BTS: Lost in the Woods, Chapter One...

Series: BTS: Lost in the Woods
Chapter: Chapter One
Author: Aquariuslover
Pairings: None, currently…
Genre: Adventure, Crack, Action, Humor
Length: Chaptered
Beta:  tahoeturquoise

Warning: None, except if you don’t have a sense of humor….mosey on.

A/N: This is a completely fictional story inspired by my love for the outdoors and my continued love for Kpop. My endless thanks to Amy who suffers through all my insanities.

Summary: The members of BTS sign up for an unusual reality show that focuses on survival skills. Their teamwork will be challenged when they are dropped in the wilderness naked and completely off the grid.

Chapter One
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im sorry unrelated bUt
OMG??? I CREATED AN ACC TO CRY?? Omg i just finished re-reading the woogyu tag for the thousand times (BTW i re-read them for years actually) i checked like usual and YOU'RE ACTUALLY BACK???? IM CRYING??
I always re-read your woogyu fics for years i regret i didn't get to tell you how perfect and outstanding they were?
I'm so happy i can't express!! how i can't close my mouth literally SMILING.
We don't know each other but how have you been? What group's are you interested in now? Most importantly DO YOU STILL LIKE WOOGYU? will you write for them someday?

AND IM SORRY FOR RANTING here but im shocked i can't believeit.. BUT I'M HAPPY YOU'RE BACK 😢😭😭❤❤

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Re: im sorry unrelated bUt

I touched you created an account!

I still like Woogyu but I'm not into Infinite like I used to be I am obsessed with BTS currently.

Other than BTS, the only groups I show an interest in are TVXQ and Infinite. I'm waiting for my Kyuwook to come back and join Super Junior. I am not even keeping up with the Super Junior's comeback, I won't lie. I heart SHINee, bless them.