TFAN Sneak Peek, Part 12


Kyuhyun had no memory of falling asleep, but since he was waking up now he must have slipped off to sleep at some time.  How he had ever managed to sleep he didn’t know.  He had taken the longest shower of his life last night, and spent the rest of the night trying to decide if the greatest thing in the world had almost happened or if he had been spared from making the biggest mistake of his life.


The smell of food was over powering, but he was going to be completely dressed before he left the room he decided as he flung off his pajamas, grabbed his clothes and started putting them on quickly.  He only paused for a second as he noticed the matching scratches on both sides of his waist from where, “not going to think about that.”   Kyuhyun whispered to himself as he finished with his shirt, doing his best to push that memory aside.


Kyuhyun left the bedroom and found his way to the kitchen, he took a big gulp of air before walking in because the over powering smell of food only meant one thing.


“This is like the best morning ever!”  Junho proclaimed from the head of the table.  Food was piling up around him, and he couldn’t have looked happier.  Kyuhyun did a double take as he saw container after container of food piled up on the cabinets.  Ryeowook who was facing away from him stirring something at the stove must have been cooking all night.


“I have it all labeled, what is yours, what you have to bring to grandmother and the nurses who take care of her.”  Ryeowook said turning around, when he saw Kyuhyun his face went completely red and turned back around to the stove quickly.


Kyuhyun whose face was as red as Ryeowook’s took a seat at the table next to Junho.  Luckily for them Junho was so immersed in eating a pasty that he was oblivious to the awkwardness and blushes.


“Is this cream cheese inside of this?  It’s delicious.  If you ever give up your singing career, you are always welcome here.”  Junho said as he tore into another pastry.  “Oh, good morning, I hope you’re hungry.”  Junho told Kyuhyun with a mouth full of pastry as he became aware of the man sitting next you him.


“I’m not hungry.”  Kyuhyun told him with a sour look as he noticed cream cheese dripping from the side of Junho’s mouth.


Kyuhyun jumped as Ryeowook set a plate of pancakes down in front of him.  “Eat, and take these” Ryeowook ordered as he set Kyuhyun’s morning medicine beside the plate and then he was back in the kitchen before Kyuhyun could protest.


Kyuhyun picked up his pills, popped them in his mouth and swallowed.  He then picked up his fork and started on the pancakes.  Pancakes were the one food he could never say no to.  Ryeowook knew this along with Sungmin, and it’s the reason they were frequently served in the Super Junior dorms. 


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