Expectations: The Unlikely Joong Part 4

Series:  Expectations
Adventure Eighteen: The Unlikely Joong, Part 4 of 4
Author: Aquariuslover
Pairings: Yunjae, Kyuwook, WooGyu
Rating: PG
Genre: Crossover, Romance, Science Fiction, Adventure,
Length: Chaptered

Summary: Commander Cho's choice of an away team causes many of the officers in his charge to voice their disapproval.  Jaejoong delights in teasing Yunho.   An old foe returns, and the day of reckoning is set motion.

Part 4

This is the first sci-fi fic i've ever enjoy to read.. every words tell the story perfectly.. i found every characters exactly like the real ones and man, i would never get bored for reading this again and again.. i just finish all in exactly 3 days (i could stop and do nothing and finish this early if not for my works but no.. even if it was between the greatest story and my mom's wrath, i won't hesitate to leave everything for my own safety, mom's wrath is A BIG NO-NO)

I even chose to keep reading than get any good sleep.. your story is such a wonderful to stop reading it so it'll be wrong of me to stop for a little sleep.. though i must say.. WHAT A CLIFFHANGER! PLEASE SAVE DADDY JUNG! GO SAVE THE DAY, BP JAE AND BABY (toddler) MINNIE!

Oh.. and my mom and her friend keep asking me why on earth i would laugh so suddenly.. your fic's gonna be the death of me.. i can't say anything to answer them.. (facepalm)

P.S. i miss grown up changmin, this is unusual for me to say though.. (strongly believe because i'm a mom's daughter) i do love yunho-changmin father-son's bond (it's undoubtly beuatiful and yes i envy them), but i love jaeminnie mother-son's bond with grown up changmin more.. there once i hope it'll be possible for the grown up changmin and baby changmin in the same time (i can't remember when exactly but it's somewhere when yunho need to fight with some king something and jae's horny XP) i'm anxious waiting the moment where yunjae's dying, is changmin gonna succedd and not lost in time? in your expextation masterlist, you wrote "adventure twenty: The broken bond", you did give me a nightmare there.. is it yunjae, jaemin or changmin-sulli's (tbh, i though it was changmin and sooyoung) bond.. i can't stop myself for keep thinking what would happen to them in that certain part of this big story..

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