastard he was,” Yoochun said stepping out of his quarters and coming to an abrupt stop as he came face to face with Jaejoong. “How nice to see you, Your Royal Bitchiness. I was being really loud with all my thoughts, I wanted to make sure you heard them.”

Jaejoong, who was holding Changmin, glared at Yoochun. “Oh, I heard them.”

Yunho, who was standing beside Yoochun, shook his head. “Let’s not do this.”

“There isn’t going to be any fighting on my part, because he is right. His existence irks me, but it doesn’t change the fact that he is right.” Jaejoong admitted with a sigh as he walked toward Yunho and motioned for him to take Changmin. “Go to Daddy.”

Yunho took the unsuspecting baby from Jaejoong. “He was?”

“Yes, Commander Skeevy was right,” Jaejoong replied giving the commander a piercing look.

Yoochun smirked. “Well, there is always a first time for everything.”

Jaejoong glanced away from the engineer and focused on Yunho. “Changmin is going to cry and be very unhappy, but you are just going to have to deal with it. I am going to stay back…even if it kills me.”

“I don’t want him to be miserable,” Yunho told his mate. “I also don’t want you to be miserable, I know what effect his emotions have on you.”

Jaejoong stepped up to his mate, wrapped an arm around his neck and pulled him down for a quick kiss. “And I don’t want you to be miserable anymore.”
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