BTS: Lost in the Woods

Series: BTS: Lost in the Woods
Chapter: Prologue
Author: Aquariuslover
Pairings: None, currently…
Genre: Adventure, Crack, Action, Humor
Length: Chaptered
Beta:  tahoeturquoise

Warning: None, except if you don’t have a sense of humor….mosey on.

A/N: This is a completely fictional story inspired by my love for the outdoors and my continued love for Kpop. My endless thanks to Amy who suffers through all my insanities. Also, this is a WIP, although I have over half of it written. I am testing the feedback here.

Summary: The members of BTS sign up for an unusual reality show that focuses on survival skills. Their teamwork will be challenged when they are dropped in the wilderness naked and completely off the grid.

Day -7
Hour 2211

Namjoon was lost in a magical world of words and music.

He was resting on his bed reading his newest English book, wearing his headphones and listening to his favorite music. He easily maintained his concentration on both the music and the book while effortlessly blocking out Taehyung, which was no simple feat. Taehyung, his eccentric younger roommate, was currently wearing silk purple pajamas while he danced around the room, using a Febreze bottle as his mic, and singing along to American music he referred to as the “classics.”

Namjoon’s wonderful serenity was lost when he found his headphones tossed to the side and Frank Sinatra’s loud, soulful voice overwhelming his senses. Startled, he looked up to find Jin, his oldest hyung, standing over him.

He watched as the handsome dark haired man quickly turned away from him to focus on his blond roommate who had not stopped dancing. “Turn that awful racket off before he has a seizure.”

The boy’s mouth gaped open as if he was personally offended on the behalf of music lovers all over the world. “Dad2, I know you didn’t say such a cruel thing! This is a classic! Frank Sinatra is a legend! A legend!”

“Dad2!” Jin snapped, his gaze burning into the younger man. “Do you know how much money I have spent—”

“Dad1,” Taehyung quickly amended, stopping the speech he, Jimin, and Jungkook had memorized verbatim.

Namjoon put down his book and slid to the edge of the bed. He quickly found his hyung’s attention entirely back on him. He leaned back as he noticed Jin’s face was mere inches from his own. “Rap Monster, if we are going—”

“He wants to be called RM now,” Taehyung helpfully interrupted to remind his older hyung.

Jin ignored the interruption and continued, “to do this show, I need you to use that beautiful brain of yours. I need your genius turned on. I don’t need any of that bullshit where you act like you can’t string five random words together in a sentence. No dumbing it down so you can blend in with the rest of us. I want you to learn everything you can. I want you to be a wilderness survivalist expert by the time we get there.”

Namjoon’s expression changed and the keen intelligence that he so often kept muted accepted the task. “Okay, I will do it.”

Jin placed his hands on Namjoon’s shoulders. “Good, because I don’t want to starve. I really don’t want to starve. And I don’t want them to starve.”

Namjoon reached up and patted the hand resting on his left shoulder and assured him, “We won’t starve.”

Jin smiled down at the leader and backed away from him. “Good, but just in case I am going to try my best to fatten everyone up before we leave. We don’t have any fat reserves. We are all too damn skinny.”

Namjoon smiled back at him, knowing fattening up a certain member would be more than a challenge for his hyung. “Good luck.”

Taehyung reached out, clasped Jin’s hand and dramatically asked, “Hyung, are you going to cook?”

“No,” Jin answered as he led Taehyung out of the room with him. “We are going to order lots of fattening American food.”

“Can I have a hamburger?”

“Yes, you can. In fact, you can have lots of hamburgers,” Jin told the younger man as he closed the door to the room, allowing Namjoon to focus on the job ahead of him.
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